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x men trilogy game

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following the movie trilogy, i think they should make an x men trilogy game that lets you be inconrtoll of the character throughout the trilogy, you take controll of wolverine, nightcrawler, jean, storm, cyclops, collosus, kitty pryde, ice man, rogue, and other unlockable characters like proffesor x, mystique and magneto.


you get to be each character for one or as much levels as you like that is if they were their at thet time in the movie, i think this is a cool idea and i dont belive no one thought of it, you might think it sounds rubbish but i think it sounded good, im sick of games were you can only be wolverine, x men 2 game was all wolverine, so i think this would be good.

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I think that it would be a fun game.


But have more people in it than that. Like in the X3 movie where they are all trying to kill the kid you could choose any one of the characters that they showed. Be good or bad. Save the kid or kill him.

Thats just one thing i would put in it.

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i just think this would be mint.


like the save wolverine and rogue level you get to be cyclopse or storm running throught the snow forest and battle sabetooth.


the train station in x men 1 would be cool too for evil side or good.


the liberty island scene would be cool too.


the x men 2 striker base with all those corridors would be the most coolest as magneto wooow.


but the game would have to set out like x men the last stand not like x men legends i hate those little ant people with circles around them.


i think if you could do that scene as you said protect leach or save him would be cool, jumping of that building and fighting as kitty collosus beast iceman storm or wolverine i vote storm and beast.


i would love to fly the jet in one level too, this game would be really cool on the wii.

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As mutch as i hated XML, and liked XML 2 and MUA, I don't wnat it to be like them. Well, i mean graphics and the way you do stuff. I would keep the bit where you pick your powers, but they would have to be reasonable, like if you where in the original X-Men Movie part, Jean wouldn't have loads of power, but if in secound movie, it would be more powerfull. Also the charcter screen when there is four or mroe characters to play as.


I would love to play as either Magneto or Phoenix, as they are like, the strongest.

I wouldn't suggest Xavier as playable, since he wouldn't be out his chair. Could you imagine Xavier zooming round missions, using Telepathy and a boost on his chair? I would never use him as i think that too mutch.


Playing as Beast and Iceman would be cool, also Shadowcat.

I would find it good if, once you finish the game, you could go round using characters Unlocked.


X-men - BH


Cyc - Magneto

Wolv - Sabertooth

Storm - Toad

Jean - Mystique


Rogue (unlockable)


X-men 2 - BH


Cyc (start + end) - Magneto

Wolv - Mystique

Storm - Pyro (end)




Iceman (unlockable)



X-men 3 - BH


Cyc (start) - Magneto

wolv - Mystique (unlockable)

storm -Phoenix (like spiderman 3, you have to control yourself or you go dark)

Iceman -Juggy

Rogue (halfway) -Calisto

Iceman -Spike

Beast -Psylocke

Shadowcat -Pyro

Colossus (unlockable)



Bonus Levels - comics: Moon, Days of future past


Bonus Levels - movie: Danger Room, Mansion, Magneto's base.

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x men

level 1 - saving wolverine and rogue, play as cyclopse and storm to fight your way through the blizzard and save wolverine and rogue , fighting sabretooth at the end.


level 2 - discovering the mansion, play as rogue or wolverine and walk around the mansion and make new friends discover your new home, and last part of the level in the danger room.


level 3 - the train station, play as cyclopse or storm and fight brother hood goons and try and find rogue, last par if playing as cyclopse fight toad, if playing as storm fight sabrtooth.


unlock, play as toad and sabrtooth in danger room.


level 4 - liberty island, yuor flying the jet and must complete a sky course flying through rings and under bringes and passing through obsticles using lightning, optic blast, psy shield,once completed play as jean cyclopse storm or wolverine and fight through more brotherhood goons and fight toad mystique and sabrtooth.


unlock - play as mystique and magneto in the danger room.



x men 2

level 5 - white house, play as nightcrawler in the famous white house scene.


level 6 - masion attack, play as wolverine, iceman, colossus, pyro to fight the soldiers attacking the mansion.


unlock pyro and collosus and kitty pryde


level 7 - united- mystique to get in, then in stage two play as jean storm or nightcrawler to get through the corridors.stage three play as magneto or mystique to get through another corridor of troops.


level 8 - escaping the base - wolverine fights through the last level and then fights deathstrike.


unlock deathstrike


x men the last stand


level 9 - the danger room - play as storm kitty collosus or wolverine in the danger room mission.


level 10 - saving the mutants, play as pyro magneto or callisto againts the army and armed forces as you try to save mystique from the moving prisons.


level 11 - the grey house, play as storm or wolverine and fight brotherhood goons and if playing as wolverine fight juggernaught if playing as storm fight callisto. part 2 play as professor x and fight the phoenix's mind and play as a walking professor x in the depths of jeans mind.


unlock dark phoenix & juggernaught.


level 12 - the bridge, play as juggernaught, dark phoenix or magneto againts armed troops and the army as you are working towards the bridge.


level 13 - the last stand, play as beast, or storm or wolverine, or iceman, or kitty, or colosuss, and enter the battle field of the final scene at worthington labs and fight waves of brotherhood goons,


play as beast you must fight waves of troops and disable bombs,


then play as kitty or colossus fighting goons


then play as storm fight goons from the ground and air and then fight callisto,


then play as iceman fight goons and pyro,


playing as wolverine fight goons and then fight againts object thrown by phoenix, you must dodge object then work your way closer and closer to phoenix (jean grey)


unlock all costumes (modern, ultimate, fa), unlock all danger room missions.


also unlock, gambit, emma frost, blob, deadpool.


once the last mission is complete you can walk the mansion as you wish and it still gets attacked by brother hood goons to keep it interesting.

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I like that idea, but i must add, before Train Station, Wolverine on motorcycle, dodging cars, and possibly (not from movie, but through it in anyway, eh ;)) chase goons. BUT, you have a time limit or 08:00 to stop all goons.


X2, X-Jet mission, out running the jet thingys (the name just suddenly slipped my mind :S), and using Phoenix's (not Jean's), and Strom's powers against them.


I would also like to add the scene where Logan goes to the Brother Hood's hideout and fights some of the members.

And the danger room mission, you forgot about Iceman & Rogue.

Also the mission after bridge, I would add in Kitty stopping Juggernaut.

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there should fantastic four games like mua and xm1 and xm2

And with that, there is only one thing to say: "What are you on about F4? We where talking about a new X-Men game we wanted Marvel to make. :rogue: :rogue: :rogue:

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