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In Topic: X-men Wave revealed?

22 September 2017 - 10:55 PM

Magnet will prob be Marvel NOW, but I'm really hoping for ANAD. Sabertooth classic?
DO they have an updated trenchcoat for classic Madrox? I'd prefer X-Factor Investigations

Ya, I'm thinking Hasbro's licking their chops to show they can out do Toybiz's Classic Sabretooth, but that's gonna be a tall order, especially if they try to use the same old Hyperion buck. Probably gonna use the new Odinson buck with some glued on parts. I'm predicting a near miss, kinda like the Hobgoblin figure. As far as the trenchcoat, I think they finally got it right with the Netflix Punisher. It's a vast improvement over the Jack Skelington/Sam Jackson, Snopp Dog, sickly skinny armed trenchcoat buck they've ruined so many potentially cool figures with in the past. I'm assuming they've held out on doing Gambit so long for that same reason. I'd be happy with a NOW Magneto. The ANAD Magneto is just too far off the traditional Magneto feel for me, but I have the TRU exclusive and that will always be my go to.

In Topic: X-Force Deadpool already sold out?

20 September 2017 - 09:08 AM

Yup, didn't even have time to get it thru checkout after I got it in my basket.

Did anyone get one or did scalper bots take em all?

In Topic: X-Force Deadpool already sold out?

20 September 2017 - 04:57 AM

It hasn't gone up yet. It's been listed since Hascon but when you attempt to put it in your basket it tells you there isn't sufficient stock. I've been on it since midnight & as far as I can tell it hasn't gone up yet. I'm thinking around 9 am central.

In Topic: X-men Wave revealed?

19 September 2017 - 11:09 PM

Please don't let it be Marvel now Magneto.  It's been way too long since a decent classic Mags got made, and the last one was such a wasted opportunity.  Also, I'm hoping hasbro has enough sense to not make an obvious army builder like Multiple Man one per case. I remember how hard it was to get Chameleon and his three different heads a few years ago.

Yeah the TRU Magento from 2-3 years ago was great but before that Magneto was few and far between and even those were pretty bad. That X-men classics Magento with the floppy helmet and stupid laser on his shoulder is one of the worst figures ever . I would bet it is the modern Magento or Marvel Now Magneto since he hasn't worn the purple and pink outfit for a while now . I love the grey look though .
I think it was more like 5 years ago but that's still pretty recent. In other words WAY too soon to have another Classic Magneto! People really have to get a grip on this "redo love". Magneto's more recent outfits are the way to go at this time. As for Sabretooth, I can see Hasbro making an attempt at his classic look even though the Toybiz version, like the Beast will be hard to beat.. I would also love his more recent X-Men costume. Madrox would be kool no matter what costume he comes in, just come! AND 2X per case!!!

"Redo Love". Lol, that's gonna be a classic. I too am very leary about straight redos of figures, but Hasbro's been pretty good thus far about character choice. Let's just face it. Anything done by Toybiz is fair game from Hasbro's standpoint so I don't think they have any problem taking a shot at Sabes or Beast. Where they get into shady waters is when they have to admit one of their own was bad enough to warrant a redo. For the most part, when redoing figures they try not to use the same looks or costumes. Take figures like Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch or Emma Frost. Most of us will agree that all of them could benefit from a redo, but luckily for Hasbro & us fans, all three of them have an alternate costume or color scheme they could use to prevent doing a "straight redo". Emma has a black costume, which I am convinced will be done, it's just a matter of time. Both SW & QS have modern costumes that can be done to distinguish them from the previous figs. In a few cases just doing the exact same figure in a better way is just unavoidable. This is the case with Klaw and Symbiote Spidey and will also be the case with Silver Surfer. The one thing I really like about those few instances is that, Symbiote Spidey aside, they usually try to release them in a format where they don't take up space in a standard wave. Klaw will be done in a 2 pack. Medusa will be done as an exclusive and Black Panther was done as an exclusive. This gives the customer the option to decide whether or not to purchase that figure without placing the necessity of having to buy it just for the BAF piece. I personally have no problem with straight redo as long as it's pretty well confirmed that the previous one needed improvement. If Hasbro wants to admit to a mistake and then try to atone for it (while still taking another 20+ bucks from me, mind you) I have little to no issue with that. They've also shown that they can fix some mistakes without actually doing what would be considered a "redo". Such was the case when they included what many believe was a replacement Jean Grey head sculpt with the Dark Phoenix figure. It's little details like that and the inclusion of a Magneto Onslaught head in the Juggernaut wave that makes me think they appreciate the consumer, but then they turn around and do something like Gladiator in the next X-Wave that burns me up and has me scratching my head like WTF?

In Topic: X-men Wave revealed?

15 September 2017 - 10:07 PM

Lol, of course. Damnit! Gotta admit that Apocalypse is pretty freaking awesome. Hook, line & sinker, baby.

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