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In Topic: Official Toyfair 2018

Yesterday, 08:37 PM

I can't imagine this is the only & final version of Thanos they're gonna do. I mean he literally looks like he's wearing the thermal underwear that belongs under his real costume. Obviously in the 2nd part he's going to have some kind of armor or gear upgrade. I'm just wondering if they plan on doing an entirely new BAF or if they're gonna pull some BS like they did with the Vulture's flight gear. Cuz, if thats the case, people are gonna be pissed. My suggestion, and who the hell am I really, would be to have a smaller BAF (which we know Hasbro loves to do) and include a piece of the armor with each carded figure. An even better idea would be to just have one figure in the wave, maybe one of the smaller or female figures, not include any BAF part, but instead the parts for Thanos's armor.

In Topic: Toyfair 2018 Predictions

14 February 2018 - 02:55 PM

Guys. If I see one more thread being filled with this MCU vs comic, peg clogging or the likes the post will be deleted. Stick to what the thread is about please.

Sorry if this seems harsh but it's getting to the point where almost every thread Is being filled with it. We don't mind discussions about it but stop bringing it up in every thread

Lol. Doesn't every thread break down to an MCU vs. Comic all out throwdown? I was thinking the same thing. It was actually probably my fault, but back on subject.

I was also thinking maybe we might also unveil, at least verbally, the next set of Riders figures. I'm thinking the first set tested well enough we might be getting at least 2 waves this year if not 3. I know at least Logan and Captain America will get one. Also be ready. That Spider cycle is coming.

In Topic: Toyfair 2018 Predictions

13 February 2018 - 10:49 PM

I still got tons of pics of Loki, Thor, the entire Netflix line up and now Black Panther & Killmonger figures just suffocating shelf space and I'm tempted to start posting them again but it's like beating your head against a brick wall. MCU lovers are in total denial. I to am of the opinion that they're more actor collectors rather than character collectors at this point. My challenge is still open tho. I defy anyone to post more pics of comic figures overwhelming MCU figures on the pegs than I can post pics of just the opposite. I suspect no one will step up to the challenge cuz it just doesn't happen. For the record tho, if the MCU Ronan thing is legit I'll be the first in line. The thing I'm most curious about is the whole "Premium" title. Does that mean he comes with extra accessories or a diorama stand? Maybe light up power effects?

In Topic: Toyfair 2018 Predictions

13 February 2018 - 07:52 PM

Premium Marvel Legends MCU Ronan the Accuser is coming. Should be announced this weekend with pre-orders potentially opening on Saturday.


In Topic: Toyfair 2018 Predictions

13 February 2018 - 01:58 PM

As far as I'm concerned they need to rerelease ALL the MCU figures now that they have the new face-printing process.
As for those of you still clinging to the fantasy that the MCU figures are selling "abysmally," it kinda makes you wonder if Hasbro knows something you don't.

No they don't. The creative team knows what's really going on but they had to learn to operate within the confines of what the corporate heads at Hasbro expect of them. Basically, the Marvel license was purchased for movie tie in merchandise, not necessarily limited to ML. Honestly, if they could maintain the current operating practices of all the role-play products and games and playsets as they are but let the ML team operate as they would like like to, profits would soar, particularly on the ML side. Dwight has been quoted time and again that there were so many things he wishes he could do with the line, but basically saying, without saying, his hands are pretty much tied when it comes to the expectations for MCU figures. Again, I'm not sure what region your in, but I find it very hard to believe that MCU figures outsell comic figures in any part of the universe, but I suppose it's possible. Through general concensus I get from 90 percent of people on this forum is MCU Thor, Loki, Black Panther, all MCU Netflix and even MCU Doctor Strange figures still litter the pegs and most of them are on clearance. Sure, when and if the MCU Vision figure comes out, I'm there and when a new MCU Black Widow or MCU Wasp or MCU Deadpool come out I'm all over it, but what we don't need is 2 to 3 versions of MCU Captain America or Iron Man or Starlord packed 2 to 3 a case in every damn wave. All the new or under represented characters will fly off the shelf and Cap & IM & Starlord will eventually end up being liquidated and doomed to not breakdown in a land fill for all eternity like so many Atari E.T. game cartridges from the 80's.

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