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In Topic: Mary Jane 2 pack is out!

25 May 2017 - 12:17 PM

Got my set today. This set was every bit as good as the Vulture 2 pack. Not only was the MJ figure amazing but the Spider-Man figure is the best one to date. Not exactly sure which time frame th suit is from tho. Does anyone have any info on that? Also, I initially assumed the MJ buck would be the same one as the upcoming Jessica Jones figure, but from everything I've seen its actually different. At least from the available production pics. They are very similar but aside from the obvious different footwear MJ's hips appear to be just a bit wider & curvy. I could be wrong tho.

In Topic: SDCC Exclusive.

02 May 2017 - 10:30 PM

Cobra, you and I will agree to disagree, but I will point out that I did amend my hard 2nd wave stance to the possibility of an exclusive. If we get a box set similar to the GOTG set with 5 or more figs rather than a full wave I will be a happy collector. Also I realize the release of most of the above exclusives would probably be at a pace less frantic as the reveals in the last few days. Though I do well enough to support my habit I'm sure Hasbro is well aware that many collectors are young and don't have as much access to the funds some of us more "experienced" collectors do. The last thing they want is product sitting on the shelf because people have to decide to buy that $50 2 pack or feed their family for the week or have a shelf full of returned Moon Knight & Death's Head boxes with Matt Hardy & Kane figures stuffed into them.

I will say this to refute your argument a bit though. If the creative team has no input on when a particular wave is released, why did he make that very specific statement about wanting to get the Warlock wave out early so we wouldn't be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of product we see throughout the year? He basically contradicted himself. Just an observation.

I personally am happy with the current pace of product & aside from the feeling that MCU figs get way more exposure than they need (paging Mr. Starlord) I'm very happy with the selections and variety we get with each wave. In that sense the obvious has got to be pointed out. Most if not all the major Avengers, Spider-Men and Street level characters have been done, redone and some done again & again while several mutants still haven't been touched. At some point they are gonna hafta ramp up the release of the mutants if only to avoid rampant repetition & one wave a year just ain't gonna do it.

I do believe the two packs could help to fill in the mutants roster but the first one to come out are both versions figures we already have. I'll say it was genious to include the 3rd head for Jean to replace the fugly head sculpt of the Juggy wave Jean, but that's part of the frustration. If Dwight & Co. have enough a pulse on the fan base to understand that was something we wanted, why can't he understand that just a little more mutant product would but a surefire hit?

In Topic: SDCC Exclusive.

02 May 2017 - 08:17 AM

I remember Dwight saying that they released this X-Wave early (Jim Lee Cyclops wave) so people would not get too overwhelmed with too much product at one time. I would love for there to be another wave this year but I doubt its going to happen. He also said that they are done with 2018 so they are working on 2019 right now. I am hoping to see what they have lined up for next year at SDCC in the 2018 X-Men wave. Really hoping for a new Jim Lee Storm or a Giant Size first appearance Storm from where she first joined the team. I think either is pretty realistic.

That's kinda funny he would say that, considering what I think is about to happen. I'm going to seriously address it in another thread, but it bears mentioning here that  we have (currently) the Spider-Man 2 pack, exclusives Black Panther & Invisible woman, A-Force box set (6 figures which means $140 easy), Spider-Man/Maryjane 2 pack, X-Men 2 pack and Human Torch. Not to mention Some of us are still waiting for the 2nd X-Men wave to come out. Spider-Man:Homecoming is due out soon, and the second wave of Guardians (I'm sure) will be out prior to Comic-Con. That's $740 on average less than 3 months time! THEN throw in the Thor boxset ($140 I'm betting). That's $880 (if you live in CA add another $70 for tax). He doesn't want them coming out on top of one another huh?

Good catch Rukk. He certainly did address the concern about too much product hitting in a too concentrated space of time, yet here we are, Warlock wave still in high demand, a lackluster Titus wave still having decent success, Vulture Wing wave starting to make it's presence with all the exclusives you just talked about ready to drop at almost the same time during the peak season, there doesn't seem to be too much worry about product saturation. No sir, I don't think expecting another X-wave somewhere around the 4th quarter, possibly right before the Christmas season, like the Juggy wave, is out of the question at all.

In Topic: SDCC Exclusive.

01 May 2017 - 09:55 PM

I love this set. It's a much more cohesive set when compared to that mosh-posh, thrown together, scratch your head Raft set from last year. And yes, I'm sure we'll see most of them, with the exception of Bor & Ulik as single card eventually but there'll probably be a few aesthetic differences to make them unique. I also noticed the circle of the display box looked incomplete. Hopefully this is only a partial reveal & we get a classic or modern version of Thor since he is set to return in the comics, probably around the time SDCC actually. I also agree Maleketh is to muscular. He shoulda been done with the Pizza Spidey buck, but with the shortage of villains in the ML line I'm not gonna nitpick too much.

Something I'm really excited about is the new Ulik buck. Is there anyone else out there sharp eyed enough to notice that with a few minor alterations, similar to the way the Space Venom was altered for Titus, this mold could be used for a future Strong Guy BAF? Just an observation. Probably nothing to it. Or is there? I'm still of the opinion that, regardless of what everyone though they heard Dwight say, there's still a surprise 2nd X-Wave or exclusive coming before years end. Watch the interview again. There is a very distinct & calculated choice of words where he specifically refers to the X-Men as a LINE, not necessarily a single WAVE. Maybe I'm reading to much into the word play, but the creative team does have a history of pulling some last minute surprises straight outta their arse, do they not?

In Topic: Marvel Legends Sightings and Hauls thread

20 April 2017 - 09:36 PM

Got mine today & it was excellent. This is the Vulture that shoulda been in the 2nd Spider-Man wave & the MCU Vulture shoulda been a Walmart exclusive.

On a side note, I know I can't be the only one to notice the only winged characters that come with actual wings are the Walmart exclusives. I'm talking to you Sam Wilson Cap & MCU Vulture.

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