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In Topic: Who buys this Funko stuff?!

29 April 2015 - 04:18 PM

As far as bobble heads and mighty muggs and vinylmation things, I'm sort of indifferent. I have no interest in them, but there must be enough people who do. Those don't really bother me, I'm just not part of the market they appeal to. The 3.75 stuff disappoints me, though. It started with the retro Alien figures, which I was ok with, since they were unproduced designs from back when toys just didn't look as cool as they do now. The Alien figures would have been a nice one-off bit of nostalgia, but they just kept coming with these dumbed-down retro figures. It kills me because I'd love Back to the Future or Pulp Fiction figures, even at 5 POA, but the retro designs just don't blend with my modern figures. I just don't get the thought process behind making intentionally crappy-looking figures. Do people really look back fondly on the days of low atriculation, odd proportions, and bad likenesses? And what's with Buffy, Firefly, and the like being "retro"? Those properties existed in the post-McFarlane era, so these figures feel like a huge step backward. 


Sorry for the rant, but I thought this might be the best chance of someone else actually caring about my toy opinions. I know my wife and kids are sick of hearing about "those dumb retro figures" during every Target trip.

In Topic: For those who have the figures, your thoughts on MI Wave 1 '15 (Bishop, b...

07 April 2015 - 04:44 PM

I'm glad to see figures in this scale continuing to be made, and I was cautiously optimistic about the new figures based on pics, but now that I've got most of them I'd say they seem kind of half-assed. I don't mind Assemble or movie line levels of reduced articulation, but there is some key poseability missing in the new wave. That, the lack of accesories, and the price jump are definitely affecting my enthusiasm for this line.


Sandman is the best of the lot, of course, becuase of his MU body. Swappable hands would have made it a great figure, but as it is it's good. I don't have the all-sand all-the-time variant, but I'll pick it up if I see it. The white eyes are a nice detail I didn't know about.


Black Cat is a great sculpt, I like the head a lot. An athletic character like her really needs waist or torso artic, though. With her, Beast, and Spidey in this wave, they sure picked a lousy line-up to start cutting POA on. 


I've only gotten grey Beast so far, but he's another good sculpt that suffers from the reduced POA. Without at least a waist swivel, he just feels like a brick with some arms and legs attached. I'll probably still buy blue, but I'm not in any hurry to get him. 


Bishop is ok, again good head sculpt, but he looks too scrawny. Bishop is usually drawn as more muscular. The figure feels sort of cheaped-out when I look closer. Small stuff like the straps and scarf being molded together and the painted-on gloves bug me. The look of the figure is too smooth and spandex-y to me. Bishop's look in comics has always been more "tactical uniform" than "superhero costume". I'm glad to have a figure of the character, but it definitely could have been better. And can we get some different future-guns, Hasbro? Don't tell me some Star Wars guns couldn't be repurposed.


I don't need another Spidey, especially with reduced artic.


I hate to seem negative, but for me the changes to the line are definitely a disappointment. I hope things get better.


TL; DR: New figs cheap and chunky.

In Topic: if you could do a comic pack , wich comic and figures would you choose?

03 March 2015 - 06:56 PM

My top choice would be What If? Vol. 2 #54, with a redeco of Death's Head to match his look in that comic and Death's Head 2/Minion/Charnel. I'd settle for Secret Avengers #18 with Shang-Chi and maybe Max Fury or something. I wouldn't even care if they repacked a Captain Steve or Widow, I'd be happy to get a Shang-Chi figure. I would also like any number of the other suggestions in this thread, you guys have some great ideas.

In Topic: Possible line for some civilians...

05 October 2014 - 11:41 AM

I've grabbed a few Doctors and companions for civilians, they work pretty well. The cashier at Walgreens last time balked at the Doctor being used as a civilian when i mentioned that's what I used them for (she's a much bigger fan of the show than me, apparently). It was pretty funny. I also recommend Indy figures. Some Joes work too when you strip off all the military gear. I've got a ton of civies from different lines like Golden Compass, Avatar, Duck Dynasty, A-Team, Popco Harry Potter, Roshi from the Dragonball movie line, some repainted POTC chicks, a chubby Chap Mei explorer, Marcus from Terminator, and a bunch more. I've even got some Winx Club and Barbie I Can Be figures to see if they work (they don't work all that well, but my daughter loves them).


There's a thread on another site called "Project Civilian" that has a pretty good rundown on most of what's out there. I've been getting really into "army" building lots of normal people, so if anyone knows any more that I've missed, post it. I'd love to know. I just wish ReAction figures weren't so old-school looking. Those would have been a gold mine if they weren't so retro.

In Topic: Infinite is here at last!

17 August 2014 - 04:52 PM

My TRU has like three pegs of all Colossus and Nova.

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