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In Topic: Black Panther Wave RUMOUR!!!!!

Yesterday, 10:49 AM

Thing has already been revealed as a Walgreen's exclusive so him being in this lineup appears to be #fakenews.

Not necessarily. You do realize Thing currently wears a distinctively different costume than he did with the Fantastic Four, right? And we all know that Hasbro has an affinity towards creating new non-distinct full suited body sculpts (as he would be in his GOTG or SHIELD costumes) that they can reuse for future figures.

In Topic: Black Panther Wave RUMOUR!!!!!

25 June 2017 - 06:17 AM

For the love of God, I hope the Iron Man is a comic version. I am sooooo freaking tired of the same old MCU repro's. I just want ONE, just one damn comic Iron Man in scale with the rest of the comic based Legends. Just one. I don't care if it's the Extremis armor, the Superior armor or the Modern Modular armor. Just give us something, anything to put on display with our currente Avengers figures. The same with a Thor figure (but I'll get to that another time). How freaking hard is it to understand at this point? The Bleeding Edge armor was good but compared to the current ML it is way too small.

Iron Man is a huge commodity and I guarantee an entire comic based wave with a Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man with a Firepower or Detroit Steel BAF would sell better than any Avengers wave that's ever been put out. Just give it a shot. I promise it will sell on pre-order as well, or better than the Juggernaut wave. A few simple repaints of current molds like Heatwave and Blacklash and Living Laser could round out the wave. Hell, even throw in a mass release of the Rescue figure (with a Pepper Pots alt. head, of course) and you have nothing but gold, I swear. I just think Hasbro, in its attempt to try and tie in as many MCU characters as possible, is missing out on the strength of the comic fanbase, which made Legends what it is since way back in the day before all the movies came out.

If Hasbro watches these forums, as we all assume they do, let's let them know how much we want these ideas to come to fruition. It is 100% proven that when they follow what we express here, whether purposefully or inadvertently, ML prospers. We don't need 3 MCU Star Lords in a year, seriously, do we need to tell them this. A battle suit Gamora and a Firelord (nothing more than a Johnny Storm repaint with a new head sculpt) would have garnered so much more support. As a fan, I have ZERO interest in the MCU Star Lord/Ego 2 pack. I will not even look for it or think twice about it and I suspect the majority of ML fans feel the same. My personal feeling is that this 2 pack will bomb horribly and I hope, if anything, it serves to prove a point. The demand for MCU figures dwarfs in comparison to the comic versions. It just does. Dont question it too much, just follow it and ML will rise to heights you've never seen. Honestly, one MCU per wave is more than enough. If it weren't for thE BAF pieces, I swear nothing but MCU figures would be rotting on the pegs.

That's my rant in a nutshell. More comic figures, less repeats of MCU figures, redo the figures that didn't get done right the first time (Quicksilver, Mystique, Klaw, Emma Frost, Tigra, etc.), give us figures of characters we've long been waiting for (Thing, Strong Guy, Jamie Maddrox, Comic Star Lord, Psylocke, etc.), listen to the REAL fanbase and you will make lost of money. We've never been wrong before.

In Topic: Marvel Legends Sightings and Hauls thread

23 June 2017 - 07:51 PM

Got my Phoenix/Cyclops pack today. Pure stroke of luck. Lady at check out said people had been calling about them all week and they only received them hours before I found them. Got my pick out of 4. Paint apps are top notch. I must say I'm loving the effort being put into these exclusives. Phoenix head sculpts are simply gorgeous & make no mistake, the straight hair head was 100% made to be a replacement for the less than stellar head sculpt for the Juggernaut wave Jean. Another home run for Dwight & Gang. Now, if you can just give is a second X-Wave this year with Strong Guy as the BAF you would be a god among insects (to quote Ian McKellan as Magneto).

If the A-Force exclusive is treated with as much love as the Peter/MJ and Phoenix/Cyc packs it will have been a glorious year for fans in regards to exclusives. Money well spent IMHO. Keep up the good work.

In Topic: Mary Jane 2 pack is out!

25 May 2017 - 12:17 PM

Got my set today. This set was every bit as good as the Vulture 2 pack. Not only was the MJ figure amazing but the Spider-Man figure is the best one to date. Not exactly sure which time frame th suit is from tho. Does anyone have any info on that? Also, I initially assumed the MJ buck would be the same one as the upcoming Jessica Jones figure, but from everything I've seen its actually different. At least from the available production pics. They are very similar but aside from the obvious different footwear MJ's hips appear to be just a bit wider & curvy. I could be wrong tho.

In Topic: SDCC Exclusive.

02 May 2017 - 10:30 PM

Cobra, you and I will agree to disagree, but I will point out that I did amend my hard 2nd wave stance to the possibility of an exclusive. If we get a box set similar to the GOTG set with 5 or more figs rather than a full wave I will be a happy collector. Also I realize the release of most of the above exclusives would probably be at a pace less frantic as the reveals in the last few days. Though I do well enough to support my habit I'm sure Hasbro is well aware that many collectors are young and don't have as much access to the funds some of us more "experienced" collectors do. The last thing they want is product sitting on the shelf because people have to decide to buy that $50 2 pack or feed their family for the week or have a shelf full of returned Moon Knight & Death's Head boxes with Matt Hardy & Kane figures stuffed into them.

I will say this to refute your argument a bit though. If the creative team has no input on when a particular wave is released, why did he make that very specific statement about wanting to get the Warlock wave out early so we wouldn't be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of product we see throughout the year? He basically contradicted himself. Just an observation.

I personally am happy with the current pace of product & aside from the feeling that MCU figs get way more exposure than they need (paging Mr. Starlord) I'm very happy with the selections and variety we get with each wave. In that sense the obvious has got to be pointed out. Most if not all the major Avengers, Spider-Men and Street level characters have been done, redone and some done again & again while several mutants still haven't been touched. At some point they are gonna hafta ramp up the release of the mutants if only to avoid rampant repetition & one wave a year just ain't gonna do it.

I do believe the two packs could help to fill in the mutants roster but the first one to come out are both versions figures we already have. I'll say it was genious to include the 3rd head for Jean to replace the fugly head sculpt of the Juggy wave Jean, but that's part of the frustration. If Dwight & Co. have enough a pulse on the fan base to understand that was something we wanted, why can't he understand that just a little more mutant product would but a surefire hit?

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