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Now that the 3.75" line is "resting" what will you do?

11 September 2017 - 03:53 PM

So nothing at Hascon for us, and in an interview Dwight finally stated that the line was "resting".  Not a surprise to any of us collectors, but definitely not welcome news.  So now that there are no new figures coming for the near future, what will you do as a 3.75" collector?

I have no plan whatsoever to start collecting the 6" line.  It takes up too much space for me, and it would cost far too much to buy the older figures that I would want.  And, to be honest, I much prefer the look of the 3.75:" figures.  I hate the look of the abdominal joint on the 6" figures, and I just like the smaller scale a lot more.  So I am planning to keep my 3.75" Marvel figures, even though my collection has some huge holes in it (the rest of Alpha Flight, Ka-zar, the New Mutants, Dazzler, to name just some of my "must have" characters.  I guess I need to start looking at getting customs of the remaining characters that I need, but the cost of getting quality customs is pretty depressing, especially since I "need" like 15 of them made. 

What about the rest of you?  Are you switching over to the 6" scale?  Getting rid of your 3.75" collection?  Keeping your collection and hoping for new product 2+ years from now?

Marvel 3.75" -- what "must have" characters do you still need Hasbro to make?

08 June 2017 - 11:34 PM

So, if Hasbro's 3.75" line of Marvel characters really has come to an end, what "must have" characters/costumes did they fail to make in order to for you to be happy with your collection?

​I know some of you lucky folks already have all of the figures that you felt that you really needed in order to have a "real" Marvel 3.75" collection.

​I wish I was that lucky!  For me, in order to have a "real" collection, I am still missing a lot of characters/costumes.
​I still need:
the New Mutants (at least Cannonball, Dani, Sunspot, Magik, Wolfsbane, Warlock, and Magma)
​more Alpha Flight (at least Sasquatch, Shaman, and Snowbird)
​Beast (the blue Perez version)
​Howard the Duck (with at least some articulation!)
Ka-zar and Zabu
​Hellcat (to finish the core Defenders)
the rest of the classic Inhumans lineup (Gorgon and Crystal)
the rest of the second Brotherhood of Evil Mutants lineup (or at least Avalanche, Blob, and Pyro)

classic "bug-eyed" Hydra soldiers

Mole Man
​Captain Marvel/Photon (Monica Rambeau)
​Super Skrull
Viper (to complete the Silver Samurai/Viper duo, plus she's just such a major villain on her own)
.... and probably a few others that did not immediately come to mind.
​I really wish I was even close to having a "finished" collection.

​So how about the rest of you?  Are you still missing any characters/costumes that are essential to your collection?

(Edited the list to add on Viper/Madame Hydra -- d'oh!  Major villain and she had totally slipped my mind)

Your favorite 5 3.75" Marvel figures of 2016?

07 January 2017 - 07:54 PM

I hate to say it, but 2016 is the most disappointing year for me so far, when it comes to the 3.75" Marvel line.  It could have been one of my favorite years, since it gave me a lot of characters that I really wanted... unfortunately most of them I found to be poorly executed.

That said, there were at least some real winners for me.  My fav 5 are:
1) The Collector.  I love the cosmic characters, and I've always wanted to get the Elders of the Universe in action figure form.  I never really expected to get any of them.  Of the Elders, the one that I wanted the most was the Collector.  Now I have him!  Better yet, Hasbro did a great job with him.  Though he's not in his classic costume, his head sculpt is awesome, and he almost has full articulation.  

2) Moon Boy.  Another dream character.  I like the fake fur and the sculpt.  He's a bit lacking in articulation, but at least he is in-scale (his tribe was called "The Small Folk"  Okay, he's not nearly as cool without his partner, Devil Dinosaur, but I'm still very happy to have him in my collection.

3) Rage.  I don't even have any comics with him in it, but what a great sculpt they gave him!  I wish half as much care had gone into Quasar, Triton, or Ulik.

4) Lockjaw.  Great sculpt!  Almost no articulation, but they did give him the single point that I cared about the most -- his jaw.  I am still rather shocked that they sized the figure correctly.  He's appropriately big.  I never really expected to get a figure of him.  Of course, being Hasbro, we still don't have the complete team.

5)  Carol Captain Marvel.  A very nice sculpt, and the paint app turned out great.  Thanks to this figure, I have come to like Carol in this costume... almost as much as her "Warbird" outfit.

The runner up would be "Jane Thor" for the great sculpt.  Yondu is almost a winner -- if they just hadn't given him that cheap-looking belt.  Why didn't you use that rubbery plastic, like usual, Hasbro??


So what were your Fav 5??


Top 5 figures from the last few years that you wish had been released back during the V...

06 December 2016 - 04:10 PM

So which five 3.75" figures that have been released in the last few years do you wish had been released back in the Vonner years when the line was in its prime?

My top 5:
1)  Quasar.  Actually, I am so completely disappointed with this figure that he takes up like 10 spots by himself.  A monumental disappointment for me.  He is one of my favorite characters, and the figure we got isn't truly horrible (it's still more than 5 POA, and a decent sculpt overall), but it is very much lacking.  It's not just the reduced articulation of the past couple of years -- I've pretty much adjusted to that.  It's the choice of costume (which I'd actually be fine with if everything else had been better), the sculpt (really, just the head) and the paint application (or lack thereof -- his head looks like just one blah color: the hair, eyes, and face all pretty much blend together).  Such a disappointment.
2) Triton.  Another favorite character.  They forgot to give him his scales, a distinct part of his whole look.
3) Howard the Duck.  Please tell me that statue isn't the only Howard that we will ever get in this scale!  I actually would have been fine with just 3 POA (head and shoulder joints) for him, but the more articulation the better.
4) Perez ("Grey") Beast.  Another favorite character.  The head sculpt I'm very happy with.  I think it's one of the best we've gotten in a long time.  However, this figure badly needs to have the full Vonner-era articulation.  I think if this had been released back in the day, we also would have gotten the blue "variant" of this by now.
5) Ulik.  Good head sculpt, and they actually gave him new hands, complete with his pounders, but that awful looking shoulder joint....  It's like they meant to use a different torso for his arms and completely screwed up.  For me it pretty much ruins what would otherwise be a great figure.  Very careless on Hasbro's part -- how did they not notice this flaw??

My next choice would have been the new 80's Rogue.   That huge mohawk -- ugh!!

So which 5 figures of the recent Bobby years do you most wish had been released back in the day, when the line actually had a budget and pretty consistently gave us good to great figures?

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