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New ML Wishlists


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Alright now that ML is back who do you want to see made? Try and break it down into new and remade characters


My top 10 New Character list

  1. Polaris
  2. Firestar (FA or Avengers)
  3. Prowler
  4. Starlord (with Rocket Racoon pack-in)
  5. Baron Zemo 2
  6. Justice / Marvel Boy
  7. Quasar
  8. Iron Patriot
  9. Mockingbird
  10. FA Ms Marvel with Dark Avengers Ms Marvel Variant
My top 10 remake character list

  1. Scarlet Witch (I think that speaks volumes)
  2. Ultron ( a ML version of the MU)
  3. Toad
  4. Hawkeye (with dark Hawkeye variant)
  5. Storm
  6. Iceman (the series 6 one broke on me)
  7. Storm (preferably a FA version with Astonishing X-men variant)
  8. Emma Frost
  9. Banshee
  10. Madarin
My top 10 BAF

  1. Thanos
  2. Lockjaw
  3. Destroyer (the one we got it great but I want a bigger more accurate one
  4. Strong Guy
  5. Odin
  6. Volstagg
  7. Terminex (over 2 wave if you have to)
  8. Clint Bartons Goliath
  9. Awesome Android
  10. Super-Adaptoid
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My top 10 New Character list

1. Northstar

2. Aurora

3. Typhoid Mary

4. Arcade

5. White Tiger (del toro)

6. Victoria Hand

7. tarantula (the female one. from hfh)

8. Speed

9. Hawkeye 2

10. Selene

My top 10 remake character list

1. Black Cat

2. Emma Frost

3. Scarlet Witch

4. Daredevil (i want a shadowland version)

5. Elektra (i want an ultimates version)

6. Namor. same costume that hasbro has already done, just this time make one that hasnt lived in ethiopia for the last 20 years.

7. Toad with improved articulation. series 1 toad's articulation is almost ninexistant.

8. Ms. Marvel

9. Jigsaw (in his suit this time like hes supposed to be in)

10. Magneto

The only baf i want but would sooner come in a gigantic battles set:


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im quite biased with some characters, which might not deserve to get a ML before numerous others, but heres mine top 10 wish list:


1. The Hood

2. Prowler

3. Hammerhead

4. Brother Voodoo

5. Mr. Negative

6. Tombstone

7. Silver Samurai

8. Purple Man

9. Count Nefaria

10. Man Mountain Marko

* honorable mentions goes to The Owl and Mockingbird



1. Luke Cage (modern version)

2. Emma Frost

3. Beetle (original version)

4. Black Cat

5. Scarlet Witch

6. Hydro-man

7. Archangel (it needs comic correct wings)

8. Namor

9. Storm (kinda never fully liked previous ones)

10. Jean Grae (needs Stan Lee version ASAP)



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My top 10 New Character list

1. Odin

2. Jack Of Hearts

3. The Gargoyle

4. The Shroud

5. Graviton

6. Ulik

7. Molecule Man

8. Grim Reaper

9. Count Nafaria

10. Grey Gargoyle


My top 10 remake character list

1. Scarlet Witch

2. MU Ultron (aka Ultron 5)

3. Emma Frost

4. Namor (in Speedo trunks)

5. Red Skull (in classic uniform)

6. Absorbing Man (seriously, can we get this guy done right? Bulky, tall, arm and leg attachemnts made of different substances he's absorbed)

7. Wonder Man (classic red/green outfit and he needs to be waaay bulkier)

8. Hercules (trunks and shoulder harness outfit)

9. Sunfire (clsssic outfit MU got to enjoy)

10. Adam Warlock (how about some really articulation and a more classic outfit?)


My top 10 BAF

1. Super-Adaptoid

2. Lockjaw

3. The Destroyer (the one we got it great but I want a bigger more accurate one- agreed)

4. The Stranger

5. The Collector

6. The Grandmaster

7. Surtur

8. Zzzzzax

9. Supreme Intelligence - can you imagine?!

10. Maelstrom - he's quite tall, not a standard sized gyu by any means

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New Characters:

1. Shang-Chi (classic)

2. White Tiger (classic Hector Ayala)

3. Nighthawk

4. Hellcat

5. Razorback

6. Silver Samurai (PLEASE!!!)

7. Cobra

8. Mr. Hyde

9. Grey Gargoyle

10. Whirlwind



1. Ultron (classic)

2. Wonder Man (safari jacket)

3. Beetle (classic look)

4. Sunfire (original costume)

5. Storm (original costume)

6. Scarlet Witch

7. Scarlet Spider (red suit with blue sweatshirt)

8. Daredevil (I really want the perfect DD)

9. Loki (classic look)

10. Morbius (classic look)



1. Devil Dinosaur (with Moonboy)

2. Stiltman (with extra leg extensions)

4. Spider-Slayer (one of the early models)

4. Black Goliath (original costume)

5. Goliath (Clint Barton)

6. Super-Adaptoid

7. Mandroid

8. Iron Monger (classic comic version)

9. Living Monolith

10. Mole Man's Monster (from the cover of FF #1)

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1. Squirrel Girl (really)

2. Echo

3. Modern Luke Cage

4. Modern Iron Fist

5. Modern Mockingbird

6. Jewel

7. Shang-Chi

8. Sauron

9. The Hood

10. Amadeus Cho

11. Updated Scarlet Witch

12. Updated Hawkeye

13. Iron Patriot

14. Dark Ms. Marvel

15. Marvel Boy


Dormammu (possible BAF?)

Agents of Atlas Gorilla Man (possible BAF?)




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1) Bleeding Edge Iron Man

2) Future Foundation Spider-Man

3) Future Foundation Mr. Fantastic

4) Future Foundation Invisible Woman

5) Future Foundation The Thing

6) Venom IV

7) The (most recent) Defender's Doctor Strange

8) Blizzard

9) Thunderbolt's Luke Cage

10) Madame Web II



1) Terry Dodson's Black Cat

2) Emma Frost

3) Moon Knight

4) Bruce Banner

5) Mark Bagley's Scarlet Spider

6) Most recent Ultron

7) Modern Hawkeye

8) Mandarin

9) Oliver Coipel's The Sentry

10) Captain America



1) Venom IV unleashed

2) Modern Giant Man

3) Lockjaw

4) Mole-Man's monster

5) Zzzax

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1. Heroic Age Hawkeye (Ult suit variant)

2. Songbird (Screaming Mimi variant)

3. Silver Samurai w/ removable helmet

4. AIM soldier

5. Sebastian Shaw (Donald Pierce Variant)

6. Anti Venom w/ Eddie Brock head swAP

7. Rhino (classic look, better articulation)

8. BAF Predator X

9. Modern Heroes For Hire 2 pack (Luke/Iron Fist)

10. Moonstone

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1. Songbird

2. Swordsman (classic)

3. Baron Zemo

4. Modern Hercules

5. Thunderbolts Juggernaut

6. Modern Luke Cage

7. X-force X-23

8. Redone Scarlet Witch

9. Moonstone / Dark Ms. Marvel variant

10. Hawkeye / Dark Hawkeye variant

11. Ghost

12. Wasp

13. Astonishing or modern Cyclops

14. Cable

15. AIM trooper


1. New MODOK from red Hulk series

2. Super Adaptoid

3. Nimrod

4. Dragon Man


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Devil Dinosaur

Dragon Man


new figures


Swordsman (classic)

Super Adaptoid

Mantis (Guardians version)




Morph (AoA)

Mimic (Exiles)

Red She-Hulk

Mockingbird (current)

Daredevil (Shadowland)


Kid Colt

Scarlet Centurion

Ruma Tut


Grim Reaper

Warpath (X-Force)

the Void


Star Lord (Guardians)

Hate Monger

Dani Moonstar




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Hellfire Club soldier

AIM soldier

90's Jean Grey

Scarlet Spider




Mr. Negative


Iron Patriot

Dark Hawkeye

Moon Stone/Dark Ms. Marvel

Silver Samurai

Red She Hulk




White Tiger

Armored Daredevil

Battle Damaged Spider-Man (that poor guys always gettin his @$$ kicked)

Some more Ultimate characters to help fill out what we already have


Lady Bullseye

US Agent


Armored Spider-Man




Spider-Man 2099

The Thing

Black Cat

Scarlet Witch


Emma Frost

Red Skull





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FF Spiderman

FF Thing

FF Sue Richards

FF Reed Richards

X-Force Angel

Iron Patriot

Ms. Marvel (Dark Avengers)

Sinister Spiderman

Venom (Flash)

Classic Jubilee


Horsemen of Apocalypse

Gambit as Death

Wolverine as Death

House of M (Round out Fearsome Four)

Doctor Doom

Invisible Woman




X-23 (X-Force)

Rogue (Classic Jim Lee) (ToyBiz's had a fugly face)

Scarlet Witch

Ms. Marvel

Psylocke (Uncanny X-Force)

Emma Frost

Black Cat


Horsemen of Apocalypse

War Hulk


That's all I can think of at the moment. As a side note I think it would be cool to see themed waves like a House of M wave that builds a HoM Sentinel. Additionally, I'd like to round out the young Avengers; Speed, Kate Bishop, Stature (BAF).

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Usually I'd have Extremis Iron Man on top of my list, but we're finally getting him..


In no real order


Modern and/or Ultimate Hawkeye

Captain America (don't want to pay a whole lot for a good one)

Leonid (From S.H.I.E.L.D.)




Radioactive Man


The Mandarin



The Future Foundation


Modern Whiplash

Classic Iron Monger

Modular Armor Iron Man


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