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In Topic: What if prices go up?

21 February 2018 - 11:45 PM

I don't think the main line will go up any time soon. Like Hasbro has been calling this line it is line a Special Edition line for the 10th anniversary. It's kinda like the Mattel Multiverse Premium line with the TV Flash and Val Kilmer's Batman. They are darer then the regular line. 
Also the line is more expensive for several reason not just the box (except for one aspect which I'll get into in a bit). Like people have been saying there is the face printing tech which make the figure 10 times better then the faces on the regular line (just look at the recent Cap from the Infinity line).
Second while some, not all, use older molds for the figures, most are brand use extremely detail builds of the figure you usually wouldn't find in the regular line. Just look at say at the Ant-man from the 2-pack and compare it to the one from the original Ant-man series. Uses some parts from that figure but with some better parts. Now look at all the brand new figures like Red Skull (and Hydra Soildiers), Ronan, Yellowjacket, Crossbone, Trevorin, Pepper Pott and even the Mark VII Iron Man are all brand new sculpts. So alot of that extra money is going to pay for all the brand new and alot of the time, exclusive to that figure sculpts that they might not ever use anymore.
Thirdly, the Box itself is unique with the moral being a extra addition to the line. Not only that but alot of the set come with a good bit of accessories. From Red Skull being able to be a number of Hydra soldier to Cap coming with an Alternate head to Iron Man with his repulsar blast, these are included in these set as standard, unlike the main line where we might be lucky to get any accessories that is not the BAF.
Finally and probably my biggest point, this line is an Adult Collectors line. Now before anyone gets onto me about it, yes the main line is a adult collectors line however it is also marketed toward kids as well. Hell the BAF part is something marketed toward kids as well. However this is a line that seem to be marketed toward Adult collectors exclusively. Do you think a child would want a MCU Red Skull or Yellowjacket? not really as they are currently not in the most recent movie. Most Adult have asked for those figure and Hasbro is making it for them not the kids. Thus the reason for the fancy boxes to separate it from the main line. 
Now like Mako said, The price of ML will eventually go up but it won't be because of this line but instead the rising price of oil and stuff.

No, I don't really believe all of that is a factor. First of all I don't think they're putting all that much extra love into the figures. Sure, the figs used for the reveals and press images look superb, but so do most of the press images for almost every other MCU figure. You, more than anyone, has to realize these are show room models with fresh paint and perfect lighting and settings that make the figures look better, many times over, than the actual product. Anyone who doubts that need only look back at the Hascon presentation where all the figures strewn out across the table were so vivid & shiny & perfect. Someone even interviewed the painter(s) that came along on the trip & pretty much all conventions to make sure everything looked perfect. As far as the facial scan tech, my comments were partially tongue in cheek and I actually agree with Rukk that it was tech that was gonna be used on every MCU figure from this point on anyway, but hey, somebody's gotta pay for those actors to be inconvenienced and that extra employee to hit the enter button on the keyboard to start the process, right? Also, regarding each figure requiring new molds, again, don't they all pretty much get new molds anyway? Even the 3 Starlords we got last year were all at least 70% unique to each one. Believe me, I checked. So I'm really not buying that part either. A new sculpt is a new sculpt, I really don't see how the new Red Skull mold involved all that much more cost to produce than the first one, other than normal inflation & the aforementioned scan tech. And what about all the so called "premium" accessories? C'mon, tiny hands and guns and a few extra head sculpts versus a giant hunk of plastic typically used for most BAFs? Please, the cost's would be a wash at best. Furthermore, I don't see that the Red Skull figure consists of any more options than the Nick Fury/Dirk Anger/SHIELD Soldier figure from the MCU Giant man wave. I just don't see it under any rationale. It just doesn't add up.

On the other hand, if this is the testing point to gauge whether a separation of the MCU and comic figures into two distict brands is a viable option, let me be the first to say I'm all on board. Not just because I prefer the comic figs much more, but so that we now have the option whether to purchase them or not instead of feeling like they're being forced down our throat to complete that BAF, which is usually awesome, for the most part. Seriously, I think I speak for at least 90% of the comic fans when I say we would much more prefer, say a Tarantula figure on an almost 100% reused mold, minus the head sculpt, over yet another MCU Captain America, Iron Man or Starlord. On the other side, as not to seem like I'm picking on MCU fans, I've found recently that there are a lot of collectors that prefer only MCU figures. This would also allow them the freedom to buy only the movie figures they want as well if they don't particularly like or feel like buying the comic figures. On that end I can see justification for cost increase as pretty much every single figure would require a new mold and the lack of a BAF would help level out costs when one of the larger figures, such as Hulk or Thanos, has to be produced. As usual, I would fall on either side. I would love the option to get a MCU Ronan or Yellowjacket or Trevor or Crossbones, but could care less (or couldn't care less) about Captain America or Iron Man (oooh, but he has the wing flaps...give me a freaking break!). If that's the case, let's do it. Let's call it a success. Let's make ML comic again, and occasionally throw in that "sure to sell" movie figure in there and then have that premium line to put out all those actor action figures that are also in demand. If it's a permanent thing with the end result of ML going back to it's comic roots, I take it all back and it's the best idea Hasbro has had yet.

In Topic: Marvel Legends Sightings and Hauls thread

19 February 2018 - 05:29 PM

Lol. I'm pretty sure her "Butchness" was intentional. Her portrayal in the movie was pretty masculine. I picked up mine on clearance. My local Target was drowning in them. I agree, the face sculpt is top notch.

In Topic: Official Toyfair 2018

18 February 2018 - 12:36 PM

What a freaking awesome Toyfair. The weird thing is that nothing was particularly surprising, but everything was pretty cool. As an avid non-MCUer I'm even excited about a few of the 10th anniversary figures. Ronan, Yellowjacket & Crossbones are a definite get for me but the rest I can wait for clearance. They all look good, tho. MCU collectors will be happy. X-Men wave is a must. Shame I gotta buy the exact same Gladiator I already have to complete the awesome Apocalypse BAF, but oh well, one for the pyre isn't too bad. Deadpool 2nd wave is better than the first. SAURON! nuff said. So did Wolvelaura get the axe or is it still TBD? Spider-Man wave, still by far the best line in the ML brand. That Scarlet Spider is sick and the only bummer I can point out is HOM Spidey. Seriously, unnecessary. Venom wave is nothing new but the civilian head sculpts are very well done. I'm gonna hafta wait it out to see how my financial situation stands. And there better be a hella lot more to that skimpy non-articulated Spider-Ham than they showed. Even the lame-ass Rocket "figure" had leg joints. An amazing BAF could tip the scale for me, but Riot is not the answer. I just really dont care to start down a road to collecting all those weird and random symbiote spawn. The comics are getting bad as it is. There could litterally be no end to how many Venomized inbreds they could create. I can officialy proclaim that the fist Infinity War wave will be the first EVER wave I will have absolutely no interest in completing. Keep your Cap and Iron Man, I've honestly had enough & the Thanos BAF gives me no incentive whatsoever, tho it's not Hasbro's fault as much as bad design. I'll wait & see on the 2nd wave. Little hint Hasbro, a Hulk update BAF on the Ragnarok Hulk buck would make me absolutely have to get the full wave & I suspect I'm not the only one. I love the Ant-Man/Stinger pack. So happy for a comic Ant-Man though I would preferred a Stature figure. Maybe if the Days of Future Past set does good they'll do something similar with a Stature or Giant Man set. You might be on to something Hasbro. Got my money reserved. Loved the Logan/Bike set & was pleasantly surprised by the Patch head sculpt. Expected the comic Cap update with bike too, but sit tight, it is coming. Time to start picking up as much OT as posdible. It's gonna be an expensive year.

In Topic: Toyfair 2018 Predictions

17 February 2018 - 07:21 PM

One wish lister down, one to go. Much love, Ruk! With the New Mutants movie coming, Guido can't be too far away. Right? right......? Someone give me some hope. Please?

Plus a comic of the same name featuring...guess who? Strong Guy has to be around the corner, or at least up the block! But getting Guido is only half the battle Monron. It could be very easy for Hasbro to mess up his appearance. He has to be distorted (way oversized upper torso and skinny legs).
I believe the Space Venom would be a good based. Good? Bad?

I had the same thoughts some time ago. Even toyed with doing a custom, but I guess it really depends on which era of his evolution they do it from, if they ever do him at all. If they do his latest look from X-Factor Investigations the Space Venom mold would work, but if they choose his more classic X-Factor government team look he's much more hunched over & disproprtionate. The latter might be particularly harder to do from a technical standpoint because he would be pretty hard to stand. I'm hoping for a comfortable medium between the styles, or maybe his new look in the New Mutants might solve the riddle altogether. Only time will tell I suppose, but I do look forward to the chance to scrutinize (probably overscrutize) the first ever Strong Guy ML figure.

In Topic: Official Toyfair 2018

17 February 2018 - 06:52 PM

Ya, I noticed it too but if you look back at most reveals the heads are really big on the Protos, I guess to better show the facial details, but they get scaled down during mass production. But sometimes not enough. Like I said, you would think at this point they have some standardized formula on how much to shrink each head sculpt to be propionate to the respective body mold used. I'm thinking they'll be a lot more proportionate in the final release. Both Brock & Cassidy sculpts look totally psychotic tho.

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