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  2. I am really liking the deluxe, definitive versions of these Marvel legends. Yes, I used lower case. Obviously the Marvel Legends isn't limited to the legendary characters, thank goodness. I'm hoping to get more Savage Land characters in the near future. Sauron was a great start but he's getting lonely. I digress. I am all in on the 60th Anniversary line.
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  4. I love Gambit but there is just something about this head sculpture. It's almost as if his head is stretched vertically. It just looks off IMO...
  5. I'm hoping they go for a bright gold this time around and not that butterscotch they used before. Also, how cool would it be if the gold one has a removable helmet? They're doing it for a lot of the Star Wars line figures. The original battleship grey is one I could not turn down, however. I still have my toybiz versions.
  6. Great art. Reminds of those Swimsuit Specials Marvel did back in the day. So cheesy I can agree, comics has cross-over / enter your favorite Verse-here oversaturation but honestly they have for years. Between too many yearly crossovers and too many variants, that $#!$ made me loose interest I'm collecting monthly books more than the cost
  7. We can definitely count on a gold release at some point. I just sold off my old Toybiz (both gray and gold) in anticipation of this figure. He looks to be miles better than that old TB version Love it when Hasbro goes to the beginning and gets us some first appearance goodness
  8. Reports are coming in now of people starting to find the regular figures at Walmart. Again the official date for them is April 9th but looks like Walmart is jumping the gun which probably shouldn't surprise anyone.
  9. Shown below is the new Thor: Love and Thunder Valkyrie Vinyl Soda Figure - 2023 Convention Exclusive from Funko and is up for pre-order from our sponsor and Entertainment Earth. Thor: Love and Thunder Valkyrie Vinyl Soda Figure - 2023 Convention Exclusive: Add superheroine Valkyrie to your Marvel collection! Limited edition 4-inch tall Funko Soda figure. Packaged in a collectible soda can, she includes a collector card. Find the 1:6 glow-in-the-dark chase figure! Don't miss this WonderCon 2023 Exclusive! Funko / Entertainment Earth Convention Exclusive! From the Marvel film, Thor: Love and Thunder, superheroine Valkyrie makes her way into Funko's Vinyl Soda line! Suited up and ready for her next battle, this Thor: Love and Thunder Valkyrie Vinyl Soda Figure - 2023 Convention Exclusive measures approximately 4-inches tall. She comes packaged inside a collectible soda can and includes a "POG" shaped collector card. This item is a limited edition of 11,000 pieces and features a special glow-in-the-dark chase variant for you to hunt and collect. Also available at the Funko booth at WonderCon 2023, this exclusive Soda figure won't last long. So, if you don't want to miss out, you need to order yours now! Surprise! Surprise! This very special item might have limited variants randomly inserted throughout the production run. If extra lucky, you could potentially receive one of these highly sought-after ultra-rare collectibles when you order this item! Please note that we cannot accept requests for specific variants upon ordering, nor can we accept returns of opened items. And the item you receive may be slightly different from the standard edition pictured. Some attached images may include a picture of the prized variant. In case you didn't know: What is a "chase variant" and why is it so special? Well, variants are slightly different productions made in limited number and inserted into the standard production run. Kind of like a golden ticket, you just never know when you might receive one! These variants are often called chase items because they're the versions that the most enthusiastic collectors are always chasing after to get. When you purchase multiple units, it can increase your chance of landing one of these popular treasures. However, chase pieces are not guaranteed.
  10. This might be my dropping point, tried of crossovers and Verse events
  11. Instant buy. And I'll also buy it when it's painted gold for the eventual re release.
  12. Yeah I'm excited about these Avengers Figures, tons of good stuff, seems fitting for that MK1 to be the first out the gate, and I really am digging that figure, most of the Avengers 60th Stuff I plan on grabbing.
  13. I've suddenly got Madonna's Get into the Groove song in my head now: "What will it beeeeEEEE..?" Lol. Arrrrr...man, this Iron Man looks dope! I was going to just wait for an inevitable gold version, but this looks so ironically awesome....Can't...resist....iconically....awesome! Any how, bring it on!
  14. Might have to be getting back to buying comics with this, Summer of Symbiotes has my attention.
  15. Hasbro's Dan Yun has announced that pre-orders for the Marvel Legends Avengers 60th Anniversary figures Hasbro announced in their last live-stream will start going up for pre-order next week. So based on the Entertainment Earth Drop Zone page it looks like the first pre-order will take place on Thursday March 30th at 1pm ET. As to which figure it will be, from what I can tell it looks like it's going to be the Iron Man Mark I figure they showed. The figure will be available at places like our sponsors BigBadToyStore.com and Entertainment Earth. It's possible more than one figure could be going up but for now it just looks like Iron Man will be kicking things off.
  16. Got my Random X-Villains pack today. Overall Happy to have 5 new villains for my X-Men to fight.
  17. I'm confident in saying that the reason she looks nothing like a woman is because she has been modified to the point she isn't anymore, she probably has a sad story, she's basically a Frankenstein, Her story of why she became such a monster is likely to be a real strong element in the movie, she's likely angry and full of hate towards the world and those who made her become what she is, and is in shambles because she had her identity stolen and now is some killing machine. I'm sure in the end it will make sense.
  18. Yeah I think in the cases of this Carnage or say VHS Cyclops, they actually toned down the animated elements on purpose, because they know that many collectors want certain characters in their collections that may have been harder to obtain, mostly for those just getting into the line, but they wanted there to be a reason behind re-releasing them so they fitted them into the whole animated thing, but others just look off with the cell shading, I myself instantly decided I wouldn't collect the animated stuff, I just don't need it all and it's a good reason to not buy stuff, as for the new ITSV stuff yes it's a totally different animal, those figures only look good among each other. I agree Animated/MCU etc everything would be better off in their own sub-lines, but over the last few years they almost have been delegated to that, for instance GOTGV3 wave, Thor L&T, Endgame Wave 3, Eternals, D+, they are all solely MCU waves, sure there are a few waves IE like Quantumania that mix comic and Movie, but those are getting far and between, we rarely see mixed waves anymore, The mixing seems like it's based on lack of actual movie figures to make and they need filler, but we are seeing Hasbro distancing themselves from mixing waves, they seem to not mix if they don't have to, I'm cool with that, I get the necessity of still having mixed waves.
  19. Yeah I wasn't clear which was the animated and which was from the standard Legends line at first. "Animated" figures like these were why it took me a while to resolve my inner turmoil about collecting them. Since some could fit into the regular waves and let's be honest, a bad paint job didn't really make then "animated". But the recent MCU stuff is much more... well cartoony.. (obviously) so thats where I drew the line. The into the Spiderverse stuff is waaaaày worse so easy conflict resolution to not collect. These Spidervwrse stuff almost doesn't look like it even fits in with the first wave they put put a while back. All animated stuff, to me, might as well be a different line moving forward.
  20. Yeah it's always unpredictable with Hasbro's Distribution system, sometimes US has it all first, sometimes UK (well they seem to be leading the way as of recent) and Sometimes It's us In Canada, we do seem to be getting things much faster then the US as of 2023, but the tables could turn at any point.
  21. So for once the cell shading looks pretty good on Symbiote Spidey.
  22. Yeah this wave is already seeing a limit release here in Canada, been out at a few shops as of recent, but it's also nice to see that the US isn't behind Canada, which has been the case for what seems like the whole year so far.
  23. Starting in May, the symbiote characters you know and love as well as exciting new symbiote stars will have their day in the sun! Dubbed the SUMMER OF SYMBIOTES, this celebration of Venom’s 35th anniversary will include a host of ongoing series, limited series, and crossovers spotlighting Venom, Carnage, Red Goblin, and many more! Today, fans can vibe to the chaotic energy of this symbiote showcase in a new promotional image by Phillip Tan and Scott Williams! A venomous postcard of what’s in store, this outrageous image pays homage to the Marvel swimsuit pinups of the ‘90s, specifically Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Joe Rosas’ iconic poolside pinup from 1991’s X-Men #1. Here’s a rundown of the titles that will be hosting this upcoming era, including news about titles yet to be fully announced: VENOM Crafted by a mastermind team of Al Ewing and Cafu and others, Venom’s current ongoing series will continue to explore the transformative journeys of both Eddie Brock and Dylan Brock. A saga spanning time and space, Eddie has come face to face with the worst parts of himself in the form of new villain Bedlam while Dylan has followed in his father’s footsteps, embracing his own symbiote and becoming a new Marvel hero. And this summer, their symbiote family is about to grow even larger… CARNAGE The most terrifying villain in the Marvel Universe has returned! Cletus Kasady is back in Alex Paknadel and Francesco Manna’s CARNAGE ongoing series. With a renewed purpose, Venom’s psychotic offspring is ready to unleash his vengeance on an unsuspecting Marvel Universe and ascend to a glorious new role. After he takes care of Miles Morales, of course. EXTREME VENOMVERSE In the same spirit of Edge of Spider-Verse, this landmark new series will take readers to uncharted corners of the symbiote hive with brand-new stories by all-star creators! Witness jaw-dropping turning points for symbiote icons and see never-before-seen Venoms bear their fangs for the very first time including the debuts of a symbiote-hosting Felicia Hardy, a Venom samurai, a Venom spaceknight, and more! RED GOBLIN Spinning out the pages of VENOM, a deadly new Goblin takes to the night sky in this ongoing series by writer Alex Pakandel and Marvel Stormbreaker Jan Bazaldua. On stands now, the thrilling saga stars Normie Osborn who’s received his own symbiote and embraces his grandfather Norman’s legacy by becoming the Red Goblin! But will Normie fulfill his dark destiny as an Osborn - or will he and his symbiote strive to make a difference for the better? CARNAGE REIGNS A brutal crossover between MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN, CARNAGE, and RED GOBLIN pits Miles Morales against Carnage in what promises to be Miles’ darkest battle yet. With his soul trapped within the Extrembiote Armor created by Tony Stark during King in Black, Cletus has the means to level an untold amount of chaos on New York City. But like any good Tony Stark invention, the Extremis coursing through Cletus’ symbiotic veins needs POWER, and that means Cletus is HUNGRY. Good thing Brooklyn’s very own Spider-Man is there to stand in his way! CULT OF CARNAGE: MISERY The mother of all symbiote stories from writer Sabir Pirzada and artist Francesco Mortarino, starring Liz Allen as the new Misery! The limited series kicks off when the Life Foundation symbiotes, Toxin and the others, are mysteriously stolen! But by whom? And WHY?! Regardless, it’s up to Liz to save the symbiotes before they can fall into the wrong hands – and unleash untold havoc across the Marvel Universe! EDGE OF VENOMVERSE INFINITY COMIC Even Marvel Unlimited isn’t safe from the SUMMER OF SYMBIOTES! Learn about an exciting upcoming symbiote series coming to Marvel Unlimited at the Marvel Comics: Spider-Man & the Venomverse Panel at C2E2 2023! DEATH OF THE VENOMVERSE It’s all leading to this! The epic adventures above are spiraling towards an explosive destination, and not all your favorite symbiotes will survive the journey. The Carnage symbiote is more bloodthirsty than ever and heads to the multiverse for its greatest killing spree yet. But what is it after? Find out more when this upcoming limited series is announced at the Marvel Comics: Spider-Man & the Venomverse Panel at C2E2 2023! Check out the teaser now and stay tuned for more news about SUMMER OF SYMBIOTES in the weeks ahead.
  24. Mate you have a talking pig, an anime school girl, a man who exist in a black and white universe and all of them from alternate universe but woman with masculine feature you find hard to believe?
  25. Really not diggin the way Morbius looks in this game, looks like Davey Havok cosplaying as Morbius, but I guess they are going with a more Jared Leto look, which is weird, but whatever.
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