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In Topic: Toys - r -us new Days of Future Past set

15 January 2018 - 06:24 PM

How do you count New Mutants out? It is very much part of the current picture & it will spawn an ML wave. Even better, I don't forsee any of the actors (except possibly Anya Taylor-Joy) being of enough notoriety to warrant a movie style figure so the wave should be mostly comic based. I think you can bank on a re-issue of the Magik figure (awesome for everyone who missed out on the exclusive), a Wolfsbane (hopefully in hybrid form) and a Sunspot at the very least. A Mirage has been on the watch list ever since the prototype shown at Toyfare so many years ago, though some massive redesign using the current molds would be in order. Cannonball would also be cool & though Marvel owns both properties again I still think they have a huge issue with consolidating X-Men & Avengers properties right now which puts characters that belong to both universes (like Cannonball, Quicksilver & Uncanny Rogue) stuck in limbo for now. But characters like Karma, Magma, Cypher or maybe even Boom Boom or 90's style Jubilee could all be fair game. Of course, I'm sure at least one Wolverine or Deadpool will have to make it into the wave as an anchor. The best part is, since Warlock has already been done as a BAF, the one character that makes sense to be the BAF is......drum role please.........FREAKIN' STRONG GUY. He is the large powerhouse character that will be in the most current revival of the team and, as everyone else is so quick to point out, Warpath, should he make it in the wave, should be of comparable size to Colossus, who was a single card figure. Yes, I think this is the best chance to get the most ignored & unfairly discriminated against character in ML history.

Team Strong Guy for life!

In Topic: Marvel Legends Sightings and Hauls thread

15 January 2018 - 05:23 PM

It is cartoony, but so is the comic version of this particular IM and to be honest, this is the most comic accurate IM to date. The sculpt is on point and though I initially had my doubts, the height of the figure scales perfectly with the current ML. The Bleeding Edge figure was excellent, but it was way outta scale. I know that doesn't bother some people but to me it was excrutiating. I think you missed the boat on this one, buddy.

In Topic: Marvel Legends Sightings and Hauls thread

15 January 2018 - 08:39 AM

Picked up Black Bolt today. Really like it even if he's a little plain. The whole BP wave seems to be easy to find for once.

I would agree with most of that statement with the exception of IM, who I have yet to see in the wild. However it is rather early in the wave's run so that could change, tho I highly doubt that.

Also, interestingly enough, in my area most stores are getting rereleases of the Vulture Build-A-BS wave. Picked up another Moon Knight, threw the Stark Tech Spidey as far the hell away from me as I could.

In Topic: Toys - r -us new Days of Future Past set

14 January 2018 - 09:07 PM

It would be a sheer disappointment if this turned out to be an MU box set. That line has been all but dead since the return of ML under the Infinite brand. I actually was becoming a collector and chasing down older figures before that, under the belief that it would eventually phase out ML and be the only outlet for ML figures. Thankfully ML came back in a big way & the substantial reduction of articulation, materials and paint apps on the MU line have given me no reason to resume collecting MU, or ML 4" or whatever the hell they're calling it now. The last one I ever bought was Doc Green in his techno armor. That 80's style Rogue almost pulled me back in but in the end the bad articulation kept me away. Now I have more money for ML. Time to put that line to bed, or just start releasing each wave as complete box sets that include one oversized figure. I wouldn't mind purchasing them as a splurge item between ML waves or as cool convention or etailer exclusives.

In Topic: Toys - r -us new Days of Future Past set

13 January 2018 - 08:44 PM

What? You're actually mad someone leaked new ML information? And X-Men product to boot. I don't care who it was. Bring it on, baby. Don't think we'll get an actual Sentinel. The Toybiz one is untouchable IMHO (is that a challenge, Hasbro?). Hopefully we can finally get an updated Mystique and (deep breath) a new Beast figure.

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