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Professor's Items for Trade or Sale

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Hello All,
I am in a new place and it is half the size of the old one. Double the price and half the size the joy of relocating from rural Pennsylvania to suburban Pennsylvania. Any way, I need to slim down the collection and I want to offer it here to fellow collectors. I will be updating here over the next few weeks as time allows.

The prices listed below do not include shipping. These prices are not set in stone and I am open to reasonable offers. I am also interested in trades as well. I will spend some time to update the old want list in the next few days. If you have questions or offers please pm me.
Thank you,

Boxed Figures
SOLD Concept General Grievous
$5.00 Unkar's Thug and Jakku Scavenger *note BB-8 is missing*
SOLD Commando Droid
$25.00 Emperor's Shadow Guard *this one I am struggling to part with but there isn't a place for it...
$4.00 Mon Mothma (Revenge of the Sith)

Loose Figures

$8.00 Tri-Droid (30th 08-05); missing display stand
$8.00 Luke Skywalker (Heir to the Empire comic-pack)
$10.00 Ephant Mon (2002-045); missing cane and vibroblade accessories
$10.00 Yoda with Kybuck (30th Anniversay #32)
$4.00 Anakin-podracer (Mos Espa Arena Battle-Pack Walmart exclusive) *helmet has been sold*
$5.00 Snowtrooper (BD55)
$4.00 R3-T7 (Power of Jedi AOTC Sneak Peak)
$19.00 R4-C7 (ARC-170 Elite Squad Battle Pack)
$2.00 Sith Assassin Droid
$4.00 Sebulba (Mos Espa Arena Battle-Pack Walmart exclusive)
$6.00 Watto (Walmart exclusive Droid-Pack); includes data pad but not pictured (forgot it when taking pics)
$5.00 Tarkin (Comic-Pack #3)
$20.00 Purple Disney Series 2 Build-a-Droid (or will trade 1 for 1 for another Disney Droid; I am looking for a few)
$8.00 Darth Maul (Sith Evolutions set Sidious, Dooku, Maul) - includes cloak and lightsaber *not yet pictured*

$12.00 X2 Nightcrawler
$8.00 Spider-Man 2099 (Spider-Man Origins Series)
$10.00 Ghostrider (light-up movie figure; link for reference); missing chain and light-up feature does not work (needs batteries)
$15.00 Cable (Walmart Exclusive Marvel Legends 2-pack)
$8.00 Ultron (Marvel Legends: Legendary Riders Series); complete with glider
$18.00 Black Queen (Marvel Legends TRU Exclusive)
$4.00 Scarlet Witch (Marvel Legends: Legendary Rider Series); complete with glider
$8.00 Wasp (Marvel Legends: Modok Series); no BAF piece
$25.00 Tigra (Nemesis series Marvel Legends); no BAF piece


Not Yet Pictured:
$30.00 Marvel Legends Domino (Walmart Exclusive 2-pack)
$25.00 Marvel Legends Cannonball (Walmart Exclusive 2-pack) *rubber of shirt has a tiny tear in it as is normal for these as they age

I may also potentially list a Marvel Legends Warpath (X-Force) from the TRU exclusive 2-packs. Not sure on this one yet but if a good offer is made I can maybe make the decision. Would certainly do this for a complete SDCC Psylocke, or Blob hands and lower torso.

$15.00 Captain Jack Sparrow; complete with hat, sword, and pistol (6-inch scale came from Disney store when Deadman's chest came out)
$5.00 Appleseed Figure; not sure where this figure came form but it is not highly articulated
$8.00 Goku; not sure series or anything but it is highly poseable with changeable hands
$12.00 FF Dr. Doom (Marvel Universe)

$19.00 Kampfer Mobile Suit (MS Gundam 0080); complete with two grenades, two rocket launchers, one short shotgun, one long shotgun, and land mine chain
$20.00 Shadow Gundam (battle scarred version); complete with extra hands, core lander, and display base $4.00 Cobra Gundam (G Gundam); Missing extra head, extra hands, and energy pieces
$20.00 G Gundam Fuun Saiki (Gundam Horse)
$13.00 Strike Gundam; complete with 4 extra pairs of hands, rifle, shield, and switchblade knives
$14.00 Gundam Wing Zero (deluxe transforming version); complete with extra hands, shield, double buster rifle with three different handles, and saber
$4.00 Gundam Death Scythe Hell Custom; Missing energy scythe and connectors for wings
$4.00 Cobra Gundam (G Gundam); Missing extra head, extra hands, and energy pieces

Build-A-Figure Pieces
$7.50 Annihilus - Right wing (from Banshee)
$3.00 Ultimate Green Goblin - Torso (from Spider-Girl)
$3.00 Ultimate Green Goblin - Right arm (from Amazing Spider-man)
$8.00 Imperiex - Left arm (from Man-Bat)
$15.00 Ronan – Cape (from Dr. Doom)*
$10.00 Sentinel - Lower torso (from Omega Red)
$8.00 Ultron - Torso (from Wasp)
$6.00 Absorbing Man - Wrecking ball (Spider-Gwen)
$8.00 Absorbing Man - Left leg (from Mad Jack)
$5.00 Iron Monger - Left leg (from Bleeding Edge Iron Man)
$20.00 Ronan – Right leg (from Silver Surfer)*
$40.00 Ronan – Right arm (from Namor)*

*Note: Ronan pieces are expensive but this is less than they are selling on eBay for. These were also pieces I hoped to hold onto to complete Ronan but that is a dream that I have given up on.*

Odds and Ends
$1.00 Wonder-Man Rider
$1.00 Cloak from first X-Men movie Rogue
SOLD Namekian tree (DBZ)
$2.00 Flame base from first F4 movie Human Torch
$0.25 apiece Pizzas (from old TMNT pizza thrower)
$0.50 apiece mini Avenger chibis (Iron Man, Nick Fury, Steve Rogers)
$0.50 miscellaneous TMNT movie Mikey pieces; I have no idea what happened here and why I only have the belt 2 legs, and an arm...
$1.00 Sword (Marvel Legends BAF Allfather piece)
$0.25 No idea a staff of some sort
$0.25 Star Wars Freeze Frame Ewoks
$0.25 TMNT cloak and belt (Shredder maybe)
$4.00 Hammerhead head
$5.00 Sharon Carter head
$5.00 Maria Hill head (reddish hair variant)
$5.00 Generic Shield Agent head


I have also come across a number of those holographic mini-figures packed in with the Saga Collection figures. I'm not sure how much interest there is in these but I'm offering them up to anyone interested. I had originally held onto them thinking I could make a chess set out of them but gave up on the endeavor. I'm having a hard time coming up with a price for them but I'm going to offer them at a dollar a piece not including the shipping. Again we can negotiate if you are interested and especially if buying multiples or the whole lot.
$0.25 Han Solo (Blue)
$0.25 Han Solo (Red)
$0.25 Yoda (Red)
$0.25 Yoda (Red)
$0.25 Darth Sidious (Red)
$0.25 Darth Sidious (Red)
$0.25 Darth Sidious (Blue)
$0.25 Count Dooku (Red)
$0.25 Count Dooku (Blue)
$0.25 Obi-Wan Kenobi (Red)
$0.25 Darth Vader (Red)
$0.25 Storm Trooper (Red)
$0.25 Rebel Trooper (Red)

Thanks for looking! Again open to fair offers, just send me a PM.


My Wants; if you are more interested in trading.

Silk (Marvel Legends Space Venom series)
Spider-woman (Marvel Legends Space Venom Series)
Spider-man (Marvel Legends Space Venom Series)
Ultmiate Spider-man (Marvel Legends Space Venom Series)
Electro (Marvel Legends Space Venom Series)
Hobgoblin (Marvel Legends Space Venom Series)
Spider Gremlin

Tholme and Tra-Saa (Comic Pack)
R5-K6 (loose from Scramble on Yavin multi-pack)
R7-T1 (loose BAD)
R3-A2 (loose BAD)
R4-A22 (loose from Astro Pack 1)
R5-P9 (loose)
R5-D2 (loose)
R3-Y2 (loose from Astro Pack 2)
CB-3D (loose)

Build-a-Figure Pieces
Left Arm – from Cyclops
Torso and Legs – from Storm
Hands – from movie Juggernaut
Lower Torso – from Ultimate Wolverine

Odds and Ends
Stands for 6-inch figures (Packed with Marvel Legends Epic Heroes wave)
Hands from Black Panther (Rocket Raccoon series Marvel Legends)

Thanks for looking!

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Added several items and dropped some prices. PM me with any questions, interest, or fair offers. Thanks!


Oh and my old feedback thread has gone missing but here is a new one (link) and my feedback from another forum (link).

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    • ShartimusPrime takes a look at the new Marvel Legends Sp//dr Build-A-Figure which is part of the newest Spider-Man themed wave from Hasbro. The figures in this wave include Doc Ock, Cloak, Dagger, All-New All-Different Daredevil, Elektra, House Of M Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider. You can purchase these figures now at Megalopolis.Toys.

      Check out hi-res images for this figure below in our GALLERY!
    • Gunn said something stupid and for once in the history of forever a d**k got what he had coming. End of story. Personal responsibility. Pass it on.
    • Since he was so sorry and apologetic about his tweets,  why not delete them? And this whole "I was being a provocateur" excuse is laughable. The reality is that the things he said we're so reprehensible and perverse there was no believable explanation he could offer,  so he just said he was joking... Yes, joking about serious issues does not immediately mean that the person is involved in them. I'll give you that,  but this wasn't just one tweet,  this was a whole series of horrible tweets, not one of which was funny in any way, all revolving around the same subject,  pedophilia. Which should raise a Red flag in most people's eyes. Often where there is smoke, there is fire. Especially in Hollywood. Have you ever heard of anyone by the name Weinstein, Spacey, or Singer? I agree that people can certainly change,  but why not go back and delete those tweets? The mere fact that Gunn left these up on twitter, suggests to me that he was never all that concerned or apologetic about their content. If I was to tweet something awful, get called out on it, and was truly apologetic, I would go out of my way to remove the offensive tweets. And while I know the GOTG cast has said he isn't the same person he was back then, let's not pretend that any of the cast actually know what Gunn does in his private life. My opinion on Dave Bautista is just that,  an opinion and I stand by it.
      Gunn is the one who really mishandled this situation. A public figure like Gunn should know his tweets will be held to a higher standard & yes these vile tweets will probably define him for some time, quite fairly in my opinion. However,  I don't think this sends a message to your average person,  that no matter how much they've changed as a person they'll always be defined by their lowest point, as they are simply regular people & not public figures like Gunn, the millionaire Hollywood director. The sheer volume & subject matter of Gunn's tweets were beyond awful & extremely disturbing. A public figure like Gunn should know better than to post these sort of things that would come come back to haunt him, & had he been sorry enough for tweeting about how much he enjoy's little boys touching his "naughty place", he would have deleted them, however here we are today & it feels like more than anything else,  he's sorry he got caught.
    • Gunn did explain the purpose behind those tweets, expressing that his intention those years ago was to act as a provocateur. He additionally had already apologized for his raunchy attempts at humor. I don't think that joking about serious issues in such a way necessarily means that a person has a thing for them, especially if the purpose of those "jokes" is to cause a reaction. It's making a joke which is offensive for the sake of it being offensive, and not necessarily to insinuate some kind of depraved fetish. There have been many news of idiot tourists making the Nazi salute in Germany, which doesn't automatically entail they're Nazis. They're just idiots (at the very least, hopefully). I believe this is a similar case with James Gunn.

      His tweets are disgusting, and don't say anything nice about the person he was in 2010. However, Gunn himself and the people he has closely worked with for over five years expressed that he has changed and that he's no longer the kind of person those tweets reflect. I don't think any kind of conclusion from this incident should be made without taking those people into account. And I don't think it's appropriate to assume Dave Bautista is depraved solely based on his stance from this situation. He knows much more about James Gunn than the slim portion most people get to see. Gunn's situation has been mishandled for the most part by people online, and shows a toxic mentality. It tells people that it doesn't matter how much they have changed as a person, their lowest point will always define them. And just in case there's any doubt, I don't mean to defend James Gunn's tweets, or the type of "humor" we waved like a flag back then. I don't even want to pretend to know what course of action Disney should've taken. It's a slippery slope, but there should be some balance between painting him as a misunderstood saint and a depraved would-be child-molester.
    • Pedophilia is not something that should EVER be joked about. It is a real problem worldwide and it is horrible. The tweets made by James Gunn were extremely insensitive and vile,  especially to victims and their families. Not one of these so called jokes were funny and they suggest that Mr. Gunn at the very least is a sick individual who could very well be involved in pedophilia in some form. He is simply not fit to direct anything until all of these "jokes" are adequately explained. I find it very sad & pathetic that so many people have defended Gunn and his disgusting tweets. It speaks volumes when thousands jump to the defense of a man who has endorsed pedophilia & may himself be a pedophile, simply because he directed a couple of entertaining movies. Here's to hoping that Disney will fire Dave Bautista too. He has been the most vocal of Gunn's supporters and I suspect has some disturbing skeletons in his closet as well.

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