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Ask your questions for Hasbro's December Q&A Round

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#1 JayC


    ENI Webmaster

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Posted 29 November 2009 - 12:29 PM

The answers will be posted on or around Friday, Dec 18, 2009.

#2 powerman



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Posted 29 November 2009 - 06:52 PM

can we expect to see any members of the THUNDERBOLTS or DARK AVENGERS from the dark reign comic books in the 2010 marvel universe line ?

#3 Innershade


    Cobra Soldier

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Posted 29 November 2009 - 07:30 PM

Any plans for Iron man 2, Wolverine or Incredible Hulk movie 6" figures?

#4 slugzilla


    Cobra Soldier

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Posted 30 November 2009 - 07:51 PM

Question #1:

Many of us Marvel Legends collectors are starting to feel almost neglected by the lack of 6 inch product being released in comparism to the huge amount of Marvel Universe product. Especially with such a variety of highly desired Marvel characters being released in the Marvel Universe line that have been on Legends collectors top 10 lists for years (i.e. Enchantress, Jim Lee Jean Grey, Classic Ultron, etc.). Can those of us who collect the 6 inch Legends line expect any new 6 inch Marvel Legends figures in 2010 other than the already announced wave of 3 "fan-choice" Legends Two-Packs featuring Deadpool, Black Widow, etc, and the Crimson Dynamo & Titanium Man shown at SDCC???

Question #2:

What can we Marvel Legends collectors do to encourage Hasbro to create some sort of online monthly or perhaps even quarterly figure release program similar to the one Mattel is successfully using over on their website? I know that if it can work with a property like Masters Of The Universe it can definitely work with Marvel Legends. As someone who like many has collected 6 inch figures for years I really wish there was a program like this that would get us more 6 inch Marvel figures.

#5 powerman



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Posted 02 December 2009 - 02:40 AM

Alot of fans have seen the first wave of the 3 3/4 in iron man 2 toyline.besides crimson dynamo we haven't seen any other villians. Are there any plans to make figures of Justin hammer or whiplash ?

#6 thedevilsdue06


    Cobra Crimson Guardsman

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Posted 02 December 2009 - 11:05 PM

The current 2 packs of Marvel Legends are awesome. The interchangable pieces are my favorite part. (heads, hands, arms etc.) We know that Black Widow and Deadpool will be coming out in 2010. Any plans on an alternate blonde head for Yelena Belova Black Widow or a disfigured head for an unmasked Deadpool? Maybe even reusing Valkyrie's head to make a Lady sif? (now that i think about it this wave has a lot of potential)

#7 powerman



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Posted 03 December 2009 - 07:40 AM

8 out of 53 marvel universe figures are villians. Does hasbro have any plan to add more villians to the toyline in 2010 ? I know hasbro doesn't really listen to fans when it comes to figure selection. I know fans would love to see classic villians such as:

armin Zola
lady deathstrike

does hasbro have any plans to remedy the lack of villians in the marvel universe line?

#8 powerman



  • Members
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Posted 03 December 2009 - 10:13 AM

the spider man 3 3/4 line coming out next year seems to be lacking articulation when it compares to the x-men origins & marvel universe line. is this somthing hasbro is looking to change ?

#9 powerman



  • Members
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Posted 05 December 2009 - 07:04 AM

Marvel legends had a very successful build a figure campain. Is there any plans for a similar build a figure campain in marvel universe 3 3/4 ?

#10 powerman



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Posted 05 December 2009 - 07:10 AM

Are there any plans for another fan choice poll in 2010 for marvel universe ?

#11 Brohara


    Nameless Thug

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Posted 17 December 2009 - 03:49 PM

Can we get some confirmation on what's happening with 3.75" Iron Man Extremis; Will this be the Figure #7 in the first 2010 wave, as many rumours are suggesting? Or will he be released outside the wave, perhaps as part of the Iron Man 2 series instead? Waiting for this fig with anticipation...

#12 Dourron


    Cobra Soldier

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Posted 17 December 2009 - 09:43 PM

I have some dudes:

1) The Spider-Man Classics series will continue? laugh.gif .

2) In some packages of the Spider-Man Classics action figures appears (on the other products showing) two mysterious action figures, one is a Armored Spidey figure and the other is a like-semi-armored Black Spider-Man figure. Wath wil happend with these action figures? huh.gif . (For clarifications, these images are in the attachment file).

3) Why not make action figures of recent characters of Marvel? (Like American Son, the new Doc Ock, the new Kraven, Hood, Iron Patriot).

4) Why Hasbro don't make a series based on the Marvel Mega-Event of the moment? (they could do that with Siege? blush.gif ).

5) It would be good to make (some) series a bit to the collecors (the new Spider-Man 3 1/4'' Series).

6) It would be good to make action figures with a "mini-diorama" (as did the predecessor of Hasbro).

7) It would be good to make action figures of the secundary characters of some comics series, in the released Marvel Legends (Mary Jane Watson, Harry Osborn, Jessica Jones without power and Baby Cage).

8) Put more accesories to the action figures.

9) (It is a personal opinion) Please! Do a Peter Parker (of 6 inchs) figure (like the 1st movie's figure, but based on the comics, with camera and too much accesories laugh.gif ).

10) It would be good to do palysets. Like the Alleyway Palyset from Toy Biz, but larger, like a part of NYC, the Daily Bugle, the Central Park battle of Secret Invasion. It would be good that these playset will be for 6 inches action figures, and do it proportionately.

It will be grateful if my voice was carried to the ears of Hasbro (It's a metaphor). If not, I'll use my telepathic powers profx.gif .

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#13 Tymmster


    Nameless Thug

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Posted 19 October 2010 - 04:34 AM

Hi there.

Although I have seen some pretty cool Count Nefaria customs, I was wondering if there are plans to make an official Count Nefaria? He's probably my favorite Avengers villain.

#14 riot_control



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Posted 26 November 2010 - 02:56 AM

What is the decision making process the design team uses to determine what characters are to be made for each particular wave? Are internet forums such as ENI browsed to see what some of the collectors are asking for?

Just like the Fan's Choice figures, have you thought about doing a "Customizers Choice" where customizers send in their works and maybe one or two are picked via online polls to be created?

#15 RunRmc65



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Posted 29 November 2010 - 05:25 PM

Can we ever see a Hulk Line? It would be good build up towards his inclusion in Avengers plus the opportunity for his more so series themed characters.

Can we stop the Spiderman costumes? Nobody is purchasing the scuba themed ones. Possibly some potential costumes similar to Iron Man or his new comic ones. Is there anyway we could see more his allies and villains?

Is there any hope for an avengers styled line where we can see more villains and heroes making it to toy form.

#16 everymoss09


    Cobra Viper

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Posted 30 January 2011 - 11:24 PM

what will be the price point of the upcoming marvel legends in 2012? the 2 packs
are 30 dollars each, though thry are exclusives. what will be your new price point?
will it affect MU's price in the future?

#17 spidermanskrull



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Posted 01 February 2011 - 10:04 PM

we will get 6 inch cap and thor figures? and will they be shown at toyfair?


loki with a helmet


maybe odin

captain america

red skull

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