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Marvel Legends Sightings and Hauls thread


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I grabbed the entire X-Men wave at a local Target. The aisle was already reset, but the pegs for this wave were empty, even though Brickseek showed that the store still had 8 in stock. I happened to be nearby as they removed the shrink wrap off of one of the pallets, and the case was sitting right there. One of the employees let me take it.

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Was very pleased to find the last Falcon/Cap, Vision & Hawkeye 3-pack today at Toysrus in Ontario, CA. Was even more pleased that it rang up at $49.99, I was fully expecting it to ring up at $59.99 like the Civil War 3-pack.


I've gone to TRUs in my area (Ontario, Upland etc) and the employees simply refuse to go in the back and look. They always tell me "whatever is in the aisle". Which is just a waste of my time.

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Received most of the figures from my megapurchase this week!


Here's some impressions:


Ultimate Spider-Man (Peter Parker) - Great new teen body, and probably my main Spider-Man in my Spider-Man/Street Heroes & Villains display. (Pizza Spider-Man will be with the Avengers display). Peter alternate head is so cool, love the expression and the great hair sculpt. No complaints, pure awesome.


Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales) - I'm not a huge fan of alternate reality characters, and tend to avoid buying them, cause I feel like they necessitate their own alternate reality display but how often do we get a huge array of characters from alternate realities?! (Like Age of Apocalypse Sabretooth/Wolverine... still lonely) BUT I know that Miles was merged into the main universe, so I felt good being able to merge him into my avengers display, once the newness wears off. For now all the new figures live on the headboard above my bed. Same body as Ultimate Parker, but alternate Miles head is awesome too. I love the gold color eyes we've been getting in some of these figures. And the Miles costume is so striking.


Hobgoblin - Cool update and while I did love the Spider-Man Classics Hobgoblin, this one's body seems to have more realistic proportions, the Classics one's legs seemed gangly and weak at the hip, which I don't see happening with this build. Was thinking about finding a way to swap the Classics version's "clean cape" to the new version to replace the tattered cape, cause I feel like it's almost too tattered. Not sure if I'm going to swap it or not.


Spider-Girl (Ashley Barton) - I couldn't even find info on this character on Wikipedia, but found it on more of a fan wiki site. Info on her seems cool, costume mostly is what we've seen before, but I like her and her skin tone and hair style set her apart from the other females. Apparently she too is an alternate reality character, but looks like we're getting plenty of "Spider-Verse", so I'm all in for this line.


Silk - One of the prettiest faces I've seen on a female figure, they are only getting better at this. I think the costume is great and love the alternate maskless/scarf pieces to show her in her "revealed" state, and that's how I've been displaying her. Costume is really cool with the web that fades from red out to black on the chest. Another female I wasn't familiar with in the Spider family but definitely a worthwhile display piece.


Electro - definitely displaying this guy with the classic yellow mask, the tattooed face is just lackluster in my opinion and not in any way, shape, or form an iconic Electro look. Am using some Iron Fist hands to swap with the electricity hands, since it's a HUGE miss that he didn't have alternates.


Space Venom - I don't usually display a lot of Venom releases. I put Superior Venom in a drawer after using the BAF piece he included. I skipped Anti-Venom and still haven't completed the Phil Urich Hobgoblin BAF. I never bothered to get Agent Venom. I bought the updated classic Venom from the Absorbing Man wave and love that as my main Venom. But this one I had to have. Aside from the bulk of him and the stark costume details like the white inside of his hands (my favorite costume detail, after all the bug-like exoskeleton armory lines in the sculpt), he's just so cool looking, and I can display him with my Guardians of The Galaxy, so it's good by me. Such a well-executed figure!


Then I got my X-Men Wave in a few pieces!


Havok - Simple figure, but well executed. I feel like his old headpiece looks like it got fused to his face in a fire, I can't let go of that idea. I wish there were alternate parts to restore this look to his original solid costume and mask, but I can accept this modern take. The new power accessory really trumps everything about the figure itself. But I'll probably only use one of them to conserve space in my display, or I'll display him without in order to let Polaris use hers when I get that figure.


Cable - In general never the biggest fan of this character, but the figure is well executed and I like the unique chest piece. Unfamiliar with the costume myself, I just wish the colors were more vivid. It took me forever to figure out where the bullets are supposed to be stored, I just couldn't figure it out (thanks Shartimus Prime's review!) but finally got there. I like the bullet damage to his armor pieces. A well-executed figure of a character I could take or leave, but I know he's important to the universe and Cyclops and Jean's son, so I need to own the best Cable figure, which this is, so far.


Iceman - This figure is hit/miss with me. I think he's got a decent design, but was well executed. The gumminess feels cheap, but I figure it's necessary for protection of the longevity of the figure. I like being able to remove the back ice spikes, but I will probably leave them on. Would have liked more interchangeable ice limbs or an alternate style head to make different era looks of Iceman, but he's a perfectly acceptable figure. Really wish he had an ice slide to ride on. The pegs of the last X-Men Classics Iceman slide aren't the same size, and that's the style of slide I like... and I hate the old Toy Biz chunky ice/Sentinel hand base. So Iceman will be baseless, I guess.


Phoenix - I love the way this figure came out, but I would have liked two updates: A new belt with a Phoenix logo (not just for that detail, but because the sash doesn't seem to sit right on her and the dangling parts seem like they'd sit most naturally where he leg is, so it just keeps spinning on this figure. Awkward), and a different hair sculpt. I've liked the consisistency of reusing a Jean face and hair for another version of Jean so that the display has a consistent feel, but Phoenix always has big, lively, flowing hair, and I think it would have showcased her omnipotence a little better. Another dream was if they included a Rachel Grey mullet alternate head, since she did wear this costume in Excalibur comics for a time. Would have made this a figure that could be two different characters and useful in a display along with the Jim Lee Jean Grey. Wish they had thought of it.


Kitty Pryde & Lockheed - What a simple yet stunning looking figure! I really love it, the face is very pretty, and the costume is rather basic but features nice vibrant color and great sculpted parts. I am on the fence about the weird cutout belt she's sporting, is that really from the comics? My only other wish was that the ponytail was articulated, because from many angles it's not very visible/noticeable. Another thing I would have loved to see is an alternate torso or leg pieces that would simulate her phasing up from under the ground. But all-in-all a great looking figure. Lockheed is adorable. Glad he can link up to Kitty in a few spots.


Wolverine - WOW, never have I really been excited about Wolverine figures in the past, but this sculpt looks like it was ripped right out of the comic books and the scale is PERFECT (which I haven't cared as much about in the past). It makes all the difference, it really does. I am definitely taking Shartimus Prime's advice and switching out the claws with X-Force SDCC boxed set Wolverine because they have a better metal look. Or maybe I should save that for a tiger-stripe costume version that's probably coming next? Unless those claws come looking better than these? Hmmm... Excellent Wolverine, but would have loved an alternate Logan head and a "relaxed" mask to hang around his neck. Isn't that the new standard? I guess an 8-figure wave doesn't allow for all those fun extras.


Rogue (Jim Lee) - WHOA. I can find nothing wrong with this figure. Truly. Love the face. Love the hair. Love the green bandana with the flowing extra bandana strands. Love the brown jacket. A lot of reviews online are letting these boot pieces dangle as they may, but on mine, the green bands sit firmly on the top of the calf, under the knee joint. The upper boot piece sits firmly above the knee joint. They wedge in those spots perfectly and generally don't slip. Might even throw a dot of super glue in there to keep them in place, but really haven't had any issues yet. She's just a WONDER to stare at and again, pulled right from the comics or the classic X-Men cartoon. The more I stare at it, the more my heart demands an updated Jim Lee Storm for her to fly around with, and an updated Gambit with a sculpted trench coat, and I imagine the alternate Gambit heads with spiky vs. longer hair and the cool throwing playing card effects that could come with it. They can even reuse Silk's red scarf around Gambit's neck also! Anyway, Rogue is perfect. I also love that they included the ungloved hand, and the removable little wrist part of the glove... Perfect way to display her power! I would have also loved an extra alternate hand for her left, holding the removed gloved in a closed left fist. Just would have been a cool, unique detail, like she took the glove off herself and was holding it to put it back on after using her powers. I just love this figure and she's flawless.


Juggernaut - MASSIVE figure and well executed. I love that you have the option to remove the belt, but he wore it in the X-Men cartoon, so I'm leaving it. The boots are a separate part slipped on over the regular sculpt of the leg, which I think is a cool way to potentially reuse a non-specific bulky sculpt. The face is my least favorite part of the figure, from the chipped tooth to the eyes being so far apart, and not having an exposed alternate head for display battle purposes. But I do enjoy how the figure looks overall, and I like how he towers over the others like Wolverine and Rogue. I need to see how he looks next to my Marvel Select Colossus, since that's the one I have on display...


Onslaught - Thanks to Kitty I was finally able to complete this BAF (which I never put a Red Skull head on... I refused), and does this figure look great! Not much to say beyond that, it's just ABOUT TIME.


Waiting to still receive my SDCC Raft Boxed set, then I need to worry about Deadpool, Walgreens Punisher, the next Captain America wave and Dr. Strange waves! Jesus, my money... Ugh.

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