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#1 Heisenberg


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Posted 09 January 2017 - 01:09 AM

When do you think we will see the next X-Men wave go up for pre-order? I am trying to to balance my paychecks and things are always a little tight for me after the holidays. I didn't pre order the Guardians wave because I figure it will be like Dr.Strange and show up EVERYWHERE. What do you guys think? When will we see next X wave come up for pre-order and do you think Guardians wave will be fairly easy to find? 

You never know though I guess.......I have only seen the 3rd Civil War wave one time and it was found in the system at TRU by a friend. 

#2 DSmith


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Posted 09 January 2017 - 10:18 AM

Since preorders for GOTG happened this month for a February/early March release, I'm assuming preorders for X-Men to land in Feb for a March/April release.


I THINK you're probably right about GOTG availability as a wave, considering it's a "less stable" movie property than Avengers, BUT since it's more established than Doctor Strange was, and there's a greater balance of comic vs movie characters in this wave (3 movie, 4 comic, 1 comic BAF) compared to the first movie wave (4 movie, 2 comic, 1 movie BAF) there's more likelihood we'll struggle at retail to find particular characters (I see Angela, Kid Nova, Darkhawk, Star-Lord and Drax selling most, with Yondu being the movie pegwarmer and Vance Astro pegwarming.


ANGELA - will move from shelves because she's the lone female, she has a decades-long following from Spawn to Marvel fans, is a cosmic character and an Asgardian (so she has the Thor fan base behind her), and she's scantily clad. With bladed weapons.

KID NOVA - Will ride the coattails of the Nova popularity, (and the Nova Corps is present in the GOTG movie universe) and he's a relatively popular current comic character, current comic book Avenger, and a "kid" that children will probably identify with, also with presence in the recent Spider-Man cartoon, this character's visibility is high in the last two years.

DARKHAWK - A slick-looking figure with a fan base dating back to the 90s, with 2 decades of outcry for a toy to be made of this guy, who wouldn't stalk the stock boys down every toy aisle to get this figure?

STAR-LORD - Movie headliner. Better Chris Pratt likeness than first release, short jacket, graphic tee... People will be all over this figure. I think we'll still stand a chance of seeing him at retail since he's two-per-case, but I doubt we'll be drowning in Star-Lord figures.

DRAX - Anyone that fell in love with this character in Movie 1 will pick him up as an essential team member. Body is the same, but paint deco and new "angry warrior" head sculpt will get people to spend the money.


YONDU - While colorful, was a minor supporting character in movie 1, and in movie 2 is apparently where he enters the spotlight, so I don't see shoppers running down the aisle to snag this character just yet.

VANCE ASTRO / MAJOR VICTORY - Unfamiliar to movie-goers, out of the spotlight for a LONG time for comic fans (unless I missed something?) I doubt a Captain America shield will be enough to trick the consumer into snatching this figure up. There's no urgency behind this guy moving. I will pick him up, but he is the first of a new team to build, so how long will it take for him not to be lonely on my shelf?

TITUS - The BAF is what I'd consider a more obscure/unknown, so this won't be a major motivator to move any particular characters off shelves to build this guy.

#3 Heisenberg


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Posted 09 January 2017 - 01:42 PM

The doctor strange wave is all over the place I was hoping the same would be true for GOTG but from what you have to say I am starting to think it might be more difficult than I imagined.......I really hope that is not the case. 

They are going to do at least one more GOTG wave right? 

#4 DSmith


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Posted 09 January 2017 - 01:53 PM

I think it will follow the Captain America: Civil War formula where there's one wave before the movie, one wave that drops around the time of the movie, and then a third wave that drops after, leading up to the DVD release.

#5 monron999


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Posted 13 January 2017 - 08:27 PM

I dunno, I got a feeling Drax is gonna be the biggest peg warmer. It's basically the same exact figure with a new head. Yondu will probably get stale on the shelves too, but I can't see Drax outselling any new character MCU, comic, or otherwise. Batista is a perfect cast for the character and his performance was much better than I expected but the only reason I'm getting this fig at all is for the BAF.

DSmith, I respect your opinion, but your entire perspective seems to be coming from the moviegoer rather than a pure fan of comics and movies, both. There's a reason the comic figs go first. They're more colorful and interesting. I think Vance Asto will fly off the shelves and he'll be as hard to find as Grim Reaper was & Titus will have no problem pushing the BAF. I'm most excited about the comic figs & Yondu, personally. I could pass all day on Drax & Star Prince. That's just my opinion, but things generally follow my initial level of excitement when the waves are revealed and those two barely registered. I can replace my old Quill with this one, but the new Drax is almost pointless. All said and done, I pulled the trigger on my preorder this morning. The BAF is a brilliant strategy for pushing figs people don't want. Time to warm up the storage bin for two more figs.

#6 DSmith


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Posted 15 January 2017 - 03:41 PM

I respect yours too! One just never knows how it will go for sure, I'm just taking my best guess.


There were tons of folks all hyped up over the Jackal figure but he's a comic figure warming the pegs all over NY. I personally don't care for the character but did pick him up and understand his contribution to the Spider-Man lore.


This gives me an idea for a thread...

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