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    Fall SDCC 2021 - Sen-Ti-Nel Fightning Armor Figures - Thor, Loki, War Machine And Black Panther

    By JayC,

    Sen-Ti-Nel is on hand this weekend at a special shrunk down version of San Diego Comic Con going and and below you can see images via Bluefin Distributor and Jeymad4tin of the Marvel Fighting Armor figures on display there. For new figures they have Black Panther, War Machine, Loki and Thor.








    MarvelousNews Photo Of The Day - 'Red Rain, Red Rain...' By ToraNerd

    By Outsiders,

    In this segment that we call Marvelous Toy Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today.

    For today we are spotlighting Photographer ToraNerd and their photo titled "Red Rain, Red Rain..."

    Be sure to give ToraNerd a follow on Instagram and let them know what you think of his work in the COMMENTS BELOW.


    Marvel Legends Series Fantastic Four Retro Marvel’s Invisible Woman Video Review And Images

    By Outsiders,

    Dan Who? Reviews takes a look at the new Marvel Legends Series Fantastic Four Retro Marvel’s Invisible Woman from Hasbro.  This figure is sold as a Hasbro Pulse exclusive.

    Check out images for this set below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.






















    Upperdeck 2021 Comic-Con Special Editions - 2021 Marvel Studios and Marvel Masterpieces Trading Cards

    By toynewman,

    Upper Deck, known for their high quality and innovative trading cards, is at 2021 Comic-Con Special Edition today, where they’ve “assembled” awesome exclusives for Marvel fans, only available at the convention.


    You can find Upper Deck at Booth #1532 on the show floor, where you’ll be able to pick up this year’s exclusive, a 2021 Marvel Studios Trading Cards set available for $20 per deck. This set of 15 exclusive trading cards features fan-favorite Marvel Studios properties WandaVision, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and Loki.


    Marvel Masterpieces is also showcasing a limited-edition variant print, an offering produced by Upper Deck exclusively for the San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition that will be available at the show for a limited time. The variant print contains a selection of 24 of David Palumbo’s paintings from the Holofoil, Canvas Gallery, and Battle Spectra inserts – which are never before seen prints on bright white archival paper stock.




    Marvel Legends What If...? Captain Carter (Stealth Suit) Video Review And Images

    By Outsiders,

    Tr4k_Alliance takes a look at the new Marvel Legends What If...? Captain Carter (Stealth Suit) from Hasbro. This figure is schedule to be sold as a  Target exclusive.

    Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.


    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 01.jpg

    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 02.jpg

    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 03.jpg

    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 04.jpg

    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 05.jpg

    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 06.jpg

    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 07.jpg

    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 08.jpg

    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 09.jpg

    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 10.jpg

    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 11.jpg

    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 12.jpg

    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 13.jpg

    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 14.jpg

    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 15.jpg

    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 16.jpg

    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 17.jpg

    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 18.jpg

    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 19.jpg

    Marvel_Legends_What_If_Stealth_Suit_Captain_Carter_By_Tr4k_Alliance 20.jpg

    Loki 1:6 President Loki Figure From Hot Toys

    By JayC,

    President Loki leads a small band of Loki variants that were sent to the desolate Void by the Time Variance Authority, President Loki tries to seize control of the realm from Kid Loki, but fails spectacularly when the coup turns into a brawl. He also makes a grave mistake of insulting Alligator Loki, and gets his hand ultimately bitten off.

    Inspired by Marvel Studios’ Loki series, Hot Toys is thrilled to introduce a Premium Collection’s Edition of President Loki as 1/6th scale collectible figure with exclusive collectible items, limited to 1500 pieces worldwide.

    Masterfully crafted based on the screen appearance of Tom Hiddleston as President Loki in the series, the figure features a newly developed head sculpt and his horned helmet with delicate craftsmanship, election campaign pin on the suit applied with weathering effects perfectly translating the details; a pair of daggers, greatly detailed accessories such as Alligator Loki in one-sixth scale, a cane, a specially designed character backdrop with lenticular effect, and a themed figure stand.

    What’s more, the Premium Collector’s Edition with unique serial number exclusively includes items such as Loki T-shirt, mini light box, keychain, badge, TVA pin, notepad, card holder, 1/6th scale posters, trading cards, and themed stickers to indicate your fandom.
















    MarvelousNews Photo Of The Day - 'Gambit' By ToyTallica

    By Outsiders,

    In this segment called Marvelous Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today.

    For today we are spotlighting Photographer ToyTallica and their photo titled "Gambit."

    Be sure to give ToyTallica a follow on Instagram and let them know what you think of his work in the COMMENTS BELOW.


    Ideal wave - Hawkeye

    By tarot,

    Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. It’s been…… oh, Jesus Christ………………..over a year since I did an Ideal Wave one this site. So, with the Hawkeye Disney + TV series dropping today, I thought I’d give myself a break and design what I would like in a possible Hawkeye Comic wave. I know I haven’t done this for the other ones but I’m burnt out in researching and want to do something fun.

    If this is your first time here, I usually enforce rules unto myself:

    6-8 figures per wave. No more. No less.
    Some version of the Title hero most be in it. In this case any Hawkeye
    1 to 3 Female per wave.
    1 or 2 Villains per wave, but these could be female as well.
    1 or 2 brand new characters that has never been done before
    1 or 2 remakes. The Remakes can also be new costumes as Like Classic Spider-man or Iron Spider.
    Each wave most have a Theme i.e. Spider-man can include Street Level heroes or Iron Man can include Tech Heroes and villains. However, there is no strict rules if you want to include characters outside the theme
    The Theme for this wave: Avengers characters

    1. Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye and Lucky

    We start off with the main character of course being Hawkeye. For this I thought since the series is heavily based on the Matt Fraction comic, it would seem like a good idea to give us that version. We did receive a version similar to this before but that was more tactical like then what was seen in the comic which was more everyday wear. He will come with bow that Old Man Hawkeye came with. Since he is the MC, he won’t come with a BAF piece and as such, he should come with the comic version of Lucky the Pizza Dog.

    2. Kate Bishop

    Next up we have the other star of the show Kate Bishop. We already receive a figure years ago and to the cringe of many people, the build has been used for many, many character. However, since they did her Matt Fraction version, I think they could do her own solo series where she moved to LA and opened a detective agency.

    03. Echo

    Taking the second of three ladies in this wave is a character that is making her MCU before she supposed to get her own series on Disney, Maya Lopez, A.K.A. Echo. We technically had a figure of her before (see below the next character) but this one will be her classic costume from the Daredevil comics. She will come we some guns as well as long and tied up heads. Both head must have the handprint.

    04. Mockingbird

    Next up, we have the first character not in the series (but was in the MCU though Fiege may want to forget that), Hawkeye’s ex-wife, Bobbi Morse, A.K.A. Mockingbird. (Three ladies in a wave?! Well, this is my Wishlist wave so I can do as I like.) We got a Mockingbird before in her post-Secret Invasion costume when she returned from being a captive from the Skrulls. However, we have yet to have her more classic, West Coast Avengers version. This will obviously use parts from the Lady Deathstrike build (the sleeves) but the rest will be the standard female build. Whether she has the blue/white or black/white color scheme is up to Hasbro. She of course will come with her sticks.

    05. Ronin

    Next up we have a figure that will work for as a second figure not only for the main character (as they usually get a second figure in a comic wave) but also for Echo, Ronin. We got a version of this way back in the Dark Days of Marvel Legends but that was way too short and extremely underarticulated. It’s actually surprising that we don’t have a more comic accurate version of this with it being a common point of the Endgame movie and Hawkeye series. You may think that they could use the Hand Ninja or the MCU version but nope. This should be all new. It will come with his two katanas as well as allow the Hawkeye and Echo heads to be put on it.

    06. Swordsman

    Next up we have a character that is both a hero and a villain, Swordsman. He is also very important to Hawkeye, as he was not only considered Hawkeye arch villain during his early hero days but also the person who taught Hawkeye his skills. So of course, if they did a Hawkeye wave, he must be included. Not only that but he would add another member to the Avengers shelf. If they wanted, they would later release him in a green color scheme to show his Cotati form from the Celestial Madonna and Empyre arcs.

    07. Fixer

    For the next character, I thought I would look at his time he was with the Thunderbolts. While I wanted to include Atlas, I thought it would be better for that to be part of an Ant-man wave. So instead, I think Hasbro should include the only other original member yet to be made (if you count Moonstone), that being Fixer. This will use the standard male buck (either the Bucky or the new Vulcan buck). The mechanical parts will just be added pieces, similar to Cable’s pads. He will of course come with new arms.

    BAF: Puff Adder

    We finish off this wave with the Build-A-Figure of course. There aren’t many large characters associated with Hawkeye (like I mentioned Atlas would work better as part of an Ant-man wave), so I thought we should get Hasbro to continue with a team that they haven’t added to since Rock Python (I think). Out of all the members that is a few that could be a BAF with Bushmaster and Anaconda but for this I thought we should go with the one that uses the fewest new part as most of the character I suggested would require a lot of new builds. Puff Adder is possibly the biggest member of the Society and can easily be done using the Caliban build. Hell, just get rid of the gauntlets and give him a new head, hands ands and feet.

    Well that is my ideal wave of a possible Hawkeye comic wave. Would you buy it? What would be your ideal wave? 












    MarvelousNews Photo Of The Day - 'Bad Day For Spiders...' By ToyTallica

    By Outsiders,

    In this segment called Marvelous Photo Of The Day, we spotlight awesome Toy Photography from some of the hottest photographers on the Internet today.

    For today we are spotlighting Photographer ToyTallica and their photo titled "Bad Day For Spiders..."

    Be sure to give ToyTallica a follow on Instagram and let them know what you think of his work in the COMMENTS BELOW.


    Marvel Legends What If...? Captain Carter (Stealth Suit) Video Review And Images

    By Outsiders,

    MCUcollector24 takes a look at the new Marvel Legends What If...? Captain Carter (Stealth Suit) from Hasbro. This figure is schedule to be sold as a Target exclusive.

    Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.













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