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uh, is it safe to post customs again?



Here is my Take on Blazing Skull. While not 100% comic Accurate, I just ran with it.

Was a relative quick custom I made out of a Destro I hated and some slight modding,


I'm going to rework the neck thing so the skull rest lower but just waiting for the right neck part to jump out at me.







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um wow. I'm feeling a cumbaya moment coming on here.....


Seriously though, we ALL need to do 3 things when online:

1) be careful of how we phrase things because there is no facial expression or tone of voice to help interpret. This means that the line between showing concern and being an @$$ disappears really quickly. Others either read it correctly or they don't. We only have words and we have to be careful how we use them.

2) don't rush to judgement and condemn people for being jerks when they might have thought they were being helpful to a fellow boardie looking for feedback. Again, we don't "hear" a concerned voice or see the hesitation when they say something - signs that they're not trying to be a jerk.

3) try not to be so defensive when others misunderstand what we are trying to say. It is entirely possible that what we type with one frame of mind someone else is reading with an entirely different frame of mind. This doesn't make them a jerk either (well sometimes, but you don't know when). They could be trying to show the same concern that you were trying to show.


I honestly saw what he was saying and thought he was correct that there were imperfections, but it would have been ridiculous for me to point out something like that because I have to practice for at least another 10 years to get to the level of painting that was done. Frankly, if I were to do something that well I'd be absolutely ecstatic about it even as I saw that there were still slight imperfections. But I wouldn't stress about the flaws because I'd be too happy about all the places I didn't screw up.lol

I think the original critique was not that he did a horrible job. Just that they would look a little neater with another coat. Still not something I would say, but that doesn't make him a jerk for trying to help. He probably just felt like no one was chiming in and offering any suggestions so he gave what he saw. If not, well, then he is a jerk. But lets try assuming otherwise. Perhaps a gentle private msg saying, "dude, I know you're probably trying to help. But be careful that you don't come across as too critical."



Lastly, it's usually best to precede a critical comment with at least one positive. Just a good habit that has been practiced by the best leaders around the world for literally thousands of years. a simple, "looks great. the only problem I see would be..." makes things go over much smoother than a straight "x is sloppy" or whatever.

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and that Blazing Skull that was posted while I was writing my "book" above is awesome. That's not a straight up GR head though is it? Did you redo the paints on that or is it just the lighting that makes it seem different?

I can see why you might want to redo the neck but honestly if you hadn't pointed it out I don't think I would have thought of replacing it myself. It looks pretty cool as is.

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folks.. if you can't handle somebody telling you that you have sloppy paint or whatever it is.. please don't post your customs.


I am sure everybody wants to hear how wonderful their work is... but you have to also be open to criticism or tips from other members.. and unless the other member insults YOU, I don't see a problem with it, even though it might not be very nice

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yes! need more head. er, heads! yep, that's what I meant. heads.


btw, got my OPP order in today. I've got so much to work on now I won't have time to be on here watching people fight. ;o) Play nice while I'm away. And if anyone wants to send me some of their awesome custom work just let me know. I'm not picky.

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I don't post on here much anymore but I think I will put my 2 cents in.

I think Commander Rogers hit the nail on the head, a little courtesy goes a long way.

Everyone on here wants to belong to a very small niche community and wants to show off their creations, so we should all show some support.

It's not about being able to take criticism but about others showing respect for the time and effort the creator put into it. When someone just spouts off with a negative comment with no sense of context it comes across as flippant and dismissive.

So please show others here the respect that you would like to be shown for your own work, and we can continue to build a supportive and close knit community.


Oh BTW DK real nice Blazing Skull and Legend glad to see your work again that Ares kicks butt.

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Simply stating a single problem isn't being "overly critical". What I meant by a second coat was (especially in that one I quoted) that the paint looks really spotty. Look at the red and you can see straight through in some parts to the darker base color. Would criticism go over better if I had fourteen OPP links in my sig?



Ok let me put it this way. The reason why I said you were being overly critical is because of how you worded your critique.:


"Most of these could definitely use some major touch ups in the paint as well as another coat, especially this one."


He doesn't need to do major touch ups to most of them maybe a couple, but not most. It was apparent to me that on many of them, especially the one you quoted that he was trying to give the characters a rustic, and gritty look. Perhaps you didn't pick up on that. Even so it would have been nice if you were to follow up with a few words of encouragement. Obviously you aren't required to offer such advise, but if you're going to weigh in with a comment like that, it if nothing else makes it sound like you actually care about the art form.


Now to put things straight on the other part of your post. The FOUR (not fourteen) OPP links I have in my sig (one for the home page, one for Brian's store, and one for the 2 contests going on right now, and the other link in my sig is for MY store.) are because I believe in, and support the mission of the site that my friend Brian AKA Onyx started.


What is that mission? It is helping new customizers learn from those of us who have been doing it for years, and even those of us who have been customizing for years learn not only from each other, but also from those new to customizing that have learned tricks that translate over to customizing from other art forms.


The contest links are to help promote the contests to those who aren't OPP members, and because there are members on here that are members over there, but don't visit all the time, and might miss the announcement threads.


Now as Onyx said I am not the main OPP rep. He is. It is his site, and it is his mission to help new customizers that prompted him to start the site. Don't look at the links I have in my sig as any attempt by me to say that I am better than anyone else. It is just me trying to help get the word out about a great site, and the great stores, and contests associated w/ it.


Hopefully you understand now what I was saying, and maybe you'll try to offer a word or two of encouragement in the future.


Now back to commenting on customs:

Legend your Ares is coming along great


DK your Blazing skull looks totally sick


PYD your Sersi, and Joseph rule

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Oh. You only had four OPP sigs. That's not a crazy eye sore at all. My bad.


Dude...seriously? You don't have to be like that.The man made an attempt to explain himself and that he meant no harm.Give it a rest already!If you want to blame anyone for the size of signature's here. blame the site for allowing it to be that way. Obviously you have an issue witht he context of his signature as well. I personally don't see where it is up to you to say how many O.P.P. links he canhave in hissignature! Especially since.....well...I run O.P.P....not you. So , therefore, it appears that you are just trying to be a douche-bag and stir up #$@#!! I don't you see you saying anything about all the other mad signatures with 50 million trade items. Don't worry though man! Size isn't everything! It isn't the size of your siggy that makes you a man. It'll be okay! One day your signature will grow too!

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Oh. You only had four OPP sigs. That's not a crazy eye sore at all. My bad.


Look I didn't attack you. I didn't flame you. So why are you attacking, and flaming me? I simply said that you should offer a word or two of encouragement along w/ critique. The customizer you commented on if I'm not mistaken is a little bit new to customizing, and as such is still learning. None of us were great when we started heck I still have customs that don't turn out great.


If I wanted to attack you I could of asked when was the last time you did a custom, but I didn't. As Howard Chakin said when I took his, and Klaus Jansen's 3 hour comic book artist class:


"Don't laugh or make fun of people's work. It takes balls to show off your work to a room full of strangers."


Also like I'm sure your parents told you growing up if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all.


As for my sig I'm rather proud of the .gif I made. Have you ever tried to make a .gif file like the one in my sig, or the smilies on here? It's like making any other animation you have to design it frame by frame. I used to make sigs for members over on tformers years ago, I'm wondering if you're suffering from sig envy since you don't have one. Would you like for me to make you one, or do you have one, but don't know how to set it up? I can help you w/ that too.


So at this point being the bigger man, I'm just going to say truce, and ignore any more of your negative crap against me.

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