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Avengers Marvel Legends at Walmart


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Well i didnt find no hulk for ya bud. But my beautiful wife came home with me a thor (finally) and movie masters alfred.


Thanks for trying bro I appreciate it. Glad you got a Thor!. Happy for you.


Let me know if your looking for anything.




Anyone have Piledrivers?



No problem i'll still keep a look out for you. Right now all i been looking.for has been the big time spidey and masked daken and giant man baf lol one day.


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Great let me know capamerica3232. I would like 2 if you can find it.


damprime pm replied.


Also I would like 2 hulks or a hulk and hawkeye for 1 big time spidey. Thanks everyone.


So you want $150 worth of figures for $100 figure?


I have seen Hulk sell for $50 and Hulk and Hawkeye sell for $110 shipped. But really I'm offering $100 figure for someone who has extras they can pick up at Walmart for $15 a piece.

to be fair Big time Spidey was at Disney Stores for the same price


What he said...


I'm not trying to bust your balls man it's just that you make it sound like you are asking someone to send you Cap and IM (The least rare of the bunch) how you just say, "just send me extras." These are the 2 rarest figures out of this wave and will continue to be. We are talking about a definitive Hulk figure with unmatched articulation and a modern Hawkeye with just as good articulation and the only modern style Hawkeye in the 6" scale. These figures are going to do nothing but appreciate in value unless Wal-Mart/Hasbro end up flooding us with more cases since they see the demand is up (and the fact the Avengers has made over a billion dollars world wide). Big time on the other hand I'm afraid will come crashing in value when these revision cases ship this summer. I guarantee you they will be in almost every case that ships along with masked Daken. But that's just MHO


Exactly what Frank said. That wouldnt be a fair trade off because of those very reasons.


Definitive Hulk or not, ebay speaks otherwise. Guess BT will be going to Ebay. Then I'll just buy the Hawkeye and Hulk.


Also the best Hulk is still House of M Mold with a Faceoff Head. Haha.


So much for helping eachother out.


There is a few good hulks out there and the M Mold with the face off head....... Really??? that's some what your own custom. We're talking straight from factory here, not customized. I think this hulk is by far one of thee best hulks to date factory not custom. If you had one you would know. This Avengers mold is easly top 5 hulks in my book made. Hasbro really step up on this guy. Sure there's a few things I'd like to see different but not much. Face off alone without the M Mold body is awesome. I can go on and on. Point is try harder to get it and you'll see. Not trying to be a dick


Good luck hunting!

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Man we do try to help each other out on here with reasonable trades and prices. If we went by what ebay said there'd be no use for us doing it on here. By that same token ebay says I could sell the extra Hulk I picked up thinking you wanted for that BT Spidey for $75 + dollars. Same as a BT Spidey. I could've picked up the Loki I needed instead. "Oh well so much for helping each other out".

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Got a quick question for you guys ... the forearm swivel joint on the left arm of my Captain America is stuck. Due to the "gummy" plastic, I can tell that if I continue to try and turn it, it's going to snap the peg completely off. Any suggestions on how to safely loosen it up?


I usually boil some water in the Microwave for about 2 minutes. Or you could use a hair dryer for 30-60 seconds. That should get it to turn. Did that on some of my Sota Street Fighter and Legends recently and worked like a charm.


Worked perfectly. Thank you!


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I actually was able to get a Hawkeye and Hulk for my BT Spidey. I do need a second Hulk, so if anyone has one for trade or sell. Let me know.


In no way is Avengers Hulk $75. You can pick one up on ebay for $54 shipped all day.


My buddy sold one for $71. Not quite $75 but pretty close...

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Figures are worth whatever people will pay for them and ebay just dictates that. Ebay is really the biggest consensus on what figures are worth, like it or not.. And it seems like Wal Marts are ordering two cases as soon as figures sell out to fill the shelf cap. These will be easier and easier to get. But it only seems like way less than half of Wal marts are ordering them. In a 30 mile radius like 6 walmarts out of 20 have them on the mod.

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Nothing yet at any WM by me, some stores (around 30-60 miles from me) have some on order so I better nab these or else, lol. At least these are steadily declining on EBay instead of going up. If anyone finds an extra six I could go cost plus ship and give you a free RoML Thor or Piledriver MOC and a bunch of other random free crap.

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Out of the seven Walmarts I checked, go figure, they were at the last one I go to. I started out by finding just Iron Man, Thor, and Loki on the peg. I shrug and think, well, it's a start. I walk further down the aisle and there is a Captain America not in the right place. So I get to thinking, I wonder if Hulk and Hawkeye are around.


Long story short, someone hid them behind some stuff and I got the whole set. I also picked up an Alfred from the Batman line because they are going to need a Jarvis and he's not too far off...


I'm still debating whether or not to pick up the complete 3.75" Avengers since I picked up Black Widow and Hawkeye the other day. Do I really need them in every size?


By the way, this is the same and only Walmart of the seven that had the Thor and Captain America 6" exclusives also...none of the others ever stocked them and I'm wondering if they will stock these 6" exclusives as well...

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This entire situation sucks.

So far I have spent $60.00 and over 15 hours on the road looking for them over the past 2 weeks or so.

For all that effort I should of just paid the Ebay price.

Here's my stories.

I live in Canada so I have to pay toll it $8.00 us round trip, I've gone out 3 or 4 times now looking for them? I can't remember.

I've also called quite a few stores I haven't gone to, and I'm coming up with nothing but reports of stuff in transit or on order.

Today they said, at one store, they were on order but the warehouse shows zero on hand, so he said it would be a week or so.

Now here is where the story gets worse.

9 days ago I was at the same store in the morning, got a girl to scan the # "there are 8 in transit so they'll be here tonight" she said. Unfortunately i work midnights and would be at work that night for when stock comes out and I can't call from work!

So I called 2 days later "yes we have 8 on hand but we can't find them" I found out after 17 minutes of waiting on the line.

So I went their the next day, I see the day toy manager, fat #%&@! I should say. This guy is completely unhelpful and misleading, to boot.

So I sent my Wife over to spy on fat#%&@! went over to electronics and got a young, unjaded, kid to scan the # and he says he'll go look for it.

In the meantime my Wife comes back and say's the Manager, I'm sorry, FAT #%&@! was going in the back.

About 5 minutes later the kid comes back with a box, but says it's GI JOE, which it was,

but someone had taken the shipping sticker off the Avengers case and put it on this one.

This way it appears as if they are still there but probably hidden.

I just gave up at that point which is very unlike me, but I really am getting too old for this arguing or kissing ass to get unprofessional people to do their job.

I swear, I think Fat #%&@ is a scalper I think I saw him with tables at Gibraltar Trade Center or some flea market years ago.

So that's my whacked out story, I am officially throwing in the towel and not looking for them, come onnnn reverse psychology, toy gods karma, then I might find them.

So with that said if anyone has any extras other than Iron Man, got him from WB Collect, at a reasonable price plus shipping, let me know.


I'll throw this out there as well, Remember, I make dioramas on a regular basis.

If you want something and you are fair and reasonable about it - and if it is worth my time and money, say $100.00 for the 5 figures including shipping. Maybe we could come to an agreement. You would get an awesome diorama and I would get my Avengers figs.

If negotiations go well.


The person would also have to be patient and give me about a month or so to build it and you would have to pay for the shipping on it.

Sorry I'm tight on funds right now.

I would also have to see the figures in your hands in a picture.

I would take your ideas and send you back pictures of the project as it is being done etc. etc.



Anyways, legal jargon aside.


Just remember, and this is very important, I'VE NEVER DONE OR OFFERED ANYTHING LIKE THIS TO ANYONE BEFORE.


if all goes well.



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Yeah its great that these are steadily getting restocked, I just walked in this morning to get some halo mega bloks for my son and noticed a freash new case that was put out over night, and I had first pick(for Once with this wave) Got the Hulk and Hawkeye Yeah Buddy! this is the third case my walmart has put out in the past 2 weeks which is a good sighn for every body rushing to get these on ebay.these figures are awsome in the articulation dipartment but the paint on the hulk was a little let down, and I will paint the pants Purple. Gook luck

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