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well... after that entire waffles/Modok trade thing went down, I have learned that I wasn't supposed to help out there. I wasn't supposed to do anything. The policy here is that we don't get involved in any way, shape, or form. If you make any trades here, you are on your own entirely. We cannot help you, cannot give you any information, cannot contact the person you are having trouble with... nothing.




So, with that in mind... here are some important tips/guidelines for trading.


- Check for trader feedback. It would be nice if everybody could be trusted, but that is not the case. So it is important for you to try to trade with people that have made successful trades with other members here. Check the feedback forum and see if people have posted positive feedback about your trading partner before trading. - Now, just because somebody has some feedback, they could still very well screw you over. Also, people could create multiple usernames and give themselves false positive feedback... so don't put too much stock into the feedback system. It's nice to see somebody has some good feedback, but it is in no way a surefire system to make sure you have a good trading partner.


- ALWAYS use tracking numbers. Make sure to ask your trading partner to give you a tracking number when they send your package, and ALSO get a tracking number when you send a package to somebody else. You want to be able to prove that they sent a package to you, and that you sent a package to them. It is extra helpful/important to use an electronic postal service that will keep a record of the actual address you sent your package to on the receipt. If you use USPS.com to buy postage, it will give you discounted shipping rates and free delivery confirmation. This will also give you a receipt that shows your destination address so that nobody can claim you sent the package to the wrong address. - However, a tracking number will not prove what was sent. Also, as I said, if somebody gives you a tracking number, it will only show the zipcode/city that they sent to, unless they have the aforementioned electronic/internet postage receipt. So I could send a package to the wrong address in your town, give you the tracking number, and you would think that I just gave you proof that I sent you your package. We have even just seen members give false tracking numbers, or tracking numbers from previous deals. Make sure to actually check these tracking numbers ASAP. Tracking numbers are helpful, but they are not a fullproof system against scamming.


- Start SMALL - Don't make a big trade and send off a bunch of valuable stuff if you are not certain that your trading partner can be trusted! If you are unsure, keep the value of your trade low so that if you are scammed, you won't lose out too much.


- Be active on the forums - the absolute best way to make sure that you don't get scammed is to trade with people you know or people that are well known. If you are active on the forums, you will not only get to know people better and figure out who you can trade with, but people will be more willing to trade with you. You will learn that somebody who has been here for a while and has made a home here is very unlikely to scam on somebody. It simply isn't worth it. If you are new, look for trading partners with a high post count. Don't be fooled by a member that joined a long time ago but hasn't posted too much. This kind of member shows that they don't have much invested here. In our most recent dilemma, the suspected scammer joined 2 years ago but only made about 125 posts in that time.. that wouldn't make me think they have much to lose by scamming people.


- Don't be afraid to ask - If you are making a trade with somebody you don't know very well, don't be afraid to ask questions. Ask for pictures of the items they say they are going to send you, ask for a tracking number, ask for references of who they have made trades with, ask other members that have been here for a while if they know this person, ask them to send first.. whatever... don't get scammed because you are embarassed, shy, or worried about hurting somebody's feelings.



But again.. the bottom line is there is no sure fire way to make sure you don't get scammed.. (well, I mean I would never get scammed because I always ask people to send first, cuz if you don't trust me, you don't belong here, lol)... be careful, be vigilante, and remember that you are taking a risk when you trade... and as I said before, it has been pointed out that WE CANNOT and WILL NOT help you in any way. Sorry


if anybody else has any helpful tips, please post them

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    • Good to see you back in the game Cobra. Nothin' like a good ole SDCC to bring the gang back together, right. Ya, me and Rukk put our differences aside & realized we have a greater cause to fight: The prevention of the TAKOVER of one of the best American toy lines in history by changing everone's favorite comic action figures to ACTOR FIGURES. Again, I like figures based on movies as much as any comic fan, buuuuut we are a long way from one Tom Jane Punisher or Ben Affeck DD mixed in every once in a while to the unrivaled HORRAAAH that was the Black Panther wave(s) and Infinity War waves. What's happening to our ML? All levity aside (sorry Tarot), I personally think it's a mixture the whole 10 year anniversary thing and the end of the modern Avengers movie arch as we know it. As we all know, the actors are starting to get up there in age & tho it seems RDJ is okay to be Tony Stark in every damn movie for the rest of his life, most of the other actors (specifically the Chris's) are ready to throw in the towel. So with the future uncertain at this point, I think this is Hasbro & Marvel's last hooorah to milk as much Hollywood based merch out of the line as possible. Now, much like the BP movie, the Cap Marvel movie is starting to look a lot more appealing than it previously had, but the sad truth is this Cap simply does not have the chops to carry the next phase, no matter how much Marvel wants her to. Marvel Stdios does get it wrong every once in a while (Inhumans anyone?) And this will be one of those times. This is where the reacquisition of the Fox properties come in to play. Thank you God, for X-Men & F4, returning home. Captain Marvel & Spider-Man will bridge the gap just long enough for those "Unnamed Projects" to be turned to new reboots of both franchises. And baby I'm sooooo excited to see what Marvel Studios does with these guys. I expect their versions of Apocalypse and Doctor Doom to wipe the terrible taste of the last one out of our moth completely. As for what this will mean for the toy lines, we'll I expect that the be one part awesome and two part nefarious. First off I think this will free the Avengers based waves from movie figure hell. Meaning since Cap, IM & the Avengers still remain a major part of the Marvel brand, ML should still have waves based on them without the need for further actor figures & we start to get a lot of those comic figures we've so desperately been pining for, and maybe we will get all the comic versions of the newly restored Avengers that we most definitely need. How many of these waves a year they could squeeze in per year remains to be seen, though one comic Avengers wave & one each IM & Cap wave per year does not seem outta the question, similar to the one X-Men & 2 Deadpool we recieved this year. The Avengers & Captain America waves of the future could be what the X-Men & Deadpool waves are currently: pure comic figure nirvana. Basically, I see the Avengers & X-Men changing roles, tho it does give one pause that the Iron Man movie arch has been over for 5 years & we still haven't had a comic based wave yet, but maybe that has something to do with the actors movie contracts. Yes, that means the X-Men & F4 waves will all eventually be over run with MCU figures one day & though it will be bliss for MCU collectors who would love nothing more than to have all the repetetive actor figures their little hearts desire, us Comic figure fans will suffer for any crumbs they will throw at us. The bright side of that is it looks like the creative team is doing everything in its limited power to try & get us as many Comic based X-figures as possible before that happens. We've already gotten damn near perfect versions of the F4 and I'm almost certain a new Doctor Doom & Kang will follow the Super Skull sometime in the near future. So I'm keeping a positive outlook. This would be a subject I would like to touch apon at this year's SDCC, but alas, I fear this is something that's a few years off and though it would make perfect sense (in a sensible world) the suits at both Hasbro & Disney are as unpredictable as a Walking Dead season premiere. On other fronts, I think the 4 & 12 inch lines are toast. Initially I did not like the 4" line but as they got better I grew to like them & even tracked down all the older figs I missed. Best part about them: NO FREAKIN' MOVIE FIGURES! Ultmately, with the resources and focus on the reignition of the ML line the distribution & quality & articulation of the 4" line suffered & I don't foresee a full return to glory other than exclusives or special products similar to the Gamestop Rainbowpool set. Sad story. I really liked the assortments and the fact that they dared to let the worlds of the Avengers & X-Men intermingle. As far as the 12" I just think it never caught on. I think it was too much too fast. As much care as they put into detail, they ignored as much in scale. Deadpool was the same size as Spidey as Daredevil and some of the head sculpts were way too big. The only ones I ever bought were on clearance and from what I saw they all eventually ended up in clearance. Honestly, to be rid of them would take some burden off my wallet. As good and as large some of them were, that price point was a hell of a stretch for me.

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