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  2. There's the correct point right there. Looking back at it, it does look a little better as the pre-giant Surter, but its clear, just as with that ridiculous Giant Man, that they"re just banking on the whole "this is the best you're gonna get" aspect. It should be bigger, and they coulda made it bigger, especially for the asking price, but this is the best they're gonna give you. To me the thing looks terrible regardless of size. Like I said before, it loses a lot in translation. Luckily I really didn't care for the character and I think it was a lazy "Doomsday" type of generic looking des
  3. Not just the best Wanda figure to date but I'd argue that's the best MCU figure to date.
  4. It clearly doesn't come with an inert version as the official pics don't show it.
  5. C'mon, Hasbro. Dust off the cancelled Marvel Universe Fin Fang Foom. Pretty please.
  6. Speaking of Fin Fang Foom, here's Hulu's M.O.D.O.K.'s Fin Fang Foom: https://twitter.com/BlumJordan/status/1393293060721709057?s=20 Dan Yun is aware đź‘€ https://twitter.com/DanYunIsTrying/status/1393335047072198657?s=20
  7. I'm hearing conflicting reports but the solicit claims it comes with an inert version of the helmet like the one that came with the Hot Toys figure.
  8. I don't really see why screen time would have anything to do with the size of the figure. The shorter the screen time, the shorter the character? I don't think Hasbro has been shy about raising the pricing on "Deluxe" figures in the past and I mentioned the DoFP Sentinel earlier as a good example. I think many people would pay a extra for a more accurate representation. There needs to be a middle ground between Haslab and 'standard'/Deluxe figures. I think a lot of people would take issue with a 13" Fin Fang Foom if they threw that out there. They wouldn't just say "Well...at least
  9. The character was on screen, what...10-12 total minutes. You're not gonna devote that much size to him for that little screen time. I don't collect the MCU line but wouldn't have had a problem with him being 20" tall. I'm all for larger sized characters getting the figure treatment & hopefully this figure sells out & Hasbro starts giving us a variety of never before done large MU characters in the 16"-20" scale.
  10. No one is arguing that it won't sell. It's whether they've taken too many liberties with the character size just to get it out there. Is it better than nothing? I mean...maybe? Would anyone complain if it were 20" tall instead of 13? Nope. I think that's what gets lost on these height discussions; it's like people are picking a 'team' or something and feel the need to defend it. It's not buyer versus non-buyer. It's realistic versus non-realistic. If people are happy with a half-arsed representation of the character, so be it. It's your dollar.
  11. So I guess the crown is removable? That's kind of a neat touch, but I would have preferred a completely separate one because he'll definitely look weird without it. Maybe if we ever get a Roadworn Thor, he'll come with that piece separately.
  12. Stop it! That makes too much sense. I'm sure the just announced 13' tall Surtur will rot on the shelves.
  13. I get what people are saying about scale, and I'm stopping to remember back when Toybiz would actually give us BAFs close to this in size. But there are more than enough large-scale comic characters to justify a limited wave focusing on doing them in scale. There can be a gray area between normal releases and extreme Haslab projects.
  14. Ok. as far as I know you weren't getting in trouble yet your still going on about mods. So move on.
  15. That's a lot of words, but all I heard was BOXED SET!
  16. Mods have serious reading comp skills. I was not "arguing" about the "hgt" of the figures. I was pushing the concept of a "Giants of the Marvel universe" deluxe line that every 4 months can release 3 larger than normal Marvel comic characters that can not fit in a regular 6" character wave due to being 12'-14-16- tall or taller. Other guy was saying it wouldn't sell. My 3 main examples were: Hank Pym Giantman/Goliath 16' tall Erik Josten Goliath 16' tall Sentinel- classic DOFP version 16' tall. Btw, I don't "argue", I enjoy debating people.
  17. Once again we are on the same page my friend. Back in the day I envisioned a collection that I could display all the characters from the original Secret Wars. I’ve moved on ( ironically as this is more possible than ever now) but in the years since my fantasy display is all the characters from Opertion: Galactic Storm! id gladly take your wish list plus Hank Pym’s Red jumpsuit ( honestly thought this version would have been made by now), Starfox and Sersi I think we will eventually get them all. we might be the only two celebrating the release of many of these characters but they wil
  18. Nah, according to some on this forum, a "Giants of the Marvel universe" deluxe line won't sell. He stated "no one gives a hoot" about Hank Pym "Giantman/Goliath or Erik Josten Evil Goliath. Even "hardcore" comic fans might not buy em. They got's to pop up in the MCU.
  19. An odd coincidence has Thor Ragnarok on TBS as we speak. Surtur’s scale will work beautifully for me. I now wonder if he sells well we may finally get other important giants from both the MCU and Comic I wouldn’t hate it if they re-redid MCU Giant -Man at 13”. Still not a true movie size but better than the 10”(??) version they gave us. This could open the door to some major hero / villains like: Goliath ( Hank, Clint and Bill.. shoot even Evil Goliath/Atlas) Stature Wasp from her brief flirtation with growth serum another shot at comic Giant- Man in current
  20. I'm forgetting how big Laufey is off the top of my head, would reusing parts of Surtur be too big for him? Regardless, I definitely second that. Pack him with Loki and I'm sold! I think that just the fact that Surtur was in Ragnarok meant that they could make him. I wasn't sure if they would given his size, but they found a way around that too. Mephisto I'm not so sure of, but I think they could get away with doing him as a part of a multipack or as a BAF. Maybe even fan channel single-release.
  21. I can see Mephisto soon, especially with all of the speculation around Wandavision and the upcoming Loki shows. They are priming the audience for a new round of supervillians and a redefining of the team. Some will be new, some old but as far as adversaries go, Kang alone won't sustain another 10 years of MCU movies. Also, without getting into a fact versus fiction type argument here, Thanos is far worse than Mephisto, Red Skull, and certain real life bad guys in terms of the sheer size and scope of his destruction. He has murdered millions across multiple galaxies all in the name of
  22. They may be referencing the lack of Swastika on the recent Red Skull's arm band but yeah, there's zero chance you ever see Swastikas on a mass market toy sold at Target.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Ok, I wasn't really trying to say they were on the exact same level as much as they seemed to be unlikely to be done by a mass retail toy brand. I wouldn't have been surprised as a comic-con exclusive or something, but I'm still mildly surprised that it will be a mass retail offering by the same company that makes Power Rangers, Star Wars, GI Joe, Transformers, etc.... The bottom line is that I'm just happy the figure is getting made. I'm sorry if I offended you by equating the two ideas...that wasn't really what I was trying to do - I was just suggesting that both seemed unlikely to me
  25. Very dynamic! She looks like she's riding the wind.
  26. you just answered your own question. they re devisl. but now that this has been revealed, first sorry for everytime i said that line and second bring on mephisto.
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