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a laughing matter? perhaps...


let's just say recent 'events' on this site have put a damper on the collective, creative spirit of the team and... well... no one really cares anymore as a result.


now we're just board members with cool sigs.




hahah what happened to the game? haha

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Here is the unaltered draft I had for correction, editing, and alteration. I wasn't happy with the Magneto part and others agreed. It was a decent start, but unfortunately it just lost steam. Weapon X had most of the stats done, but ultimately the game needs leaders, participants, and GMs with more time...not multiple jobs and family matters to attend to. we also went through several sites and many trials before landing here. This is a great place (of that we all agree) and maybe we can learn from this experience...maybe one of you fine folks would like to help out in the future so it can be made a go of....I'd hate losing all these snazzy jazzy great signatures Solid Wii made for us!

I hope you enjoy! My hope was that this could lead to future games with just new starting points and objectives using the war planet D'Bari as a basis. So that the intro was done, and the group would adapt to the new creator's strong suits or likes/interests.

Ultimately all the thanks go to Shockwave, WeaponX, Doomtron, Solid Wii, and people like MarvelNinjah for all the great energy they had to try to make this work out. No worries, I'm sure this game or one like it will happen! This is a great place for like-minded folks that love Marvel!

Deep space: minus 7 Earth days from event demarcation.


The Molecule Man, Owen Reece, is dead. Long live the Beyonder!

Unknown to Norman Osborne and the Sentry was a hidden fact. Only the Molecule Man's power over all forms of matter held the being known as the Beyonder from reforming his incorporeal body, and regaining his god-like powers. As the Siege ended , a newly formed pocket universe emerged in a far flung galaxy -- like a mini-big bang emitting waves of energy more powerful than the deadliest gamma ray bursts.

As the mass exploded it just as quickly returned coalescing in the form of a man rising from a blazing furnace. In the vacuum of space in a newly formed nebula a man glowing with power awoke. His eyes opened and lips parted and spoke one word: "Revenge!"


The D’Bari Solar System: minus 5 Earth days from event demarcation.


The Beyonder arrives at the site of the Phoenix force’s greatest show of power. He ponders how a being of immeasurable power snuffed out a star, killing billions. He smiles and with but a thought he imagines the nescient energies of the spent star, the darkened planetary matter, and the untapped life of the solar system itself coming together. The matter collides and burns creating fusion in fast forward. A process that takes billions of years---takes minutes instead. A nuclear furnace burns with warmth; and a lone planet forms crust, water, and atmosphere. A new star blue and brilliant illuminates a planet expanding with plant and animal life evolving at the speed of thought. He thinks to himself "This is good", and he vanishes just as quickly as he arrived.

A lone planet and a lone star, newly created, stand as a testimony: The Beyonder was here.


Latveria: minus 5 Earth hours from event demarcation.



Victor Von Doom sits on a finely crafted throne in gloomy silence. His armored hand grasps at the arm rest so carefully crafted by a fine European artisan whose name is lost to time. A scientist, a sorcerer, the ruler of Latveria—a man alone sits in idle silence which is not his way. Some thought gnaws at the back of his mind—a prescient feeling of unease. The man known as Doctor Doom has learned to follow his instincts, because they have never failed him. After all he is still alive when he should by all rights be dead. He rises and walks towards the balcony overlooking his land-his people, and he gazes into the sky contemplating his premonition as the stars flicker above. Doom turns sharply and technopathically speaks to one of his automatons--a Doombot, "Doombot number 4, prepare my divination chamber. I seek an audience with the Old Ones to discern this sense of foreboding. Make haste as time is short…" Doom cuts himself off as he feels the technopathic connection lost, and he stands motionless. His metallic boots dig into the dark, marble floor of his castle, and he knows something is awry. The time he may have had for action is over, and all he can do now is react to the fate, the force coming his way. Doctor Doom despises many things, but being unprepared—that he despises most of all. His ego crumbles a little as he hears a familiar voice from behind him.

"Victor, my old friend, my old enemy; it has been so long, and I have learned so much." With a booming voice a man of great power passes through the walls of Castle Doom unaffected. Dressed in white robes and sleek, white armor his feet touch the marble floor without a sound. Victor’s eyes squint and harden as scared flesh blurs his sight slightly. Doom speaks with authority, and he knows his wisdom is all that will save him this day "I told Richards that Owen Reece had not killed you--that you were entirely too powerful. You should thank Norman Osborne and his insanity, because it is his lack of vision that made him send the Void to destroy the Molecule Man." Dooms turns to face the being he knows only as the Beyonder. "A man cannot simply control a people, a land--using technology, force and guile. You know this though. Do you not? Countless variables, random chaos, and the inexplicable behavior of those beings your lesser. To rule is to suffer alone in the knowledge of what is best for others. Something they do not even know themselves, and believe it even less. It is amusing that you come before me again wearing white. You know full well that gray would be more true to your nature. The nature of the omnipotent overlord from beyond." Doom’s words cut lesser men to shreds in their gravely, metallic monotone. The Beyonder stares unaffected.

The Beyonder stares out a window towards the rustic Latverian streets. "We shall see, Victor. We shall truly see how you overcome this time. This time you will not be worrying solely about your fragile ego. You will also have to worry about these innocent peasants, your people." The Beyonder looks back towards Dr Doom with a smirk. "Since you know so much about leadership; since you triumphed, in your own way, so heartily last time let us see how efficient and ruthless you can be with the albatross of a few thousand of your citizens about your neck." The Beyonder spits out contemptuously. Doom stares back in icy stillness. "For what prize, for what goal do I play this game God Man?" The Beyonder raises his hands and gossamer like energies envelop the throne room. "It is a secret, Victor, a secret worthy of war."

And as spiraling energies stretch forth from the Beyonder’s hands enveloping Latveria –it disappears from the face of the Earth along with Victor Von Doom.


Utopia: minus 3 Earth hours from event demarcation.

Magneto arises from rest contemplating freedom on the island of Utopia. Once upon a time he imagined such a place, but even this place has been tempered by stark reality: Mutants will never be accepted. His thoughts, interrupted, by a man set upon a hidden desire. "Magneto, master of magnetism, a man usurped by a wallflower named Scott Summers. A leader of no one--mutant or otherwise." Magneto snears at the Beyonder's words."Go to hell, demon." Magneto is uneasy.

"I assure you Erik, I only come to offer you something beyond your wildest dreams. I see the confused look on your face. I assure you it is me, your friend, the Beyonder, come to brighten your day, or life --depending. It seems I have Norman Osborne to thanks for my freedom as I was never truly dead to begin with." The Beyonder stares at his hands and waves them at Magneto in mock jest. "What madness do you have in mind this time, Creature?!" The Beyonder’s eyes darken. "Who are you? Who are you to heckle a God? Little man, with your meek powers--who are you?’ The Beyonder shakes his head. "Enough of this bravado, and on to more pleasant things, Erik. Do you want your daughters back, your son, Charles Xavier, all those innocent mutants that have died in the endless wars you fight with bigots and racists. Yes, I can even bring Jean Grey back too. Well, actually I can give you the means to accomplish all these things, and more. But you must play the game." Magneto looks at his empty hands. "Your games have consequences, Beyonder. I think I’d like to deal with my situation as it is now...rather than play with your fire." Erik shakes his head in disagreement.

"Well, there we have it. Another begrudging participant it is! But even if you play begrudgingly I shall award you the prize, the secret prize if you win." The Beyonder raises his hands, and as light begins to emanate Magneto throws a metal railing at him. It is simply deflected by the Beyonder. "Erik, you will play. You will play because this mutant utopia….have you been calling it Mutopia? That has a ring to it. This Utopia will be going along for the ride—as will your children.

New York: minus 2 Earth hours from event demarcation.

Spider-Man kneels upon a ledge contemplating the numerous changes in his life in just a few short months. Peter can usually be oblivious to the world around him. His spider-sense affords him much leeway in life, and generally gets him out of trouble before it starts. Not today. Out of nowhere another complication in his life speaks while his spider-sense remains silent. "Peter Parker, it is so good to see you again. The jovial Spider-Man, and his sharp wit—I’ve missed it." Spidey jumps from his crouching position nearly falling of the building ledge. Alarmed and ready to fight with his thoughts scattered—he is not his normal quick-witted and dexterous self. As if his voice fights to get out the words he speaks. "Beyonder? You…you’re…." He is just as quickly cut off. "Dead? No longer, and never truly was I dead. I suppose you would say I was scattered, or sealed away. I really don’t understand it all myself, but I am working it out. I was emotional—like you. I think that’s why I like you. But I will never be that person again."

The Beyonder reflects in silence as Spider-Man stands motionless waiting for whatever comes next. "I can sense the symbiote you brought with you. It is in pain, and………..reproducing? They are all here in the city with you-- like a little, dysfunctional family, interesting. Well, I guess it’s time for us all to go." The Beyonder raises his hands as Spider-Man shakes his head. "Go? Go where? Ahhhhhh, come on. Not again." The Beyonder smirks "Just so you’re not homesick this time…I’ll take Manhattan." After his gesture heroes and villains of all sorts, Spider-Man, and the great island all start to dematerialize, and Spider-Man cannot believe his stupidly, bad luck.


Attilan: minus 1 Earth hour from event demarcation.

The beings of the Inhuman city of Attilan do not know of the Beyonder except in stories told to their King, Black Bolt, by the group known as the Illuminati. They live apart, never fitting in. Be it Humans or Kree they belong only to themselves in painful solitude. The Inhumans have had their entire civilization thrown into turmoil, and their beliefs challenged to their breaking point in a matter of a few short months. Today is no different. The scarlet haired Medusa clutches her King’s arm as an unknown being speaks to them all, is seen by them all, and tempts them all.

The Beyonder speaks to an untrusting people. "You are always alien, and you always suffer. It is this day that you begin your new journey—your new path. Let me say, simply, that you will have no choice in this. I am not your Creator, but I can create a star with a simple thought, and destroy your entire culture in the same manner. You will fight for your survival as you always have, but this time it can change your future." As the Beyonder speaks Black Bolt looks to his wife, and she holds him closer. "It is simple. Defeat the opponents I send before you—all those that are not your own, and you win. If you win I will grant your King whatever he wishes for you. The choice seems fair. Die a slow death as you are, or become something greater: A people worthy of envy and jealousy—not pity." Citizens mutter and worry. Inhumans doubt and distrust.

Black Bolt grimaces wishing to defy the being. The Beyonder continues, "I give voice to your King so that he can speak his will and intent. A gift—a small show of my power to grant what you desire." Black Bolt dares to speak feeling something changed in his throat, and trusting this Outsider to be true. "We are not barbarians. We are not minions and slaves. We shall forge our own future without your influence. We are the Inhumans of Attilan, and no force shall direct our will save ourselves." Medusa smiles an infrequent smile, and glows with pride.

The Beyonder expected such words, but knows the truth behind them. "I have no reason to lie. I set this all in motion, and it cannot be stopped. You will fight or you will die. If you are victorious you will be rewarded. You will see those you view as friend are treacherous, and those you view as foe are ruthless. How many of you must die before you see my option is the only choice? There will be three groups that oppose you, and they will greedily desire what you have. If they don’t naturally I will influence it so that they do. I do this because it amuses me, and I can. There is no reason for it beyond that. I can, so I do. Keep my gift Black Bolt, because you will need it when you order your people to fell your enemies," The Beyonder disappears as quickly as he came, and Black Bolt looks to his Queen. "My love, temper my choices and stay my hand—be my truth. I see only pain in what lay before us."

Attilan reappears on a pristine, uncharted world. The Inhumans wait for their King to speak once more.


The D’Bari Planet: 0 Earth hours from event demarcation.

Four cities, nations, and homes straddle across a planet. Thousands idly stand and actively kneel in fear and dread. Attilan, Utopia, Latveria, and Manhattan have been transported to faraway space....an unknown world. Some know what awaits, and others wait anxiously for something...someone. And he speaks...to them all.

"Destroy your enemies. Wipe this planet clean of them...save their blood and tears. You shall be the living embodiment of natural selection. Do not seek further allies as I have placed you where you truly belong. Do not seek to escape--for there is none. You only have yourselves, and your will to survive. If you do not fight I shall place emnity in your hearts. If you do not conquer you will be vanquished. This planet is yours for the taking, but you must fight and survive. If you survive you win: that is the goal, and if you do a prize awaits. Living-- alone, should be enough, but I offer you your heart's desire. I will not offer a boon of my own death or power to rival my own, but if it is fair I shall grant the desire......a nation in safety, power to rule, lost loves returned, wealth unimagineable. These things I can give, and you shall have. Win, and prove you are the dominant beings--prove that you are worthy of the prize. Do this or you will die either by my hand or the hands of your enemies. You will fight." The Beyonder reaches them all with his words, and suddenly without even thinking about it Spider-Man wants to snap Eddie Brock's neck, Iron Man wishes to claim Medusa as his own, and Warpath is urged to sink his knives deep intoApocalypse's chest.

The game is afoot, and Victor Von Doom already has a plan......








Note for GM* The Beyonder , using a type of natural selection, will absorb the consciousness of a villain, hero, and mutant that survive the battle..in exchange for the gift…..the winner can choose or not…it doesn’t matter…..

The first goal will be the terrigen mists of Attilan. Doom desires it to amp the power of his villain accomplices.

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thats some great writing pigiron,it's a real shame things shook out the way they did but such is life,anyway awesome stuff,you nailed it imo

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Great stuff. I could easily see Marvel stealing this very idea for SW III. I wonder how Thanos would have fit in here? Hmmm. I could see him being very intrigued by the chance for so much death. Alas, poor Thanos will have to wait for another day.

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