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In Topic: Meet Keone Young and Hacksaw Jim Duggan at Toronto 80s Toy Expo 2017 on April...

26 April 2017 - 10:52 PM

Keone Young will always hold a soft spot for me growing up with Joe. I wish I could be there to meet him! Arashikage for life 🤘

In Topic: Things You Thought We'd Get But Didn't

25 April 2017 - 09:49 PM

I hope Revan gets put into the new TVC as well Dragonkings but with an updated sculpt (I know, I'm greedy 😄) He was part of the 30th Anniversary Collection Wave 5 I believe (I think it was wave 5 but it's been 10 years so I could be off) and my god was that wave amazing-all killer & no filler. Revan, Malak, Dark Trooper, Space Trooper, Pre-Cyborg Grievous (still in my top 5 SW figs ever made) and HERMIE ODLE (also in my top 5) Hermie was Hasbros most accomplished work (still imo) on a SA 3.75 alien. Also, he actually cost them money to produce and sell at that price point, I.E. they took a loss making him...when was the last time Hasbro took on a negative return just to produce a figure (an extremely niche figure at that) for the fans? Ahh good times...Hasbro was TRULY passionate about making the figures back then and equally so on pleasing the collectors.

Again, while I enjoyed that Revan immensely for the time (still an awesome figure today without a doubt and I bought him the ONLY 2 times I saw him) I think a character of that popularity should get a brand new sculpt as the older one didn't have the most POA it could have. Either way, i would be thrilled to have him on a vintage card.

Don't get me started on G.I.Joe or Joe vehicles...I just can't handle the anxiety and sense of foreboding dread that comes along with mentioning my favorite toy franchise anymore...not since that AWFUL Toy Fair press release from earlier this year. 😩

In Topic: New Sinister Six Pack set revealed

25 April 2017 - 09:34 PM

Well as far as TVC2 getting into EU, I'm sure the new line will be occasionally peppered with some EU figs as the previous TVC line did along with just about every years line before that (going back to the 30th Anniversary Collection I believe anyway)

The old comic 2packs that dominated the 30th/Legacy Collection days were by far the best source of EU figs (to echoe Ddhawkins sentiment) but it's highly doubtful those will be returning. Those were all, for the most part, amazing figures and having every single damn pack they ever released is one of my more fond aspects of my SW collection.

However, thanks to the concerted effort of the EU/Legends extremists that are once again hijacking the fans choice poll through ballot stuffing and botting...I'm sure the "winner" of the poll that just closed will undoubtedly be Ben Skywalker. I LOVE EU but my god is Ben Skywalker a boring character imo and more importantly, based on most photos/artist renderings of him...he is gonna make for one hell of a boring looking figure. I wanted Yak Face to win but it looks like that's not going to happen.

In Topic: New Sinister Six Pack set revealed

22 April 2017 - 06:50 PM


Looks like we can find common ground afterall lol. I for one think the set is great. Is it just a bunch of repacks? Sure. Is it overpriced? Sure. Do I already have all of these characters? Yup. However I collect the line in its entirety and the box nostalgia really speaks to me lol.

Furthermore, for a set that me, Ddhawkins and maybe like one other person on here that didn't feel like it was the biggest piece of crap they'd ever did sell out pretty fast lol. For anyone that still wants the set, I wouldn't worry too much as Amazon is pretty great about restocking things. Time will tell though I suppose.

Lastly, for anyone that thinks buying this set will just result in more lame releases moving answer to that is-do you even collect the line? We all know that Hasbro has dropped focus on SA 3.75 in favor of doubling down on 6in (better margins) and Hasbro is making WAY too much money with their 6in legends for that to change anytime soon. Yes, the Vintage Collection is returning for SW SA 3.75 but that does NOT mean that MU 3.75 is magically going to do a 180 and become a real focus again. Also, in case anybody doesn't know, more collectors collect SW 3.75 than ANY other 3.75 line by a SIGNIFICANT margin. There's also the fact that SW 3.75 was already a line adored, adopted and widely collected by fans for over 30 years before MU 3.75 even existed...

Now the return of TVC for SW is the greatest toy news I've heard, period, in the last 5 years but in not naive and hopefully other SW SA 3.75 collectors aren't either with regards to what this "actually means" going forward; the line in returning in spring 2018 sure, but it's not going back to 65+ figures a year (most of which were new) and we won't be seeing a return of the VAST amount of vehicles, box sets, exclusives, etc. The line will most likely straddle 30 figures a year at best and be mostly (if not all) relegated to simple single carded releases. They will be split between repacks from the previous TVC/Black Series and new figures-my guess is a ratio of 50/50 on that but hopefully I'm wrong! I am NOT complaining by any means, just having a realistic mindset for what's to come is all.

In Topic: Things You Thought We'd Get But Didn't

21 April 2017 - 10:09 PM


I assume your stating you have around a 100 TVC figs? Are they mint on mint card? Which ones are you missing? I'm asking because you mentioned Ebay and I have a friend that kind of got on the toy collecting bandwagon a little late in life and he desperately wants a Vintage Collection run of figures. He asks me weekly if I'll sell him my complete set lol.

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