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I used to be a Marvel 3.75" Fan with Marvel Universe/Infinite. But with all the hassle of no articulation, worsen paint apps and never actually getting the figures in stores, I've decided to start looking into Marvel Legends. I believe I will get the new Superior Spider-man and Marvel NOW! Captain America Figures today. With 10+ Years of figures though, is their any Must-haves for figures, BAFS, Waves?

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Okay, well marvel legends are probably the best type of marvel action figure to collect since many other lines like marvel select, spiderman classics etc can be in scale with legends the legends I recommend getting are : 1) series 5 colossus, 2) series 8 ultimate captain america, 3) red hulk wave wolverine, 4) house of m " IT ", 5) ROML thor.

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This is something I put together back in August, also board member DSmith has a similar list of the "essential" figures.



Wave 1: None. True Toad is the figure that hasn't had another made but he's very expensive for a lack luster figure. Options for Toad (if you're an X-Men fan) include the X-Men movie figure, X-Men Evolution figure, or a custom.

Wave 2: Namor and Thing. The head sculpt and jacketed look really set him apart. The Thing has the best head sculpt of all his incarnations despite being a bit out of scale.

Wave 3: None.

Wave 4: Beast and Gambit. Personally I love the Jim Lee era Beast and the size and articulation trumps most other versions. While I prefer the X-Men Legends Box set Gambit's coat that's a small thing, got to get Gambit.

Wave 5: Colossus, Sabretooth, and Mr. Fantastic. All great figures, and I feel Colossus better fits in with the other MLs than the Select version. Mr. Fantastic is a maybe, and I would probably pass if you want to get all four members of the FF in matching costumes.

Wave 6: Cable and Juggernaut. Although Wolverine and Deadpool are great Deadpool is very expensive and the Hasbro version works well enough, unless you're a hardcore DP fan--as for Wolverine it's an iconic costume, but not essential unless you really like Wolverine. Cable and Juggy are at their best when compared to other ML releases.

Wave 7: Hawkeye and Vision (variant). Hawkeye despite the price is in his classic look and colors, which I think beats the one coming out this year. However if price is an issue stick with next year's Hawkeye it seems like a decent enough swap. The "phasing" Vision is definitely the coolest version of Vision and not too expensive last I checked. Plus if you're getting the Ares wave, the other Vision is fine for a normal non-phasing Vision.

Wave 8: Doc Ock and Man Thing. This is Doc's best version in terms of classic look and tentacle durability. It's Man Thing's only appearance.

Wave 9: Galactus (BAF), Nightcrawler, Prof. X, Deathlock, Doc Strange, Bullseye, War Machine. The Galactus BAF is the standout here unless you like the Marvel Universe version. Most of the wave (all except Hulk) are the only ML versions of these characters so getting the whole wave is probably best.

Wave 10: Sentinel (BAF) No standouts here except the BAF, this is one of the best BAFs ever made so don't skip it. The rest of the wave is going to be up to you as a collector as to whether it's a skip. I say skip because all the figures here have been re-made or are non-essential.

Wave 11: Taskmaster and Wonder Man. Tasky has his problems but he looks great and again its his only appearance. Same with Wonder Man, I prefer the Ionic Variant to the regular and both are inexpensive. Hulkbuster Iron Man is I believe a pass, unless you want Iron Man armors.

Wave 12: Apocalypse (BAF), Iron Fist, and X-23. The Apocalypse BAF is a favorite of mine and looks great but as vicious_maturity said be careful that all the arms and legs are either blue or black to suit your preference. Iron Fist's original look is best displayed here and this is X-23's only figure.

Wave 13: Whole wave. You can never go wrong with villains Abomination and Green Goblin are the best of the wave but all of these one's are awesome and fill in the gaps in most collections whether it's X-Men, Spider-Man, Hulk, or Thor.

Giant Man Wave: Kitty Pryde, Giant Man (BAF). Giant Man is probably the second or third best BAF to date and worth the money you'll spend to get him. Kitty is one of the most expensive in the set but again only appears here. Other figures in the wave have better versions that have been made recently. However it's worth noting that Havok, Captain Britain, and Ant Man only have one version, the one's in this wave.

Wave 14: Falcon and Psylocke. The modern Falcon (variant) is the way to go but only if you really want/need the character. I hesitate to even mention Psylocke since I feel the later released X-Force version is better, but Wave 14 Psylocke is less expensive among many expensive X-Men characters.

Wave 15: Whole Wave. Like the Onslaught wave the characters here are appearing in their only form to date. Exceptions being Spider-Woman, coming out later this year and Iron Man. However purchasing the variants to both figures allows you to get different characters.

Box Sets: As a rule avoid these, they are over priced. Better to buy single figures from the sets.

X-Men Legends: Great as a starter, but most of the figures aren't worth the price. To me the Gambit here is better than Wave 4 because of the "leather" coat, and it is the only Jim Lee Rogue. However neither makes this set a must have.

Urban Legends: None.

Sinister 6: Spider-Man, Electro, Venom, and Kraven. Spider-Man here is one of the best incarnations of the iconic character but is very expensive on his own. The other three have one or two other acceptable appearances but these are the best. Your best bet would be to buy the set as individual figures here could actually be more expensive.

Fantastic Four: Unless you're looking for a matching set of the FF it's probably a pass. It's a great starter like X-Men Legends since it has so many figures but the Human Torch has better versions and Invisible Woman is on the older female body mold, better to pass.

Fearsome Foes: Super expensive but figures like Vulture (his only figure in ML or related), Lizard, and Rhino are all the definitive figures for these characters.

Young Avengers: Skip, unless you like these particular characters they are not worth tracking down.

Monsters: Skip.

House of M: Skip.

Face Off 2 Packs:

Wave 1: Get them all. Kingpin (white coat), Captain America, Hulk, and Leader (variant long head) are among some of the best versions of these figures. However the Face-Off series is very expensive so they won't come cheap.

Wave 2: Mandarin. Either version is good as it's his only version. But this wave is even more expensive than the last wave.

Spider-Man Classics: The following figures are in scale with ML and are the only appearances of these characters.

Morbius: Series Five, not a great figure but a must for a Spidey collector.

Scorpion: Series 11/14, either version will do.

Super-posable wall crawling Spider-Man: This is also called the "McFarlane Spidey" The rarest, most expensive Spider-Man and also in my opinion as a Spidey Collector and fan the definitive version. This will cost quite a bit so it may be best to avoid.

Sandman: Series 12, although there is a re-release in Series 17 this version is better. Sandman's only ML compatible release.

Hobgoblin: Series 17, this one uses the same Green Goblin mold as ML Wave 13, a must have.

Shocker and Jack O'Lantern: Series 18, both great Spidey villains in their only ML compatible releases.

Toxin: Series 19, much better than the Hasbro Toxin (Eddie Brock version).

X-Men (Classics): The following figures are in scale with ML. Many of these figures sported unique costumes but were overall better sculpted and articulated than their ML counterparts.

Storm: Series 1, this is the same figure as the ML Wave 8 Storm but re-painted in her white Jim Lee era costume. To me this is the definitive look for Storm and so the problems with the figure's size and head sculpt are able to be overlooked.

Angel: Series 2, although he never had this costume in the comics this version of Angel has a better head sculpt than his ML counterpart. His wings alone make him the best Angel figure since they aren't as bulky as ML Wave 10's and aren't constantly falling off.

Avalanche, Rogue, and Iceman: Series 3, Avalanche's only appearance, and Rogue's best appearance. Both versions of Rogue are expensive but compared to the Jim Lee Rogue from the box set this is the better Rogue to get based on the head sculpt alone. Many also argue that this Iceman is the better of the two.

Fantastic Four Classics: The following figures are in scale with ML.

Super Skrull: Series 1, A must have figure for FF or Cosmic Collectors the Super Skrull came in three versions, classic, flaming, and invisible all three are great and personal favorite figures of mine.

Dragon Man and Invisible Woman: Series 2, the first figure Dragon Man is the only appearance of Dragon Man, one of the rarest ML related figures, worth mentioning but unlikely to get for a decent price. Invisible Woman is one of those characters that has never had a great figure. Most have really ugly faces, the others have bad articulation. This one has the best sculpt and face but poor articulation.

It's worth mentioning that this is one of the only series that contains a complete set of the FF with matching costumes. Other versions include the aforementioned Boxed set, Hasbro Two packs (later), and the Ronan Wave. Which costumes are totally a preference thing.


Annhilus Wave: Annihilus (BAF). The figures in the early Hasbro waves were underwhelming and very stiff in the articulation department. Only the BAF on this one.

Blob Wave: Blob (BAF). Again just the BAF, maybe Quicksilver since it is the character's only ML figure.

Ronan the Accuser Wave: Whole wave. For FF collectors this wave really brings a great number of things another chance at a matching FF, a great Dr. Doom and Namor, Mole Man, and another Silver Surfer. Ronan is a great BAF and again the only appearance of the character.

Sandman Wave: Skip this one. The entire wave is movie figures.

Brood Wave: Black Knight. Articulation wise this is a decent figure, one of early Hasbro's best. The sculpt though is the best part very cool figure.

Fin Fang Foom Wave: Fin Fang Foom (BAF). Probably the best, or second best BAF depending on who you ask in all of ML. A very price BAF and wave though, it's Hulk centered so avoid the figures themselves unless you're a Hulk fan.

Red Hulk Wave: Red Hulk (BAF). Great body sculpt, goes well with the later released 2 pack Hulk.

Holocaust/Nemesis Wave: Holocaust/Nemesis (BAF). Great BAF, best to skip the wave all the figures are lack luster in sculpt, paint, and articulation. The better figures, Black Bolt and Nova were both atrocious and have since had better releases.

Ares Wave: Ares (BAF), Crossbones, Vision, Kang and Human Torch. The Ares wave is extremely rare and expensive, however it contains some of early Hasbro's best figures and Ares is a great BAF. Human Torch is the definitive version in my mind and works in most FF sets regardless of the costumes the others are sporting. Kang is a key character but is a straight re-release of the Fantastic Four classics one so best to choose whichever one has the better price on it. As I mentioned earlier if you're getting Ares you might as well get Vision and only get the variant one from Wave 7. Crossbones is problematic since he's the most expensive of the wave. I'd go with the Thunderbolts boxed set version if this is a character you must have.

Two Packs and Exclusives:

Series 1: Cannonball and Domino. Worth mentioning since these are the only versions of these figures.

Series 2: Elektra and Ronin, Mr. Fantastic and Thing. Elektra and Ronin are must haves and the best versions of each (the only for Ronin). Mr. Fantastic and Thing aren't great but if you passed on other matching FF sets this is a good place to start since this Mr. Fantastic sports the same body as the Wave 5 one.

Series 3: Invisible Woman and Human Torch. Others probably prefer the army builders but at the price of these two packs you probably won't purchase enough to build your armies. To complete the FF set this two pack does the trick. I mentioned earlier how bad most Invisible Woman figures are, and this is no different but she's less expensive than the Ronan wave one.

Series 4: Whole wave. These were the last figures early Hasbro made, but they were some of the very best. Deadpool sticks out since he's much more affordable than Series 6 DP and the Hulk here goes perfectly with Red Hulk. Overall not a bad figure in this wave.

Exclusives: Early Hasbro's exclusives weren't anything to write home about, best to pass.

Iron Man the Armored Avenger (Legends): Titanium Man, Crimson Dynamo, War Machine (Initiative). All three are great comic versions of Iron Man's foes and allies. War Machine in particular is in my opinion better than the one from Wave 9.

Thor the Mighty Avenger (Legends): Loki. A much needed update of Loki, but still not perfect.

Captain America the First Avenger (Legends): Nick Fury. Only if you want one that goes with the Avengers movie figures.


Terrax Wave: Terrax (BAF) HA Thor and Ghost Rider. Thor and Ghost Rider here are absolutely excellent figures, and in my opinion this is the best Thor released. Terrax is a great BAF as well.

Arnim Zola Wave: Whole wave. You can't go wrong with this wave. Arnim Zola is probably the least impressive of the wave, but saying that just goes to show how great this wave is.

Epic Heroes Wave: Deadpool, Dr. Doom, and Punisher. If you still can't find Deadpool this wave had two. Grey Deadpool is best if you want to complete X-Force, and Red Deadpool is a re-release of the 2 pack one. Dr. Doom is also a re-release and a repaint of the Ronan wave one, but great if you missed the last one. Punisher is a really cool figure with an excellent head sculpt.

Hit Monkey Wave: Archangel. If you can't get or don't want the X-Force three pack this is the same Archangel but with classic colors. It's a great all around figure.

Rocket Raccoon Wave: Whole wave. Between new characters like Scarlet Spider and Wrecker, and much needed updates like Jean Grey and Black Panther this is a nearly perfect wave. To top it all off Rocket Raccoon is there for your comic styled Guardians team that began with Drax in the Zola wave.

Iron Monger Wave: Iron Monger (BAF), Ultron and HA Iron Man. Unless you're an Iron Man collector, this wave isn't full of essentials. However the BAF and the Heroic Age Iron Man are must haves for any collector. Ultron also sees his second release and it's much better than the first one.

Puck Wave: Wolverine, Cyclops, Emma Frost. Based on the same sculpt as the Wolverine in the X-Force 3 pack this Wolvie sports his classic colors and is probably the character's best rendition in his yellow and blue costume. Cyclops is a much needed update even if it's not quite modern. Emma is the most expensive but is completely worth it out doing the original release in leaps and bounds.

Mandroid Wave: Baron Zemo, Red Skull, Hydra and AIM Soldiers, Black Widow. Since it's a more recent wave these will at least be possible to find in the wild. Zemo and the Skull are definite stand outs for any Cap or Avengers collection. The soldiers make great army builders and are less expensive than past army builders so it's actually possible to do. But Black Widow is the star of the wave. Sporting swappable heads for both Avengers movie and Winter Soldier movie collections she's a definite buy.

Ultimate Green Goblin Wave: Black Cat, Carnage, Beetle, Goblin (BAF), and Boomerang. This wave has some of the best figures to date. Black Cat and Carnage are essential and outshine all the other figures in the wave. Beetle, Goblin, and Boomerang are great as well and nothing's quite as awesome as the Goblin's flame effects.

Groot Wave: Nova and Groot. Nova is simply the best figure Hasbro has ever made! But I'm a fan of the character. Not one to pass up he's an excellent figure. The Groot BAF is very awesome and goes well with comic versions of Rocket and Drax. I wouldn't get the entire wave unless you really want the BAF or love the movie.

Jubilee Wave: Jubilee (BAF). For X-Men collectors this is a figure not to miss. Unless you're an X-Men fan/collector I'd pass on the rest of the wave. Wolverine doesn't have a masked head, Cyclops is sporting his Marvel Now look so unless you like that I'd skip. Storm and Magneto seem to divide a lot of people. Personally I don't like this Storm both for the mohawk and the fabric cape. Magneto's just bad and that's with the Series 3/X-Men Legends Box set in mind. His proportions are all off and the head sculpt is weird, not to mention over sized feet and odd hand sculpt.


X-Force Box Set: The whole set is awesome, however if you aren't a fan of the Remender series I would probably buy the Puck Wolverine, the Hit Monkey Archangel and the Wave 14 Psylocke instead.

Thunderbolts Box Set: The whole set. Luke Cage and Moonstone are the standouts but it also offers a second chance at Crossbones. A personal favorite of mine is also Ghost.

All-New X-Men Box Set: Skip it. Unless you like X-Men and especially the new series of the same name or the classic costumes the Box set offers nothing new except a version of Beast before he transformed.

Thanos Imperative Box Set: The whole set. It contains some of the must have cosmic characters, expands the Guardians comic team, and even makes up for the awful Black Bolt figure from the Holocaust/Nemesis wave.

Target 3 Pack: The whole set. The Cap included here is a pretty good figure but the standouts are definitely Ms. Marvel (who benefits greatly from the Moonstone body) and Radioactive Man. Ms. Marvel badly needed an update after the Giant Man wave and this is nearly perfect. Radioactive Man also comes across as a unique figure being that he is mostly translucent and has a glow in the dark symbol.

Agent Venom: A great exclusive figure found only at Walgreens, the extra details really sell this figure he's one of my favorites to come out last year.

Avengers (movie) Legends: The whole wave. Great representations of the landmark film.

The following are speculations on the upcoming waves of Legends based on what we know so far. After getting the figures I will try to update if needed.

Odin Wave: Odin (BAF), Scarlet Witch, Sentry. At last the All-Father joins the Legends lineup, and he looks to be a can't miss figure. Scarlet Witch and Sentry are both re-dos but both were in desperate need of an update. The rest of the wave might fill in gaps that old Toy Biz figures once did but I don't consider the rest "essential". It should be noted that this wave does offer chances at Thor, Hawkeye, and Iron Fist that a new collector might not want to pass up. However as of right now, before having the wave in hand I do think the Toy Biz Series 7 Hawkeye is better than the one in this wave.

Hobgoblin Wave: Spider-Man 2099 and Anti-Venom. The only Anti-Venom figure in Legends to date, need I say more?! This is the third Spider-Man 2099, and where Miguel is concerned I'd say third time's the charm. As much as it pains me to say the rest are not essential even though Daredevil looks like a great re-do and I'll certainly enjoy having a non custom figure of Spider-Girl.

Thanos Wave: Thanos (BAF) and Spider-Woman. The first Thanos in Legends is sure to be awesome and is a must have for all collectors. Spider-Woman is one of those characters that is in desperate need of a re-do and she will get it on the Moonstone body, a perfect choice for what promises to be an amazing figure.

Agents of SHIELD: The whole set. Who doesn't want a Coulson action figure? Plus Fury and Maria Hill will fit nicely with other Avengers movie figures. Not to mention that the Captain America the First Avenger Nick Fury (same body different paint) is very hard to get.

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