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  2. Triple digit heat and general disillusionment with the state of the hobby have seriously dampened my enthusiasm for this wave. Honestly, I just can't bring myself to even look.
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  4. @Air-Walker I think Supreme Intelligence would be rad. Maybe a deluxe 2pk or something. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Can Of Beams has their Kirby crackle hand accessories up for order. Lookin pretty awesome.
  6. Introducing Funko’s new collectible series Marvel Year of the Shield! This 8-part series is made to celebrate Marvel heroes who wield shields to protect the innocent as seen in their comic book and movie appearances. Every other month a new figure is released to add a unique hero figure to your collection. Continue your Marvel Year of the Shield collection by securing Pop! Deluxe Captain Carter, exclusively available on Amazon. Introducing Funko’s new collectible series Marvel Year of the Shield! This 8-part series is made to celebrate Marvel heroes who wield shields to protect the innocent as seen in their comic book and movie appearances. Every other month a new figure is released to add a unique hero figure to your collection. Continue your Marvel Year of the Shield collection by securing Pop! Deluxe Captain Carter, exclusively available on Amazon. Vinyl bobblehead figure is approximately 6.25-inches tall and comes in a window display box. Available from the Funko Store for $24.99
  7. Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off our look at the last of Hasbro early attempt at the line by finishing the only Hulk wave so far. After this and with poor distribution, Hasbro shifted the line to short-lived 2-pack line and then a mostly exclusive line, with store getting full waves of figures. Poor sales cause Hasbro to essentially cancel the line while they put their focus on the 3 3/4 inch line. Sure they was a few figures released during this and the relaunch of the line but they were few in number and generally were store exclusives. For all intents and purposes, the line was dead. I'll go over what happened the next time but let get onto what you really are here for. We finish off the regular figures of the wave with a look at probably the character that holds the record as being the fastest character to get a figure after his debut, Skaar, Son of Hulk. This figure (along with most of the wave) was actually leaked months before the wave was announce when prototypes were found by someone. When it was leaked, Skaar had only one panel from the end of World War Hulk event. Speaking of those leaks, the wave was also supposed to include a Red King, Bi-Beast and Valkyrie figure. While Valkyrie eventually found her way into one of the 2-packs I mentioned before, Bi-Beast and Red King have yet to get a release. We also have the probably last gigantic BAF made by Hasbro so far, Fin Fang Foom. (No. I don't count MCU Giant man as gigantic). I actually love this figure but I wouldn't mind if Hasbro remade it for other people to be able to get him. Yes in the purple trunks. The only problem I can see is that they will make him a Haslab exclusive. While I could go onto talk about the 2-packs as well as the exclusives Hasbro released during this time, I want to focus on the general released waves (as in released in most stores).(also I'm following the wikipedia page for this to make it easier). As such next time we begin our look at the characters release when Hasbro relaunched the line in the Return of Marvel Legends when we start looking at the Terrex wave, starting with Constrictor.
  8. I'm not finding the Build-A-Bear wave here in Houston/Katy. Anyone finding it in their area? What stores? Any information would be much appreciated.
  9. @Atlantis that was interesting! I don’t really expect him to ever be made, but I wouldn’t be appalled by it. Dont know much about the character other than he was a Hitler clone and he had the “hate ray” that caused people to hate/fight eachother. And I don’t know how I feel about a fully clear Sue 😄 but everything else you mentioned, heck ya. I want to get a F4 shelf filled up like this poster!
  10. Sorry for the double post; for some reason I'm having trouble editing my previous post. Top Five Cosmic Heroes (Fortunately this list has really been cut down thanks to Hasbro lately. Awww Yeah!): Adam Warlock (Both of his 70s era costumes) Classic Gammora Drax the Destroyer (Classic) Rom (...I know, I know) Starhawk (A two pack of his male and female sides, both in classic outfits would be doper than dope!) Top Five Cosmic Villiains: Annihilus (Classic) Ronan the Accuser (Classic...and my hope here is that he'd have a stern arrogant looking face and not a stupid evil grin etc.) The In-Betweener The Champion Moon Dragon (Classic) Just some food for thought.....Am I alone in wanting a big, ugly hunk of plastic shaped as the Kree Supreme Intelligence (with bendy head tendrils)? That would rank up there with MODOK in so ugly as to be Awesome!!!
  11. It wasn't rektangular that reported it (he only recently reported on it and it was the Fwoosh that leaked it) and this is just a reminder of what is coming for people who don't know.
  12. Villains: Annihilus Ronan the Accuser Lady Death and Mephisto Classic Loki (w new mold) Destroyer Heroes: Classic Adam Warlock Warriors Three/Lady Sif Thorbuster Iron Man Deluxe 13" Groot
  13. This is, like, old, old, OLD news. This leak has been out for a while and Rektangular reported a while back.
  14. I feel so much solidarity with you right now, I'd swear we were related! Lol.
  15. Yeah, hopefully there will be a cover that shows that without the four there wouldn't be a Marvel Universe
  16. Well, my local WM finally got rid of all the Shang chi wave figures, not sure how and I don’t really care...but hopefully this means some new stuff will be coming, either Ursa Major wave or infinity saga
  17. Yeah, they aren’t out yet in the US! On the livestream Wednesday, Dan said Nova would be late summer with Quasar and Binary in the fall.
  18. Harder then it looks Firelord Moondragon Phylla Starfox Stardust
  19. Deathbird the Phoenix Force Brood Magik (Phoenix Five, preferably as Phoenix Five box set) Warbird (Ava’Dara Naganandini, not Carol Danvers)
  20. 2016: 7 waves (Dormammu, Juggernaut, Abomination, Space Knight Venom, Giant Man, Absorbing Man, Red Onslaught) 2017: 7 waves (Gladiator Hulk, Man-Thing, Mantis, Vulture, Warlock, Titus, Sandman) 2018: 11 waves (Sauron, Monster Venom, Sp//dr, Apocalypse, Cull Obsidian, Sasquatch, Thanos, Lizard, Okoye, 2 retro waves) 2019: 10 waves (Thor, Wendigo, Molten-Man, Hulk, Caliban, Thanos, Kingpin, Kree Sentry, M’Baku, X-Men retro wave) 2020: 9 waves (Joe Fixit, Venompool, Strong Guy, Sugar Man, Abomination, Crimson Dynamo, Demogoblin, Super Skrull, Spider-Man retro wave) 2021: 11 waves (Gilgamesh, Watcher, Colossus, Ursa Major, Xemnu, Captain America, Mr. Hyde, Tri-Sentinel, Stilt Man, Fantastic Four retro wave, Spider-Man wave with unknown BAF) The better question may be how many actual figures, though, rather than just waves. Not sure of the exact count for 2021, but 2020 had 128, 2019 had 160, 2018 had 155, 2017 had 94, etc. There was a clear and intentional ramping up of production in 2018 that was only slightly interrupted in 2020, by the Shang-Chi and Eternals waves getting pushed to 2021.
  21. Fair enough. To be clear though, that’s exactly what I was doing, explaining why I personally am fine with female figures not looking exactly as they do in the comics. I don’t begrudge anyone for feeling differently. But since I explained my reason for not having an issue with the discrepancy, my view has been treated with nothing but contempt. I’ll refrain from commenting anymore on this issue in the future.
  22. People like lordvenger said, this is a comic, movie and toy forum. Please keep social and gender commentary outside of those our of these forum. Debating about female accuracy is all well and good but keep it civil please.
  23. not only do I think America is the best country on Earth for a woman to be, I haven’t heard of any fleeing it because of the way they are drawn in our country’s science-fiction fantasy. Or any other reason for that matter.
  24. Another thing, this particular cover doesn't do the Fantastic Four justice. They were the start of the Marvel Age of comics. Everything else happened after them; their impact is so wide that there wouldn't be a Marvel Universe if not for them.
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