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WTF is up with ML's giant heads recently?

11 January 2018 - 10:31 PM

All of a sudden all the head sculpts on ML are enormous! Okay at first it was just a few figures so I felt I was just being nitpicky if I said anything, but suddenly this is a rampant issue that came to a head (pun intended) when I opened my new Walmart exclusive Black Panther and I think we need to nip this in the bud now. At first it was just a few figures here and there like Shocker & Spider UK, nothing I couldn't deal with. Truthfully, ole' Jamie's been in a storage bin since I opened him. I was hopine this was just a minor issue that, after all the customer reactions, was something that Hasbro would eventually just work out. Little did I know it would actually get worse. For the most part the new BP is a freaking awesome figure. Love the use of the Spider UK buck. Love the color scheme & paint apps. It's generally a good looking & well done figure, until you start to compare & pose him with other figures. Hooooly Hell does this guy have a huge melon. I mean how does this happen? In an age where everything is done through digital scanning & 3D modeling isn't there some kind of head to body consistency scale they use? I know people all have different head sizes but this is a case akin to putting the head of an 7'6" man on the body of a 6' man. Dont believe me? Just stand that figure next to the figure that's pretty much set the size standard for mid size muscular ML characters, Daredevil who is also generally the same size as BP according to the comics database. The disparity is drastic and displacing. If you wanna make the argument that he's wearing a mask/helmet it makes it even worse when compared to the first exclusive BP who is also wearing one. The Mary Jane figure is another one whose entire look was destroyed by the excessive size of her head. It was a beautiful sculpt but it just made her figure look like a sexy lollipop. I considered that she wouldn't actually be placed in my general hero display so I brushed it off as well....till they reused it on the vintage Black Widow figure. That head on a sleeker, more simplified body mold just makes it more obvious. Seriously, both my BP and BW figures are so outta scale with the other figures I really don't even wanna display them with the others, which sucks cuz otherwise they are such cool renditions of the characters. Now, in support of the line, I did purchase 2 of these figures being fully aware of the troublesome "Big Head Syndrome" from online reviews, but I just had to see it for myself. I'm so bummed. As I'm prone to say, maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm too much a stickler for scale and accuracy. It just bugs me terribly when a figure has soooo much potential only to fall short. Like I said it's a good figure but it shoulda been a great figure. This giant head trend is becoming unforgivable. Instead of a Grand Slam this one was more like an in-field single man home run. Trust me, if you haven't landed this figure yet, it's bad, probably the worse one to this point. As much as I complain, I honestly hate the fact that Hasbro keeps giving me reasons to do it cuz it means yet another figure, usually under much fanfare, anticipation and expectation, falls short yet again. And before anyone makes the assumption that I'm just a grumpy complainer who is never happy with anything, keep in mind that I have purchased every figure Hasbro has released under the ML brand, sometimes at 3 to 4 times mark up (damn you, X-Force Deadpool) on the aftermarket and I will continue to support the line as long as they keep it running, but in the mean time I'm not going to just blindly praise them for everything they do and I will always urge them to do better. This is something they need to reel in ASAP, cuz the heads just keep getting bigger & bigger and I'm afraid within a few more waves this line is gonna look like articulated Funko Pops. The customer's input is by far the best resource Hasbro has and they'd be foolish not to use it, just as we would be foolish not to exercise it.

Prediction: Alpha Flight is the next box set. Tell me I'm crazy

25 November 2017 - 07:36 PM

So, looking back over several of the box sets, I've noticed a basic formula that leads me to believe the next or one of the next exclusive box sets, be it SDCC or other, has a strong chance of being Alpha Flight. I invite anyone to dispute me or explain to me why I'm wrong.

The formula I'm following is as follows: 1 previously released BAF repaint or modified, 1 unique figure that requires a specific sculpt, 3 or 4 figures that use separate yet common reusable with slight modification or glued on parts or reusable accessories.

Here is the line up I'm predicting and it's presentation:
1.Sasquatch - Reused BAF possibly repainted white, but most likely repainted a more vivid orange in classic style.
2.Puck - Simple reissue of the Wolverine Legends mini-BAF with a possibly different paint app.
3.Snowbird - Simple repain't of an existing female buck. Preferably the newly retooled Medusa buck or the Dark Phoenix (yes it is different)
4.Guardian - Using a simple repaint of the Bucky Cap mold.
5.Shaman - Using a simple repaint of the Spider UK with a repurposed satchel from the Hobgoblin figure & glued on tassle pieces for the boots.
6.Marrina - Simple repaint of the Kate Bishop mold.
8.Possible Outliers - Vindicator, Northstar, Aurora; any of these could be done as simple repaints and take the spot of one of the other three standard figures, though I suspect Northstar & Aurora will be done seperately as a 2 pack sooner than later.

To some this might sound far fetched but let me point out that Marvel tied the apple cart to the Inhumans for some time now trying to push them as the next super team/family and the eminent failure of the comic & television show is about to put the final nail in that coffin. With the void being left by the Inhumans and talks for an Alpha Flight movie suddenly back in the works the Canadian Avengers are in prime position for a resurgence, especially with the Marvel Rebir.....err, Legacy looking like it's going well (so far, anyway). I'm liking this outlook.


RUMOR!!!! Warpath is BAF for Deadpool wave

10 August 2017 - 10:08 PM

So I saw a brief discussion on a Facebook collectors group, not exclusive to ML, that it had been floating around earlier today that a new Warpath using the Colossus buck is supposed to be the Deadpool wave BAF. Supposedly it even showed up on Wikipedia (for what thats worth) for a short period before being taken down. As far as I can tell this is totally unsubstantiated, but has anyone else heard about this?

Agents of SHIELD & Army Builder

26 July 2017 - 03:28 PM

So, now that the excitement of SDCC is dying I'd like to pitch an idea that I've had for a while but have amended since the unexpected reveal of the Hail Hydra army buidler pack.

Initially I had the idea of using the ML Comic Nick Fury formula, using a simple Kate Bishop buck with added belts & pouches, to get out some of the female SHIELD agents that we've been asking for for quite a while. Specifically I proposed a Sharon Carter figure in her white SHIELD outfit with alternate head and forearms to create Daisy (Quake) in her white outfit as she's been seen more recently. An alternate helmeted head similar to the one included with Nick Fury could also be included to make a random female field agent. Similarly, they could do a Maria Hill in her black SHIELD outfit and have alternate head and cybernetic forearms to create Yo-Yo (Slingshot) in her SHIELD gear & another random helmet possibly with a different paint app. The beauty of it all is that all heads and forearms would be compatible with both base bucks so the combinations could have been limitless. Sharon & Maria coulda been the swap characters in an upcoming Avengers wave.

I thought this would be an outstanding idea from that standpoint alone, but wait... Seeing the effort put into the Hail Hydra pack why couldn't we push this idea just a little bit farther? How about two SHIELD 2 packs that could be used for mind bending combinations & have us fanboys pounding the pavement & scouring the Internet just to throw our money at Hasbro?

2 pack #1:
Sharon Carter base figure in white uniform
Quake alt. head & forearms
SHIELD masked female agent alt. head
Dum Dum Duggan base figure on Reaper buck
Alt. Nick Fury, Jr. head
Alt. masked field agent head

2 pack #2:
Maria Hill base figure in black uniform
Yo-Yo alt. head & forearms
SHIELD helmet female agent alt. head
Rick Jones base figure on Pizza Spidey buck
Jasper Sitwell zombie alt. head
Helmeted male agent alt. head

I'm not sure about any of you but I would buy these up by the dozens. As I said, the amount of interchangeability would be the major selling point to me and I would have to buy at least 4 sets of each just to get all the characters I want, not to mention who knows how many more depending on the amount of agents I would like to have. Pure wallet buster for me and actually much more appealing to me than the Hail Hydra pack, which are still great looking figures, but personally not worth buying more than maybe two sets.

How did your peg warmer picks turn out

24 March 2017 - 11:05 PM

I know theres already a peg warmer topic out there but it's gone a bit stale so since a few of the waves involved have been out for a while already let's discuss what the peg warmers are looking to be so far in our respective areas. List the characters in order. One being the biggest peg warmer.

Spider-Man (Sandman):

1. Ms. Marvel - she started strong but puttered out in the end as is the case with most female characters. No surprise.
2. Spider UK - called it. New buck or not, he's every bit as boring as the comic character. Still not as boring as Karl tho.
3. Shocker - this actually was a shocker to me. I thought he'd rate higher as he in such demand. Was it the massive head? Maybe? Probably? Hell ya it was.
4. Jackal - right about where I thought he'd fall when all the dust cleared. Still a nice figure.
5. Spidey 2099 - love the look, love the new buck. He was my 3rd personal favorite. Size of the melon was a little much on this one too.
6. Black Spidey - he's just such a cool looking update.
7. Green Goblin - got mine online & have not seen even one in the wild.

GOTG (Titus)

1. Star Lord - please, make them stop. What....? We're getting 2 more this year? Well at least one of them will have to be a comic version, right? What....? Both are gonna be simple MCU costume changes? And,one of them is gonna come with his dad who looks like that hippie I buy my organic vegetables from at the farmers market on Sunday? Oh, the humanity!
2. Drax - as I said, a new head and a new ashy complexion does not a new figure make.
3. Star Lord - nuff said.
4. Star Lord - maybe a little more said.
5. Yondu, Vance Astro & Kid Nova - they all seem to be moving about the same. And I don't care, call him Nova all you want, he's still effing KID NOVA.
6. Darkhawk - this was an amazingly executed figure. Wish they could all be this good.
7. Angela - apply above comments. Everything about her is unique. This is a beautiful, awesome effort & the scalpers have been out en force. Good luck if you ain't found her yet.

X-Men (Warlock):

1. Wolverine - tho I think this will change once the casual fans catch up with the hardcore hunters. Wolvie always brings the ratings.
2. Sunfire - I personally love this figure but I think they're actually giving these things away with every bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos at Walgreens.
3. Shatterstar - this design only held up for like 3 years in the 90s. In today's world it's beyond cheesy.
4. Dazzler - I got over the skates but I guess 70s disco style & ankle articulation don't play well together. News to me.
5. Cyclops - honestly had no problem locating him.
6. Polaris - she only slightly edges out Cyclops, but most likely cuz we've already had a few of him already.
7. Colossus - he's big and bad ayass & he ain't nowhere to be found. Love this figure.

BTW, I live & hunt in the TX, NM, OK tri-state area. How's it look in your neck of the woods?

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