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The Maestro

The Maestro's Trade List

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Starting a For Sale/Trade thread for anyone who may interested. I do business with the 2005 boards, Allspark, and Ebay for those who need references:




Allspark Feedback

LIST UPDATES: 02/07/17

My "WANTS" are toward the bottom of the trade list.
Please PM me with any questions.
Thanks for looking!

The Maestro

For Sale/Trade:


Baron Zemo variant in unopened package (package is damaged) $18 or Best Offer

Iron Man Now $11 (No BAF) or $8 without box
Blizzard $11 with box (no BAF) or $8 without box
Speed Demon SOLD
Beetle $11 with box(no BAF) or $8 without box
Valkyrie $11 with box (no BAF) or $8 without box
Thundra $11 with box (no BAF) or $8 without box
Dr, Strange $11 with box (no BAF) or $8 without box
Batroc $11 with box (No BAF) or $8 without box

or take the remaining seven loose figures (no boxes) for $45 shipped in the U.S.



Lot of 2 Hulk Classics Mecha-Hulks + 1 Gremlin Lot.

Both Mecha-Hulks need repairs. Both have split crotches. I started to attempt to repair them, but I really don't have the time to do it now.

I'm offering them here first in case anybody wants to fix these, before I move them to ebay. $90 for the whole lot.SOLD




Takara Collection Series #6 G1 Megatron comes with all accessories, instructions, biocard, bonus mouse pad, opened box with attached file cards. Figure has some chrome wear on the chest. Decals were applied.$125 or Best Offer


Action Masters Kick-Off loose complete with all accessories and opened card back. Figure has loose hip joints. $24 or Best Offer


Skyquake 2009 Attendee exclusive loose with both accessories $37 Shipped in the U.S.


Unicron black version loose with mini-con and all accessories $125 or Best Offer

Terrorcon Insecticon loose with all accessories $14 or Best Offer

Duststorm loose with all accessories and opened card back $12 or Best Offer


Armada Unicron comes complete with all accessories, mini-con, instructions, comic/catalog, and opened box(box has damage) Let knee joint is loose. $75 or Best Offer
Sea Mini-Con Team repaint MOSC (card has shelf wear)$20 shipped U.S. or Best Offer


Cryotek loose with opened box only (box has wear) $65 or Best Offer

Robots in Disguise 2003 Dreadwind & Smokejumper with all accessories, instructions, and biocards $45 or Best Offer
Skid-Z/Wind Sheer set loose all accessories with cardback $20
Universe Constructicons Micromaster Quickmix MOSC $20 (card has shelf wear)


Beast Wars Metals Rattrap Puzzle exclusive loose with tail accessory and opened box (minor chrome wear on one wheel) Puzzle not available $49 or Best offer

Transmetals 2 Blackarachnia loose complete with all accessories, instructions, and opened box(box has wear). String for weapon is broken. $74 or Best Offer

Transmetals Depth Charge loose complete with instructions, all accessories, and opened box. Has some chrome wear on panel under robot head. $74 or Best Offer

Fuzors Quickstrike loose with opened card back $22 or Best Offer

Transmetals Optimal Optimus complete with all accessories, instructions, and opened box(has wear), working electronics $79 or Best Offer

Wolfang loose complete with all accessories and opened card back $22 or Best Offer

Razorclaw VHS version loose with opened card back (no vhs tape) $22 or Best offer

Transmetals Rampage loose complete with instructions, all accessories, and opened box(has wear). Chrome on robot shoulders has minor wear. $79 or Best Offer

Scorponok loose complete with opened box, instructions and all accessories. Glue that holds bottom of box together has dries out, so box may be flattened when shipped. SOLD

Transmetals 2 Tigerhawk loose complete with all paperwork, accessories, inserts, & opened box. White parts have some discoloration due to storage. Additional pics upon request. $49 or Best Offer

Transmetals 2 Cheetor loose complete with all accessories and opened card back $22 or Best Offer

Transmetals Optimus Primal with all weapon accessories, instructions, and opened box (figure has minor chrome wear on belly) $35 or Best Offer

Megatron with all accessories, instructions, and opened box (box has heavy wear) $55 or Best Offer

Transmetals 2 Prowl with opened card back $18 or Best Offer

Takara Tigatron C-8 complete with opened box, all accessories, all paperwork, biocard, and inserts $65 or Best Offer

Takara Shadow Panther D-7 complete with opened box, all accessories, all paperwork, biocard, and inserts $30 or Best Offer

Terrorsaur loose complete with weapon accessory and opened cardback (Rock bubble version) $30 or Best Offer

Airazor loose complete with weapon accessory and opened cardback $22 or Best Offer

Fuzor Silverbolt loose complete with opened card back $24 or Best Offer

Transmetals Cheetor loose complete with opened card back $32 or Best Offer


Transmetals 2 Scarem loose complete with opened card back $12 or Best Offer


Black Big Convoy Toys R US Japan exclusive with all accessories and opened box (box has wear) Some paint wear on robot chest. $245 or Best Offer

Takara Beast Wars Neo VS-37 Sharp Edge vs Hardhead comes with all accessories, 2 instructions sheets, 2 biocards, and opened box $55 Shipped or Best Offer


Cheetor Supreme Class loose complete with all accessories, instructions, and opened box(has wear) SOLD
Scavenger loose, complete $10
Sonic Attack Jet Aerodrone loose complete $18
Cheetor Mega class loose complete w/tail accessory $16 or Best Offer



ACT 3 Megatron Reformatted Rare Chase complete with stand and box $95 or Best Offer
ACT 6 Thrust with stand $35 or Best offer
Act 6 Ramjet with stand $30 or Best Offer
Act 7 Star Saber rare chase gold colored version with Victory Saber upgrade $45 or Best offer
Act 7 Star Saber pewter version with Victory Saber upgrade $35 or Best Offer


Galvatron black gun $8.00

G2 Dirtbag loose complete with 3d card, instructions, all 4 missiles, and opened card back $18 or Best Offer
Gobots Bumblebee complete w/weapon & card back $12
Gobots Frenzy loose complete w/weapon & card back $12
Gobots Ironhide loose complete w/weapon & cardback $12

HEROES OF CYBERTRON (All PVC figures are MOC, some cards may have minor to some wear)


Paradron Medic SOLD
Powermaster Optimus Prime (Spark Attack) $8


Zoids Crystal Deathsaurer 99% complete built kit w/box (shelf wear), instructions, unused sticker sheet,
working motor/lights, one weapon (repaired) $145 shipped in the U.S.


Green Goblin (MOSC - shelf wear) $8

SMC Ramos Green Goblin (loose, complete) $8


Scream loose w/ 3 spears/launcher $12

Loose 10" figures may have some paint wear/scuffs. Additional pics are available on request.

Vulture with Gun $12 shipped
Beast w/accessory $12 shipped
Wolverine (Metallic Mutants version) w/gun $12 shipped


Ultra-Act Mother of Ultra with opened box, brown shipper, instructions, most accessories(beam accessory is missing. $65 shipped or best offer

Ultra-Act Max with opened box, instructions, and all accessories/ box and instructions have heavy damage/figure also comes with two left open palm hands/all other hands are correct $65 or Best Offer

Take both for $120 shipped in the U. S


S.H. Monsterarts Fire Rodan with opened box, 99% accessories. ( missing one stand base/ substituting with another base from another monsterarts set.) $120 or Best Offer


BADROCK variant loose all accessories $10 shipped (U.S.)


Blood Queen repaint complete w/accessories (1996) $4.00
Werewolf grey variant loose with accessory $12.00


Quartz loose complete with all accessories $12 Shipped U.S.

WILDC.A.T.S (Playmates 1994)

Spartan (loose, complete w/cardback and accessories) $3.00


Man-Bat w/Flapping Wings & Tow Cable (Loose) $3.00


DC Universe Classics (loose)

Wave 12

Eclipso $7

BATMAN: THe Animated Series

Haley Quinn MOSC $25
Riddler MOSC $25
Man-Bat $30


Goldar PVC in package (probably an opener) $5 shipped
Alpha 5 PVC in package (probably an opener $5 shipped
Lord Zedd pvc loose $4 shipped
Take all three for $10 shipped

MMPR Shark Cycles $5.00 each (loose):

Black Ranger's Shark Cycle

Edited by The Maestro

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Obtained my Alternators Meister! Want list has been updated.


Also added some more Marvel Legends to the trade list including Apocalypse, Bullseye variant, and another Hulk variant! Thanks for looking! :)

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Obtained a few wants, removed some items that were sold or traded, and added a ML Juggernaut and X2 Movie Cyclops to the trade list. More updates soon! Thanks for looking! :)

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    • Since he was so sorry and apologetic about his tweets,  why not delete them? And this whole "I was being a provocateur" excuse is laughable. The reality is that the things he said we're so reprehensible and perverse there was no believable explanation he could offer,  so he just said he was joking... Yes, joking about serious issues does not immediately mean that the person is involved in them. I'll give you that,  but this wasn't just one tweet,  this was a whole series of horrible tweets, not one of which was funny in any way, all revolving around the same subject,  pedophilia. Which should raise a Red flag in most people's eyes. Often where there is smoke, there is fire. Especially in Hollywood. Have you ever heard of anyone by the name Weinstein, Spacey, or Singer? I agree that people can certainly change,  but why not go back and delete those tweets? The mere fact that Gunn left these up on twitter, suggests to me that he was never all that concerned or apologetic about their content. If I was to tweet something awful, get called out on it, and was truly apologetic, I would go out of my way to remove the offensive tweets. And while I know the GOTG cast has said he isn't the same person he was back then, let's not pretend that any of the cast actually know what Gunn does in his private life. My opinion on Dave Bautista is just that,  an opinion and I stand by it.
      Gunn is the one who really mishandled this situation. A public figure like Gunn should know his tweets will be held to a higher standard & yes these vile tweets will probably define him for some time, quite fairly in my opinion. However,  I don't think this sends a message to your average person,  that no matter how much they've changed as a person they'll always be defined by their lowest point, as they are simply regular people & not public figures like Gunn, the millionaire Hollywood director. The sheer volume & subject matter of Gunn's tweets were beyond awful & extremely disturbing. A public figure like Gunn should know better than to post these sort of things that would come come back to haunt him, & had he been sorry enough for tweeting about how much he enjoy's little boys touching his "naughty place", he would have deleted them, however here we are today & it feels like more than anything else,  he's sorry he got caught.
    • Gunn did explain the purpose behind those tweets, expressing that his intention those years ago was to act as a provocateur. He additionally had already apologized for his raunchy attempts at humor. I don't think that joking about serious issues in such a way necessarily means that a person has a thing for them, especially if the purpose of those "jokes" is to cause a reaction. It's making a joke which is offensive for the sake of it being offensive, and not necessarily to insinuate some kind of depraved fetish. There have been many news of idiot tourists making the Nazi salute in Germany, which doesn't automatically entail they're Nazis. They're just idiots (at the very least, hopefully). I believe this is a similar case with James Gunn.

      His tweets are disgusting, and don't say anything nice about the person he was in 2010. However, Gunn himself and the people he has closely worked with for over five years expressed that he has changed and that he's no longer the kind of person those tweets reflect. I don't think any kind of conclusion from this incident should be made without taking those people into account. And I don't think it's appropriate to assume Dave Bautista is depraved solely based on his stance from this situation. He knows much more about James Gunn than the slim portion most people get to see. Gunn's situation has been mishandled for the most part by people online, and shows a toxic mentality. It tells people that it doesn't matter how much they have changed as a person, their lowest point will always define them. And just in case there's any doubt, I don't mean to defend James Gunn's tweets, or the type of "humor" we waved like a flag back then. I don't even want to pretend to know what course of action Disney should've taken. It's a slippery slope, but there should be some balance between painting him as a misunderstood saint and a depraved would-be child-molester.
    • Pedophilia is not something that should EVER be joked about. It is a real problem worldwide and it is horrible. The tweets made by James Gunn were extremely insensitive and vile,  especially to victims and their families. Not one of these so called jokes were funny and they suggest that Mr. Gunn at the very least is a sick individual who could very well be involved in pedophilia in some form. He is simply not fit to direct anything until all of these "jokes" are adequately explained. I find it very sad & pathetic that so many people have defended Gunn and his disgusting tweets. It speaks volumes when thousands jump to the defense of a man who has endorsed pedophilia & may himself be a pedophile, simply because he directed a couple of entertaining movies. Here's to hoping that Disney will fire Dave Bautista too. He has been the most vocal of Gunn's supporters and I suspect has some disturbing skeletons in his closet as well.
    • I'll give you this, the figure is a perfect match for this wave. There are one or two winners, a killer BAF, and the rest are just... why?
    • Totally agree with FASVB and the reviewer that this outfit is totally worth the purchase, but that a huge specific plus is the Laura unmasked head included, which like everyone else apparently, I intend to place onto my X-23 figure from the previous DP wave. Also, on a related note to the review: Hasbro's QC in these post Infinity War waves seems to have fallen off dramatically...I got a Magneto w/ no unmasked head packed in from HTS. That and paint apps being so poorly applied are going to have some impact on the line if not unchecked going into 2019 and the expected price increases.

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