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My Marvel Universe want list

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I am currently not looking to trade or sell at the moment. This can change any day. I am compiling a list of figures that I want. I am not worried about them being complete (weapons, stands and paper work). I am just building a cool figure collection. I would like all figures to not be broken or missing heads, hands, capes, etc.


My wants:


Marvel Universe Regular Toys: Wave 1

001 - Iron Man

002 - Spider-Man (red/blue costume)

002 - Spider-Man (running change)

003 - Silver Surfer

004 - Punisher

005 - Black Panther

006 - Wolverine (X-Force costume)

007 - Human Torch

008 - Daredevil

008 - Daredevil (Variant)

009 - Iron Man (Stealth Ops)

010 - Bullseye

010 - Bullseye (Running Change)

011 - Human Torch (blue costume)

011 - Human Torch (Running Change))

Wave 2


012 - Captain America (Ultimate)

013 - Hulk (green)

014 - Grey Hulk

015 - Green Goblin

016 - Ronin

017 - Iron Fist

017 - Iron Fist (Variant)


Wave 3


018 - Black Costume Spider-Man

019 - The Thing

020 - Punisher (modern black costume & new head sculpt)

021 - Iron Man (classic)

022 - Ms. Marvel (classic)

023 - Ms. Marvel (modern)

023 - Dark Reign Ms Marvel (Variant)

024 - Hand Ninja


Wave 4


026 - Union Jack

027 - Moon Knight

028 - Red Hulk

029 - Blade

030 - Hobgoblin

Wave 5


025 - Electro

031 - Guardian

032 - Spider-man

032 - Spider-man (Black and Red Variant)

033 - Silver Centurian Iron man (Marvel Adventures)

034 - Anti-Toxin Suit Namor

Wave 6

001 - House Of M Spider-man

002 - Wolverine (Jim Lee's Strike Force)

002 - Wolverine (Varaint)

003 - Warpath (X-Force)

003 - Warpath (X-men costume / Variant)

004 - Jean Grey (Jim Lee)

005 - Sunfire (Classic)

006 - Vision (Classic)

006 - Vision (Phasing / Variant)

Wave 7

007 - Iron Man (Extremsis)

008 - Captain America (First Appearance)

009 - Luke Cage (Modern, Poll Runner-up)

010 - Bucky (WWII)

011 - Black Widow

012 - Thor (Modern/Reborn)

Wave 8

013 - Colossus

014 - Juggernaut

015 - Archangel (removable wings, Poll Winner)

015 - Death Archangel (removable wings, Poll Winner Variant)

016 - AIM Agent

017 - Shadowcat with Lockheed mini-fig

018 - Havok (Poll winner)

018 - Havok (Poll winner, Classic Variant)

Wave 9

019 - Iron Patroit

019 - Iron Patroit (Maskless variant)

020 - Wrecker

021 - Scarlet Spiders (Initiative)

022 - Winter Soldier (Long Hair, Poll Winner)

022 - Winter Soldier (Short Hair, Variant, Poll Winner)

023 - Mary Jane Watson with Ms Lion (Poll Winner)

024 - Skrull Soldiers (Secret Invasion)

Wave 10


026 - Captain Britian

027 - Team X Wolverine

028 - Multiple Man (Ultimate)

029 - Mystique (Fan Choice Winner)

030 - Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze)

Wave 11

025 - Constrictor

031 - Dark Avengers Hawkeye

032 - Yellowjacket with Ant-man Mini-fig

033 - Iron Man 2020

034 - Thanos

Wave 12

001 - Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)

002 - Doc Samson

003 - World War Hulk

004 - Heroic Age Iron Man

005 - Spider-man 2099

006 - Spider-woman (Jessica Drew)

Wave 13

007 - Cable with Baby Hope - Messiah Wars

007 - Cable (Without Baby Hope)

008 - Wolverine - First Appearance

009 - Apocalypse - Messiah War

010 - Cyclops - Jim Lee's

011 - Shi'Ar Imperial Guard Gladiator

Wave 14

012 - Dr. Strange (Classic)

012 - Dr. Strange (Astral Form)

013 - Falcon with Red wing (Mini-Fig)

014 - Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)

014 - Scarlet Spider (Upside Down Package)

015 - Dr. Doom (Modern Deco)

016 - Skaar, Son of Hulk (Skaar Stand)

016 - Skaar, Son of Hulk (Son of Hulk Stand)

Wave 15

017 - Ultron (Modern Redeco)

018 - Darkhawk (Modern colors)

018 - Darkhawk (Classic Colors)

019 - Namor (New Sculpt)

020 - X-23

021 - Commander Rogers

Wave 16


022 - Iron Man (Unmasked Extremsis)

023 - Iceman

024 - Absorbing man (fully Human

024 - Absorbing man (Stone and Steel Powered)

025 - Wolverine (Astonishing X-men)

026 - Magneto (Ultimate)

Wave 17


001 - Thor (Age Of Thunder)

002 - Patriot (First Appearance)

003 - Storm (Astonishing X-men)

004 - Daredevil (Shadowland)

005 - Psylocke

006 - Iron Fist (White)

Wave 18


Spider-man (Ultimate)

Spider-man (Miles Morales Variant)

Kraven The Hunter

Hulk (New Sculpt)

Beast (Post Messiah Complex)

Beta Ray Bill

Wave 19


Scarlet Witch


Spider-man (Future Foundation)

Paper-bag Man Variant



Wave 20




Nova (Annihilation)

Hercules (80's Avengers)

Puck with Snowbird bird pack-in

Wave 21

Jubilee (Jim Lee's)


Blastaar (Clear Hands)

Professor X (Hover Chair)

Wave 22




Captain America (New Sculpt)


Wave 23

  • Cloak
  • Dagger
  • Iron Man (Stealth Marvel Now)
  • Abomb / Abomination
  • Baron Helmut Zemo

Wave 24 - Final wave

  • Northstar
  • Aurora
  • Black Knight
  • Omega Red
  • Nightcrawler (X-force)

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    • Yeah, you don't know what you're talking about, "Pole."  Disney lets each division and studio operate with a huge amount of autonomy. Marvel Studios takes care of Marvel Studios business, including hiring and all that goes with it, like background checks. The autonomy they operate with was earned, but it's also given out of necessity; despite what people want to believe, Disney is just too damn busy with their own operations to micro-manage Marvel Studios, Pixar and Lucasfilm. To suggest they all knew about the tweets years ago is pure ignorant speculation. Marvel Studios may have, but Disney didn't. The real reason for the firing is a simple one: Disney's core value, the ideal everything revolves around and something ingrained into their corporate culture, is that childhood is sacred, special and magical. If there is one line you definitely can't cross with them, it's that. Disney couldn't care less about the conservo-twats who dug the tweets up or what supposed pressure they brought to bear. The truth is, Disney would've fired Gunn once they became aware of the tweets, regardless of the way they were discovered/brought to their attention. As I said, those tweets crossed an uncrossable line with Disney. You're apparently also ignorant of Disney's history of cutting ties with profitable people who exhibit unsavory character flaws. For example, once accusations came to light and an investigation was made, they fired John Lasseter--Pixar guru and animation genius who turned Disney animation around--because he had become an abusive drunk. That's a huge loss for Disney there. You just know Dreamworks or Illumination would love to snap him up asap. Or maybe you didn't know that they forced the Weinsteins out of Miramax and then sold it off completely because they heard about Harvey W's atrocious reputation, but couldn't find anyone to step forward and press charges. They believed what they heard though, and cut ties rather than associate with a horrible person, no matter how much money he brought in. Also, Gunn was an unknown when he was hired BY MARVEL STUDIOS (and not Disney). It was actually a huge gamble to hire him as the director of a big budget flick about an obscure group of comic characters the general movie-going public knew nothing of, let alone cared about. He hadn't done anything to suggest he was capable of helming such a project. He wasn't sought after. He wasn't admired or in demand. To assert Disney knew beforehand and turned a blind eye because of the money he'd bring in is just astoundingly stupid, lacking in both facts and common sense, and full of shat.
    • Don't care about the game. Not going to buy a PS4 for one game. Prefer my 1X for gaming. It looks like the Devs did a nice job. Folks should have a good time.   I do have a pre order in for the Legends figure based on game though.
    • PM sent if you’re still looking for the boxcar.
    • Went to three Walgreens after work.  The newest legends any of them had were from the first Deadpool wave.  
    • The unmasked head is definitely the best feature of this figure.  I saw some other reviews and people got better painted ones so I guess you were no so lucky. The hair to the side puts some dramatic effect but limits a bit which poses you can put the figure on.  But what really bothers me and I think all are like this, is the huge gap in the crotch area. Tha is very ugly. Psylocke has that problem too, but this figure looks a lot worse. I think that they should not use legs so skinny because that would make it easier to hide or just fix the peg and sue a shorter one.  In comparison I think the X-Force version looks better and the fact you can put the unmasked head on it is a plus. 

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