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Future X-men Legends

15 Jan 2017

I believe it was said that hasbro has plans to make more 90s x-men and complete those teams when I hear 90s team I immediately think gold and blue teams.

Been done already:
Cyclops,Jean grey,wolverine, archangel,rogue,

Will be coming soon:

Maybe based on recently made or other factors:
Cable,Bishop, iceman,jubilee,kitty pride,Emma frost.

I know toy biz has made some already, I'm talking future hasbro plans..

What yall think?

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So, it looks like 2 packs are back.

12 Jan 2017

So the signs are looking good that the 2 packs are coming back. I know it's still in speculation mode, but past history of the ML lines seems to point that this is the likely and logical next step for the Infinite line, so I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Next question is in what arrangement? Currently it looks like we're getting Peter & MJ and Dark Phoenix & what's probably going to be classic Cyclops. Are we to assume the standard theme to be couples, or male/female, or anything goes? Personally, I like the male/female theme. This could encompass couples, brother & sister teams or just allies. If this is the case, this could be a perfect chance for Hasbro to address both highly demanded figures and figures badly in need of update. I just hope they don't fumble the ball on a golden opportunity.

There are a ton of potential 2 packs ranging anywhere from "no brainers" to the fairly obscure. Let's see if Hasbro's paying attention. My assortments are as follows.

No Brainers:
1. Cloak & Dagger - why has this never happened yet?
2. Daredevil (black suit) & Elektra
3. Northstar & Aurora - so easy to do
4. Deadpool (X-Force) & Domino
5. Iron Man (modern comic) & Rescue (Pepper swap head)

Fairly Obscure:
1. Guardian & Vindicator
2. Maddrox & Siryn - I've wanted both of these forever
3. Longshot & Dazzler (blue leotard)
4. Quicksilver & Crystal - perfect chance for that QS update
5. Luke Cage & Jessica Jones (Jewel costume)

Yes, it's just another shameless chance for a wish list, but Hasbro can really use this to not only get some characters out there that may not fit into any current waves but also redo some figs like comic IM, Quicksilver and Domino who are in bad need of the current ML treatment.

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Losing all faith in the line

07 Nov 2016

So, NYCC brought us nothing.  Hasbro couldn't be bothered to pack a few, tiny figures to promote the 3.75" line.  And we still have a long silence, with no pre-order news on the (maybe?) forthcoming (X-23) Wolverine wave.

Aside from this silence, I have to say that with the latest releases I am really starting to lose interest in this line.  And I've been a pretty big fan.  Heck, I was even able to take the one-two punch of the price going up while the overall quality and (especially) articulation went down.


I guess it's the (possibly) last wave of the single-carded figures that's done it for me.  Hydro-Man, Morbius, Rogue (in a different costume) and Quasar should have been a huge hit for me.  Quasar has been a huge "want" for me, and Rogue is in a Bronze-age costume, which also makes her a pretty (or should I say "totally") awesome selection.  But then what we get turns out to be mostly disappointments.  Morbius and Quasar really suffer from Hasbro going cheap-o  on the paint applications.  Both figures badly need a "wash" effect -- Morbius' glossy paint application makes him look cheap to me (disclaimer: I still don't have this figure -- I'm basing this on the pics I've seen), and Quasar's head pretty much looks like a big, fleshy blob.  For me, what adds insult to injury is that Bobby chose that weird head sculpt for Quasar -- it hardly looks like the character.  I can understand the paint thing -- it's probably due to a horrible budget, which is (most likely) beyond Bobby's control, but when it comes to design decisions the current team is completely responsible.

Which brings me to Rogue.  The figure looks GREAT, to me, EXCEPT for her hair: the huge mohawk is way off-model.  I've complained about this one plenty, and it's because the design team blew what could have been a great figure due to either laziness or incompetence.

I'm actually cool with the Hydro-Man figure.  I would have preferred his original look, but I think the figure does a great job of capturing that version of the character.  Sure, if the lower-body water column had been something that had gone around his legs, and been a removable effect, it would have been WAY cooler, but given the choice between either the water column or legs, I'm very happy with Hasbro's decision.

Adding to the disappointment of the Rogue/Quasar wave is the (likely) final wave of the comic book packs.  The cheap-o Starlord/Gamora pack that gives us two repacks with only minor repaints is pretty underwhelming.  I don't have the Groot/Rocket set.  I want it, hoping that Groot won't be another big disappointment.  To me, if this is the final wave, the comic book packs are definitely going out with a whimper, and not a bang.

So, yeah, I am definitely feeling the effect of so many disappointments, Hasbro's pooping on the line that I collect (sorry, Hasbro, I am NOT going to switch over to the 6" scale!!), and the long silence that we are currently in.  I really have lost faith in the current design team, and I was hoping that the rumors of a change were true, but it looks like it'll remain status quo, if the line continues (and I'm really starting to have doubts, given the continuing silence from Hasbro).

How do the (few) rest of you who are still collecting this line feel at the moment?

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