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In Topic: New Walgreens exclusive rumor

10 December 2017 - 11:44 AM

That would be sweet. I was wondering/hoping if a new SS was gonna find his way into ML. Crossing my fingers this is true. I hope Walgreens keeps that pace up. There was a bit of a lull after invisible Girl but Human Torch & Medusa popped out one right after the other. Hopefully we get Mr. Fantastic, SS & Thing in a fairly quick procession. Makes me wonder what the possibility of getting an updated Dr. Doom or if Silver Surfer is gonna also end up as an exclusive or into one of the main lines, or (worst case scenario) in one of the future "Riders" sets. It may not be so bad if they included some sort of stand and power effects (that aren't the standard bubble or mystical effects that we're all accustomed to). It's 's cheap shot money grab, but I'm a sucker for stands & power effects.

In Topic: Marvel Legends Sightings and Hauls thread

08 December 2017 - 04:36 AM

Lol, ya I haven't even hit the stores this week. Christmas shopper hysteria gives me anxiety. It's all online for the next few weeks. I Keep debating whether to pick up the Starlord/Ego pack. I just can't pull the trigger. I already have 2 sufficient SL from the standard line and that Ego is just so terrible. Not only in toy form, but he was horrible in the movie as well. Another case of MCU villain blandness, I suppose. Good haul tho. Love those kinda days.

In Topic: Marvel Legends Sightings and Hauls thread

06 December 2017 - 12:51 PM

Pre-ordered the 1st Infinity War wave as well as the Motorcycles. Case ratios are everything is one per case except Iron Man (2x).  No word on the BAF which almost confirms it's (yet another) MCU character. It's looking like it's coming down to Black Dwarf (my prediction) or MCU "helmetless" Thanos. There IS a rumor going around however regarding Banner and the Hulkbuster armor. As I'm sure you've all seen the trailer by now, you must have noticed Banner next to the right arm of the Hulkbuster armor in Wakanda. He will supposedly be donning the armor (the irony of it could, and probably will be the Hulk BUSTING out of the armor). 
Case ratios for the motorcycles will be 3 sets per case (2x Ghost Rider, 1x Black Widow). I was pleasantly surprised to hear this, considering Hasbro's track record of short packing the "hot" figures in waves. I saw and heard the reactions toward the Johnny's figure & cycle vs Natasha's. We know everyone wants Ghostie's set. This is a good thing.
I AM surprised that the pre-order for the Avengers has come before any word on the Deadpool wave. Curious.

I wold say, more like suspicious. As far as we're lead to believe there's still one yet to be revealed figure for the Deadpool wave, isn't there? This is just speculation, but what if with the rumors of a so called "deal" between Marvel & Fox, Hasbro has just been holding out on that final reveal & holding on to that final roster spot & just might have a movie version (MCU?) of Deadpool just standing by, y'know, just for fun....or whatever?

It's my worst nightmare manifest. MCU invades ML X-Men. Not that I wouldn't buy a movie DP or a movie Wolverine or others, but there's just soooooo many comic figures we need before they start flooding the X-Men waves with 50 plus perecent mediocrity. But here it comes ladies & gentlemen. Say goodbye to the X-Men waves as we know them.

Not that it wouldn't be awesome for them to squeeze in an appearance by Wolverine & Co. to the final scenes of Infinity War one, cuz I would literally nerdgasm, but with the omission of X-Men in ML for so long there's still so much catching up to do and I woulda just loved to have filled in a few more holes in the mutant field before having to endure the forcefeeding of actors likenesses into my favorite ML waves.

Also, all my indications show BW to be the more desired Cycle set. We already got a decent GR figure, as hard as they are to come by, but I'm getting the feedback that a modern BW is what everyone's been starving for for some time. Maybe it's just me and my region, but make no mistake, I NEED them both & I get the feeling both of them are destined to be immediately HTFs.

In Topic: Rumour!!! Spider-man wave 2 2018

03 December 2017 - 11:34 PM

Gotta love Rektangular. The best thing about him is that he's usually really spot on. He doesn't like to run with too much conjecture. I was pretty confident that this was legit just for the fact it came from him. The only thing that makes me questions this just a tiny bit is the actual listing of "House of M Spider-man". I've never seen any Spider-Man figure specified in this way. In the past they were never listed as "Symbiote Spider-Man" or "Cosmic Spider-Man" or "Ultimate Spider-Man". They've always just been listed as "Spider-Man", leaving us to speculation though most times some kind of information leaks as to exactly what version it is. The fact that it's so succinctly listed as "House of M" gives me pause. Still loving the line up tho, save for the mentioned House of M Spider who's all but completely irrelevant at this point. Oh well, at least there's no MCU in this wave.

In Topic: Marvel Legends Avengers: Infinity War rumors

03 December 2017 - 06:25 PM

Separate lines would be awesome. I've actually been a big fan of that suggestion for a while. It would forever prove which figures sell better. Of course, it would be the comic figs, but somehow I just don't think it matters to the shot callers at Hasbro. We already know the best selling waves are the X-Men waves and non-movie Spider-Man waves but somehow that just seems to keep falling on deaf ears.

As far as Rukkdeez & I not getting along. For the most part our disagreements are simple minutiae. At the end of the day we pretty much have the same concerns regarding the health of the line. Our biggest disagreements come when I'm right & he's wrong. Which is always the case. Lol.

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