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Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Main Line Checklist

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Infinite Series
The following are under the new Infinity Series which is basically Movie / Comic themed waves




Captain America: The Winter Soldier Mandroid wave
(this wave was spilt in 2, one wave coming with half of the Mandroid while the other coming with the other)


  • Wave 1
    • Captain America (Marvel Now)
    • WWII Captain America
    • Red Skull (Comic)
    • Hydra Soldier (Bob's version)
    • Baron Helmut Zemo
    • AIM Soldier
  • Wave 2
    • Captain America (Movie)
    • Winter Soldier (Movie)
    • Black Widow (Movie)
  • BAF: Mandroid

Amazing Spider-man Ultimate Green Goblin Wave

(Toxin, Boomerang and Spider-Girl were released later as part of a revision set or a .5 wave. They contain the same parts as Carnage, Beetle and Black Cat respectively)

  • Spider-man (Amazing Spider-man 2 Movie)
  • Spider-man (Superior)
  • Electro (Movie)
  • Carnage
  • Beetle (Ultimate)
  • Black Cat
  • Toxin (Eddie Brock)
  • Boomerang
  • Spider-girl (Arana)
  • BAF: Ultimate Green Goblin

Guardians Of the Galaxy MCU Groot Wave

  • Starlord (Movie)
  • Gamora(Movie)
  • Drax (Movie)
  • Rocket Racoon (Movie)
  • Iron Man (Cosmic)
  • Nova (Annihilation)
  • BAF: Groot (Movie)





Avengers Age of Ultron Odin/King Thor Wave



  • Thor (Marvel NOW)
  • Sentry
  • Machine Man
  • Hawkeye (Heroic age)
  • Iron Fist (Modern)
  • Captain Marvel (Carol Danver)
  • Scarlet Witch (New sculpt)
  • BAF: Odin The All-Father / King Thor


Spider-man Legends Hobgoblin (Phil Urich) Wave

  • Spider-man (Classic with many extra parts)
  • Spider-man 2099
  • Spider-girl (Mayday Parker)
  • Spider-woman (Ultimate Jessica Drew)
  • Anti-Venom
  • Daredevil
  • BAF: Hobgoblin (Phil Urich)


Avengers Age of Ultron Thanos Wave

  • Spider-woman (Jessica Drew) /Hellcat
  • Batroc
  • Iron Man MK 43 (Avenger: Age of Ultron Version)
  • Captain America (Avenger: Age of Ultron Version)
  • Hulk (Avenger: Age of Ultron Version)
  • BAF: Thanos (Modern)

Avengers Age Of Ultron MCU Hulkbuster Iron Man Wave


  • Valkyrie (Secret Avengers)
  • Thundra
  • Iron Man (Marvel Now)
  • War Machine (Movie)
  • Vision (Avengers A.I.)
  • Dr. Strange (Marvel Now)
  • Blizzard
  • BAF: Hulkbuster Iron Man (Movie)


Ant-man MCU Ultron Prime Wave

  • Ant-man (Movie) with Ant-man on Ant and Yellowjacket (Mini-fig)
  • Wasp (Black and Yellow)
  • Giant-Man (Avengers Academy)
  • Grim Reaper
  • Bulldozer
  • Tigershark
  • BAF: Ultron Prime (Movie)


Spider-man Legends Rhino Wave

  • Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)
  • Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)
  • Kraven
  • Misty Knight
  • Venom (Superior)
  • White Tiger (Aya Ayala)
  • Chameleon/Hammerhead/JJ Jameson (Alternate Head)
  • BAF: Rhino (Modern with classic alternate head)





Spider-man Legends Absorbing Man Wave

  • Morbius the Living Vampire
  • Venom (Classic Eddy Brock with open mouth and tongue swappable head)
  • Speed Demon (with Silvermane head on a RC Car pack-in)
  • Beetle (Janice Lincoln)
  • Spider-Gwen (swappable Gwen Stacy head)
  • Jack O'Lantern (Agent Venom Version)
  • Spider-man (Ben Reilly)
  • BAF: Absorbing Man

Captain America: Civil War Red Onslaught Wave


  • Captain America (Classic with Cap Wolf head pack-in)
  • Mockingbird (Post Secret Invasion)
  • Sharon Carter (White Suit)
  • Taskmaster (Cartoon with Udon head pack-in)
  • Scourge of the Underworld (Dennis Dunphy)
  • Whirlwind
  • Cottonmouth
  • BAF: Red Onslaught

Captain America: Civil War MCU Giant-Man


  • Nuke
  • Captain America (Civil War Movie)
  • Iron Man (Civil War Movie)
  • Black Panther (Civil War Movie, with Unmasked head)
  • Nick Fury (Classic, with Dirk Anger and Helmet head)
  • Red Guardian
  • BAF: Giant-Man (MCU)


Spider-man Legends Venom (Space Knight) Wave

  • Ultimate Spider-man (Miles Morales, with swappable unmasked head, new Teenage boy build)
  • Ultimate Spider-man (Peter Parker, with swappable unmasked head, new Teenage boy build)
  • Hobgoblin (with Roderick Kingsley and Jason Macendales' swappable heads)
  • Electro (Modern costume, Swappable head)
  • Silk (Swappable Head)
  • Spider-Girl (Ashley Barton)
  • BAF: Venom (Space Knight)

Captain America: Civil War Abomination Wave

  • Captain America (Secret Wars)
  • Scarlet Witch (Civil War Movie version)
  • Eel
  • Iron Skull (Animated)
  • Captain Britain (New Excalibur)
  • Wonder Man (Uncanny Avengers)
  • BAF: Abomination

Civil War Movie Box set


  • Captain America (Battle Damaged)
  • Iron Man (Battle Damaged)
  • Spider-man (Tom Holland)

X-men Legends Juggernaut Wave


  • Rogue (Jim Lee's, with swappable non gloved hand)
  • Deadpool (Marvel Now, swappable head and loads of accessories, no BAF Piece)
  • Phoenix (Green version)
  • Kitty Pryde (Astonishing X-men with Lockheed pack-in, and Onslaught head)
  • Cable
  • Havok (Uncanny Avengers, with beam effects)
  • Iceman (Modern)
  • Wolverine (Brown and tan)
  • BAF: Juggernaut


Dr. Strange Dormammu Wave

  • Nico Minora
  • Enchantress (SDCC repaint)
  • Iron Fist (Immortal Iron Fist, with swappable hands)
  • Dr. Strange (rerelease with new cape)
  • Brother Voodoo (repaint)
  • Dr. Strange (Movie)
  • Dr. Strange (Astral Form)
  • Karl Mondo (movie)
  • BAF: Dormammu (SDCC set repaint)





    Spider-man wave 6 - Sandman

    • Spider-man (Symbiote/Black Suit)
    • Spider-man 2099 (All-New, All-Different)
    • Spider-UK
    • Jackel
    • Green Goblin (Classic)
    • Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)
    • Shocker (Modern)
    • BAF:Sandman (interchangable hands and heads)

    Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2 Titus Wave

    • Angela

    • Kid Nova (Sam Alexander)
    • Darkhawk
    • Major Victory (Vance Astro)
    • Starlord (MCU)
    • Drax (MCU)
    • Yondu (MCU)
    • BAF: Titus

    X-men Legends Warlock (Phalanx)


    • Dazzler (Disco)
    • Sunfire (Classic)
    • Polaris
    • Colossus (Marvel Now)
    • Cyclops (Jim Lee's)
    • Old Man Logan
    • Shatterstar
    • BAF: Warlock (Phalanx)


    Spider-man Homecoming MCU Vulture Wings Wave

    • Spider-man (Homemade)
    • Spider-man (Homecoming)
    • Vulture (Homecoming)
    • Spider-man (Cosmic with Bearded and Generic Captain Universe head)
    • Moon Knight (Marvel Now)
    • Tombstone
    • Beetle MKII (Abner Jenkins)
    • BAF: MCU Vulture Wings

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Mantis Wave

    • Adam Warlock (with Magus head)
    • Death's Head II
    • Ex Nihilo
    • Gamora (MCU)
    • Nebula (MCU) (With swappable arm)
    • Rocket Raccoon with Baby Groot (MCU and Swappable head)
    • Starlord (longer coat and scarf)
    • BAF: Mantis (MCU)


    Spider-man:Homecoming 2-pack

    • Spider-man (Homecoming)
    • Iron Man (MK 46 repainted in Ultimate Iron Man colors)

    Marvel Knight Man-Thing wave

    • Daredevil ( Netflix series)
    • Jessica Jones (Netflix Series)
    • Elektra (Netflix Series)
    • Punisher (Netlix Series)
    • Blade
    • Bullseye
    • BAF: Man-Thing

    Thor: Ragnarok Gladiator Hulk Wave

    • Thor (Jane Foster)
    • Thor (Young Thor from God Butcher arc)
    • Ares (New sculpt)
    • Thor (Gladiator MCU)
    • Hela (MCU)
    • Loki (MCU)
    • BAF: Gladiator Hulk (MCU)

    Black Panther Okoye Wave

    • Black Panther (MCU, New Sculpt)
    • Killmonger (MCU Black Leopard)
    • Nakia (MCU)
    • Namor (Classic swim trunks)
    • Black Bolt (Repaint with new head sculpt)
    • Iron Man (Model Prime)
    • BAF- Okoye (MCU)


    Vintage Wave 1

    • Captain America (Repaint Capwolf)
    • Iron Man (Epic heroes re-release)
    • Spider-man (Pizza Spidey repaint)
    • Punisher (Walgreens repaint)
    • Wolverine (Brown and Tan Repaint)
    • Black Widow



    Spider-man wave 7 The Lizard wave

    • Spider-Punk
    • Spider-man Noir
    • Gwenpool
    • Lasher
    • Mysterio
    • Spider-woman (All-New, All-Different)
    • Prowler
    • BAF: The Lizard

    Deadpool Wave - Sasquatch Wave

    • Deadpool (90's style)
    • Cable (Six Pack version?)
    • Domino (X-force)
    • Deathlok
    • X-23 (X-force)
    • Paladin
    • Deadpool (X-Force. Hascon re-release)
    • BAF: Sasquatch

    Avengers: Infinity War MCU Thanos Wave

    • Songbird
    • King Cobra
    • Taskmaster (Classic)
    • Captain America (Infinity War)
    • Iron Man (Infinity war)
    • Spider-man (Infinity War)
    • Proxima Midnight (MCU)
    • BAF: Thanos (MCU)

    Ultimate Riders Wave 1

    • Black Widow with widow bike
    • Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) with Hellbike

    Avengers: Infinity War Cull Obsidian Wave

    • Black Knight (with Classic and Sir Percy Heads
    • Malekith (SDCC repaint)
    • Ant-man (MCU)
    • Wasp (MCU)
    • Thor (MCU)
    • Black Widow (MCU)
    • BAF: Cull Obsidian / Black Dwarf (MCU)

    Spider-man wave 8 SP//DR wave

    • Spider-man (House Of M)
    • Scarlet Spider (Kaine, New build and unmasked head)
    • Dr. Octopus
    • Cloak
    • Dagger (Light Dagger Effect)
    • Daredevil (All-New, All-Different, Billy Club effect)
    • Elektra (Classic)
    • BAF: SP//DR

    X-men Apocalypse Wave

    • Wolverine (Tiger Stripe)
    • Storm (80's Punk)
    • Psylocke (Jim Lee's)
    • Gladiator
    • Multiple Man
    • Magneto (Uncanny X-men)
    • Sabretooth (Classic)
    • BAF: Apocalypse

    Venom wave Monster Venom Wave

    • Venom (with unmasked head)
    • Carnage (repaint with new parts and unmasked head)
    • Scream
    • Poison (Venomverse)
    • Spider-man (with Pork Grind head)
    • Typhoid Mary
    • BAF: Monster Venom (Mac Gargan)

    Deadpool Wave 2 Sauron Wave

    • Deadpool (X-men)
    • Deadpool (Pantless)
    • Omega Red
    • Lady Deadpool (With Headpool)
    • Bishop (Classic)
    • Wolverine (X-23)
    • BAF: Sauron

    Ultimate Riders set 2

    • Logan with Harley

    Vintage Wave 2

    • Wasp (Blue costume)
    • Ant-man ( Classic)
    • Black Panther (Walmart repaint)
    • Scarlet Spider (Reilly)
    • Vision (Classic repaint)
    • Hawkeye (Classic repaint)

    Black Panther Wave 2 - M'Baku (All MCU wave)

    • Black Panther (with new head)
    • Black Panther (Vibranium suit)
    • T'Chaka
    • Ayo / Dora Malajie
    • Killmonger (Tactical Gear)
    • Klaue
    • BAF: M'Baku



    Avengers Wave 1 

    • Hercules (Modern)
    • BAF: ?

    Spider-man Wave 9 - Kingpin wave

    • Spider-man (Red Goblin arc symbiote suit)
    • Red Goblin
    • Black Cat (Crimelord version)
    • Silver Sable
    • BAF: Kingpin

    X-men Wave 4 - ?

    • Blink 
    • Skullbuster
    • Gambit
    • BAF:?


    Ultimate Riders sets 3

    • Deapdool on Moped with Dogpool and Squirrelpool
    • Professor Xavier with hoverchair



    it is currently unknown what is the situation with these are

    • Moonstar (formally of the Epic Heroes wave)
    • Jean Grey (AOA)
    • Savage She-Hulk Lyra



    Officially Cancelled

    • Phoenix 5 Cyclops

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    The Radioactive Man set is a Target Exclusive, not TRU.


    And still missing from the unreleased:

    Savage She-Hulk Lyra

    Phoenix 5 Cyclops


    War Machine (Mark II, movie version)

    Mandarin (aka Trevor Slattery, movie version)


    Also, only thing about the X-Men wave that links it to the movie is that they were both released in the same year. There is nothing legitimately connecting it to Days of Future Past. In the Captain America and Spider-Man waves, they included movie figures, and those figures' packagings carried the movie logo, as did the Guardians of the Galaxy wave. Comic versions from the GOTG wave just carried the "Marvel" logo in its place. So I don't think you can consider the X-Men wave to have anything to do with the movie. Just like the Avengers waves can't be considered an "Age of Ultron" wave without there being any movie characters included and packaged to represent that particular movie. It might be the case with the wave that features Maria Hill, Fury, and Coulson, but until it's determined whether they're in the wave or a separate 3pack, or what the graphics are on that packaging, it's hard to say whether any of the Avengers wave are an official Age of Ultron tie-in.


    There's my.... three cents?

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    added the Civil War wave with Namor and Abomination in the Unknown section until we find out where they are going.(my guess is namor is for a invaders set)

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    added the new NYCC news with Rogue been placed in unknown until we get a officially confirmation of where she is going.

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    added the 2 extra figures listed in Robotkingdom. will not place Enchantress and Ancient One their until it's 100% confirmed

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    Is there a reason you have Mandroid broken into Wave 1 & 2 but not the same for Green Goblin which had a Wave 1 & 2 (despite being 1 BAF) just like Mandroid? This in turn would make the Jackal wave, Wave 7.


    Also, is there a reason you have Warlock listed as XMEN wave 2 when Jubilee was the first XMEN wave we for with Jnaut being the second?


    I don't really care all that much and I'm certainly not trying to "nit-pick" I was just simply curious on your thought process is all.


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    Is there a reason you have Mandroid broken into Wave 1 & 2 but not the same for Green Goblin which had a Wave 1 & 2 (despite being 1 BAF) just like Mandroid? This in turn would make the Jackal wave, Wave 7.


    Also, is there a reason you have Warlock listed as XMEN wave 2 when Jubilee was the first XMEN wave we for with Jnaut being the second?


    I don't really care all that much and I'm certainly not trying to "nit-pick" I was just simply curious on your thought process is all.



    because it was broken into 2 wave one released first and then release second, you couldn't complete the BAF until the second ave came out.


    the Spider-man wave was released as where you could complete the Ult GG but the later release were just variants so you could consider them part of the same wave and not a separate wave. If anything they should be consider a .5 wave.


    The Jubilee wave was a exclusive wave so that is under the exclusive section

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    Added the 6 knew figures from the NYCC.


    before anyone asks, in the Interview video, some one said that Death's Head II and Adam Warlock were part of the GOTG line.

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    But how do we know they aren't part of the first wave?


    because at the SDCC, they said that the first wave would contain at least 2 MCU figures, which they can't show because Disney won't allow them until TF2017 or much closer to the actually release. and while they could be part of that wave the BAF only need 6 figure to build so the first GOTG line will only have 6 figure with the MCU figure being double packed.

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      • Netflix has released a new trailer for the second season of Iron fist which will air on the streaming service September 7, 2018.
      • Dropped by Target yesterday. Only X-Men figure left was Gladiator. They had a single Ross vs. Killmonger set and a couple of Falcon and Wintersoldiers. Was kinda disappointed, but no worries, I already ordered Storm and Sabretooth off Amazon, and once my replacement Psylocke arrives I can move on to Deadpool and Venom.
      • According to Variety, Disney despite appeals from the cast still have no plans to reinstate Guardians Of The Galaxy Director James Gunn after they fired him almost a month ago due to a number of old but very inappropriate tweets regarding rape and pedophilia were dug up online that he had made. The decision to not reinstate him comes after a meeting he had with studio chairman Alan Horn.

        There were rumors running around that Marvel president Kevin Feige wanted Gunn reinstated as well, however he apparently was out of town when this meeting between Gunn and Horn happened and reports indicate now that Feige stands by Disney in their decision. Feige will begin the process of finding a replacement for Gunn when he returns. Our money is on Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi. Also no word if Gunn's script for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 will be used or if the movies 2020 release will be delayed or not.

        The truth be told, if you bother to read all of Gunn's old tweets I don't think there was any way Disney, a company that has built itself on the idea it is a family oriented company making movies for kids could risk bringing Gunn back. The political reasons why the Tweets were dug up are immaterial and while Gunn claims his tweets about rape and pedophilia were done as a "joke" and to be "edgy", it has left many questioning Gunn's true state of mind when he made those tweets. If Disney had brought him back and later something else came out indicating the man is some kind of pedophile (which we aren't saying he is), it could possibly destroy Disney as a company. We still don't really understand how Disney did not know about the tweets when they hired him initially, but now that everyone knows about them, there would be no chance of playing the ignorance card going forward. There have also been rumors Warner Brothers might try and hire Gunn for DC Comic based movies, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that one either, pretty much for the same reason Disney won't hire him back. Gunn at some point, once things die down will likely be able to find work again assuming nothing else about him comes to light, but I doubt it will involve movies that are geared primarily for kids.

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