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  2. Haha, I'm glad to see some people have a sense of humor. It's much appreciated!
  3. This is either a Rock Python or you are showing how I was “snake bit” by Hasbro haha.. either interpretation is accepted 😁
  4. Yeah I got the impression that Wanda’s little world is hidden and in some sort of sub realm ( for lack of a better term). As evidenced by the lady getting forcibly removed from the old timey era in day light to what looks like a modern era at night. im really hoping that they don’t turn Wanda evil. Maybe it will be like Civil War and the only resemblance to the comic story was the name..
  5. Does anyone know if these are ready to ship of if we will get them in november?
  6. Dorkside has great customer service, I usually use hasbro pulse because i get free shipping and like to use them over Amazon when possible. For imports I use BBTS because I can pile of loot them. Dorkside I like to use for their loose figures . there prices have been going up which is why i've been using them less and less.
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  8. ShartimusPrime takes a look at the new Marvel Legends 6" Phage figure from Hasbro. You can purchase this figure from our sponsor BigBadToyStore.com. Check out images for this figure below in our GALLERY and be sure to share your own thoughts about it in the COMMENTS SECTION.
  9. I think it would be best to just release Black Widow in the cinemas to help the cinemas, so it then can get a home release as soon as possible.
  10. Agree, I really don't see how this could even work, if they made the two packs face-off packs then it might have a shot, but all you have is 5 heroes against 1 villain.
  11. Well he's based on/is the original Human Torch who was designed to be an artificial man and Jim can give blood transfusions, so logically there is no reason either of the them couldn't have kids. (My theory is that Ultron dummied out the sperm code when he created the Vision and no-one thought of reinstating it) As for the kids, given that the twins are rumoured to be teenagers at some point in this show; it seems WandaVision probably takes place over a couple of decades in the reality, while in the real world maybe a couple of days/weeks pass. Also it seems they realy want to get the Young Avengers going, with Cassie now a teen and Kate Bishop being planned.
  12. I think it's cute, but it's also kinda ho hum, I couldn't imagine many people needing this in their collection, if this was released in a wave I'd buy it solely because I collect Comic ladies, but I'd probably use a MJ head on the body instead of Kamala, any ways it's the same program they have been following with all the Subscription Legends, so I'm not sure what any one expected, it's always a re-paint, and generally an unimportant one at that.
  13. Yeah honestly , yes correct to all , I believe I made that statement at the time more so because of my dismay that it's going to be so long until we get these movies, or currently ever, I'm having a hard time believing by 2021 everything is going to be cool, I think 2021 is going to just be 2020 vol. 2, all I'm saying is they may need to re-think things (and drum up potential methods for these films to be seen outside of the theaters), because realistically, pushing these movies back until 2023 if that needs be, seems absolutely mad at this time, and currently we have no idea what the next year is looking like it only can seem these will get pushed back again, unless the vaccine pops up but honestly that's probably not a reality until this time next year if at all.
  14. I'm not saying that physically, he couldnt have kids (though why he would have the ability to impregnate a human female makes no sense to me. This is something that DC has effed up with Superman; regardless of what he looks like, he's an alien with alien physiology and biologically, shouldnt be able to have kids with Lois. Even Namor's mom had a difficult pregnancy carrying him to term from a human). But besides all that....from a writing/character standpoint, saddling them with kids this early is just going to muck things up. I cant count how many times writers have given tv/movie characters kids, and then clearly didnt know what to do with them and had to wind up writing them out some way (even the Vision solo series, they never bother to explain how, but he creates his wife, son and daughter and by the end theyre all wiped out; they kept the daughter so they could have a teen female version of Vision, but there you go). These two havent even been together that long- hell, the Vision is what, only a few years old? The writers need time to build him, to explore.
  15. Well since gratitude is rare these days, I just wanna give daps to Hasbro for having their pulsecon exclusives being available [for premium members] for more than a minute. Got Hellfire set and Cobra Commander with ease. Looking forward to the show this weekend!!!
  16. Pass, Peter Parker is the only Spider-Man for me. No mater which alternate version we are talking about. Nothing against Miles but legacy characters in my opinion are second rate and attempts to boost sales. And I have Symbiote fatigue something fierce.. Miles should stand on his own and be a new character instead of the “next” Spider-Man. Or the First Miles version of whomever. Seems he has enough fans to make a run of it.
  17. Man, I don’t get it.. all my local haunts are empty as H-E-double hockey sticks. Can’t even count the amount of times I’ve checked a store, skipped a day then recheck only to see a lone blue Deadpool or an Electro sitting where there was nothing two days ago... I’ve just missed so many recent releases by a day or a few hours it’s getting disgusting. My timings is off something fierce.. and my local stores : Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Meijers, are the exception as far as getting new waves. I’m pleasantly surprised that I haven’t had to travel to major metropolitan areas to find new stuff.. but lately, either nothing or stragglers that I’ve already found. got to think my luck will change, with so much product releasing so quickly seems the odds are in my favor.. but as far as finding this Storm set in the wild, Popfindr and Target show zilch for stock within 100 miles. Same with the Silver Centurion at Walgreens.. but seems every one is reporting walking into stores and finding these on shelves.. getting frustrated 😔
  18. Right? Like, where is the appeal of 5 POA figures when a Hasbro had given us the much superior MU line and the much , much superior Legends offerings. This is for the Barnes and Noble crowd that like their lattes doubled, their sweater vests tweed and their inferior toys over priced. They would buy these for the sole purpose of not being the guy who buys Legends.
  19. Gotta agree. I've only read books with Hellstrom as a supporting character. Is this based on any Hellstrom storyline from the comics or just HULU doing their own thing like they did with Cloak & Dagger...
  20. Kinda like the whole sitcom is my reality thing. As others have said I really hope they do not follow Bendis’s lead and make Wanda evil/ crazy. With Nightmare on the doorstep in Dr Strange 2 let’s hope he is pulling some strings. Never been a fan of any Avengers heel turn for sales sake does seem odd that two deaths that took were Wanda’s brother and Appliance..
  21. Swear to Jeebus if they make Evan Peters version of Quicksilver MCU cannon over Aaron Taylor Johnson’s I’ll riot!!! Still don’t get the lack of Legends love for Johnson’s Quicksilver. You’d think that his one appearance in a film that out grossed all appearances of Peters version would warrant a Legend. Go the Cap Winter Soldier route and make a movie accurate suit with a generic head ( maybe even one that can replace the Family Matters head misstep if the actor won’t approve the likeness..at this point I’d take anything ( except a Fox Quicksilver)
  22. I was saying on another site that I spoke to the "toy guy" at one of my local Targets. He stated the Storm pack would be in tomorrow and he'd hold one for me. Im lucky that I have two targets 10 minutes apart from one another so if I can score more than one I'll post it here and the other site. Cost plus shipping.
  23. Could be good and may fill the Supernatural hole in my tv viewing. Did they change his symbol? Is a pentagram that bad these days? Everything from Supernatural ( right there in the logo most seasons), Charmed, Angel, even Sabrina ( the new one ) often display a pentagram . maybe the difference between the CW and Disney I guess. looks off. One thing the MCU ( IS this MCU?!?, didn’t I read all TV/ Movie projects are MCU NOW?) does right is incorporate classic elements into modern takes. I don’t see any classic elements here except the (new ) symbol on the chest..will at least check it out
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