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In Topic: Marvel Legends Sightings and Hauls thread

07 November 2017 - 02:58 PM

I ran across some freshly uncased ones at the Walgreens next to my house purely by happenstance while looking for the Vintage series. I picked up 2 right away cuz I knew they wouldn't last long. It is definitely a vast improvement over the previous effort. Now, what do we gotta do the get them to do that with the Scarlet Witch? Possibly a two pack with Quicksilver using both their modern color schemes?

By the way, I did find the Vintage series at the local Walmart shortly afterward. I snatched up the Black Widow and even the Punisher solely for the red headband head sculpt. I know, I'm a shameless sucker, but I NEEDED it. Don't you understand? Anyways, the rest were an easy pass. I almost forgot how ridiculously out of scale the Iron Man figure is (mines been in storage since I bought it). I think Cap & Spider have a brighter color palette & the Wolverine is not as good as the Juggy wave one & I already have the unmasked head sculpt from the TRU exclusive. Also, I'm not sure if anyone else noticed but they do seem to be of quite a bit less quality than the main ML line, particularly in the pain application. Luckily I had a choice of 3 available Punishers to choose from to get the best painted head sculpt.

In Topic: Marvel Legends Sightings and Hauls thread

03 November 2017 - 06:44 AM

Right. $19.99 with no BAF. Any of you STILL maintain Build-A-Figures aren't extra or free? Or will the convenient "we're being ripped off with the Vintage wave" excuse be utilized?

I'll always maintain that Hasbro doesn't "give" us $#!+. This wave is nothing more than a test wave. They are testing the waters to see exactly how much they can exploit the marquee characters so they can repack & reuse existing figures without the added cost of a BAF and make a few extra dollars in the process. Basically, they are seeing how much they can get away with before the customer base starts to complain. If it tests well, expect many "Vintage" waves in the future. It'll end up being more or less a supplemental line, similar to the MU line, to offset costs and assist funding the ML main line. It's not particularly my favorite type of approach, but from a business standpoint it's a pretty ingenious strategy and anything that will help extend the longevity of the ML brand is alright by me.

I personally don't have use for another CA or another pygmy IM, but I'll pick up the Black widow, bag the ginormous MJ head sculpt & use the alt. head sculpt from the BW biker set and end up with 2 decent comic BW figures which we've not seen one of since the 2 pack with Winter Soldier years ago. To each his own, if you like the character or if you missed the previous one, here's your chance to get the figures you want without the need to purchase the entire set for the BAF piece.

As far as the BAF lovers, myself included, don't you worry. The BAF is not going anywhere within the main ML line. It's not a bonus, it's a gimmick, and an awesome one, and an incentive for us to purchase the entire wave & rubbish figures that we don't necessarily want in order to complete the larger & sometimes more complicated smaller figures that might not otherwise ever see the light of day. Figures like Mordo & Astral Strange and Scourge & wierdo Secret Captain America and the 3rd Starlord & MCU Electro owe their very lives to the BAF. It's a system that makes Marvel/Disney happy, it makes the fans happy, it makes the characters & creators happy & most of all, it makes me happy. So it's here to stay. Even if it goes to a format of alternating between larger and more standard size figures, as long as it's new or different, they got me. Now make me a damn Strong Guy!

Team Strong Guy for life!

In Topic: Marvel Legends Sightings and Hauls thread

01 November 2017 - 06:17 AM

Defenders 4 pack went back up for sale on Amazon today.

In Topic: Defenders 4 pack

01 November 2017 - 06:17 AM

Defenders 4 pack back up on sale at Amazon today.

In Topic: Marvel Legends Black Panther - wave & BAF update

30 October 2017 - 08:58 PM

See, this is exactly what I'm talking about. Full disclosure, the was also 1 Bullseye, 1 Jane Thor, 2 Netflix Punisher & 2 or more Netflix Daredevil. I just bunched all the MCU figures together to illustrate how much unsold product is cluttering the shelves in my area.

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