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  2. Yes, highly anticipated character in this wave...so we got the rabbit, frog, whats next?
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  4. Following on from a discussion about the Blue Marvel, there came a debate on which costume should be done first. So in the first of (What hopefully) will be a series; Whcih Costume should they do first. The contenders are: First Appearance Mighty Avengers Ultimates
  5. Sadly it's a disappointing figure, Pizza Spidey mold already shows it's own age even though both Retro Spidey and Cyborg Spidey have their own issues they look much more pleasant to the eye in comparison, which is even more evident with simplistic paint job they did and of course I can't mention horrible eyesore inducing pegs on the inside of his arms.
  6. I don't have issues with the visual look Hasbro decided to go with, Hand ninjas do look the way artist wants them to look. This figure would be almost perfect example of reuse, I say almost because these arms from Mordo just don't cut it for Hand Ninja, yes visually its close but due to movie costume specific design they have ineffective double jointed elbows, which is unacceptable for Ninja character, it's in a way sad because they could reused Dr. Strange arms from same movie wave that would look even better due to being simply baggier and slightly bigger looking, which would work great with Hand ninja visuals along with double jointed elbows that work.
  7. Isn't it too soon for bootleg to be released? From what I've seen they usually take at least 4-6 months. My money would on running change or just plain mistake.
  8. I recently opened my Jocasta, and it's definitely looking nothing like the one you have shown, the paint apps on this figure are most certainly odd, I have never seen a Jocasta like this, weird though Jocasta would be a figure that bootleggers would be making, even more interesting is that so early in the game, I'm thinking someone bought the Jocasta and attempted to paint it, they didn't like the outcome and repackaged it and sent it back, and you ended up getting it.
  9. Agreed. Plus, those legs are pretty scrawny. I'd mentioned in another discussion how they don't look accurate in the sense of width. In the comics the legs are drawn where it's conceivable that actual legs can fit inside them, but this figures legs are done about as thin and flimsy as can be done without collapsing from the weight of the upper torso. I'm not sure that if you went over 2 sets of legs, that the figure would even be able to stand on its own. I'm still gonna get it, and I still think it's a pretty good figure otherwise, but between the plain looking any-ninja and the wonky leg pieces, there's not much appeal for buying multiple $20 figures. I'll also await the inevitable $15 offerings that are sure to come out on Hasbro Pulse (if they're smart).
  10. Just saw a review on Stiltman & I really think Hasbro is gonna add some normal legs & make a classic Perez Ultron out of the Stiltman buck. They just gotta add the line details & shoulder pauldrons/spikes & head that came with retro Vision & done!
  11. I've decided to just buy 2 as I have no interest in making a 3ft+ Stiltman, a foot & 1/2 tall version will suffice. I'll wait till Hasbro pulse makes the Hand Ninja the next $14.99 army builder & then buy like 6 more that way
  12. Yeah, I thought I had a pretty good handle on guessing the figures but when the new Brown jacket Wolverine went down so low I was shocked. I know nothing. Now if white T shirt Wolverine doesn't drop in price too something is wrong, I might throw in the towel.
  13. Yeah so I googled “ Marvel Comics The Hand” and the resulting images are all over the board in their depiction. So no harm done that the Legends crew went with their own interpretation. Just wondering if the pursuit of a tall Stilt Man will make this guy impossible to find? My “armies” that I have already assembled ( HFC Goons, Dora Milaji, Skrulls (MCU Talos’s with various kit bashing, AIM, Hydra, Paladins..) I’ve stuck to a unofficial rule of six.. will these generic Hand Ninjas be too much of a hassle to pursue?
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  15. In their very first appearance, it seemed as if the outfits were more heavily muted and black but a lot of that had to do with Miller's artwork and collaboration with the inkers. Later appearances showed us the "all-red" look. And yes theyve had so many different looks over the years due to different artists and, frankly, laziness. Their main function is to be a horde of assassins the heroes get to wade through, most often.
  16. Yes Indeed, but I just like his newer costume with the vest better, and I think when Hasbro does him they will give us that version, I mean I'd buy any Blue Marvel they gave us, I wouldn't complain, generic or not I couldn't pretend I wouldn;t.
  17. They wouldn't need to reveal the entire wave upfront. In fact we get waves revealed in pieces quite often.
  18. Right, but he was supposed to have a "retro", generic superhero look, because that was the era he initially came from. Even the name is a call back to older generations. But either way, they should include different heads.
  19. I actually felt the same way about Shang-Chi when I first saw him, I wasn't really on board with the shirtless choice, I however would have rather seen him in the more recent jump-suit look, but then once I actually had the Shang-Chi in my hands I realized I was very happy with it and it's a really good figure I became content. See also for me I would have rathered the Legacy outfit for Falcon then this one, if we are talking newer outfits.
  20. I like both versions, but classic would be my main one. I felt the same way about the Shang-Chi figure...its great, but doesn't have him wearing his gi, and I want him in his full original outfit. I did eventually get the shirtless one, because 1.) it came with some great extra hands and weapons, 2.) he DOES have a lot of appearances in his book sans gi, 3.) I doubt the "classic" version is going to come with all the things the Spidey Demogoblin BAF has, and 4.) even if it does I'm still going to be happy with both.
  21. I think this outfit looks just so generic superhero though, the newer incarnation of his suit gives him some personality, I doubt Hasbro would do this version (at all), and the Flack vest BM is what we will get, and I'd be happy with it, but it could be a possibility we get this which I'd way rather have the flack vest version, but I mean seriously if we do get a Blue Marvel (we will this year I bet), we really need Anti-Man as well.
  22. Yeah I'm sure down the road we will see a classic Falcon with Redwing, and it's probably going to be the reason I fling this version into a bin.
  23. That would be a great buy. If its possible for a retcon character to have a "classic" look, I prefer his first one over the "modern" flak vest thing he's been wearing.
  24. I wish the G.I. Joe Classified Red Ninja, just was the Marvel Legends Hand Ninja, it's an amazing figure, and yes comes with a ton of cool accessories and has drop hips for probably way better posing, if Red Ninja already wasn't dedicated to my Joe shelf, I just move it to the Legends collection and call it a Hand Ninja.
  25. Kilts & Islamic garments are very, very different things. Scottish people wear kilts (a). Because they have to in a ceremonial or military context or (b). Because they want to celebrate their 'glorious' history of clan affiliation (some people in Scotland believe that they are honouring their ancient ancestral 'clan' by wearing a specific pattern of tartan on their kilts & etc. Sadly, historical research has shown that the idea of clans dates back to the late Victoria era, and the resurgence in historical nationalism & romanticism in the literature of the time). So, it's not really different to choosing to wear a tie. This is very different to the clothes worn by Islamic women. Muslim women may 'choose' (or choose, I guess) what they wear according to (a). How orthodox they are and (b). Where they live and what type of Islam is their law (secular and religious). So, that means you may wear just a headscarf (hijab), a niqab (the 'letterbox' veil, where only the eyes are visible, like Dust from X-Men) or the burkha (total coverage, headscarf and veil. Closest thing in Marvel Legends would be the AIM soldiers, but with a scarf rather than a weird helmet-thing). Or, probably most commonly, they may wear none of those things. Ms Marvel is a case in point: no part of her costume is explicitly religious/Islamic, but that's because the character is a modern, progressive young Liberal Muslim living in a pre-dominantly secular society (her mum, however, does wear the hijab). Neither cosplay, nor regular, Ms Marvel (solely judged by costume) could be considered a stereotype in any way. But the point is kilts = secular, fashion choice. Hijab/niqab/burkha = expressions of faith and/or legal requirement to wear. Personally, I don't get offended by, say, the name Scalphunter (NOT a Muslim!) and think Marvel's explanation for changing it to 'Greycrow' (it causes offense to Native Americans, apparently) are weak. I'm actually okay with stereotypes in comics because you work on the basis that a really cool character, or costume, can explain something about that character without painfully long lectures. Dani Moonstar's bow & arrow & both Proudstar brothers' codenames are a bit cliche; as is calling the token British superhero agent type Union Jack; the mutant from Japan just has to be a (Silver) Samurai and so on. But, in the hands of great comic writers, clichés like this can be explored, rejected, challenged and subverted (but ONLY as a MINOR part of a book/story). Marvel hasn't got too many great (or good) writers nowadays though, so ponderous extended dialogue about identity politics takes the place of exposition, character development and thematic progression, IMHO. And this cosplay Ms Marvel? I like it. Please could someone who doesn't get a Marvel Unlimited Subscription anyway, shout me & eBay it? This was the only way I could get Rescue, and she was worth every penny of the £60.00 I paid. Now, anyone who has got this far, wake up, and tell me which Marvel Comics character/Legends figure(s) or characters ARE offensive to you, and why.
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