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Ares Wave Out!!


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All -


I am reading here:



that the Ares wave has been discontinued by Hasbro. I called Hasbro today and a representative did confirm that it has been cancelled.


I am worried now about if the Nemesis wave will be coming out as I really was looking forward to the Punisher variant, Black Bolt, Nova, and Tigra.

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I'd say you can't rely on hasbro people as you are probably talking to people from hasbro.com and since Ares is a walmart exclusive, they don't have them available to sell.


Walmart people on the other hand...


I call Walmart every morning and they say I'm not the only one so they could just be getting annoyed. Hopefully this is some kind of cruel joke. I really want the Ares wave.

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Well here are the results-


I am very disappointed in the War Machine... is it really that hard to make a new head for James Rhodes? Anyways, I am happy with my purchase, just a little disappointed in Hasbro right now.


With a little dremel work, Falcon's head will slip under Ult. IM's mask... Don't ask me how I know this, I just do


Chop off all the Falcon features, dremel the inside of the helmet slightly and POW! right in tha kisser!

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I finally completed my Ares BAF yesterday. Here's my review...


Crossbones (9.5/10): This figure is probably the best in the whole series. Thanks to Toy Biz, we have a nice range of articulation and sculpt. I also have to give Hasbro credit for their clever re-use of the Hulkling sculpt. All it took was a vest and new head and hands. This figure would've gotten a perfect ten had it been given non-HYDRA guns and if they actually fit in his hands. My only other complaint on this figure is the paint on his mask being a little uneven, but with a figure this cool, I can certainly overlook this.


Kang (8/10): This figure gets a nice score due to it, once again being a complete Toy Biz sculpt. The dark colors look good on this Kang, and help differentiate it from the Toy Biz release. I was quite pleased to finally get a Kang after how impossible it was to find him. He would've got a higher score had he come with a gun; he looks a little out of place with a non-articulated hand that was meant to be holding one. So in order to accomodate this, I put Iron Fist's flames on his hands. I'm not sure if he could ever do something like this in the comics, but I think it looks cool. He's also a bit on the short side. Another inch or so of height and he'd be a 9/10. Still, a welcome figure to my collection.


Guardian (7.5/10): Ahh, Guardian. I've been waiting to get this guy since Sasquatch was released way back in the Apocalypse Series. He shares his sculpt with Quicksilver, a sculpt which always gives the figures a nice range of articulation. My only complaint with that sculpt in that the top and bottom of the figure don't meet up evenly at the waist. I can overlook that easily; I can even overlook the fact that he doesn't come with the metallic paint job his prototype at SDCC had. However, it's his paint job that is his worst quality. The red on the figure is shoddy to say the least; it was already peeled off when I opened him. Aside from the red, his white is off. When will toy companies learn that a blue paintwash doesn't help pull off a white color? Oh well, he still looks nice fighting Wendigo with Sasquatch and Wolverine...


Ultimate War Machine (5/10): What can be said that hasn't already been said about this useless hunk of plastic? Let's start with the obvious: His head; a truly poor, poor decision on Hasbro's part. It's basically a Tony Stark head molded in one brown color and the mask is glued on it so it can't be removed. How awesome is that?!? icon_rolleyes.gif I mean, couldn't Hasbro have at least put a newly sclupted Jim Rhodes or Black Widow head and new helmet on him? According to the pictues on the package, his helmet is different than Ultimate Iron Man's, so this would've made sense. And yes, he still comes with those crappy karate-chop hands his predecessor came with. His only saving grace is his paint job, which I find goes much better with this sculpt than UIM. Had it not been for the paint job, this figure would've easily gotten a 4/10.


Heroes Reborn Iron Man (7.5/10): I've never once read any of the Heroes Reborn titles, so I don't know much about his armor and how it should look, so I can only judge him based on how the figure itself looks. His sculpt is quite detailed, very intricate. The mesh on him was sculpted very well. I only wish the helmet was removeable or that he came with an alternate head. My only complaint is is that he is too short, thin, and all around scrawny (He'll fit in nicely with the aforementioned Kang icon_wink.gif ) Oh, and his joints are a little on the loose side, so it might be somewhat difficult when trying to find a good pose for him. His yellow paint can come out a bit sloppy in some places, mostly edges, like on his head, but the red paint is solid, mostly because the red parts were probably molded in red plastic. All in all, a nice figure.


Ben Reilly Spider-Man (6.5/10): For the record, his packaging is misleading, very misleading. Aside from the fact that most of the pictures on the package are of Peter Parker Spider-Man (Hell, one's even a picture of SPIDER-GIRL!!! Wow, way to respect the dead, Hasbro...), it states that this is in fact, the Scarlet Spider. This is not the case, however. This is Ben Reilly Spider-Man, the costume he wore after Peter Parker temporarily quit being Spider-Man and after Ben quit using his Scarlet Spider duds (Which includes a blue hoody). Aside from this mistake, there's the sculpt. His head and body don't match. What do I mean? Well, his head has sculpted on webbing and eyes, and his body has painted on webs, since he obviously re-uses the Ronan the Accuser Series Silver Surfer body. I would've much rather had one or the other, not both. The painted webs are uneven and don't match up in some places, and the paint on his hands are messed up (He has red paint where there should be blue paint). His web-shooters do constrict the wrist poseability, so watch out for that and don't force it to bend. A Spider-Man figure needs a wide range of poseability, so some toe and finger articulation would've helped to better re-create some classic Spidey poses. And since this is a clone of Spider-Man, he should match up with the Black Costume Spidey from the Red Hulk Series. Had they used the Black Spidey body, not only would this figure have looked less scrawny and thin, they could've easily made a Scarlet Spider variant! Oh well, maybe next time Hasbro...


Vision (7.5/10): For those of you who missed Vision the first time around, this figure might be right up your alley. I like the amount of detail that went into his cape, but since it's swished more to the one side, it can be a little hard to find a balanced pose. I like his left hand's pose, (Although I'd much rather have had it articulated), but his right hand looks off. It looks like he was meant to be holding something, even though Vision isn't known for carrying anything. A fist would've worked much better. He also shares the same body with Ben Reilly Spider-Man, so he, too, is a bit on the short and scrawny side. His vibrant paint colors works well for him, although I kinda wish the diamond on his chest matched the other yellow paint on him, it just looks out of place or another mistake on Hasbro's part.


Human Torch (Orange version) (9.5/10): This figure is a good example of learing from one's mistakes. This Torch is everything the Ronan Series one should've been. The clear orange plastic mixed with shades of yellow and orange paint go together quite nicely and really pull off the "Flame on!" look well. I'd also like to give props to Hasbro for deciding to not re-use the Troll Doll head of the Ronan Torch, even though it still would've worked on this Torch. I can only hope they use this new Torch's head on the upcoming Human Torch/Invisible Woman 2-Pack. My only complaint is that my figure's right leg is a bit warped and he only stands good in one pose. Other than that, this is definitely a figure worth picking up. As for the Human Torch variant, I'm going to give him an 8/10, since I don't recall seeing the Torch with white jagged streaks on him. However the red and yellow/white clear plastic looks great on him. I'd have probably given him a higher score if not for the streaks.


Ares BAF (8.5/10): For starters, this was not worthy of being a BAF. He's the same height as Crossbones, if not a shade smaller with his helmet off. He also could have easily been built in 6 figures, not 8 (The head and accessories coming seperately was not necessary, considering I had to buy that paperweight Ultimate War Machine). But at least Wal*Mart didn't drive the price of the figures up to $15. Now that that's out of the way, let's start with his paint job. His helmet's gold paint is very sloppy, so be sure to look for that when picking out your Heroes Reborn Iron Man (If it'll even make a difference). The paint can be a little sloppy on the arm studs and a little off on his chest's skull, too. The paint on his weapons' handles turned out decent due to a blue paint wash, but alas, they rub off too easily onto his hands. The articulation isn't bad, I like not having articulated hands for figures that hold accessories (In this case a sword and dagger). However, his head suffers from the loss of the joint that allows figures to look up and down. Ares looks like he's always looking down at his feet, especially when he's got his helmet on. The armor on his legs and his brown chainmail(?) on his left arm and stomach are all nicely detailed, which is evident by the little cracks and scratches on them. Also, the holes his arms and legs fit into are WAY too loose and easily allow them to pop out. It's a real problem when trying to pose him. Still, Ares fits in quite nicely with my Mighty Avengers figures, and was well worth it, even if I had to buy UWM... icon_wink.gif


Ares Wave Final Grade: 8.5/10

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