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OK, so, the body is that of a GI Joe 25th Anniversary Crimson Guard, which has amazing articulation and is a very sturdy figure. I sculpted the head from scratch using Apoxie-Sculpt. The coat was Gambit's. I went with a very textured, ridgy look for the head, as none of the pics have ever shown the mask to be smooth. He was carefully painted using my absolute favorite paint, Testor's Model Master Acryl, which produces an amazing store-bought finish that just won't scratch! Never content to simply throw a coat of paint on a figure and call it done, he was disassembled, and all joints were sanded to insure no wear. Thanks for your time and any suggestions you may have!


Oh, yeah, have to pimp the auction; that was some work!:


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Alright, I have added much to this thread since I posted on the first page, so here are a few of mine I have done lately.


I love the new Cyclops figure from X-Men Origins: Wolverine but the short arms killed it for me. I bought one and just kept staring at those damn arms and it kept making the figure suck more and more. I decided to buy another one (incase I messed up one) and decided to crack out the old figure parts bin and the paint.


One of the Cyclops figures I decided to give him a Trench Coat. I used a movie line Sabertooth coat and Mutt Arms from Indiana Jones (I have like 10 of him haha, got them on clearance). I was going to paint it black but decided to use a dark blue instead. I have decided to paint it grey though.




For the regular Cyclops in his normal attire, I used the forarms from a GI JOE vehicle pack coptor driver. Of course the arms didn't match up so I had to paint the intire figure. I couldn't find my good paint brushes and had to use a huge one....it sucked!!!!





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The Wave 3 Punisher figure just sucked!! Don't get me wrong though, it's light years better then the wave one figure but good god man...WHAT IS WITH THE BLUE HIGHLIGHTS AND HUGE HANDS? I painted the intire figure black and gave him hands from a Resolute Duke figure that came in a 5 pack.






I hated the blue hightlights and painted Black Spider-Man (got the idea from my man Brian on here) and painted the intire figure black of course




I didn't do much with Gambit but change his lame coat out with Sabertooth's coat and painted the intire figure black...I like black haha



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Wal-greens had some Wolverine Origins figures on clearance today for 5 bucks so I decided to pick up movie another movie Sabertooth, Gambit and Lumber Jack Logan to use for custom fodder.


I wanted a Gambit that could go with X-Men movie figures so I painted his pink armor silver and his boots black and silver. I also gave him Sabes Jacket again.




I used to play a Marvel Superhero RGP game and had a custom character that had powers like X-Man or Cable so I made him using the body of Lumber Jack Logan, Indiana Jones Mutt arms and a jacket from a GI JOE Hannibal figure.




I didn't want to waste the Sabertooth so I took Indiana Jones arms off and made a Sabes with sleeves rolled up




Instead of just trashing the Indy figure and the Sabes arms I made a random figure using parts with a fisherman hat haha. It looks dumb but it's just for random. I call him Herbert.



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OK, so, the body is that of Punisher. The metal arm is from Maverick, as is most of the gear you see on Cable's body. I got a couple of comments on the first version, so I beefed him up a little using Maverick's shoulder armor. All joints were sanded and he was painted using my favorite paint, Testor's Model Master. All yellow parts were painted brown, then dry brushed using 2 shades of yellow. The end result is a figure as tough as any you'd buy at the store. Even though he's small, I put all of the detail in him I could...notice the tedious red pinstriping on the gloves and boots as well as the tiny X-badges and silver buckles. I always liked Cable so I put alot into him!


Thanks for your time!

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what the...?

my v2 punisher doesnt have the blue drybrushing... do i own a variant?!!?!

i'll post pics when i get a chance.

i swapped his hands with black gloved GI Joe hands (i think it was capt. ace form the TRU three pack, same hands as wild weasel, IIRC)

much better, and he can hold any weapons now. (MU, GI Joe, marauder)


good work on these customs and the runaways are insane!!!! they look store-bought! what kind of parts do you use? any/everything? star wars, narnia, etc... i would love to see parts listings for at least the runaways, maybe young avengers also.

thanks in advance!


i need to work on the dark avengers...


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Hi there! I'd like to say thanks for the support the guys and gals around here give me...it does mean alot.


Now then, here's a few pics from my latest commission, Forge! Some hardcore folks out there may also know him as "Maker".


Recipe will follow the pics!







Alrighty...the body and belt were Deadpool's, the head was Talon Karrde's from Star Wars, with a sculpted headband and minor shave, the arm was once Iron Man's, and the leg belonged to Maverick. I get alot of use out of those Maverick parts...yet I couldn't care less about the character. Funny.


Anyway, he was painstakingly painted using various shades of TMMA and Tamiya and the X Symbol was handmade. Here I was going for a traditional Jim Lee style look, with the primary-color costume. That red piping was tedious business!


Thanks as always for your time!

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Hey all! So... apparently I've got a lot of stuff to upload. You ready? There's a lot. Okay, you've been warned!


First off is a Detention Center that I'm currently using for mutants... to break into. The fence is made from some barbecuing item that I found in the outdoor section of Wal-Mart. You bbq folks out there can educate me on it's proper name if you recognize it. The center- what I like to think of as the entrance to a larger facility- is a military compound that I found at K.B. Toys on clearance before they passed away (may they rest in peace). I tore it apart and painted it section-by-section with some textured spraypaint that's suppose to resemble rock. I wanted it to look like there was a stronger structure underneath, so I painted some worn spots revealing "steel" underneath. Oh! I almost forgot! The ground's made from some broken concrete pieces that fell off a building (with some broken "pipes" thrown in a couple of places), and, as you can tell, the background's made of black construction paper.





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Pretty much everything else that I'm posting tonight are very VERY basic customs. Still, I like what came out.


1st, The Hood.








He was as follows: Mutt Williams body, a 25th Greenshirt head, An Indiana Jones belt, a Storm Shadow comic pack hood and cape, and a leather band from a sleeve on Wal-Mart Logan's coat.


2nd, Logan






For those of you wondering if you can pop open the XO figures easily, the answer is no. As I learned. But here's an interesting tidbit- the XO arms I've encountered can be heat-popped (and pryed with a flathead) off. That's what I did with both movie Logan with coat and Wal-Mart movie Logan with coat (which is really a comic Logan body). I used the switched the arms and the coats, and for clawless hands, I swiped Han Solo's (which move in and out perfectly), and I modified and painted Major Bludd's dogtags. Now I have my favorite interpretation of Logan with interchangable hands.

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3rd, Norman Osborn Green Goblin






This was obviously a head swap (with a 25th Greenshirt head) with Osborn stripeys added. I may come back to this one and change up his costume a bit later.


4th, Bullseye




I really didn't like his card hand, so I switched it out with a jointed micro-woman hand. That's all on this one- just a hand swap that I think improves an already excellent figure.


That's all for now.

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I unfortunately don't have a way to post a photo, but I'm telling you guys that the new "Rise of Cobra" Destro is freaking perfect for a Red Skull custom. I picked-up a head from Tri-Gate a while back, Dremmeled it a bit, painted it and viola'! Classic Cap better get here soon before Herr Skull destroys my desk (he's been "goose-stepping" around my monitor for a month now)!!

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MU Style He-man (revisited)


I started this many months ago. Body is X-Force Wolverine. Head is Star Wars Legacy Crimson Guard guy from comic pack. The chest harness came from McQuarrie Han Solo I think. The rest is me. I wanted a He-man that didn't look so... child-like. So I made him more grungy and more grown-up looking.

Axe is TGC. Shield is Narnia.



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