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200-2009 Hasbro Marvel Legends Product Release


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I don't know how true this is but I saw it on Fwoosh... I hope its true, looks like some good line ups!


Hasbro Pending Marvel Legend Banner Release Catalog 2008-2009:




Marvel Legends Two Packs (Wave 1) Jul 2008


Ultimate Nick Fury/Ultimate Captain America








*retail $19.99 e




Marvel Legends Two Packs (SDCC 08 Exclusive) Jul 2008




*retail $24.99 e




Hulk Marvel Legends (Wave 1) Aug 2008


The End Hulk/She-Hulk/Skarr, Son of Hulk/King Hulk


*retail $14.99 e




Marvel Legends Singles (Red Hulk Wave) –Target Exclusive Aug 2008


Spiral/Adam Warlock/Union Jack/Silver Savage/Black Spider-Man/Wolverine


*retail $9.99 e




Marvel Legends Two Packs (Wave 2) Sep 2008


SHIELD Agent/Hand Ninja


Mr. Fantastic/Thing


Human Torch/Invisible Woman




*retail $19.99 e




Marvel Legends Singles (Online Exclusive) Oct 2008


AOA Sunfire


*retail $9.99 e




Hulk Marvel Legends (Wave 2) Oct 2008


Absorbing Man/Doc Samson/Wendigo/Savage Grey Hulk


*retail $14.99 e




Marvel Legends Singles (Nemesis Wave) –Wal-Mart Exclusive Dec 2008


Tigra/Black Bolt/Punisher/Dare Devil/Beast/Nova


*retail $9.99 e




Marvel Legends Box Sets: (Wave 1) Dec 2008


Thunderbolts (Swordsman/Penance/Venom/Radioactive Man/Songbird)


Classic X-Men (Cyclops/Angel/Beast/Iceman/Marvel Girl)


*retail $39.99 e




Marvel Legends Singles (Strong Guy Wave) Jan 2009


Rogue/Silver Samurai/Gladiator/Spider-Girl/Winter Soldier/ Gray Gargoyle


*retail $9.99 e




Marvel Legends Two Packs (Wave 3) Feb 2009


Cyclops/Jean Grey




Multiple Man




*retail $19.99 e




Marvel Legends Box Sets: (Wave 2) Mar 2009


New Warriors (Night Thrasher/Justice/Speed Ball/Dawkhawk/Namorita)


Inhumans (Medusa/Crystal/Karnak/Gorgon/Triton)


*retail $39.99 e




Marvel Legends Box Sets: (Online Exclusive) Apr 2009


Alpha Flight (Snowbird/Guardian/Vindicator/Shaman/Sasquatch)


*retail $39.99 e




Marvel Legends Singles (Goliath Wave) May 2009


US Agent/Silver Sable/Nitro/Jubilee/Maverick/Shang Chi


*retail $9.99 e




Marvel Legends Two Packs (Wave 4) May 2009


Tony Stark/Maria Hill


Dum Dum Dugan/ GW Bridge


Captain America (Barnes)/Crossbones




*retail $19.99 e




Marvel Legends Box Sets: (Wave 3) Aug 2009


New X-Men (Surge/Hellion/Dust/Mercury/Rockslide)


New X-Men II (X-23/Prodigy/Anole/Pixie/Gentle)

*retail $39.99 e




Marvel Legends Two Packs (Wave 5) Sep 2009


Exodus/Fabian Cortez








*retail $19.99 e




Marvel Legends Singles (Lockjaw Wave) Sep 2009


Bastion/Storm/Kang/Ikaris/ Sersi/ Madame Masque


*retail $9.99 e




Marvel Legends Singles (Online Exclusive) Aug 2009




*retail $9.99 e




Marvel Legends Box Sets: (Wave 4) Nov 2009


Masters Of Evil (Enchantress/Whirlwind/Klaw/Tiger Shark/Whiplash)

X-Force (Warpath/Sunspot/Shatteredstar/Boomer/Siryn)


*retail $39.99 e




Marvel Legends Singles (DeathsHead Wave) –Target Exclusive Nov 2009


Lilandra/Death Bird/Crimson Dymo/High Evolutionary/Puma/Lyja


*retail $9.99 e




Marvel Legends Singles (Sauron Wave) –Wal-Mart Exclusive Dec 2009


Agent 13/Darwin/Nighthawk/Stryfe/Tryphod Mary/Vulcan


*retail $9.99 e




Marvel Legends Singles (Thanos Wave) Dec 2009


Mephisto/Ares/Wraith/Wolfsbane/Black Tom/Viper


*retail $9.99 e



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AAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! STORM, tell me this is true im almost having kittens lol :)








IF this is a joke i will castrate the person who started it, joke but these sound goood, the lockjaw wave i only know storm and bastion.


thes are so cool i hope to GOD these are true bring on the storm and jubilee, silver samurai, lilandra, sauron, bastion, black tom....... yeeeeeey cant wait :)


still wanna see callisto!

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Me Too.Im a member there.went to E-zine-NOTHING,Marvel board-NOTHING.


If you can not supply evidence i will assume that you are trying to waste our time with your wish list,or piss us off.



And IF there is more damn exclusives i will kill YOU or someone else.



did that sound mean? :huh:

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i be happy with all of those and i want all of those but come on. do you really think hasbro plans that far ahead?


actually i do think they plan that far ahead but you can only plan that far with ideas, (example the nemesis wave they were to buisy with all those ideas that they almost wrecked that beast figure), but in another light its good they are digging deeper in to the universe wich has ofered its licance if i was given the licance and owned a toy company i would have dug deep along time ago, im sure you all would, but if this isnt real and it a wish list or hoaks, i think hasbro would do well to jot a few i deas down, (coughs, storm, jubilee, silver samurai, lilandra, no more exclusives!!!!) lol :)

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I for one am gonna buy into it... Hook line and sinker!


Everything we're waiting on now was promised us last summer, which means they've had a full year to bring on "Phase two" (...after the transitional period?) We've seen so many legends that have a line or haven't had a line announced, and to top it all off; we were discussing Hulk wave figures this time last year?!

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I saw this on http://thefwoosh.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=35 posted by member Cyclonus on Friday, when I went back later that day it was gone. The list was exactly the same as the posters so unless he is Cyclonus, he copied it from that post. Here is what we do know: Hasbro has committed on Box Set(s) in the near further. Prototypes of Northstar, Aurora, Magneto, Silver Samurai, Storm & Lilandra have already been seen. Hasbro announced on their website an Alpha Flight Box Set. Speed Ball, US Agent, Winter Soldier, Strong Guy, Crimson Dymo and Exodus have all been thrown out on respectable forums as upcoming figures. All the box sets make perfect sense other than the seconded New X-Men set. Multiple Man, Blink, Gladiator, High Evolutionary, Shang Chi, Silver Sable and Ares are all names that keep showing up on Hasbro’s polls. I believe this to be a genuine list from Hasbro, however will they actually see production is another story. If this list is made up I would have to contend this person should work for Hasbro’s product design team as these are way better line ups than what we’ve got so far. I truly hope this list is real my wallet surly hope’s it is not!

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Seriously, look at the line-ups for the single figure waves. After the Union Jack/Spiral/Wolverine/Silver Savage/etc wave, there isn't a single Wolverine or Iron Man in any of the waves or box sets. Over a year without one of them? Also the only other one who says they saw it also has only one post. This is about as real as a middle-class tax cut....

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when is sandiago comic con, isnt their a few more two packs to be revealed, i hope their is storm one with one of the x men or black panther or callisto. i hope its callisto


will their be a whole load new marvel legends their or will they reveal next years line ups i supose onlu time will tell, i just hope they arnt still considering the 3 3/4 inch figures.

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