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  2. Funny, I thought Squirrel Girl was one of the characters we needed MOST in Marvel Legends. She along with Quake has been on a lot of peoples "want lists" for a long time.
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  4. I'll be curious to see if with the Fox Merger happening they start to filter X-Characters into lines like these. X-23 seems like she'd be a perfect fit here. Also Nico Minoru, RiRi Williams (who I guess has already been introduced?) and Kate Bishop. And maybe She-Hulk as another grown-up character like Carol.
  5. It's been shown that it can be done in SW Black line and other companies like DC Collectables, so its totally possible. The creative team has made it clear that it's mostly based on aesthetics that it isn't being done. I might be in the minority but I 100% agree. I think double jointed elbows make the female arms too bulky. Not having double jointed elbows really doesn't bother me that much. That being said, I also agree we need more female bucks, particularly the legs. They have made several variations of the torso, but most of the lower bodies are using those flimsy Kate Bishop legs. They need to either beef them things up a little more or redesign them altogether. The Dark Phoenix/Psylocke buck seems to be the atempt to do this, plus add some range of motion, but people AR complaining about the gap in the hinge joint. While I enjoy the buck myself, I can't say that the complaints are unfounded. Females are a tough design to get right. Hell, TB never was able to. What sucks is when they finally get it right there's gonna be a ton of people demanding that they go back and redo previous figures. All that being said, the fact is, they just need to treat the female bucks like the male bucks. Females come in all shapes and sizes and since now it seems like they're intent on phasing out the Moonstone buck they need to get some more molds onto rotation.
  6. Look at Wolverine in X-Men TAS, he wasn't allowed to gut anyone, except robots but his character was still back on.
  7. They don't suck because they would expect the big names Cap, Iron man, Spidey, Wolverine to be the one's kids would want. They don't think that people maybe already have those characters and may want something different.
  8. Yeah, it is annoying that the ladies can't do the same poses as the lads.
  9. Double jointed arms on the women would be a plus as well. I can be done. The Black Series Jaina Solo accomplished it.
  10. The Omega Red body is great. Has the size, proportions, extra articulation, and just looks great. The bucky cap is a good mold, but I would like to see others with butterfly joints. We need better bodies for females. Rogue, X-23, their legs can't move up at all. There is so much restriction in the legs it sucks.
  11. Quite a few Magiks at Walgreens near Sunset Square in Bellingham, WA. Also saw a solo Mr. Fantastic. Still no luck finding Silver Surfer.
  12. I don't know where people keep getting the idea that Deadpool is some sort of especially dark or R-rated character. For the vast majority of the character's history, that has not been the case. There was a single Deadpool series for the Marvel MAX line, but it only ever ran for 12 issues. The majority of Deadpool's published history as a character has been very strictly in the PG-13 realm at worst. This is a character, mind you, who Marvel has actively marketed at an all-ages audience and who was in a friggin' Lego set not too long ago. That's not to say an R-rating doesn't bring with it a lot of freedom and interesting creative avenues. Part of the appeal of the Deadpool films is that they're different from the majority of Disney's Marvel flicks. But to pretend that Deadpool has always been a hard-R character and that he could not possibly work in a PG-13 movie is ahistorical.
  13. I thought that Japanese loli is supposed to be 16 in the comics?
  14. some superhero franchises are meant to be dark and tuning it into a Disney movie would be the same as having a Disney Princess series with tons of F-bombs and nudities. I wonder how would the audience feel about it then?
  15. this. if they HAVE to release a ML Squirrel GIrl, I HOPE they would make one that is faithful to the hilariously fugly comic design SO I CAN BURN IT.
  16. Now that I think about it, ML Squirrel Girl would be sweet. Surprised it hasn't already happened.
  17. So long as they keep the main Deadpool films R rated, I’m ok with this cash grab. The Fred Savage dialogue alone makes it watchable. Keep the entertainment coming.
  18. I thought Hasbro had already released these dolls. Also, I really hope we never get a Marvel Legends Squirrel Girl.
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  20. Review By: UltimateToyCollector Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors premiered during the weekend of New York Comic Con 2018. The show is a continuation of the six Marvel Rising: Initiation animated shorts that launched this summer. The show features Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Patriot, Quake, Inferno, America Chavez, and more. The show is now the Disney Channel and Disney XD. "When a threat no one could have expected bears down on the Marvel Universe, this ragtag, untrained band of teens have no choice but to rise together and prove to the world that sometimes the difference between a 'hero' and 'misfit' is just in the name." Secret Warriors focuses on a new team of diverse younger heroes. It introduces some of the lesser known characters within the Marvel Universe to a larger audience. Of course with great writing and animation comes great marketable products! In comes Hasbro! Hasbro has launched a full line of Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors figures, accessories, and costumes. My five year old daughter actually schooled me on the animated and some of the products. She even almost changed her Halloween costume to one of the new Ghost-Spider costumes. Recently Hasbro Pulse sent over a very cool box filled with Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors products. As the Holiday season approaches I’d definitely recommend these for any children who love Superheroes or Barbie style figures. Hasbro has released a basic (Training Outfit) assortment with limited articulation; Secret Warriors assortment with more articulation and accessories; Secret Identity assortment with more articulation, accessories and outfits; Ghost-Spider Web Slinger; Marvel Rising Dress Up Sets; and Walkie Talkies. Products ranging from $12.99 to $29.99. The show and the products focus heavily on strong female characters as well as a good mixture of minority characters. My daughter loves Kamala Khan’s Ms. Marvel but equally loves Ghost-Spider (or as I know her in the comics as Spider-Gwen) and Squirrel Girl. Being the father of a smart 5 year old girl, I definitely believe in strong positive female characters and I love to see characters that she can relate to. One character I’m excited to see is Riri Williams’s Ironheart introduced into the series and look forward to seeing a figure of the character. Check out my video reviews and image gallery below.
  21. If I wanted gore or torture porn I'd watch an Argento flick. I have higher aspirations for my superhero viewing.
  22. Just finished making an alternate "angry/pissed off" Vision head sculpt. Sanded & Primed an unmasked Electro head & 1 paint job later, done! With my alternate custom open hands & Dr Strange lower legs for a bit of added hgt, my ideal version of classic Viz is complete!
  23. for R rated superhero movies the director has more freedom to make them more faithful to the source material. just imagine a Spawn remake where there is no blood and no ultra violence.
  24. Gmen4ever

    ML Vault Guardsman

    A masterpiece! THIS is what Hasbro has to give us in an army builder 2 pack! 2 of these exact figs. Looks factory made! Great job as always Jin.
  25. 100% with you on retiring the Hyperion buck for the Odinson buck. Hasbro better not, I repeat, better not use the new Omega Red buck for characters such as Thor , classic Doc Samson & a classic Luke Cage/Powerman! Thor 6'6 not 7'6! The Omega Red buck can be utilized for a new Warpath as that buck can represent characters that are 6-10 to 7ft tall. The Odinson buck can & should be utilized for all Marvel characters in the 6-4, 6-5 & 6'6 range. That buck is perfect for a redone classic Wrecking crew. I really like the Sunfire buck with the butterfly joints & that should be the go to buck for characters in the 5-10 to 6' range that are of a lean build. I loved the DCUC line but the one thing that kinda irked me about it was that up until the last few waves when they started making characters such as Plastic man, Elongated man, Creeper, etc, before that, they put just about every male character on the same cookie cutter buck so Flash was the same hgt as Supes & Bats. They did correctly put Martian manhunter on a bit bigger buck do to him being the tallest JLAer at 6'7. They did give Etrigan the Demon & Penguin their own unique body sculpts. But normal sized humans seemed to get the cookie cutter treatment.
  26. Since the Disney/Fox merger has yet to be effective, this is all Fox's doing. Of course it's probably related to the merger, since it feels they're testing the waters for a PG-13 Deadpool. Even then, Disney CEO Bob Iger has stated they're 100% open to keeping Deadpool R-rated.
  27. I never liked the Hyperion body mold. I definitely hope they retire it.
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