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Let place all comment here so that we don't have dozen of them. If I see another thread like this it will be merged.








http://marvelousnews.com/index.php?catid=252&itemid=18574 - panel


http://marvelousnews.com/index.php?itemid=18576 - Showroom

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The Marvel NOW! Iron Man action figure provides an example of Hasbro's A++ effort:


Apparently, they didn't even bother to sculpt the light nodes in his arms and chest. And the ones in his shoulder pads are too small, and feel odd, because that's not the form the shoulder pads should have.


I could've forgive them if the only inaccurate part of the armor was the helmet (because 80% of the pencilers that have drawn this armor used a movie helmet-like design instead of the original design, that doesn't have mouth line and has yellow chin). This is a joke.


I would still buy it. But I've seen customs made with more effort than just repainting the MK IV from Iron Man 2's 6 inch wave. This figure looks like just a good-repainted custom, not the real deal.

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When the hell are we gonna get a decent Mary Jane or Spider Gwen?


Odd we get Misty Knight and J Jameson first..


Why would they have a Spider Gwen already? She was only introduced 4 months ago, It takes a lot longer than that to go from design, to production, Even if they decided to make one on the day Edge of Spiderverse # 2 came out, they still wouldn't have anything to show us until probably next toy fair at the earliest. Misty Knight makes sense because she probably went into design after the end of heroes for hire when she was going on to star Fearless defenders alongside Valkyrie (who is also getting a toy this year)

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Spider Gwen was announced at SDCC back in July - right when Hasbro unveiled the new Spider-Man wave....


Also Gwen Stacey was big in the film Amazing Spider-Man 2 which they happened to make a shitty Electro figure from


Thirdly other "new" characters like Hulkbuster Iron Man from Age of Ultron Avenger 2 are announced as the BAF ....


and fourthly they already have MARVEL NOW characters in the legends series including Marvel NOW Thor, Vision, Iron Man, and Cap (which are all relatively new designs)

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don't know about the rest of you but this TF has been the biggest nerdgasm for me in a long while.


Avengers wave 3

  • Valkyrie, Blizzard and War Machine finally have a home.
  • Thundra is a nice addition to my collection
  • New Doctor Strange is nice but was hoping for a classic. Maybe in his own wave?
  • Movie Vision is good (don't really care for movie figure though)
  • Marvel Iron Man is a repaint but it will do.the design is really similar anyway.
  • BAF- It massive and look awesome
  • But seriously one wave with three Iron Men? could have included Rescue instead of MN Iron Man. other wise a solid wave.

Ant-man wave

  • Ant-man is great and it's awesome he is coming with the villian
  • Wasp need a new face sculpt but the figure is solid.
  • Tiger Shark and Bulldozer we seen before but still look nice.
  • Giant-man on bucky cap mode while not a bad idea could have been put on a larger build.
  • Grim Reaper is a very nice addition
  • we haven't see Ultron yet but I like that he is included in this wave just for being part of Ant-man history.
  • Nice wave with some very nice addition and made up of Half villians.

Spider-man wave 3 (not 2, 3)

  • First off let me say that I don't think anyone was expect another Spidey wave. Also it look like all the street level heroes will be considered in Spidey line.
  • White Tiger is a great addition and is part of the Avengers. I love that we are gettin her but lets face it. She was only added cause she is part of the Ultimate Spider-man TV show. so thank you Disney for that.
  • MIsty Knight I say is a huge surprise. Next wave must have her partner, Cooleen Wing. together with female Tarantula or Silver Sable could make the Female Spies swap.
  • I really want to know which Ghost rider it is, Blaze, Ketch or Vengeance? Classic or Modern. Cowboy version?
  • One word for Scarlet Spider - FINALLY!!
  • Kraven - anything is better the TB version especially after what Hasbro did with the MU version.
  • Superior Venom- Im a bit on the fence about this. great we are getting it but for a 2 issue costume it not really needed. Hasbro give us a new Venom, Not Mac Gargan, Flash Thompson or Peter Parker. Eddy Brock Venom
  • BAF Rhino- I do think the TB one is the definate Rhino but this look huge. Im guessing the other head is his classic look.
  • JJ Jameson......................................................I have no words for this. This is just the most excellent thing to ever happen to ML. just imagine who else could get done. Come Hasbro give us, MJ with swap Gwen, Ademus Cho, Jarvis or, dare I say it, Aunt May.


- Quite possibly the most random set ever. Modern Hulk with a new Vision(who probably only going to be a repaint of Movie vision) and a new Ultron. Personally I thing they could have put Ant-man (any character or any costume) or Jocasta or Alkemia.


don't care for the Amazon movie set, but might get for the Banner figure.

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When the hell are we gonna get a decent Mary Jane or Spider Gwen?


Odd we get Misty Knight and J Jameson first..


I'm not complaining about ol' JJJ since I hear he's supposed to be Chameleon with a swappable Jameson head. However the lack of a Mary Jane figure still is disappointing. Spider-Gwen on the other hand can wait, she's rather new and I'm sure will see release sooner rather than later.




Overall I think I was more excited for the Odin and Hobgoblin waves when they were announced. I'm super stoked for Bulldozer and all those awesome villains but I'll probably pass on most of these except for the villains, Valkyrie and Doc Strange. I think the Toy Biz Rhino is still the definitive version so I'll cherry pick the new Spidey wave, probably just Kraven, JJJ/Chamelon, and Ghost Rider (if it's Blaze).

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new images up for the Spidey wave.


That rhino head is just funny. Think i'll usethe masked version.


Ghost Rider is the classic Johnny Blaze version, awesome.


Kraven is a upscale and improved version of the MU one and looks dope.


the showroom image of Misty didn't do that girl justice.


Yep that the Scarlet spider we want. Patience is a virtue.


I was on the fence about this but Superior Venom look awesome. even his spiderleg or articulated.


White Tiger - Great to see her, All we need is Power Man, Spectrum and Blue Marvel to complete the Mighty Avengers. Maybe some Avengers Academy as well.



also no confirmation on whether it;s JJJ, Chameleon or Hammer head we are getting.

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Well I'll say this; I'm going to be HELLA poorer this year! Most of these figures look great. Some I'll have to see either up close, or better photos (Valkyrie and White Tiger to name a couple).


Before any of this was announced, I was telling a fellow collector just last week that I'd love a modern Vision, Dr. Strange and Indestructible/Marvel Now! Hulk. Well we got two of them and even though I would've preferred the MN version instead of skipping over, I'm kool with it (I'm not one of tese people who complain about Hasbro releasing the same characters over again. The ones they keep releasing are Marvel's most prominent characters and are always changing costumes. I, for one don't like mixing and matching eras).


I'm glad they're releasing a build-a-figure Rhino. I agree with all of you that the Marvel Select Version is the definitive and best lookng Rhino out. It's just too big to set up with ML figures. You might get away with a Spider-Man diorama, but he's bigger than the Hulk (any Hulk). I know the MS Hulk is probably the best looking version but it too is too large (at least how the current Hulk is being drawn). I agree the crazy grin/snarl takes away from that head sculpt, and I would've preferred using that one instead of the masked version.


The one nit-pick I have is I wish they could've given Tiger Shark at least one closed fist. He is after all a brick/brawler and a foe of Namor.


That White Vision is going to be great for your West Coast Avengers setup.

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Chameleon! Along with Kraven, Classic Ghost Rider, Doc Strange, Valkyrie, Tiger Shark, Blizzard, Grim Reaper, and the already announced waves this will be an amazing year! An expensive year but amazing none the less! Of course I'm going to need several Chameleons to customize into proper a proper JJJ and Hammerhead!

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Geeking out!


But am I the only one worried about this many figures making it to stores?

I mean they've more than doubled their output for 2015.... and we've been hearing stores don't want them for years.


WHY NO MAGIC!!! (sorry, hard time articulating my complete lack of X disappointment)

I feel you on the X characters but there is a new movie coming out next year along with Deadpool so keep your fingers crossed. But i'm so happy about all that we are getting especially the increase in the ladies. I'm hoping they're just waiting to make sure they do MJ right for Spiderman. I mean if they messed her up can you imagine the uproar. Wouldn't doubt she'd have a completely new mold.I will be really broke between these and Transformers.

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Also, I feel kinda disappointed they didn't include the Cloak of Levitation in Doctor Strange's figure, considering it's been a while he recovered it, and started using it with the Defenders costume:



I mean, probably the figure is meant to be "Defenders' Doctor Strange" and not "Modern Doctor Strange," but you could've gotten that by just removing the cape.

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