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How did your peg warmer picks turn out

24 March 2017 - 11:05 PM

I know theres already a peg warmer topic out there but it's gone a bit stale so since a few of the waves involved have been out for a while already let's discuss what the peg warmers are looking to be so far in our respective areas. List the characters in order. One being the biggest peg warmer.

Spider-Man (Sandman):

1. Ms. Marvel - she started strong but puttered out in the end as is the case with most female characters. No surprise.
2. Spider UK - called it. New buck or not, he's every bit as boring as the comic character. Still not as boring as Karl tho.
3. Shocker - this actually was a shocker to me. I thought he'd rate higher as he in such demand. Was it the massive head? Maybe? Probably? Hell ya it was.
4. Jackal - right about where I thought he'd fall when all the dust cleared. Still a nice figure.
5. Spidey 2099 - love the look, love the new buck. He was my 3rd personal favorite. Size of the melon was a little much on this one too.
6. Black Spidey - he's just such a cool looking update.
7. Green Goblin - got mine online & have not seen even one in the wild.

GOTG (Titus)

1. Star Lord - please, make them stop. What....? We're getting 2 more this year? Well at least one of them will have to be a comic version, right? What....? Both are gonna be simple MCU costume changes? And,one of them is gonna come with his dad who looks like that hippie I buy my organic vegetables from at the farmers market on Sunday? Oh, the humanity!
2. Drax - as I said, a new head and a new ashy complexion does not a new figure make.
3. Star Lord - nuff said.
4. Star Lord - maybe a little more said.
5. Yondu, Vance Astro & Kid Nova - they all seem to be moving about the same. And I don't care, call him Nova all you want, he's still effing KID NOVA.
6. Darkhawk - this was an amazingly executed figure. Wish they could all be this good.
7. Angela - apply above comments. Everything about her is unique. This is a beautiful, awesome effort & the scalpers have been out en force. Good luck if you ain't found her yet.

X-Men (Warlock):

1. Wolverine - tho I think this will change once the casual fans catch up with the hardcore hunters. Wolvie always brings the ratings.
2. Sunfire - I personally love this figure but I think they're actually giving these things away with every bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos at Walgreens.
3. Shatterstar - this design only held up for like 3 years in the 90s. In today's world it's beyond cheesy.
4. Dazzler - I got over the skates but I guess 70s disco style & ankle articulation don't play well together. News to me.
5. Cyclops - honestly had no problem locating him.
6. Polaris - she only slightly edges out Cyclops, but most likely cuz we've already had a few of him already.
7. Colossus - he's big and bad ayass & he ain't nowhere to be found. Love this figure.

BTW, I live & hunt in the TX, NM, OK tri-state area. How's it look in your neck of the woods?

So, it looks like 2 packs are back.

12 January 2017 - 12:46 AM

So the signs are looking good that the 2 packs are coming back. I know it's still in speculation mode, but past history of the ML lines seems to point that this is the likely and logical next step for the Infinite line, so I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Next question is in what arrangement? Currently it looks like we're getting Peter & MJ and Dark Phoenix & what's probably going to be classic Cyclops. Are we to assume the standard theme to be couples, or male/female, or anything goes? Personally, I like the male/female theme. This could encompass couples, brother & sister teams or just allies. If this is the case, this could be a perfect chance for Hasbro to address both highly demanded figures and figures badly in need of update. I just hope they don't fumble the ball on a golden opportunity.

There are a ton of potential 2 packs ranging anywhere from "no brainers" to the fairly obscure. Let's see if Hasbro's paying attention. My assortments are as follows.

No Brainers:
1. Cloak & Dagger - why has this never happened yet?
2. Daredevil (black suit) & Elektra
3. Northstar & Aurora - so easy to do
4. Deadpool (X-Force) & Domino
5. Iron Man (modern comic) & Rescue (Pepper swap head)

Fairly Obscure:
1. Guardian & Vindicator
2. Maddrox & Siryn - I've wanted both of these forever
3. Longshot & Dazzler (blue leotard)
4. Quicksilver & Crystal - perfect chance for that QS update
5. Luke Cage & Jessica Jones (Jewel costume)

Yes, it's just another shameless chance for a wish list, but Hasbro can really use this to not only get some characters out there that may not fit into any current waves but also redo some figs like comic IM, Quicksilver and Domino who are in bad need of the current ML treatment.

Got my Sandman wave, was disappointed

04 January 2017 - 03:10 PM

If the title got your attention, I must correctly explain myself. This wave is actually a very good wave and I'm not disappointed in any of the actual figures, tho I do feel the slot taken up by Spider UK coulda been used for another character, like maybe......errr, literally anyone that isn't Spider UK. I mean, as far as I can remember I don't think Prowler has been done yet, has it? But a new comic fig is a new comic fig and I'll take whatever non-MCU characters we can get at this point. As far as the product themselves, I have no problems with them other than a few minor paint issues and a strange brittleness about the Symbiote Spidey. It felt like it was gonna snap when I was breaking the joints loose but it wasn't anything a few hours on a warm window sill couldn't fix. Anyone else have this problem?

So, I hate to be that guy that has a complaint for everything but I'm about to be that guy that's always pointing out what coulda, shoulda been done, tho. As I said, for the most part I'm very happy with the wave, enough to where I consider it a very good wave especially since it's a full comic wave. But sitting there looking at them all unboxed and semi posed to admire the new molds versus the older ones (they're all still good, btw), it suddenly hits me and I identified yet another missed opportunity by Hasbro (no big surprise there) that coulda made this wave great, if not perfect.

One if the first thing most people noticed when the wave was first revealed was the lack of another female character since most recent waves typically have at least two. Here's where they missed their cue. They could have included a long demanded female figure like, say SILVER SABLE that would require little more than a new head sculpt and a few reused guns & belts on a silver painted or silver molded (no freaking vacuum chrome) Moonstone buck. But that's not the major fumble. The biggest thing they missed out on was the chance to expand on the Ms. Marvel figure in the wave. Much like the Deadpool figure from the Juggernaut wave, rather than a BAF piece, Sable (or any 8th figure) could have included "other" accessories. In this case, rather than extra weapons, she could have come with a a pair of stretched legs & maybe some melee hands or even a disguise head for the Ms. Marvel figure. Given the supposed high demand for the figure (which, much like the "high demand" for the comic, I have my doubts about), and the praise Hasbro got for including an 8th figure in the Juggy wave, choc-full of accessories, you'd think this would have been an option they would have explored again. Personally, I think a decision like that woulda put consumer and fan reaction through the roof. This would put this wave past the threshold of "very good" straight up to "great" in the fans minds. Little details like this, much like the inclusion of the Magneto head to be used with the Onslaught BAF, go a long way to show the fans they really care and would really boost consumer loyalty to another level. I firmly believe that and I strongly suspect that I'm not the only one. Anyone else care to chime in with their thots?

Maybe I'm expecting too much, or maybe it's just a case of hindsight being 20/20. Then again, maybe it's something the creative team actually thought about, but got shot down by management. Maybe their hands were just tied, such is the discussion on another thread.

Bold prediction, but not really

03 December 2016 - 02:28 AM

I am prepared to make a bold prediction and stand by it 100 percent. So if you happen to remember it later and it doesn't come true, please feel free to call me out about it. Actually it's not just one, but one that leads to a few others. Blast me on any of them if you like.

My prediction is that there is absolute no way in Haaaayell we're only gonna see one X-Men wave this year (meaning 2017), contrary to rumors and leaked list seem to suggest. And here are the reason's why:

1. With the Sandman waves already hitting retail just in time for Christmas and no MCU movies on the horizon till May Hasbro would be insane to not try to capitalize indirectly on the release of the Logan movie, which looks to be amazing in all it's R-rated awesomeness so far. I predict the Warlock wave will hit in February, a month before the movie.

2. When the first GOT wave hits in April it will most deffinately be an MCU heavy wave so I predict, much like the Juggernaut wave, the Warlock wave will outsell any other wave that drops in the first half of 2017 by a large margin.

3. Hasbro paid a ton of cash to purchase rights to produce ALL Marvel properties, not just the ones Marvel deems worthy, and for Hasbro to ignore the gold mine that they rediscovered with the last X-Wave it would counterproductive from a company standpoint to leave all that cash of a second wave on the table just to appease Marvel.

4. There's room between the release of Spider-Man Homecoming and Thor Ragnarok to fit a second X-Wave. This spot was rumored to be for Defenders wave, but sadly that's just not gonna happen, no matter how much I'd like it to. The figures shown are from shows that are way too adult oriented for the toy isle and have little if any chance of making it to mass retail shelves. Look for an online exclusive.

5. If you'll remember, that particular spot between Homecoming and Ragnarok had previously been reserved for the X-Men wannabe, wish we were that cool, can't catch on no matter how hard Marvel pushes, Inhumans movie which got dropped like an ugly baby. Where better to insert a second X-Wave than in the spot that was most likely reserved for an Inhumans wave. Sorry losers you'll always be just a cheap copy of the mutants.

6. There's already been a strong rumor of a wave containing Gambit, Lady Deathstrike, Maverick and Mystique and with likelyhood that the Gambit movie is being held over for the recasting of both Gambit & Wolverine there may be no time like the present to get a Gambit figure out that might otherwise not see the light of day for many years.

7. Hasbro might need the big last hoorah that a second X-Wave can provide to carry them through the second half of the year, cuz it's very doubtful that even two MCU heavy Thor waves will sell as well as they hope or anywher near what an X-Wave would. And just as a micro prediction, that sneak peek of the Hulk foot will probably belong to yet another damn MCU version that won't sell half as well as a comic version would.

7. This last one is just cuz I like to restart arguments. I actually got my Sandman wave today and I've had a chance to closely examine the 2 new bucks that were used for Spider UK & ANAD Spider-Man 2099 and comparing them to the official press images of Jim Lee Cyclops I am more than 100 percent sure the sculpt being used for him is the Bucky Cap with additional details on the arms, hands & legs. Every little nuance and detail match up, from the veins in the upper chest & biceps to the location of the thigh cut are right on. The differences simply only being in the lower arms & lower legs. No doubt in my mind, barring a last minute change which is possible, but with both those bucks having been used on display at the same time & place where the Cyclops figure was being displayed I can't see why they wouldnt use them if they were available.

So those are my predictions. I feel very, very strong about the possibility of a second X-Men wave for 2017 and I don't think Hasbro's dumb enough to miss out on the sure cash grab it would produce. If I'm wrong I hope I'm wrong only because we actually get three waves but with the intention of pushing as much MCU product as possible in both merchandise & comics venues that would be a real longshot. Hey, maybe Longshot could make it into a third wave and we could complete the whole Longshot/Dazzler/Shatterstar I'm-my-own-grandpa triangle that I still don't freakin understand to this day. Damn, I should be running this line!

90''s X-Men

02 September 2016 - 05:29 PM

I started this rant on another thread and realized I was changing the subjet of said thread. Sooooo, since we seem to be in a bit of a slow news period I figured why not vent and see if we can start a discussion and maybe garner some notice from the powers that be.

I had mentioned in the other thread that someone from Hasbro had stated sometime during an interview or an article that they intend to produce the entire line of the X-Men 90s roster in plastic form eventually. I'm not sure who exactly said it or where to find the article amidst the ton of news that came out at SDCC but I'm fairly certain it was legit. Maybe someone with more info than I can chime in. Now assuming it is legit, it would bring forth a flood of questions which is why I actually rember the quote in the first place.

First of all, if you'll remember, the 90s was a very encompassing era that saw a ton a of character's that Claremont, Lee and other artists brought in and out of the mainframe of the team, sometimes on multiple occasions. We have a Rogue. Cyclops is on his way. I'm sure Beast, Storm, Iceman, Colossus & Wolverine will follow, but what about some of the character's that were part of that time period but maybe weren't considered one of the mainstay characters. Is Dazzler in her blue costume gonna show up? How about Jubilee in her shorts? Will Forge or Bishop or Psylocke make the grade? And if so, wouldn't you prefer a modern version of some of these guys before we get a 90s version? Will the Blue and yellow standard uniforms show up? Will the Lee Jean Grey or the X-force Psylocke get remakes, cuz both of them are sorely subpar compared to how they could be done using the current female molds. The list of what ifs and howbouts is madening.

That aside, and assuming the rumors are true that we'really only likely to see maybe 1 to 2 X-related waves per year, how the hell would they be able to release the sheer volume of available characters within a reasonable period of time? My personal bet would be on the good ole box set. Maybe even 2, divided into blue an gold teams. Box sets have shown to be the tried and true solutions for solving a number of issues when attempting to encompass a certain group of characters within a particular time frame. It's also an underhanded way companies "trick" the customer into making a much larger purchase than usual in order to get that "can't miss", "gotta have" character that they may never find elswhere. Whatever, here's my money Hasbro. Give me something to earn it.

Here's what I'd like to see in a box set or sets;
Gold Team: Shoulder pad Storm with long hair, Jean Grey redo, Iceman with new head sculpt & belt, Bishop exclusive, Archangel with unmasked head & new wings, Colossus in 90s costume

Blue Team: Cyclops reissue maybe unmasked, Rogue reissue with straight hair, Jubilee with shorts & yellow jacket exclusive, Beast exclusive, Gambit & Blue/yellow Wolverine

This would serve two purposes. It would take care of a chunk of characters using mostly existing molds & reissues and minimum new parts & it would also leave whatever few X-Men or Wolverine waves open to include some of those fringe characters like blue suited Dazzler, Forge, modern Bishop, modern Rogue, maybe some modern X-Factor or New Mutant's characters. All in all it still leaves very little room to give as us all the new and redo characters we've been pandering for forever. Hasbro could always go off script and give us a Deadpool wave as well. There are still like 1,000 alternate costumes they could do or redo. Just sayin.

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