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  2. Basically Avengers Academy but with Magic. Shame the likes of Wanda dn Magik are just going to be guest stars and not part of the actual regular cast
  3. Wow that looks amazing, can't afford it or the Sentinel one but it's cool seeing these be made. Would be nice to see this redone as part of the Marvel Legends line too, especially if Hasbro is doing the Spiderman Gameverse suits !
  4. Yessir, count me in Pop needs that X-men love triangle and some Transformer's Earthrise figures!
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  6. Considering where are all the members of Avengers The Initiative/Academy and all the latest Gen X/New Mutants ... this is an easy pass!
  7. Earlier this year, Jonathan Hickman revitalized the X-Men franchise in HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X, ushering in a new age of stories for mutantkind. Dawn of X kept the momentum going with six exciting launches, each exploring the X-Men’s new status quo in distinct ways, and this March, this bold era continues with the most unexpected lineup ever seen in an X-Men title… Introducing the new HELLIONS! When the X-Men invited all mutants to Krakoa, they meant ALL mutants, even forgiving the past sins of some of their fiercest enemies. Chief among them was Mister Sinister who now tasks himself with finding purpose for mutantkind’s most dangerous outcasts: Wild Child, Nanny, Orphan Maker, Empath, and Scalphunter! Also on hand to do Sinister’s dirty work will be X-Men favorites Psylocke and Havok! Will they be able keep these murderous baddies in line or will the team’s deadly missions have them succumb to their own sinister natures? Taking us along for this twisted ride will be writer Zeb Wells (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, NEW MUTANTS). No stranger to dark humor and in-depth character studies, Zeb is the perfect guide into the unhinged minds that round out this cast. “I can't believe I get a chance to play in the sandbox Jonathan Hickman and company have so brilliantly created,” says Wells. “For my money it's the most exciting game in town and I can't wait to let this merry band of psychopaths loose in it.” Joining him on this journey will be artist Stephen Segovia who’s made a name for himself in high octane books like CONTAGION and SUPERIOR CARNAGE. "I am HUGE fan of Zeb Wells' work. The moment I read his HELLIONS pitch, I was blown away,” says Segovia. “It's a new level of mutant stories and I was overjoyed and pumped to begin drawing it immediately. I can't wait for you guys to see the magic we're cooking up and I promise you'll enjoy the ride!" If you think the book’s lineup is shocking, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Brace yourselves for more jaw dropping revelations and twists when HELLIONS #1 hit stands in March!
  8. Jeez, Morty. I take it Katherine Hefflefinger hasn't text you back yet?😉
  9. X-Women wave Storm - first appearance Rogue - Brotherhood look Shadowcat - Excalibur look Phoenix (Rachel) - Excalibur look White Queen - classic Hellfire look Magik - New Mutants look, armored arm and sword Destiny - Brotherhood look Build-a-Figure: Brood Queen
  10. Anaconda was my first thought for a female build-a-figure. Stature from Young Avengers could also work as a BAF, although she’d be just as undersized as a Giant-Man BAF.
  11. Well, I feel stupid now. Just bought an out of scale Iron Spider by Sentinel.
  12. Another overpriced piece for a much demanded character done by another over hyped, overrated 3rd party company, and the response from Marvel......? A half-ass attempt at 6-Arm Spidey and a sub-par take on Doppelganger.
  13. The most recent Avengers version is much bulkier than she's typically portrayed.
  14. Jocasta White Queen (Classic) Tigra Meteorite/Moonstone (Dark Ms. Marvel would be fine too) Armored Psylocke Domino (Classic/90's) America Chavez BAF: Anaconda (with interchangeable stretchy/snakey arms).
  15. This is a good idea. Aside from some major events and the crossovers (which are major events) the magical side of the Marvel Universe is ignored (until such events). DC in comparison has a much stronger "Arcane" presents with what seems like many more villains and heros that fall under the magical type. Aside from Strange, Dormammu and Mordo I don't really remember that many mystical characters being on the forefront in recent years. It's a serious deficiency in Marvel. Of course, Disney's influence probably has a lot to do with it, but a buck is a whatever pays the bills.
  16. Through its history, the Marvel Universe has seen magic rise and fall to warp minds, control the future, and even destroy the very fabric of reality. Now, magic has changed and is more powerful – and dangerous – than ever, and Doctor Strange is forced to do what he’s avoided for decades: he’s opened a school for young sorcerers…but as they will soon learn, magic always comes at a cost. Welcome to STRANGE ACADEMY! Announced by the Associated Press, STRANGE ACADEMY will launch this March as a new ongoing series helmed by best-selling comic book veterans: Eisner Award-winning writer Skottie Young (Deadpool, Rocket Raccoon) and critically acclaimed artist Humberto Ramos (Amazing Spider-Man, Champions). The new series will bring together a whole new class of students from Earth, Weirdworld, Asgard, the Dark Dimension, and beyond to learn how to control their gifts in the Mystic Arts under Doctor Strange, Brother Voodoo, The Ancient One, Scarlet Witch, Magik, Hellstrom, and all of Marvel’s most iconic magicians. But with a new threat looming on the horizon, is it too late? “Over a year ago, I was driving Skottie down from the airport in Mexico, and out of the blue, he asked me what I wanted to do after working on Spider-Man,” said Ramos. “He began to pitch me on an incredible project for the rest of the weekend…and I’m excited to now say that project is STRANGE ACADEMY! Like all great stories, they all start with an idea…and this idea blew me away. We can’t share too much yet, but if you stick around, you’ll get to experience magic like you’ve never seen before in the Marvel Universe. Welcome to Strange Academy! Man, I love the first day of school!” STRANGE ACADEMY will center on Emily Bright (a girl who discovered magical powers since birth), Doyle Dormammu (the illegitimate son of the Dark Dimension’s ruler), and their new classmates as mysteries begin to unfold not just for the students at the school, but for the entire Marvel Universe. With a new cast rooted in Marvel’s history and fan-favorite characters, this series will be the perfect introduction for both fans just diving into comics and for fans who have been following Marvel for years. Set in the mystical backdrop of New Orleans, The Big Easy will play a pivotal role in STRANGE ACADEMY with its rich local culture and innate magic of the French Quarter, the Bayou, the Swamps, and more. To capture the essence of STRANGE ACADEMY, Young and Ramos conducted their research firsthand. “There’s a nice history and folklore about magic and the mystic arts and the dark arts and things like that that kind of surround the mythos of New Orleans,” said Young. “Having just gone there myself for my 40th, I thought that would be a great place to set it.” STRANGE ACADEMY #1 Written by SKOTTIE YOUNG Art and Cover by HUMBERTO RAMOS
  17. I feel like the toughest part of this wave for most people will be the BAF, as there are very few ladies throughout Marvel comics who could only be made as BAFs. One of the Guthrie sisters could alter her size to grow large, but I don't remember her having much of a part to play outside the Age of Apocalypse. The Great Lakes Avengers have Big Bertha. I don't know. Was there ever a version of She-Hulk that came close to Hulk in size?
  18. Honestly, I have a hard time not just making every dream wave mostly or all women, since Hasbro doesn't usually make as many lady characters as they do men in any given wave, leaving a ton of great female characters and looks on the table. Although, it bears saying that I actually can't think of a "femme fatale", persay, that I'd want, as that archetype normally has a pretty narrow definition, but I realize you're using the term more broadly here. Destiny Dust Frenzy (in her Age of X/Legacy costume) Magik (in her 00s costume, to match the Walgreens New Mutants) Psylocke (in her 80s outback armour) Spiral Storm (in her costume from around the time of the Twelve, that was like an updated version of her original costume) BAF: Armor
  19. I was never particularly a fan of Nanny and Orphan Maker myself. Mostly because there were a lot more compelling villains introduced during that timeframe (like Apocalypse and Sinister) and they just seemed to pale by comparison. But as to Sinister and Scalphunter, the tweet Marvel sent out announcing this didn't make it sound like they were going to be "good guys now." They've already show in other titles that some of the villains who have been invited to Krakoa are indeed still in it just for themselves/their own agendas. Sinister may well be no different. The X-Men have had at least a few temporary-members in semi-recent years that turned out to still be rotten apples when the storylines were concluded. So basically, I'd say your fears of Sinister becoming a "reluctant good guy" may be unfounded.
  20. Would you be interested in an all female wave? Who would you pick for the wave? 1. Mantis (comic version) 2. Tigra 3. She-hulk (Fantastic Four) 4. Storm (Giant sized X-Men) 5. Red Gaurdian (Female version (Defenders)) 6. Dark Ms. Marvel (Dark Avengers) 7. Morgan Le Fay BAF-Nimrod
  21. Definitely excited about this movie. I was thinking it may be kinda like a Winter Soldier style movie, although this seems to include a bit more comedy, mainly focused around Red Guardian.
  22. Introduced in the pages of Marvel Comics’ Amazing Spider-Man in the run-up to the Civil War event, the Iron Spider Armor has captured fans’ eyes with its distinctive design element, and fans can now enjoy swinging around the city in this astonishing suit in the critically-acclaimed video game Marvel’s Spider-Man. Brought to life through intricate and meticulous workmanship, Hot Toys’ brand new 1/6th scale Spider-Man (Iron Spider Armor) collectible figure, inspired by the Marvel’s Spider-Man unique take on the armor, will continue to expand your favorite Spidey collection! Incorporating distinct elements of Tony Stark’s Iron Man design, this Iron Spider Armor is an awesome piece of battle tech modified with extra details while staying true to its comics origins and the video game’s fresh spin on it. The figure features a newly crafted masked head sculpt; a specialized body allows great realistic poseability; all-new metallic red and gold Spidey suit with a gold spider emblem on chest; three highly-detailed mechanical pincers; matching interchangeable hands for different classic postures; a variety of web accessories; and a dynamic figure stand for aerial poses.
  23. The Hasbro panel if I did my time computations correct will start around 7:25am ET.
  24. bought the emma frost walgreen in amazon for 47aud...thats the cheapest i can find here
  25. penance, chamber, skin and vampire jubilee with her baby shogo
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