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3 3/4" sighting and hauls


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buy a regular version at TRU and the variant version at TDS and return the regular version to TDS? I would think the only issue would be replacing TDS store sticker onto the one returned.

Awesome man youve only been here a week and youre already comming up with great ideas! why dont you just wear a ski mask and help yourself to all of them

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Found the Giant Size X-Men pack at a Disney store. About 10 of them. One being the variant. I wonder what the case breakdown for that is of if it's just a crap shoot. I like the set as a whole. The figures are nice, but I couldn't get myself to spend $49.50. If I find it ar TRU for $35 I'll definitely pick it up.



Interestingly enough, my local Disneystore had 6 X-Men packs of which all 6 were the variant.(bought one yesterday).


And the craziest thing happend today. About 3 weeks ago, my amazing fiancee went to a Wallyworld on her way to work. She asked about the Frost Giant / Loki Gig Battles which they had none of. The employee who happend to be super helpful and super nice, took down her number. Meanwhile i went from wally to wally with no luck for 3 weeks until today. 8:15am, we get a phone call and its the women from wally who she had spoken to and said she had a Frost Giant / Loki Gig Battles in her hand and was going to put it in her office with our name on it!!!! So went down there as fast as i could and finally fianlly got Frosty!!!!!!


*Special thanks to you Walmart Employee Faith for going out of your way for us!*


I made sure to leave her great feed back trhough there customer service before i left!

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Picked up the following at TRU in CT tonight:



Patch/Silver Samurai

Winter Soldier

Ultimates Cap

WW2 Cap


Passed on standard Cap (get him in the Intl Patriots pack)


My eyes LIT UP when I saw DP/Tasky. And then turned to fire when I saw Deadpool's EYES WERE NOT PAINTED. They had like 5 SS/Patch packs and no other DP packs. But lo and behold, 3 aisles over next to the Giant Size X-Men packs --- SOMEONE STASHED ANOTHER Deadpool 2 pack!!!!!!!!!


Those $8.99 (at cheapest) Green Lantern figures are NOT selling. They have like 15 pegs in one aisle loaded with them. And an end cap loaded with them. And about 20 more of them stacked on top of the aisle. Not to mention the deluxe figures.


That crappy plastic "comic style" Green Lantern (and it's 3-5 moveable parts) for $29.99 won't sell, either.


Thor not selling either. They had many of every figure from the first series, still sitting there. Hope the same holds true when Series 2 gets there (never).

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buy a regular version at TRU and the variant version at TDS and return the regular version to TDS? I would think the only issue would be replacing TDS store sticker onto the one returned.

Awesome man youve only been here a week and youre already comming up with great ideas! why dont you just wear a ski mask and help yourself to all of them


that gave me a good lol. yes I am new to posting on this site. No I am not new to collecting. I dont see the harm in doing this - it is not like cracking open a pack and swapping figures from 10 years ago. Its an exchange.


TRU sells both versions for $35

TDS sells both versions for $50


get what you want and save some cash if you are making trips.


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California haul:


Marvel -

Cable w.Hope, courtesy of Meltdown Comics. They tweeted having it, I replied and asked if they could hold it... this is while I was in the Detroit airport. Got there a day or two later and picked it up.

The black/white/red guy from the Captain America line, I don't remember the name, but looked badass. Found it at some gag/novelty store.


GI Joe:

Canceled ROC sub from a ROSS

Canceled Lava Pod from a ROSS

Canceled Cobra Fury from a ROSS

2x Canceled Trouble Bubbles from a ROSS



Walmart-exclusive Clu lightcycle... at a ROSS.

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I stopped by a little independant children's toy shop near my home this afternoon out of boredom, but doubting they had any mainstream figures and probably just coloring books and little kid stuff. Boy was I surprised! They had marvel universe, spider man 3 3/4 inch figures, star wars vintage and saga legends, and transformers. Nothing new from the spider man stuff but a bunch of craptacular spidey costumes. In the marvel universe section though, they had the cable wave but no cable or apocalypse. I was sooooo temped to get the jim lee cyclops but it was $10.99 plus tax which isnt bad and it beats most scalper prices, but Im on a tight budget so I can wait til I find it at target or wal-mart.

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Going to be in the SF/Bay Area. Anyone recommend any good comic shops to visit?


ask Noodlechow hes from SF area he goes to this comicshop there that yielded him a sdcc galactus.


is this for comics or comic shops with toys in em?


in san francisco itself there's "jeffrey's toys", "caffeinated comics", "isotope comics", and "whatever" which is also a comic shop. give em all a look online since i'm sure each one has a yelp page or an actual page with plenty of pictures hopefully. isotope is the only one that doesn't carry toys but their shop is really fancy and more like a comic lounge and the owner dude is pretty cool with really tall hair. he had a kickass dr strange costume upstairs during free comic book day. he also made a mean bloody mary if memory serves. caffeinated comics sells the java and last time i was there a while ago they had some toys but i don't think i saw any MU which could have changed since then. maybe went a year ago actually. "whatever" is a pretty cute shop in the castro and they have this awesome discounted 20% off shelf of really nice trades but dunno if that was only for free comic day. they only had BE ironman, an aim soldier, and i think doc samson in terms of MU and i asked if there were getting wave 13 in which they said they weren't. one of the dudes who runs the shop is a big galactus fan and talked about having the sdcc version and the variant at home. jeffrey's toys is pretty much a full on toy shop with comics in the back. one guy here scored wave 13 there but when i went, no sign of anything MU. still a decent store nonetheless. prolly more in the city but those are the ones i've actually been to. in terms of comics, i'd hit up isotope and whatever for sure since i liked either the store itself, the people, or the stock of comics they had.


bay area wise, i just go to "stand up comics" in el cerrito. that's where i scored the variant galactus during free comic book day since there was a sale on collectibles but it was the only MU they had. also a great shop for comics.


hope this helps and is relatively timely in manner. in fact maybe i should have just sent a pm.

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Stopped at Wal-Mart at lunch and I was excited to see an employee bringing out the Captain America figures.

I was immediately disappointed to learn that a different employee had already taken the Red Skull and Crossbones figures.

At least the guy who was stocking the shelves was cool and honest about it.


So this is now the 3rd time I have come inches short of getting these figures.


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Finding Cap series 1 at local TRU and Target. (Toledo area.) Figures look nice, remind me a little bit of Joes for some reason. Happy so far with WWII Cap and Winter Soldier.


Thor is in good supply BUT I would also say that it has been selling pretty well, unfortunately, have not seen any Series 2 in my area as of yet.


New MU waves proper I have not see anywhere as of yet (last weekend I hit a Target, Wal-Mart, Kohl's, Krogers, Meijer and TRU in one trip), so fingers crossed. Seems like a lot of revision cases have been coming and going though.

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Okay, a good haul today! First, got my Cyclops and Silver Sam pack from TRU.com. Look awesome. Then, went to TRU here in Santa Cruz and found a box of the first class 2 packs! Got both sets, but they rang up at $19.99 each. Damn, pricey. But since I had a merch credit I got them anyway. I left all the rest, so if you are around Santa Cruz, CA check it out. They also got Xmen sets. No sign of wave 13 tho. Then got a cap 3pack at kmart in Watsonville. Checked my Target and all they had was a revision case. Only have seen cap wave 1 figures everywhere.

Here is what I got for trade:

-Cyclops/Ms Marvel pack (1st class)

-Wolvie/Sabretooth pack (1st class)

-Kmart Captain America 3 pack (w Cap Britain and red guardian)

-Xmen Giant Size box set (reg version)

-Ant Man


-Doc Samson

-Captain Britain

-I can get any of wave 1 cap figures

What I need:

-Deadpool and Taskmaster pack (loose or carded)

-Cable (either version, loose or carded)

-Red Skull and Crossbones

-X-force Wolverine (loose or carded)

-Havok classic variant (loose or carded)

Hit me up if you are interested in trading!

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Hey guys long time no post in here.


Have been hunting for both the new wave and the Cap stuff. So far I have done okay. As far as MU goes I have been to only two stores out of many that have ever had Wave 13 in. One had the remnants of the Wave 12 stuff left and a Target here in Prior Lake, MN (here visiting my sister) had a 1st appearance Wolverine and 3 Gladiators. Other than that I have yet to come across any of these guys in the wild but I was lucky enough to get Apocalypse, Cable and Gladiator on TRU.com.


Also found the X-men box set at the Toys R Us in Montrose, OH. None left though last time I was there.


As far as the Cap stuff goes I have seen nothing but the first wave. I did, however, just get back from the K Mart in Burnsville, MN where they were doing the aisle reset as soon as I got there. I was able to get them to bring out their Cap stuff and snagged the International Patriots 3 pack. Not a bad grab, especially for only 20 (which is cheap these days). They didn't have any singles so no luck finding the infamous Wave 2 but I suspect they might put them out soon.


Since I am at my sisters I will hit up all of the places around here and see what I cant find. I'm here with my nephew so I definitely will be looking more since this is his thing. Wish me luck.

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todays Wally World haul...




2 different Wallys. these were a real b!tch to track down. wasted gas and time, but i gots em. the paint apps for these is all over the f@ckin' map! finding one US Agent with decent face AND chest paint was insane. i wasnt gonna get Bucky Cap initially ( i got MU GB ver.) but he looks good in hand. they painted him so he looks like hes got the bicep swivel.. no dice, bastards!

the guns for these crack me the f@ck up... they look like un-painted prototypes. wtf. reminds me of Will Ferrell's wooden gun in "The Other Guys" lol. :laugh:

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