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Marvel Legends - The Near Complete Set


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Hello and welcome, my fellow plastic addicts, to a new segment on Marvelousnews.com I like to call Marvel Legends – The Near Complete set.


Each fortnight (I hope) I will be exploring one of the following:

  • a certain character, seeing what costumes of that character have been made and what costume need to be made IE Spider-man, Iron Man or even Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)


  • A certain team like the Avengers, X-men or Sinister Six, what member we have and what members we need to be made.


  • A certain theme, like Clones, Symbiotes or Anti-Heroes


  • Or a certain event, like Secret Wars, Dark Phoenix Saga or Avengers Disassembled.


For the one that have been made, I will be telling you the story behind them, why you should have them in your collection and whether or not the figure needs a remake and why.


For the one we need I will be telling you what is missing, whether it is a costume or a character, and what are the possibility of it being made.


Please note that these are all my opinions. You guys are more than welcome to tell me I’m mistaken and if you don’t want to spend money on the certain figure or if you think that a costume or character will be made, all the power to you. I’m not going to tell you are wrong but please don’t troll me.


Also please check and like this Facebook page where I will be posting updates as well as hosting comparison pictures, to show how close they are to the figure.




As always either post below or on the FB page what you want to see in the next Near Complete Set.




  1. Spider-man
  2. Spider-women, Girls, Ladys and Madames
  3. Alternate Universe Spider-men
  4. Iron Man's Armory
  5. Rescuer, Machines and Alternates
  6. Wolverine through the centuries
  7. Wolvie's Kids and Sidekicks
  8. Hulk Smash!
  9. Red, Blue, Grey Hulks
  10. She-Hulks
  11. Cyclops
  12. She is the Phoenix
  13. Summer Family
  14. Captain America: The First Avenger
  15. Bucky, Falcon and substitutes Caps.
  16. Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate
  17. Thor, God Of Thunder
  18. Asgardians
  19. God Squad


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello and welcome my fellow plastic addict, to the very first Marvel Legends – The Near Complete Set!


So who or what do we start with first? Well who else but Marvel Comic’s official mascot. He is Marvel’s most famous character, if not the most recognisable super-hero in the world. He is Marvel most marketable character from action figures to t-shirts to books to toothbrushes to even dog clothes (I kid you not look it up). Who else am I talking about then the web head himself. That’s right. It’s time to talk about Peter Benjamin Parker A.K.A. Spider-man.


Please note that I will only be talking about the 616 and ALL-New All Different version of the web head. (Alternate Universe and Clones will come later)


But first let’s look at his history.


Back in 1960’s Stan Lee brought up the idea of Spider-man to the then publisher Martin Goodman, who rejected the idea citing that people don’t like spider so they wouldn't like a spider based super hero. Not one to let idea disappear, Stan Lee learnt that the comic Amazing Fantasy was ending soon so he decided to use the last issue to introduce the teenage hero to the world. A few months later (sale figures were really slow at the time) Martin Goodman decided the comic sold enough to gain his own comic. And the rest, as they say, is history. Spider-man quickly became Marvel fastest growing character at the time, out selling most if not all of his fellow Marvel Heroes. He has had many spin-off, alternate universe, a good number of TV series, both live action and cartoon and 5 movies with Tom Holland expected to appear in the upcoming Civil War Movie.


Origins for the noobs:


We all know this character origin by now so here is digest version. Bitten by a radioactive spider, gains spider powers, use them to become a wrestler, lets a crook escape, Uncle Ben is shot dead, Peter track the villain down to discover it’s the same crook he left escape, decides to become a superhero. That’s pretty much it. Oh and of course “With Great Power comes Great Responsibility”. Moving on.


Now onto the figures!


What has been Made


  1. First Appearance Spider-man
    • Story – This is the costume that Peter Parker wore in his very first story. Legend has it that he heard that the drama club were getting rid of some costumes so he snuck in and took one of their costumes, added webs and the rest is history. While it is not much different than the main costume, it has small differences like much smaller eye and a different spider logo.
    • For your Collection – It’s not absolutely essential but this is a First Appearance figure and it would look nice with other FA figure like FA Hulk and Iron Man. Of course this could just be my love of FA figures
    • Needs a Remake? – No. While I wouldn’t fault Hasbro for making one on the new Spidey buck, this one represents the FA of Spidey well. You see, at the time, Peter was still a skinny teenager, which this figure represents really well, while the newer buck is like his more adult self instead


  2. Classic Spider-man
    • Story – This is the costume that Peter Parker always comes back to. This is how many people see Spider-man as. No matter what costume wears, fans will always force Marvel to return him to this costume. Even the recent ANAD costume is basically this version with a slightly new design.
    • For your Collection – …………...Are you kidding? If you don’t have a Classic Spider-man in your collection at this moment, then go out now and buy one. There is literally hundreds of them. So you have no excuse for not have it.
    • Needs a Remake? – No. No. A thousand times no. Spider-man has had this costume done so many times it’s ridiculous.

  3. Symbiote/Black Suited Spider-man


    • Story – The first major costume change Spider-man ever had. He got it during the first major company crossover, Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars. His costume was in tattered and seeing how a machine repaired costumes on other heroes, he tried the machine himself and it spat out a black orb. This orb quickly wrapped around him and the Black suited was revealed. Peter believed that the design was influenced by the new Spider-woman (Julia Carpenter), who was introduced in the Secret Wars. Returning home, he soon discovered that the suit was a living creature and soon had to get rid of it. He soon wore a black cloth version until Venom first appeared and had to give it up because it frightens Mary-Jane.
    • For your Collection – For a Spider-man collection or if you are collecting a Spider-verse set, this one is an absolute essential. Even if it’s not, I definitely recommend getting a version of this.

    • Needs a Remake? – No. it is getting a upcoming figure in the next Spider-man wave.

  4. Armoured Spider-man
    • Story – When a new team called the new Enforcers overpowered Spider-man. Peter had to create this suit to combat them. Basically it has armoured plate and scale mail, which was used to deflect bullets.
    • For your Collection – This is an iconic costume and was seen in both the 90’s cartoon and the Spider-verse but not important. Plus, the only one we had is not that good.

    • Needs a Remake? – Yes. The one we have is very limited in articulation and has a stupid action feature. But I can see it being remade maybe as a swap for an armoured Spider-man II.

  5. Iron Spider-man


    • Story – Properly the most controversial change in Spidey history. Peter had become close to Tony Stark, becoming his right hand man. Before the Civil War began he was presented this costume because Tony thought his classic costume was stupid. After he defected to Cap’s side, Peter went back to the Black suit before returning to the classic suit. This costume was later used by the Scarlet Spiders, a group of triplet clones.
    • For your Collection – Along with the Classic and Black Suit, I think this is one of the three main costumes that you need in your Spidey Collection. If you didn’t want to have another Peter Parker, you could use it as one of the Scarlet Spiders, since only one is still alive.

    • Needs a Remake? – I like to see a remake of this but it is not essential as the one we have is alright for what it is.

  6. Big-time Spider-man
    • Story – Or as Shartimus calls it, the Big-time Let down Spiderman. Thing were looking up for Peter. He had started working for Horizon Lab, had bought a big apartment and had unlimited funding for this science. So he created a number of different costumes, this one being one of them. It has the function of being able to hide from sight, sound and infrared as well has dampen them when they were used against Spider-man depending on the colour. This suit was later given to Kaine who changed it into his Scarlet Spider version.
    • For your Collection – Given how bad this figures paint is compare to the prototype and unless you have to have every Spider-man figure then I wouldn’t pick this up.

    • Needs a Remake? – Not really no. It not that memorable and can be got cheaply on the net.

  7. Future Foundation Spider-man

    • Story – It was a dark time for the F4. Johnny had been “killed” and the team decided to disband the F4 to reform as the Future Foundation and according to Johnny’s will, he wanted Spider-man to take his place. The team were given new black and white costumes which this represents.
    • For your Collection – If Hasbro ever get back into making the F4 figure, then this is a most buy as they more than likely will try and do the Foundation version that people have been asking for. Until then, this is not essential and can be left alone for a while.

    • Needs a Remake? – No. As it is now this figure is okay (better then it variant) and doesn’t need a remake.

  8. Man-Spider

    • Story – I know what you are going to say, “this was only invented for the cartoon!” and you be right except that it has been brought into the comics a good number of times, particularly even the Spider-Queen is involved.
    • For your Collection – The monster Man-Spider very rarely appears in the comic and is unlikely to have a major storyline based on it. Even if you like the 90’s cartoon, this figure doesn’t represent it. Therefore, I won’t wait for another version to come out.

    • Needs a Remake? – Oh God yes! When I make a Spidey’s legend wave I always put Man-Spider as the BAF I want to be made. Of course I seem to be alone in this opinion.

  9. Spider-hulk


    • Story – As stupid as it sounds, this did happen in the comics. An old enemy of the F4 brother wanted revenge so he tried to get Hulk powers but instead Spidey got the power and become the Spider-hulk. Not just a toy for children. Well, not entirely.
    • For your Collection – While fun and a nice nod to fans, it can be skipped as it wasn’t even seen in the Spider-verse (could be wrong though)

    • Needs a Remake? – No. Not a necessary figure. Try and see if can get it keep online.

Well that’s it for the ones that have been made now onto ones that haven’t.


What? You think we have all of Spidey costumes? Think again.




What Needs to be Made


  1. Amazing Bag-man
    • Story- After Reed Richard had locked up the Symbiote, Peter had nothing to wear. So Johnny let him bother an old F4 costume and for a mask, he gave him a paper bag. Thus the Amazing Bag-man was born. Much to the humour of Johnny.
    • Chances of being made? – Oh he is coming. Hasbro has teased about this figure for a looooong time even having him as one of the figure in one of the Fan Poll. Given that he has been made into a MU figure and how one member of the team really wants to release, it seems likely that we will see him in the future. I want him.
  2. Anti-Electro
    • Story- Electro had powered up. Again, so Peter created this insulated suit and with the help of X-man (I think) he defeated Electro.
    • Chances of being made? – I don't see it being made. A one issue costume is very unlikely to be made.
  3. Six-Armed Spider-man
    • Story- Having taken a liquid to rid himself of his power, Peter instead found himself with 4 extra arms. After he first run in with Morbius, Curt Connors helped him return to normal. This storyline has since been animated in the 90’s cartoon, admittedly changed immensely to include the first appearance of Man-Spider as well as having one of the Alternate Spider-man in the Spider-verse having been this version, and a special story with him and Spidey Noir.
    • Chances of being made? – I think this has a very very good chance of been made. It’s Iconic and one of the Spider-verse member. It could also later be used to make Doppelganger, Ultimate Tarantula or dare I say it, Man-Spider. Possible like the All-Father baf and have interchangeable part between this and Doppelganger.
  4. Cosmic Spider-man
    • Story- Peter Parker was the very first person to become Captain Universe. Saving a professor, Peter was blasted with some kind of beam and gained more awesome power. Good thing to cause he had to battle Magneto and later Tri-Sentinel. After defeating Tri-Sentinel he lost the power but soon became the first in a long line of heroes to gain the Enigma Force. Some included X-23, Hulk and a female Captain Universe who joined the Avengers.
    • Chances of being made? – While it mightn't be marketed as a Spider-man figure I can see this figure being made as a Captain Universe figure, with Spidey being a swappable head. Might even have an unmasked version for the Spider-verse version.
  5. Bulletproof
    • Story- There was a violent villain with guns taken hostages and killing people. Peter created this costume to fight him. He defeated him and he was sent to jail.
    • Chances of being made? – If Hasbro want to make an armoured remake then this could be a perfect variant for it. But other than that, I don’t see it happening.
  6. Ends of The Earth
    • Story- Doc Ock and his Sinister Six had enacted their latest scheme which had Spidey team up with Black Widow and Silver Sable as well as inspiring many global heroes like the Big Hero 6 and Kangaroo to help. This Armor was meant to be used for beat the S6 but he soon learnt that Doc Ock had influence him into creating it. This arc resulted in the death of Sable and lead to the Superior Spider-man arc.
    • Chances of being made? – I can’t see this being made except (and I could be wrong about this) I think it was what inspired Spider-Knight in the latest Spidey Cartoon, so it could be marketed as that.
  7. Fear Itself
    • Story- Spidey was one of many heroes that were given a special even that made him one of the Mighty. Also note that Red She-hulk’s axe was one of the weapons.
    • Chances of being made? – unless they want to give a Mighty box set, this is not going to be made, even as a repaint of Pizza Spidey.
  8. All-New All Different
    • Story- I’m not really sure of this version as I haven’t read any of the ANAD comic yet since I’m only up to Axis over here. What I know from various site is that after the Secret Wars, Peter has made Parker Industries into a huge company, making Spidey his official mascot and pretending he is his own bodyguard, having Hobby Brown (Prowler) stepping in as Spidey to make it seem that they are different people.
    • Chances of being made? – This is coming. I wouldn’t be surprised if after the Mile Morales wave, Hasbro announces it as the next wave Spidey.
  9. Negative Zone
    • Story- Just before Identity Crisis, a portal opened into the Negative Zone where Spidey went to try and close it. In the negative zone, his colours changed into this but he later was given the Dusk costume and fought Blastaar.
    • Chances of being made? – Don’t see it coming. It’s not an important costume and doesn’t have anything to it except setting up the Dusk Identity
  10. Spider-Lizard
    • Story- As ridiculous as it sounds this did happen. Not too sure of the story but it was seen in the Spider-verse, being killed by one of the Inheritors.
    • Chances of being made? – Very little chance of being made. I do see them doing a Lizard BAF eventually and if they do they could rework it into this but that seems very unlikely.
  11. Identity Crisis / Slingers
  • Story- Spider-man was framed for murder and a price put on his head by Norman Osborn. So how do you still do you heroing when everyone is out to get Spider-man. Become a new hero. Or in Peter case, 4 new Identities. Ricochet, Hornet, Dusk and Prodigy were all the heroes that Peter and Mary Jane came up with. Once his name was cleared, he gave up the identities, which were later adopted by Black Marvel and given to 4 teenagers as the Slingers.
  • Chances of being made? – I can actually see these guys been made as a box set. The only problem is that it will more than likely marketed as the Slinger, which would mean that Dusk would be a girl.

Well. I’m that’s it. Aren’t you glad I didn’t include Alternate Universes? Or Clones? Or Women? As you can see there is still a lot of Spider-man costumes to be done and the likelihood of us getting a Complete Set (see where the name comes from) of Spidey is near impossible. We will get very close but never get a complete set.


So what did you think of the first Near Complete Set? Do you agree or disagree with me? Has it changed your Spider-man wishlist? Will you be hunting down the missing figure? Have I missed any costumes? Let me know in the thread below.


I’ll be back in 2 weeks for the next NCS where the theme will be Spider-women. Spider-Girls? Spider-Person? How do I make that sound less sexist? Anyway, see you in the Marvelousnews forums and like the Marvel Legends- Near Complete Set on Facebook.

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Hello and welcome my fellow plastic addicts to Marvel Legends – The Near Complete Set. It’s part 2 of our trip through the Spider-Verse as we explore the better half of the Spider-Army. That’s right. Today we look at the female side of the Great Web. It’s time to look at Spider-women, Girls, Ladies and Madams.

The first Spider-woman debuted in Marvel Spotlight #32 as a way to secure the rights to the Spider-woman name. This one off special soon gained its own series that lasted for fifty issues before it was cancel. None the less the character proved popular enough to earn its cartoon series. 4 people have used the Spider-woman name since, one being a villain.

To begin, let’s have a look at the main universe character we have so far as well as looking at the costume they are missing.


Jessica Drew

We start of course with the first, and what some consider the best, Spider-woman, Jessica Drew.

Debuting in Marvel Spotlight #32, Jessica Drew was tricked by her boyfriend and Hydra into attacking Nick Fury. However, Fury convinced her to switch sides and gain her an opportunity to join SHIELD, which she did after some life alone, including dying her hair black. Her comic ran for 50 issues before she was killed off. She was “resurrected” in an Avengers story but fell into Comic limbo, popping in and out of other hero’s books, like during the time Wolverine was in Madripoor as Patch and training the third Spider-woman. However, she came back into the spotlight during the New Avengers arc (or who we thought was Spider-woman but I won’t get into that) and has earn her right to the name Spider-woman.

What figures we have:

· Story – This is Jessica Drew Classic costume that she has worn for most of her career. It’s a slight alteration to her FA costume, allowing her hair to flow out the back of the mask, which is what prompted her to dye her hair black.

· For your Collection – No matter what you collect, Avengers, X-men or Spider-verse, I highly recommend you try and get a version of this costume. It is the only one we have for Jessica Drew. She has become an important character in the main universe.

· Needs a Remake? – We just had a remake and it was fantastic so No. She is done with this costume.

What need to be made:

· First Appearance

o Story- This is what she wore when she first appearance to try and kill Nick Fury.

o Chances of being made? – This is not a missed opportunity for Hasbro but rather bad timing. At the time, Hasbro had still not realised that swappable heads could be a big thing, so when they made her, they didn’t think to include it as a new head. If they decided to rerelease her then I can see them giving us this as a swappable head.

· All-New, All-Different

· Story- (Yes I know she wore it before ANAD started but it the closest I could find to call it.) After the Spider-verse, Jessica decided she needed a change. First she quit the Avengers and at the encouragement of Carol Danvers, she decided she need a new costume, because she thought her look as outdated. She had since used this while she was pregnant.

· Chances of being made? – Like all of ANAD costumes, I can see this being made but not for a while. We get few female character as it is. But I can see it being done in a Spider-man wave.

Julia Carpenter

Next we have the woman who had actually held the Spider-women name longer, Julia Carpenter.

Debuting in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #6, Marvel major mass company crossover, Julia had been Spider-woman for a while before she first appeared. She was part of an experiment by the Commission to create their own Super-hero. Julia (by then already a mother and soldier) volunteered and was injected with a Spider-serum. She gained spider power and (because Jessica Drew was in comic limbo) became the second Spider-woman. She joined the West Coast Avengers and Force Works before falling into comic limbo. She was later seen in the third Spider-woman book before going to Canada and joining Omega Flight changing her name to Arachne, because Jessica was using the Spider-woman name. Recently during the Grim Hunt, she was given Madame Web precognitive powers and became the latest Madame Web.

What figures we have:

· Story – Classic costume that, she wore for most of her career as Spider-woman

· For your Collection – We only have one figure of this character, so you can get it but the figure is fairly bad by today’s standard.

· Needs a Remake? – Yes. We really need a remake, if not of this then of the Omega Flight or Madame Web. I’m surprised that Hasbro hasn’t just repainted the Jessica Drew figure they made.

What need to be made:

· Omega Flight’s Arachne

o Story- During the Civil War, many villains were fleeing to Canada so Iron Man sent a few heroes to help. Julia went and came up with this new costume as well as taking the name Arachne and helped form the short lived team Omega Flight.

o Chances of being made? – This version has been asked for a while to help truly complete the Omega Flight team. It has a mid to high chance of being made but not for a while.

· Madame Web II

· Story- During the Grim Hunt, Julia, along with most Spider-people, were captured by the Kravenoff family. Knowing that she was about to die, Madame Web transferred her power to Julia and see became the Madame Web.

· Chances of being made? – Has a low chance of being made but it seems that under coat that she has a red version of her signature costume. They could use Jubilee jacket with new arms on the Moonstone body.

Anya Corazon

Last for the main universe is Anya Corzon, AKA Spider-girl.

Anya was introduced in Amazing Fantasy #1. In it was got involved in a Spider cult and gained spider power as well as a living Carapace, that would cover her in a hard bug like armour. She became the superhero Arana, meeting and getting the Approval of Spider-man. She was one of the people kidnapped by the Kravenoff family were she inherited Julia Carpenters costume and became Spider-girl. She also gained Jessica Drew as her mentor before becoming a dimension hoping member of the Web Warriors after the Spider-verse.

What figures we have:

· Story – This is the costume that Anya inherited from Julia Carpenter after the Grim Hunt

· For your Collection – With Anya being one of the main members of the Web Warriors (the comic version not the cartoon version) and if you want to start that team, then I recommend you pick this one up. Otherwise unless you are completest or want to build your Spider-verse or Main Universe, then this C-list character can be skipped.

· Needs a Remake? – We just got it made and it’s great so no.

What need to be made:

· Arana

o Story- This is what she wore for the start or her career. It also has a sentient carapace that would grow over her and give her Armor.

o Chances of being made? – It has a very low chance of being made, unless Hasbro want to make a series where we get character with a load of accessories that can be put on the character like this can have a set of Armor pieces that can snap on the figure

· Inhumanity

o Story- This is what she wore when the Inhuman’s city crashed landed into the Hudson.

o Chances of being made? – Unless she is part of a box set, then I don’t see it being made.

Update 16/02/2016



· Story- Cindy Moon was a girl who was bit by the same spider that bit Peter Parker. However, Ezekiel Sims learned of this and feared that she would draw Morlun to attack her so he hid her in a fallout chamber until Spider-man (during the Original Sin arc) learnt of her and free her. She quickly took the name Silk. The release of Silk was one of the main reason for the start of the Spider-verse and was one of its signature characters. After SV, she gained her own comic which has gotten quite the cult following.


· For your Collection – This is looks awesome but it is not for everyone. Spider-man fans is absolutely need this figure and those who only collect the main universe will need her. I can see her eventually becoming a Avengers. X-men only collector won't need her.

· Needs a Remake? – This just got release so no. Their only 1 other costume and it was only for 2 issues, so it's not important.

Alright that who we have let see who we are missing from the main universe.



1. Mattie Franklin

· Story- Mattie Franklin was the third person to hold the name of Spider-woman. She was the niece J. Jonah Jameson that ran away from home and got involved with Norman Osborn and took part in the Gathering of 5 ritual, which she gains powers. After pretending to be Spider-man, she took the name Spider-woman under the tutelage of Madame Web and Jessica Drew before becoming a drug addict in Jessica Jones book. She was one of the victims of the Grim Hunt.

· Chances of being made? – No chance of being made, (unless Hasbro was to do a Spider-woman box set as an exclusive). She is a long forgotten character and is currently dead. (I had to look her up during the Grim Hunt and even then her death was quick and pointless.)

2. Charlotte Winters

· Story- The grandchild of Madame Web, Winters was given power by Doc Ock to capture and get the powers of the other Spider-women to use against Spider-man. However, she was soon defeated by Mattie Franklin and depowered.

· Chances of being made? – No chance of being made. She was a one-off villain and has not been seen since.

4. Madame Web

· Story- Cassandra Web was a blind psychic and precog (and not a cosmic sister of the Beyonder like the 90’s cartoon wanted you to believe). She first met Spider-man went the Juggernaut was sent to capture her leading to one of the most memorable fight in history. She was one of the victims in the Grim Hunt but not before transferring her powers to Julia Carpenter.

· Chances of being made? – More of a honourable mention then a wish, she has very little chance of being made. I mean she is just an old woman that sits in a chair.

That’s it for the main universe. That list seems kind of small. What shall we do? I know! Let’s hop across dimensions and she who else is out there.



· Spider-girl (Mayday Parker)

o Story – In a What-IF? Story, a future where Peter and MJ’s baby survived during childbirth, May Parker, nicknamed Mayday, grew up to inherit her father’s power. Peter had given up the Spider-man identity due to injury but when Normie Osborn became the Green Goblin, Mayday took her Uncle Ben Reilly’s costume and became Marvel’s first Spider-Girl. After the Spider-verse, she took her father costume and became Spider-woman.

o For your Collection – Unless you only collect the main universe, then I would recommend getting this figure (it’s great) and she was an important part of the Spider-verse.

o Needs a Remake? – We just got it made and it’s great so no

  • Spider-girl (Ashley Barton) - Updated 31/05/16

o Story – The Grandchild of Peter Parker and the daughter of Hawkeye (……..the father is older than the Grandfather?!), Ashley Barton is the Spider-woman of Old Man Logan’s Universe. She was also the right hand man of Team Superior during the Spider-verse but quickly jumped ship when Peter beat Superior.

o For your Collection – Unless Hasbro decides to make Old Man Logan (which is highly requested), then it can be skipped (unless you need to get Space Venom). For Spider-verse fan this is a most to stand next to Superior Spider-man

o Needs a Remake? – We just got it made and it’s great so no.

· Spider-Gwen

o Story – Probably the breakout character of the Spider-verse story, Gwen Stacy gain the spider powers in her universe. Playing around with the powers at first, she soon had to use them to stop Peter Parker, who had become her universes version of the Lizard, which unfortunately cause his death. She started using her power for good and became a major character in the Spider-verse as well as one of the main members of the Web Warriors (I find it amusing that the only characters we have in that team are both women).

o For your Collection – Only just been released (haven’t gotten mine yet), but I high recommend you get this figure. It looks awesome.

o Needs a Remake? – We just got it made and it’s great so no.

· Ultimate Spider-woman

o Story – In the Ultimate Universe, Jessica Drew is one clone of Peter Parker. She was in the Spider-verse and is a companion of Miles Morales.

o For your Collection – Your will need this to complete the Scarlet Spiders team with Ben Reilly’s Spider-man and Kaine’s Scarlet Spider for the Spider-verse and is one of the few Ultimate figures out there (still waiting on Ultimate Thor). Other than that, No, you don’t need it and can be skip.

o Needs a Remake? – Unless they are willing to make the Black Widow version, then no it doesn’t need a remake.


Now onto the ones that haven’t been made but before that I have to say something about it. There are literally hundreds of universes, many with the same Jessica Drew, Julia Carpenter etc. I went through each and every one of them and if I was to list every one of them this page would be full of non-essential characters. So instead of that, I decided to painfully, and I mean painfully, picked eight Spider-women that I think needs to be made. Some of them are essential and some are part of the Spider-verse but most have little chances of been made. As always, please let me know if there is another version you think will be made.




2. Lady Spider

· Story- Hailing from what can only be called the Steampunk universe, May Parker is Lady Spider. She had no power per say. Instead she had steam powered leg and gadgets that help her defeat her foes including that universes Sinister Six. During the Spider-verse, she teamed up with 2099 and discovered the secrets of the Inheritors. (And had a strange relationship with 2099’s brother). She later teamed up with the Web Warriors.

· Chances of being made? – With her inclusion in the Web Warriors, she has a very good chance of being made. Plus, her design actually is pretty unique.

3. Manga verse Spider-woman

· Story- The student and girlfriend of the Manga Verse Spider-man, Mary-Jane is the latest member of the Spider-clan ninjas. She helped Spider-man protect the Manga verse along with many other heroes.

· Chances of being made? – I have a huge feeling that we will be seeing a remake of the Manga Verse Spider-man soon, so this could be a great swap figure for him. Plus, given the size of her……..ahems, she could use the adult female mold. Plus, if they make the google and backpack removable, she could make a great stand in for main universe Mary-Jane.

4. SP//dr

· Story- Inhabiting a world where some anime characters seem to also live (she goes to school with the Evangelion kid and fought the Ghost in A Shell SAC team), Peni Parker inherited the power armour after her father was killed. She was recruited by Spider-ham and an alternate Spider-man

· Chances of being made? – Honestly is wasn’t that big of a character in the Spider-verse, but she would make an awesome BAF if they run out of characters to make.

5. April Parker

· Story- April is the clone of MC2’ May Parker. (April, May. Seriously Marvel). At First they were great friends but April soon acquired a symbiote and become Mayhem.

· Chances of being made? – Actually if you have a second Mayday, you can pretend it is April since they both wore the same costume. Hasbro could also repaint that figure blue for the first version of Mayhem or if they need another Symbiote, make a Mayhem version.

6. Felicity Hardy

· Story- The daughter of Black Cat and Flash Thompson, Felicity became the MC2 version of Scarlet Spider, wearing Ben Reilly’s Scarlet Spider costume. From what I could find out, she essentially has no powers but still fight crime, much to the annoyance of Mayday.

· Chances of being made? – This has a low chance of being made but a female version of Scarlet Spider could get made as a MC2 box set.

7. Betty Brant

· Story- Basically, this is a What If Betty Brant got bit by the Spider? She was seen in the Spider-verse.

· Chances of being made? – Very little chance of been made but it could be part of a Spider-woman box set.



8. Mary-Jane

· Story- Basically, this is a What if Mary Jane got bit by the Spider? She was seen in the Spider-verse.

· Chances of being made? – During the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon and a near Adult Spider-girl was seen, so they could market it as this on an adult Female mold. Spider-woman box set?

Well that’s it. That all the Spider-women I could find that are made or needed to made. What did you guys think? Do think we need more Spider-women? Have I missed someone? Is there an Alternate Universe you think should be considered? Let me know.

That’s it for me for now. I’ll be back in 2 weeks as we dive deeper into the Spider-verse and look at the Alternate Spider-men.


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Hello and welcome my fellow Plastic Addicts. It’s the final part of our trip through the Spider-verse as we travel to some Alternate Universes and see who are their Spider based heroes. Today we look at Alternate Universe Spider-men.


It seems whenever Marvel decides to create an alternate universe then a Spider-man is not far behind. And it doesn’t even have to be Peter Parker. A version of the Spider totem has been in every universe that Marvel can think of. This has led some fans to believe that Spider-man, or at least the Spider-totem, is a Nexus being, a being that most exist in every universe. Hell, if you think of it, he exists in our own universe as comic book character. Who to say that these comic books aren’t just some ones having their subconscious connected to this universe? Or it just could be just some random guys’ pretty pictures.


Spider-man has also been responsible for creating some universes. The Ultimate retelling of Spider-man’s origins led to the creation of the Ultimate universe. The one shot and the ongoing series of “What if” with Spider-girl led to M2C universe. Spider-ham created a whole universe where all the heroes are animals. Even the recent Spider-verse arc brought about many other universes like Spider-Gwen’s and Steampunk.


But enough about that onto the figures.


1.Spider-man 2099

a. Story – Miguel O’Hara is the Spider-man of the year 2099. In this universe, mega-corporations have taken over the world and have the most power over governments. Miguel was working with the company Alchemax, when one of his boss sabotage an experiment leaving him with spider powers. He used his power to him those that the corporations exploit. He eventually arrived at the 616 universe where he now is trying to prevent Alchemax from destroying the universe.

b. For your Collection – The recent Spider-man 2099 figure is a great addition to your collection and he is currently in the main universe so you can add him to your collection. However, this character is not for everyone.

c. Needs a Remake? – Nope. Just got remade.

2.House of M

a. Story – During the House of M arc, a universe where everyone got their greatest wish and mutants were the majority, Peter Parker was a movie star pretending to be a mutant. He was married to Gwen Stacy and his Uncle Ben was still alive. However, the pressure of movie stardom and living a lie got to him and cracked up and he became the Green Goblin and attacked J. Jonah Jameson, who exposed Peter as being human. This eventually lead to him faking his death and leaving with his family to live another life.

b. For your Collection – Unless you have to have every Spider-man or need another House of M to goes with the old House of M Box set and Wolverine, then I would say this can be left alone. It a bad figure with limited POA and a stupid action feature.

c. Needs a Remake? – Yes and while I don’t think it will be coming for a while, it might be a good idea for a repaint of the Pizza Spidey, maybe as a running change with another Alternate Spider like Spidey UK. Plus, considering he has been made into a MU, he has a good chance of being done eventually.

3.Mangaverse Spider-man

a. Story – Anime and Manga were becoming a big thing so Marvel wanted a piece of the action. So rather than use the original Spider-man manga written for Japanese readers, they decide to create a brand new universe using Manga style art. And of course Spider-man was one of the character to get this treatment. In it he doesn’t have super powers but is a member of a ninja clan that used Spiders as their influence with him using ninja gadget to imitate web slinging.

b. For your Collection – This figure was made for the children and is super short and deformed so can be skipped. It’s not a bad figure just not a good figure either.

c. Needs a Remake? – Like I said with Mangaverse Spider-woman, I really see this character coming out in the next few waves. They have him in MU, so that usually mean that it is coming out in ML soon.

4.Ultimate Spider-man

a. Story – The Ultimate retelling of Spider-man lead to the creation of a whole new universe. This series was only supposed to last for a single arc but instead went for many years. In it Peter was much younger than his 616 counterpart. On a trip to Oscorp, he got be by a genetically enhanced spider that gave him spider powers. Other than the spider, the rest of the story follows the original origin. After that it diverged from it fighting the Ultimate Green Goblin, which was the one we got as the BAF a few wave back. After many year and a number of near death experiences he was eventually killed off. He was revived but I don’t know what the story is after the Secret War.

b. For your Collection – While he is definitely needed for a Spider-verse collection (although he wasn’t in it) and part of an Ultimate Universe collection, he is basically just a classic Spider-man on a smaller build. I just wish his eye were bigger.

c. Needs a Remake? – No and while I know it’s only so they can call him and Miles, the “Ultimate Spider-men”, I really wish they would make another version of Spidey.

5.Cyborg Spider-man

a. Story –There was a Cyborg Spider-man in the Spider-verse that joined Team Superior. He was later destroyed by the Inheritors.

b. For your Collection – Okay. I admit I’m stretching this a bit. This figure is not the exact Cyborg Spider-man. But this figure will make a very good stand in for it and the likelihood of us getting a Cyborg Spiderman is very low.

c. Needs a Remake? – No. Not an important character.

6.Mile Morales

a. Story – In the Ultimate universe, dead means dead. So when they killed off Peter Parker, the universe was left without a Spider-man. Now Marvel could have used one of his clones (he has at least 4), but instead they decided to create a brand new character. Enter Miles Morales. Since his introduction, he has become incredibly popular. He later had a crossover with main Spider-man and was the guy (along with Ultimate Spider-man cartoon guy) that gathered many of the Spiders against the Inheritors. After the Secret War, he has become part of the Main Universe as well as a member of the Avengers.

b. For your Collection – For Spider-man and Avengers fans, I absolutely recommend picking this guy up. He is an important part of both universes. X-men fan might like to pick him up to recreate the All-New X-men storyline.

c. Needs a Remake? – The one we are getting looks great and is the first one (Along with Ultimate Peter Parker) that will use the new Teenage Male sculpt, so no he doesn’t need a remake.




  • All-New, All-Different Spider-man 2099
    • Story –After returning to the his time, 2099 discovered that Maestro had taken over the world. However he later learnt that Achlemax had cause the destruction of the World. He returned to the present where he is trying to prevent that future. After the Secret Wars, he redesigned and enhanced his costume to help him with this task.
    • For your Collection – Okay. So I'm not going to say to buy this. I personally love this design but if you had gotten the first version (the one pictured above). then there is no need to get this. Since it was created after the Spider-verse so it wasn't in that. I say get it if you want the most modern version and if you want to complete the BAF>
    • Needs a Remake? – No. it's about to get release so no need for a remake.
  • Spider-UK
    • Story – Spider-UK is a member of the Captain Britain corps. He was one of the first to discover that there was something was killing the Spider of multiple worlds. He was also the person to recruit the Spiders of the 616 universe and was the one who provided the Spiders with the means to travel to various world. So really, if it wasn't for him the Spider would have lost. After the Spider-verse, he became the Leader of the Web Warriors.
    • For your Collection – Like I said, this guy played a huge part in the Spider-verse. While many people whine that the likes of Punk and India haven't been made, this guy essentially gathered most of the Spiders. He is also the leader of the dimension jumping team, the Web Warriors, so you need him for that. (all that's left is Noir, India and Ham
    • Needs a Remake? – It's about to get release so no need for a remake.

You will notice that I didn’t include the movie or cartoon figures. I’m only using these NSC for comic figures. But for those who want to complete the Spider-verse you will need the following:

· Spider-man Movie Trilogy Spider-man and Black Suited Spider-man

· The Exclusive Movie Amazing Spider-man (that also had the first Miles Morales and Movie Lizard figure)

· The Ultimate Green Goblin wave Amazing Spider-man

· The Spectacular Spider-man Cartoon Figure

· Ultimate Spider-man Cartoon figure

· The Spider-man Unlimited figure from the Spider-man Classic line

And if you want to be persist, then you also need Superhero Squad.

Right. Onto what needs to be made. Just like I said in the Spider-women section. There is literally Thousands of universe and if I was to name them all, I will never be done. So I picked some of the most unique and interesting Spider I want made. As always let me know what you think.


1. Noir

· Story- In a universe where the setting is during the Great Depression, Peter Parker is a young aid work with people who have no jobs along with his Aunt May and Mary-Jane. His Uncle Ben stood up to some mobsters and was kill with the people force doing nothing about it. This lead him to distrust the Police. He learnt of a Mob shipment which had a spider in it that gave him Spider-power. He used them to take down local Mob bosses. After Spider-verse he was recruited into the Web Warriors.

· Chances of being made? – This guy is more than likely going to be made soon. Hasbro has the body for him (Either the AIM soldier or the Ult WWII Cap). He was in the Ultimate Cartoon and has been made into a MU already. But unlike the MU, he most come with guns. (I can accept him not coming with the trenchcoat.)

2. India

· Story- Combining Spider-man with an Indian setting and using some Indian, the highly popular Paviitr Prabhakar is Spider-man India. His village was destroyed and he escaped with his Uncle Bhim and Aunt Maya. When the Norman Osborn of that universe tried to summon demon into the world, a Spider spirit endowed him with Spider power. It was long after witnessing his uncle’s death that he fought both Doc Ock and a Demon Green Goblin

· Chances of being made? – I honestly think we will be getting India sooner or later. I mean he is an easy repaint/kitbash, particularly if Hasbro is using Pizza Spidey with Iron Fist.

3. Ham

· Story- What started off as a one shot joke comic, turned into whole universe filled with heroes that were cartoon animals. But like I said before, the one that started it all was Peter Porker, aka Spider-ham. He was a spider, bitten but a radioactive Aunt May, and turned into a cartoon pig…………..Do I even need to say how ridiculous and funny that sound? He even has his own Mayday Parker the SwineyGirl. Also a member of the Web Warriors.

· Chances of being made? – Oh come on. Who doesn’t want Spider-ham? I can see this being made 3 ways. One is a pack-in in a Web Warrior or such Box set. A Swap with Spider-monkey. Or if Hasbro decides they need to cool it down for money reasons and return to Mini-bafs for a year, well a Mini-Baf but this one is unlikely.

4. UK

· Story- William Braddock is the Captain Britain of his own universe. He was one of the first to notice what the Inheritors were doing and started recruiting Spiders for team Amazing. It was his tech that allowed the Spiders to jump across the Spider-verse. His universe was destroyed by Superior Spider-man but he decided to protect the great web with Spider-girl (Anya) and form the Web Warriors

· Chances of being made? – I think he has a great chance of being made, especially Captain Britain being rumoured to be made in Cap wave 3. Just slap a Spidey head on, repaint the body and you’re done. Plus, he is one of the Web Warriors.

5. Punk

· Story- Hobbie Brown was part of an anti-government moment that seem to be fighting for their right to their music. I think. He swears a lot.

· Chances of being made? – A possible Box set figure. But other than that it a low to mid chance of being made.

6. Monkey

· Story- One convention a fan joked about how Marvel had done a Zombieverse, thinking it was stupid. He said “what’s next? Marvel Apes?”. Well he soon was biting his tongue as Marvel actually did it. (Lesson in all of that is don’t give Marvel ideas). Based in a world where all the Hero are either monkey or primate (their not the same species Marvel), Spider-monkey is actually well a Spider Monkey.

· Chances of being made? – like I said with Spider-ham, this might work as a swap with Spider-ham or a pack-in with a Spider-man based set. All they really have to do with retool the Hit-monkey figure.

7. Assassin

· Story- After the death of Gwen Stacy, this Peter Parker killed Green Goblin. He began to realise that some criminals need a permanent solution. So he took lessons from Wolverine and started hunting down criminals. (Imagine is Spider-man and Punisher combined). Despite his badassery, he was easily killed when the Inheritors attack the Spidey’s Homebase.

· Chances of being made? – This might happen but I’m not saying it will. Might make a good swap with Noir or a team box with a better Superior Spider-man and others.

8. Cat

· Story- It’s a Spider-cat. The Inheritor twins found it during one of their hunts. Nothing more I can say about it. Oh his arch foe was a pigeon named Venom

· Chances of being made? – I can see this being a statue pack-in (like Baby Groot was) possible with either Spider-ham or Spider-monkey.

9. Aaron Ackman

· Story- Aaron Ackman was a scientist that create a spider-armour to fight crime. He started date his college whose daughter died. However, she couldn’t accept it and tried to revive her only to turn her into a cyborg monster that created more of her kind. Just as he was about to stop them, Aaron was killed by Morlun. No one knows what happened to his universe after this though.

· Chances of being made? – Very little chance of being made. But the costume is visually appealing.

10. 2211

· Story- The tough cop Spider-man of 2211 was a member of the Police force that travelled back in time to stop the Hob Goblin of his universe. He caught her and sent her back.

· Chances of being made? – Another possibility for the Man-spider or Six-armed Spider-man I mentioned before. But since neither has been made, has a low chance of coming.

11. Ezekiel

· Story- In a universe where Peter died instead of Ezekiel, Ezekiel took over the Spider name as a form of repension. He was later killed in the Spider-verse. It should be noted that a version of this was seen as a possible future for Peter.

· Chances of being made? – honestly if they use the AIM Soldier body mold, they could make it but I don’t see it coming.

12. 1602

· Story- A universe where the heroes were based in Victorian England, Peter was an actor and spy working with that universe version of Nick Fury. He was one of the first to die at the hands of the Inheritors.

· Chances of being made? – Very little chance of being made.

13. Arachonosaur

· Story- A universe where Dinosaur still exist and have evolved into an intelligent human-like species, this spider was a member of the Fantastic Five who was trick into attacking Excalibur.

· Chances of being made? – I did say I see Hasbro eventually making a Lizard figure which could become Spider-lizard, so why not make this guy as well? That said very little chance of being made.

14. Aracnido

· Story- This Spider is the son of a Luchador, a Mexican wrestler. His father was injured so he took up the mantle and entered the ring.

· Chances of being made? – Very little chance of being made.

15. Blood Spider

· Story- Blood Spider, along with Jagged Bow and Death-Shield was trained by Taskmaster to mimic, Spider-Man, in order to kill him. While he is in the 616 universe a version of him was seen in the Spider-verse

· Chances of being made? – Very little chance of being made.

16. Captain Spider

· Story- In this universe, Flash wasn’t as much of a bully as he was in the main universe. He joined Peter when he visited the Science Expo and instead of Peter, he got bit by the Spider. He later joined the army and become Captain Spider.

· Chances of being made? – Very little chance of being made.

17. Ghost Spider

· Story- In a universe where Uncle Ben never died, Peter became a famous inventor and business man. However, he decided to bring other spiders to his universe and absorb their powers. 616 Spider-man came and defeated him, leaving him in a coma. He was later revived by the Sorcerer Supreme and became the Spirit of Vengeance.

· Chances of being made? – Very little chance of being made.

18. Kwaku Anansi

· Story- Anansi is a demi-god based on the African Tribal Spider God of the same. He was seen in a funny story where Spider-UK tried to recruit him.

· Chances of being made? – Very little chance of being made.

19. Poison

· Story- In a what if story where Peter accepted the Others offer, the Venom symbiote sensed this and left Mac Gargan and joined Peter to become poison. He tried to get Mary-Jane to go with him, but when she refused, he tried to revive Gwen Stacy. The Story ended at that.

· Chances of being made? – Given Hasbro love of Symbiotes, this has a very good chance of being made. A possible swap for another guy, maybe Hybrid or Scorn.

20. Prince of Arachne

· Story- Possibly what inspired Spider-knight of the Ultimate Spider-man cartoon, this spider was basically a Cinderella type for the Osborn family before he became a knight.

· Chances of being made? – Like I said with the End of Earth Spider-man, this could be marketed as a Spider-knight, but it seems unlikely he will be coming.

21. Spider Jameson

· Story- Basically a universe where John Jameson became the spider instead of Peter.

· Chances of being made? – Very little chance of being made.

22. Weapon X

· Story- This Spider was part of the rival team of the Exiles.

· Chances of being made? – Very little chance of being made. Mainly because who remembers the Exiles anymore?

23. Spider-ben

· Story- Basically a universe where Uncle Ben became the spider instead of Peter. However, when May and Peter were both killed he gave up the role and locked himself in a bunker. While their Doc Ock destroyed the world with a thermonuclear bomb. The Spider-men eventually used this world to trap the Inheritors and Ben went on to live with Mayday Parker. He was later seen with the Web Warriors.

· Chances of being made? – Very little chance of being made but his Web Warrior inclusion make it possible.

24. Leopardon

· Story- When Japan made a live action show, they made Spider-man into something like Kamen Riders or the Power Ranger. Leopardon was basically his Zord or mech he used.

· Chances of being made? – Not saying he is not going to be made in ML scale but he might get made a playset for something else.


That all I’m doing. If you want to find out about the rest which I have to admit are a lot more, check out the Marvel Wiki pages. Now that it for Spider-man for a while……What? I forgot people? Ben Reilly and Kaine? Oh and Superior Spider-man? Don’t worry those guys are coming eventually, when I do the theme Clone and the team Sinister Six.

However, the next NSC won’t be until Mid-March as I am currently working on doing 2 panels for a local convention so I need the time to do that. However, I will be doing a post-Toy fair special next week to go through why you should or shouldn’t get the figures that was revealed and where they should go in your collections. That being said as according to the poll I ran, you guys have voted and the winner is old shell head himself. So when we return, we will be starting a 2 part NSC of Iron Man.


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  • 4 weeks later...

I really like this series of looking at the different costumes and looks of the characters, as well as your opinion on if it needs a remake or not. I do want to add a few things:


- While the Spider-man Unlimited Cartoon inspired figure was made during ToyBiz's final years in their Spider-man Classics line(Spin N Trap Spider-man), I do think we could use an updated one. The figure didn't have the cape, maybe use a bit of blue shading if they stick with black on the suit, and the lenses could be a bit of the yellow side than white that the figure used. Perhaps using the cape from the Spidey 2099 figure on a figure. If they really wanted to, they could maybe do 3 colour variants: the 1 used in the show(Which had more red), the preproduction colour scheme(Which had more blue/black, and was almost a reverse of the final show colours. I think this was when the show was still undecided if it was going to be 2099 Spidey or Peter Parker Spidey), and a see thorugh plastic version to repersent the suit in Stealth Mode.


- Spider-woman late 1970's/early 1980's Cartoon colours(Wasn't on your list): Okay, so really, the only difference between cartoon Spider-woman and Comic Spider-woman at the time, was basically that the lenses of the mask on cartoon was yellow, while comics was white, and most likely never going to happen. Still, if Hasbro ever felt they need to re-release the Jessica Drew classic Spider-woman in a way that is different from the 2015 release, they could use the brighter colours and colour the lenses yellow. Again, such a minor thing that it will never happen, unless I guess they wanted to do it in some sort of Store Exclusive 2 or 3 pack. And hey, at least it sort of gives people another shot at Classic costume Jessica Spider-woman instead of resorting to scalpers.


- Modern Jessica Drew Spider-woman Costume(You called it "All New All Different"): If or when Hasbro ever does make this figure, I hope they give it removable glasses, similar to the recent Captain America Legends Modern Mockingbird figure. Could make the figure more desirable if it allows you to have a unmasked Jessica Drew figure, especially for head swapping purposes on the 2015 Spider-woman figure(Especially for those who aren't fans of the modern costume). From the number of photos of comic book art I've seen, sometimes, the glasses look like normal glasses while other times, it looks like there is something extra on the top part of the glasses(It's not much, but it does make a difference). It would be cheaper for Hasbro to just repaint the Mockingbird glasses(Which I would be totally be okay with), but I suppose they could spend the money on the glasses with the extra stuff. Or give fans both glasses so that fans can pick an choose her look, especially since they would be small accessories anyways.


- Pregnant Modern Jessica Drew Spider-woman Costume: Most likely Never going to happen, especially if certain groups go all fussy over it, even more so if it ended up on the 6:00p.m. News on a slow news day(I seem to recall people freaking out about Pregnant Barbie Doll from the late 1980's or 1990's). The only way it would really work is as a either Online or Convention Exclusive of some sort for a limited run. Still give it the removable glasses. Having said that, if they ever did do a "Baby Bump Female" mold, they could maybe re-use it for Susan Storm, Crystal, Medusa, Jessica Jones, and any other female Marvel character when they were pregnant. Or if they are really lazy, for a over weight female character.

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Welcome Back my fellow plastic addicts to Marvel Legends- The Near Complete Set. This time we will look at the winner of our first poll (and a little nod to forum Member ADour, keep the requests coming guys!). It’s time to look at Tony Stark, AKA The Invincible Iron Man.


Created by Stan Lee, with help from Jack Kirby, Don Heck and his brother Larry Lieber, Tony Stark first appear in the Sci-Fi Comic Tales of Suspense #39 (which he would later share with Captain America until he received his own comic). Tony Stark was a weapon industrialist who was demonstrating his gadgets in Vietnam (or Afghanistan or whatever is the closet war fought at the time) when one of mine exploded and shrapnel got lodged in his heart. He was capture by a local warlord and met Yinsen, who saved his life. They worked together to build the first Iron Man armour but during the escape Yinsen lost his life. Returning to America, Tony Stark work to change his business and become a hero.


For collectors there is no shortage of Iron man. There is even a whole subset of collectors that will only collect Iron Man figure. They are called Armory Builders. They collect Iron Man armour and display them in a way that is similar to the armoury in comic and movies. It doesn’t matter if they are comic based, movie based or neither of them, they will collect them and display them. And let’s face it. Iron Man is the one character in Marvel that make the perfect action figure, with an Action feature or not. Just look at the 90’s cartoon based toy line.


So let’s look at the ones from Marvel Legends.




1.First Appearance

· Story: Iron Man as he first appeared in Tales of Suspense #39. I told the story above.

· For your Collection: Like I said with FA Spider-man, this is one of those figure I think you should get. It is one of the most important armour he wore and is iconic being reinvented and shown in almost all mediums. Plus, it would be nice to display next to other FA figures.

· Remake?: While I wouldn’t mind Hasbro making an updated version, the one we got is nice and a near perfect version.

2.Second Appearance

· Story: After returning to America, Tony realised that people thought the grey armour was scary. So he painted it gold and wore it for a while. (Truth be told, the printers at the time couldn’t keep the same shade of grey, so they had to change the colour, similar to how Hulk was grey in his first appearance).

· For your Collection: Unlike the FA version, this one was short lived and not really that iconic. They only thing it had going for it was that it was the armour he wore for the very first Avengers comic, but that was only for one or 2 issue until he upgraded to his bolted face armour.

· Remake? Unless they are to make a First Appearance Avengers team set (like they did in MU), then I don’t see this getting remade.

3.Horned Helmet

· Story: The first major upgrade after the FA armour, this was essentially one of Don Heck’s experiment before the classic.

· For your Collection: There has been 2 versions of it both being a repaint or release of the Classic armour. One was an exclusive (and now expensive) of the TB series 1 Iron Man and the other was a rerelease of the 2 Pack Iron man (with Maria Hill) in the Iron Monger wave. While it is nice to have one for an armoury, it is not an iconic armour and can be skipped.

· Remake? If they do remake the classic version (again), then this and the bolted face could be a swappable head.


· Story: You know, readers nowadays expect Iron Man to change his after every arc, but back in the day, Iron Man didn’t change his armour for over 10 years, with the exception of speciality armour. This is the armour that Iron Man has for most of his career even returning to it more often than not.

· For your Collection: I highly recommend picking up this armour. It is one of the most essential armour in his long career, more so then even the Extremsis.

· Remake? I would like them to make another attempt at this as their last one was short and skinny but the one we got in the 2-pack and Iron Monger wave are good for what they represent.


· Story: The third of Iron Man speciality armour, the Stealth was used for covert missions, like infiltrating Heaven’s Hand. It was later used in the Armor War to sneak into the Soviet Union to battle Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man. It should be noted that the armour is actually black but blue was used for the comic to make it easier to print.

· For your Collection: Like the horned head, there has been 2 versions of this both being repaints of the classic. This armour is a classic and Iconic armour and one of the few that is not red and gold. It would say to get it but not essential unless they make more speciality armour.

· Remake? If they remake the classic version, then this will obviously be a repaint.

6.Silver Centurion

· Story: The first major upgrade to the Classic armour. Jim Rhodes had been Iron Man for many months and Stane had taken over Stark Industries. After another battle with Alcoholism, Tony learnt that this was all a ploy by Stane. He created this armour to battle Stane who fought in the Iron Monger armour for the first and last time. Tony wore this armour for many months, even fighting Rhodes for the Iron Man name.

· For your Collection: One of the essential and Iconic armours, I would recommend trying to get this……………if you can find it for cheap.

· Remake? This armour screams for a remake. The one we got is basically a repaint of the series 1 armour and is now hard to find. The MU was got shows that Hasbro doesn’t mind making classic armours.

7.Neo Classic

· Story: Tony was still wearing the Silver Centurion armour when he learnt that his designs had being stolen and used by criminals. This started the Armor War where he tracked down his armour. Using less the ethical make, Tony was force to “fire” his bodyguard who later “died” fighting Titanium Man. Tony believe he should end his career as Iron Man then until Firepower appeared and Tony donned this armour to battle the walking tank.

· For your Collection: Another one of Iron Man iconic armour, this is one that fans had asked for ages. So I recommended picking up this figure.

· Remake?: No. The one we got is a perfect (or near perfect) version of the armour.

8.War Machine

· Story: The Armor that would make James Rhodes his own hero was first worn by Tony to battle the Master of Science before he faked his death.

· For your Collection: Being that it the only comic book version of the War Machine Armor, I would recommend picking this up.

· Remake? Yes. We seriously need a new comic book accurate War Machine Armor. Doesn’t even have to be this one. Dark Reign one would be nice.


· Story: Made Iconic with the 90’s cartoon, this armour had the function of attaching additional parts to the armour, like drill bits and even the Hulk buster armour.

· For your Collection: Not the greatest version of the armour, the Face-off set was nice for what it was. It also came with the only Mandarin with had so far.

· Remake? I would love for them to remake this armour, but not essential.

10.Hulk buster

· Story: This is not an actual armour. More of attachment to the Modular armour. It was used to protect a factory that was targeted by the Hulk, Smart Hulk at the time. After fighting for a while he learnt that this was making nuclear weapon. It was this fight that made Stark tell his company that they are stop making weapons.

· For your Collection: Iconic and multi-medium appearance, this is a figure that many people would want in their collection.

· Remake? We have seen what Hasbro can do for their MCU Hulk buster, so I would like to see how they would do this comic version.


· Story: Known as Modern version when first release, this was the armour that Tony wore after his older armour became sentient and tried to kill him. He wore his classic for a while before upgrading to this which he wore up to the Disassemble saga.

· For your Collection: This is not an essential armour, it was short live and easily forgotten.

· Remake? No, no need to update this figure as I said as it is none essential.

12.Thor Buster

· Story: Thor, king of Savard at the time, had brought Asgard to Earth (not Oklahoma yet). Some people had begun to worship him as a god, including a small European country who were being attacked by their government. Thor intervened with them and the UN ask Iron Man to stop him. Being defeated at first, he unveiled this armour, made from some Uru metal Thor gave him. He fought Thor again but was defeated and only at the request of Captain America did Thor leave.

· For your Collection: This figure was at the end of TB run and is expensive these days. It is not iconic like Hulk buster but is nice to have with the Thor, Lord of Asgard figure.

· Remake? No. Not essential and nearly forgotten.


· Story: For decade Tony Stark had no superpowers. That all changed with Extremis. Maya Hansen made Extremis that was “stolen” and she asked Tony for help. He fought and was beaten by the thief. He then asked Maya to inject Extremis into him. It gave him the ability to hide the armour in the hollows of his bones. This arc had many effect on later stories.

· For your Collection: This armour was one of the first made in the Return of ML and looks fantastic. Recommended for everyone.

· Remake?: No. It just got one so it okay for now.

14.Bleeding Edge

· Story: After the Dark Reign, Tony had lost many of his memories. He had started a new company, Stark Resilient. This armour was seen as the newest armour.

· For your Collection: I would recommend getting this armour but it not absolutely essential.

· Remake?: No. The one we got is fine for what it is.

15.Marvel Now

· Story: Iron Man didn’t actually were this for quite a while. While he was in space, he controlled this Armor via remote control. He wore it after he returned to earth but it was quickly replaced with Superior Armor.

· For your Collection: It’s a repaint of a Movie figure but it not a bad figure. It all depends on whether you want it or not.

· Remake?: No. Not important and just got released.

16.Guardians Of the Galaxy

· Story: Iron Man had just escaped Mandarin so he wanted to escape Earth. So he went to space to explore. He quickly joined up with the GOTG team and was put on trial for killing the Phoenix. The armour was drawn by different artist each with different designs.

· For your Collection: Only if you want to complete the GOTG team and the Groot BAF, then this can be skipped.

· Remake? No. Not important and just got released.


Now you may be thinking with are close to completing the set. Nope. We have only gotten about a quarter of Iron Man’s armours and that’s not including Alternate Universes or other Armoured heroes. So let’s look at what’s missing. We have quite a few to get through.


(Note I know I’m most likely missing a few, I am using this page to make this list. Also know that I consider Heroes Reborn an alternate universe. And yes I used some of the text on the Armor pages because I have no idea about some of these.)




1. Bolted Faceplate

· Story: This armour was the first they tried to make the smother helmet. What makes this different is the fact is the fact the faceplate has bolts going along the rim of it.

· Chances of being made: This actually has a good chance of being made as a swappable head of Classic Iron Man along with Horned faceplate.

2. Space

· Story: The very first speciality armour, the Space armour was used……. well to work in space. It was used when he first fought Sunturion

· Chances of being made: A low chance of being made unless they want to make a Hall of Armor box set. If the rumour that there is not going to be an Iron Man 4 then that could be a while.

3. Hydro

· Story: Made famous with it over use in the 90’s cartoon, the Hydro armour is used to explore the depth of the Ocean.

· Chances of being made: This actually has a high chance of being made as it is one of the most asked for Armor by fans.

4. Space II

· Story: This armour was what Iron Man used during the Shi’Ar and Kree War, or Operation Galactic Storm.

· Chances of being made: Maybe this might make a nice figure for the Infinity War movie but other than that very little chance of being made.

5. Neuromimetic Telepresence Unit-150

· Story: Tony Stark had become extremely ill so he designed this suit to be used be used via remote control, using his mind and a special suit. It was shortly lived before the Modular Armor.

· Chances of being made: A low chance of being made unless they want to make a Hall of Armor box set, being that is too like the Modular armour. If the rumour that there is not going to be an Iron Man 4 then that could be a while.

6. Artic

· Story: During a time when Tony was being controlled by Kang (or Immortus as we later learned), he built a secret base in the Artic. This was used to travel to and from that base.

· Chances of being made: This was made into a MU during Iron Man 2 toy line so it does have a good chance of being made.

7. Crossing

· Story: During the same time Tony was being controlled, he built this armour. It was used against the Avengers and where he later was killed and got replaced by a younger version of him.

· Chances of being made: This actually has a good chance of being made considering its similarity to other classic costumes.

8. Iron Kid

· Story: After replacing the older Tony Stark, a teenage Tony took up the armour to become Iron Man. He used a makeshift armour to fight but was forgotten about after the Onslaught saga and when the older Tony returned to Earth.

· Chances of being made: No chance of being made unless they want to do a ML deluxe line.

9. Renaissance

· Story: Shortly after he return from the Heroes Reborn world, he began wearing this costume. It also should be noted that this was the one that became Sentient and tried to kill him.

· Chances of being made: A high chance of being made as it has been asked for by many fans over the years.

10. Lunar

· Story: A armour that was used to ask the F4 battle Ronan on the blue area of the moon.

· Chances of being made: A low chance of being made unless they want to make a Hall of Armor box set. If the rumour that there is not going to be an Iron Man 4 then that could be a while.

11. Outer Atmosphere

· Story: When Stark realized he had sold Justin Hammer all copies of the Evader Armor, he went to confront Hammer on his orbiting space station using this suit. It was the armour that saw the end of Justin Hammer, for a while.

· Chances of being made: A low chance of being made unless they want to make a Hall of Armor box set. If the rumour that there is not going to be an Iron Man 4 then that could be a while.

12. SKIN

· Story: This armour is like a living liquid that would harden and become his armour, made by another company. He later learnt and defeat Ultron before he created the Tin man armour.

· Chances of being made: A low chance of being made unless they want to make a Hall of Armor box set. If the rumour that there is not going to be an Iron Man 4 then that could be a while. Although it was made in the Unleashed line.

13. Stealth II

· Story: This armour was used to infiltrate Wakanda and where Iron Man become Black Panthers knight which brought tension between the two heroes.

· Chances of being made: A low chance of being made unless they want to make a Hall of Armor box set. If the rumour that there is not going to be an Iron Man 4 then that could be a while.

14. Ablative

· Story: The ablative armour was a prototype space armour designed for impact-heavy environments. It was used to battle an alien nanoplasm that had ruined the Tin Man Armor.

· Chances of being made: A low chance of being made unless they want to make a Hall of Armor box set. If the rumour that there is not going to be an Iron Man 4 then that could be a while.

15. Secretary of Defence

· Story: This is the armour that Tony wore during his term as the Secretary of Defence. It was also the armour he wore when he had to reveal his identity to the world in order for the military not to use his armours for war.

· Chances of being made: Giving how similar it is to the Tin Man armour it has little chance of being made.

16. Pre-Extremis

· Story: Just before he got the Extremis armour, Tony designed this armour to be the best one he got but was quickly defeated by an Extremis enhanced human.

· Chances of being made: might get made but it just like the SOD armour.

17. Anti-Radiation

· Story: Banner's addition was "RG-27", a special compound that neutralizes gamma radiation. Since it is most effective in liquid or gas form, a series of tubes were built into the armour for irrigation. This enables the armour not only to withstand radiation, but also allows it to decontaminate areas. To expose a government conspiracy, the two faked a quarrel over some of their designs. Stark unveiled a finished version of the suit to battle the Hulk. However, Stark seemed to be acting strangely while wearing the suit. A problem with the irrigation system was discovered. The Hulk was able to help Stark shut it down before gamma poisoning set in.

· Chances of being made: A low chance of being made unless they want to make a Hall of Armor box set. If the rumour that there is not going to be an Iron Man 4 then that could be a while.

18. High Gravity

· Story: This armour was used by Anthony Stark while on-board the Clement during a mission to destroy an asteroid on a collision course with Earth. Titanium Man stowed away on the ship and attempted to sabotage the operation but failed.

· Chances of being made: A low chance of being made unless they want to make a Hall of Armor box set. If the rumour that there is not going to be an Iron Man 4 then that could be a while.

19. Hyper Velocity

· Story: Not really an armour, more of AI used to control this suit.

· Chances of being made: A low chance of being made unless they want to make a Hall of Armor box set. If the rumour that there is not going to be an Iron Man 4 then that could be a while.

20. Argonauts

· Story: These were specially built suit that Stark want to use remotely. However, Yinsen’s son took control of them with the Extremis tech to attack Iron Man who he blamed for his father’s death.

· Chances of being made: A high chance of being made thanks to their roles in the Iron Man movie. I actually think some of the Iron Legion used these design for them. Argonaut box set anyone?

21. Hydro II

· Story: This was used by Wolverine when he was hunted down Nitro and he had to fight Namor. Seriously.

· Chances of being made: This might be a repaint of the Hydro armour if it ever get made.

22. Hulkbuster II

· Story: Hulk had return from Sakaar and he was angry. He wants to destroy the Illuminati. Iron Man built this armour to battle him. But he got trashed,

· Chances of being made: Might make for a good BAF.

23. Phoenix Killer

· Story: During the AVX, Tony created this Armor to try and destroy the Phoenix but instead he sent the Phoenix into 5 member of the X-men

· Chances of being made: Might Make a good BAF although slim since Hasbro can’t cross blend franchises.

24. GhostTech

· Story: When Tony was force to give up being Iron Man and the Extremis virus, be had this created armour using other companies tech. It was used by both him and Rhodes to fool the people into thinking there was a new Iron Man and Tony went to work for Mandarin.

· Chances of being made: High chance of being made since he was made into a MU and we really need another Rhodes armour.

25. Anti-Mandarin

· Story: Built when Tony was captured and force to work for the Mandarin and build the Earth Mover, Tony and Ezekiel Stane built a number of Armor to defeat him. This was one of them.

· Chances of being made: A low chance of being made unless they want to make a Hall of Armor box set. If the rumour that there is not going to be an Iron Man 4 then that could be a while.

26. Space

· Story: The very first speciality armour, the Space armour was used……. well to work in space. It was used when he first fought Sunturion

· Chances of being made: A low chance of being made unless they want to make a Hall of Armor box set. If the rumour that there is not going to be an Iron Man 4 then that could be a while.

27. Space

· Story: The very first speciality armour, the Space armour was used……. well to work in space. It was used when he first fought Sunturion

· Chances of being made: A low chance of being made unless they want to make a Hall of Armor box set. If the rumour that there is not going to be an Iron Man 4 then that could be a while.

28. Stealth III and Heavy Duty

· Story: both these armours were used to battle people who were using the Extremis virus for wrong reason. He went around and defeat all of them using a special armoury that made suit on the go.

· Chances of being made: Both could be repaints (Stealth could be Marvel Now and Heavy Duty could be either Movie HB or Mandroid) but other than that no chances of being made.

29. Space III and Centurion

· Story: These are just like the ones above but were seen in space when he had to fight a rogue Recorder in the God Killer Armor.

· Chances of being made: A low chance of being made unless they want to make a Hall of Armor box set. If the rumour that there is not going to be an Iron Man 4 then that could be a while.

30. Saturn V

· Story: The suit was created by Tony Stark when he needed to go to the Earth's Moon to investigate mysterious attacks which came from Earth's satellite.

· Chances of being made: A low chance of being made unless they want to make a Hall of Armor box set. If the rumour that there is not going to be an Iron Man 4 then that could be a while.

31. Cold Iron

· Story: An iron-based heavy armour created by Tony Stark. It was first used by Iron Man after a stealth mission in Svartalfheim went wrong, and Stark found himself in need of reinforcements. With the same type of portals which brought Iron Man to this dimension, the armour was sent through by Dark Angel to him.

· Chances of being made: A low chance of being made unless they want to make a Hall of Armor box set. If the rumour that there is not going to be an Iron Man 4 then that could be a while.

32. Original Sin

· Story: During the Original Sin story, Bruce learnt that Tony had tampered with his Gamma bomb and blamed Stark for making the Hulk. Tony made this upgrade Marvel Now suit to run and fight the Omega Hulk.

· Chances of being made: No chance of being made as it is too close to the Marvel Now.

33. Superior

· Story: During the Axis story, Tony began a villain. This armour was used to symbolised this transformation. He was one of the few to stay the way he was after Axis but change back with the help of some friends.

· Chances of being made: This is more the case of when more than if. This Armor is going to be made, even soon the way things are going.

34. Cabal

· Story: This armour as used and defeated to fight the Cable.

· Chances of being made: A low chance of being made unless they want to make a Hall of Armor box set. If the rumour that there is not going to be an Iron Man 4 then that could be a while.

35. All-New, All-Different

· Story: The armour he is wearing in the All-New, Different series.

· Chances of being made: Like I constantly say, the ANAD costumes will most likely be made eventually.

36. Car Armor

· Story: The car he was driving turned into a suit. That’s all I know.

· Chances of being made: A low chance of being made unless they want to make a Hall of Armor box set. If the rumour that there is not going to be an Iron Man 4 then that could be a while.


Phew that it. Well Almost. There is going to be armours I have missed. What do you guys think? Is there an armour you really want me that I said we won’t get? Should I just shut-up? Nope? Okay then.


Next time with will be exploring Iron Man Friends War Machine and Rescue as well as alternate universe in Machines, Rescuers and Alternates.


Also be sure to vote on this poll for who you want after Iron man is done - http://www.poll-maker.com/poll619776xBe9F4e92-26


Please like and Share - https://www.facebook.com/MarvelLegendNearCompleteSet/

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I think that a remake of Steve Ditko's (not Don Heck, btw) horned helmet could be interesting. I didn't really like that the horned helmet was a swap-head to the re-release of the Classic Armor because the horned helmet's armor and the Classic Armor have some differences (click here and here to compare). If they remake Ditko's horned armor, they could give it its own alternate head, which could be the riveted helmet (the Proto-Classic Armor, here), which was in the comics actually nothing more than an alternate head to the Ditko Armor. Meanwhile, if they re-release the Classic Armor they could instead give it the nose helmet alternate head (here). It could be played for laughs, the same way Hasbro's recent Classic Captain America had the Cap Wolf alternate head from that storyline nobody takes seriously.


If they release a Stealth Armor MK I, I wish it would be painted black, or at least blue with a lot of black shading. All of the Stealh Armor MK I they have released have been repaints of the Classic Armor, I think it would be interesting if they added some stuff to the sculpt, like the shoulderpads it has different than the Classic Armor, and the "backpack."


Hasbro could also make a Classic War Machine Armor, and make a variant of it. The first War Machine Armor worn by Stark didn't have an unibeam (here), whereas Rhodes' version included one (here). Or maybe they can make the first War Machine Armor and some years later release the Rhodes version with the slight mold change. For some reason I think present day's Hasbro is more likely to do the second option instead of the first one.


Onto the Modular Armor: A remake would be much welcome. Toy Biz's version is good, but it didn't age well. Hasbro could even make a Modular Armor with accessories to turn it into the Hulkbuster Armor. That'd be awesome and be true to the spirit of the armor. Heck, make another miniature BAF if that means we could get a Modular Armor with a lot of accessories to play with the idea of modularity.


The armor you have labeled as Tin Man is actually an adaptation of this suit instead of that one. As far as adaptations go, it's pretty cool. The problem is that the armor it's an adaptation of is in turn an artistic interpretation of the Modern Armor (this one here, aka DoD Armor, aka Pre-Extremis Armor). And that artistic interpretation appeared only in covers as far as I know. So, it kinda sucks that the version the only action figure of the Modern Armor decided to go with technically didn't even appear inside a comic. I would love to see a remake of the Modern Armor (specially considering Hasbro has not one, but two molds based on this armor, albeit in 3.75" scale here and here, the first one more in line with Adi Granov's interpretation, and the second one more in line with Jorge Lucas' interpretation). Basically, they just need to take Armorize's Re:Edit Iron Man and make it 6". That'd be the perfect Modern Armor.


To my eyes, the Marvel NOW! Armor screams for a remake. While the figure was just released, the problem is that the mold they used is completely wrong (and you can find me complaining about that in this forum any chance I have, like right now). This is what the Marvel NOW! Armor should look like, not a repainted MCU MK IV. And the worst part of it is that it was that hack of Greg Land who first interpreted the Marvel NOW! Armor as a MK IV rip-off, mainly because he needed something easy to trace (and I'm not lying), so of course he couldn't have drawn an armor with an original design. And Hasbro could easily make an accurate Marvel NOW! Armor. They have the mold, both in small and big scales (they would just need to tweak the head sculpt, or not even do that and I'd still be okay with it).

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Dude I love what you have written but I have to say that Figure don't have to be perfect. they at least have to look close enough to the concept they are getting across, like the Classic and Horned head. The armor are close enough to be head swaps. I agree with you on the Marvel Now version but that all due to artist interpretation.


like I said it all down to artist interpretation, and that includes toy sculptors.

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Dude I love what you have written but I have to say that Figure don't have to be perfect. they at least have to look close enough to the concept they are getting across, like the Classic and Horned head. The armor are close enough to be head swaps. I agree with you on the Marvel Now version but that all due to artist interpretation.


like I said it all down to artist interpretation, and that includes toy sculptors.


Yeah, I understand that, that's why I'm okay with the Ditko Armor we currently have, that's why I think a remake would be interesting, not imperative. And while the horrible MCU helmet rip-off is technically artistic interpretation (Greg Land's no less), he didn't draw the armor entirely like the MK IV. It was more like the actual design with the MCU Iron Man helmet (though he was very inconsistent to the point of drawing the armor with two gold stripes in the hips in one panel and then three stripes in the next panel and stuff like that). However, Hasbro using the same exact mold as the MK IV is taking that a step further. It still surprises me that they do have pretty accurate Marvel NOW! molds in a small and a big scale.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Welcome Back my fellow Plastic Addicts to the second and final part of Iron Man’s NCS. This time we look and 2 of Tony Stark’s closest friends, Pepper Potts and James “Rhodey” Rhodes, AKA Rescue and War Machine. But that’s not all. Like with Spider-man, Iron Man has a number of alternate universe version out in Figure form so we will look at some of his alternate forms, some who have become their own character.

Lady’s first I suppose. Pepper Potts has been there nearly from the start. Once a low ranked member of Stark’s Industries, Pepper notices some mistake in some of the companies accounts that would have cost the company millions. She brought it up with her supervisor who dismissed her so she went directly to Tony Stark. Impressed by this, he made her his personal secretary, essentially making her his number two in the company. Despite having a few brief romances, Tony and Peppers relationship has been strictly professional. Pepper later married Tony’s chauffeur Happy Hogan (who also were the Iron Man Armor as well), who she stayed married to until his untimely death.


· What we have:

o Rescue Mk I

§ Story: During the Dark Reign saga, Tony was one the run from Norman Osborn. This cause Pepper, CEO at the time, to begin selling off Stark’s company. During a look through the company’s asset, she discovered this Armor. Having previous been fitted with a Rand Corporation pacemaker (similar to Tony’s repulsar pacemaker), she soon had to use it when HAMMER invaded the building she was in to escape. She quickly began a hero career but it was cut short after she discovered that the Armor’s AI had been taken over by Mandarin and she had to destroy it.

§ For your Collection: Being the only version of the character I would say try and get it but because it was a Marvel Unlimited Exclusive it is really expensive.

§ Remake: Instead of a remake, I think this figure would be better as a general release. But the likelihood of that it next to nil.

· What we need:


§ Story: During the Superior Iron Man Arc, Pepper activated an AI based on Tony Stark. It made this Armor for her in order to fight Iron Man.

§ Chances of being made: This actually could be made instead of the one above for general release. If they retool the figure above, it could work.





Next up we have Tony’s best friend, Rhodey. Rhodey was a helicopter pilot when Tony stumbled upon him after escaping the Vietnam prison in this FA Armor. Taking Tony to an US army based, the two became close friends. After Rhodey left the army, Stark hired him as his personal pilot and bodyguard. Since Rhodey knew about Tony’s double life, he followed him on adventures.


Now for the figures. You know with him being a popular character we have very few War Machine figures, that are not movie figures. I’m actually using the AOU figure for my display.




What we have:

o Iron Man

§ Story: When Tony became dependant on alcohol, Rhodey took over as Iron Man, for quite a while actually. After Tony beat the Demon in a Bottle, he invented the Silver Centurion suit for himself. Rhodey, under the ill effects of the Iron Man Armor, believed Tony was going to steal the Armor back. They fought with Tony with and fixing the damage that the Armor had done to Rhodey’s brain. Rhodey returned the Iron Man name to Tony.

§ For your Collection: The classic Armor can actually be used for more in Tony and Rhodey but I would get into that. Like I said last time, this is an Armor that people need in their Iron Man collection.

§ Remake: Like I said last time this does need a remake. Maybe next time they could include a Tony Stark and Rhodey head to make it seem like they both wore it.

o Variable Threat Response Suit

§ Story: After Tony had fake his death and returned, Rhodey fought with his old friend and left his side. He took the War Machine Armor too, which is also another reason they fought as Tony believed it was too violent. Rhodey had this Armor upgraded into this version.

§ For Your Collection: Given that this is one of the only comic book version of War Machine out their then I would recommend you try and pick this one up

§ Remake: I said the last time that they really need to do a comic book version and this is one of the most Iconic version so they could do it.

o Initiative

§ Story: More of an Art style rather than an actually Armor, this is the Armor that War Machine use when he was the drill sergeant that the Initiative training camp.

§ For Your Collection: This was made in the Iron Man 1 line and was really hard to find and honestly not worth the effort as it will look totally out of place in your collection

§ Remake: Nope…………………. moving on.

· What we need:

o Iron Man Mk 11

§ Story: Design and worn by Tony Stark to fight the Masters of Science and then fake his death, this Armor was used by Rhodey to be the new Iron Man, again. However, once he found out about Tony he left with the Armor and became War Machine, named after the Armor.

§ Chances of being made: Hasbro actually made a MU version of this during the Iron Man 2 line and it was one of the best figure in that wave. Hopefully they will create a bigger version of this, given that they always seem to do.

o Eidolon

§ Story: A living Armor, Rhodey wore this Armor for a while until he had to download it into a computer to stop and explosion.

§ Chances of being made: No chance of being made as the story line is considered awful.

o Sentinel ONE

§ Story: Rhodey was one of the commander of the Sentinel ONE unit that had to guard the mutant camp at the Xavier School after M-day. They kept watch over the camp to insure they didn’t misuse their powers.

§ Chances of being made: The chances of this being made is quite low but it might make a nice repaint for a box set.

o Dark Reign

§ Story: Before the Dark Reign, Rhodey had return to the Air Force but was badly injured. To save his life, Tony graphed Rhodey into a cyborg body, which could be switch out and absorb other machines. During The Dark Reign, Rhodey learnt that Tony had grown him a new body and using a complex plan, he transferred his mind to his body while killing off his old body. He kept using this Armor after.

§ Chances of being made: I really want Hasbro to make this Armor. They did it in Iron man 2 MU line and I can see them making this Armor.

o Iron Man 2.0

§ Story: This is the Armor that Rhodey wore when Tony had to stop being Iron Man for a while. They used it to pretend there was a new Iron Man out this,

§ Chances of being made: Like I said last time, they made a MU of this in MU so they could make it in ML.

o Iron Patriot 2

§ Story: As you may have guessed, Armor was influenced by the Iron Man 3 movie. It was used during Rhodey time as one of the Secret adventure.

§ Chances of being made: A easy repaint of the Iron Patriot figure (not yet but close enough).

o Marvel Now

§ Story: I’m not really sure of the story behind this one.

§ Chances of being made: I can see this being made as a way to stop the War Machine Fans up. But seems less likely.



Next up is the alternate universes. While nowhere near the like of Spider-man, Iron Man has had many versions of him over the multiverse, most have being another version of Tony, Rhodey or many of his supporting cast. While I couldn’t list every version I pick the one that are unique character, have interesting designs or have a connection to other characters.




What we have:

o Heroes Reborn

§ Story: After the Avengers sacrificed themselves to defeat Onslaught, they were thrown into a pocket universe created by Franklin Richards. There they started their hero careers from the very start. This is the second Armor that Tony wore. While they did return to the main universe, the pocket universe still existed and still had the other heroes in it.

§ For your Collection: This figure was part of the hard to find Exclusive Ares wave. I won’t say not to get it but it really not something you should try and get.

§ Remake: While it was during Hasbro dark days, this figure is nice enough as is if a bit short. So I don’t think it needs a remake.

o House of M

§ Story: During the House of M event, Tony Stark was still very rich despite being human. He had to fight in a gladiator contest using power suits alongside Johnny Storm.

§ For Your Collection: Unless you want all Iron Man Armours or want more House of M characters, then this can be skipped.

§ Remake: Nope. Short lived and not necessary.

o Ultimate

§ Story: the Armor that The Ultimate Iron Man first wore during the Ultimates comic.

§ For Your Collection: As the only Ultimate Iron Man figure, you might want to add it to your Ultimates team. Other than that, since it’s a bad figure, you can skip it.

§ Remake: Yes. This figure was a very bad figure. Hasbro has shown they can make a perfect Ultimate Armor during the Iron Man 2 MU line.

· What we need:

o 2020

§ Story: Arno Stark is the Iron Man of the year 2020, or now an Alternate Universe. A much darker and violent version of Iron Man who wouldn’t think twice about killing people. He fought the real Iron Man several time and has tried to turn over a new leaf since.

§ Chances of being made: This is a case of “Why don’t we have this yet?” they have the classic Armor but not one thought to use it to make this Armor?!

o Maniac

§ Story: During the Team-Up comic, this Tony Stark came to the main universe accidentally. He planned to use this universe to defeat a conquer his own world but was defeated by a team of heroes.

§ Chances of being made: Low chance but might make a nice swap for 2020.

o Manga

§ Story: In the Manga verse, Tony Stark existed as only a head. So it turned to his sister Antoinette to become the new Iron Maiden and lead the Avengers.

§ Chances of being made: Low chance of being made but might make a nice swap for Rescue.

o The End

§ Story: Stark's final major project is the "Big Jump" a space elevator that will greatly reduce the cost of travel. However, failing health and sabotage by Roxxon in the form of the Ultra-Dynamo prove too much for him to handle. A young scientist named Nick Travis becomes Stark's successor as lead tech and soon after, Iron Man.

§ Chances of being made: Low chance of being made, but hey, we already have Hulk: The End.

o Mouse

§ Story: In Spider-Ham’s universe, Tony Stark is the Iron ……………. Mouse? Okay then.

§ Chances of being made: Might make a nice pack in and considered the cameo in Ultimate Spider-man cartoon seem likely.

o 1602

§ Story: The Armor Tony wore in the 1602 Victorian based universe.

§ Chances of being made: Low chance of being made but might make a nice BAF.

o Noir

§ Story: The Iron Man of the Noir universe. He was an adventurer with a weak heart condition. His suit kind of looks like a Rocketeer outfit.

§ Chances of being made: If they make a Spider-man Noir then they could make this to go with him.

o Iron Knight

§ Story: When Morgan Le Fay transformed the universe into a medieval universe, Iron Man became the Iron Knight.

§ Chances of being made: Low chance of being made but might make a nice Armor for a Hall of Armor set.

o Iron Cross

§ Story: In a universe where Red Skull won World War II, Tony became the Red Cross, a Nazi soldier.

§ Chances of being made: This has a low chance of being made but I think there has been a Russian villain using this Armor before.



Well that it. Iron Man was pretty quick right. I know I have forgotten tons of Armor and not even shown half the interesting universes out there but I’m just one guy doing this in my spare time, so feck you.


Next of the NCS is winner of the latest Poll- Wolverine! I have also put a list of what the upcoming NCS are going to be.


Please Like and Share - https://www.facebook.com/MarvelLegendNearCompleteSet/

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There are three Rescue suits, the one you missed is between "MK I" and "MK II" and it's the figure Hasbro based their Rescue action figure on:




It could also be said that Hasbro made the Dark Reign War Machine. Emphasis on "could," because more than an actual figure of Dark Reign War Machine it just happens to look similar enough (it's this one from 2008):




(Also, as a minor nitpick, the armor you labelled as "Marvel NOW!" came between the "Dark Reign" and "Iron Man 2.0," and it was the one used in the Iron Man 2.0 comic. The one labelled "Iron Man 2.0" could be named "Long Way Down Iron Man" as Long Way Down was the name of the story it debuted in).


Also, another one we need is the War Machine Armor from All-New, All-Different Marvel:



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Hello and welcome my fellow plastic addicts. Time to get your claws out as this time we explore the most famous X-man. Soldier. Samurai. Leader. It’s time to talk about James “Logan” Howlett, AKA Wolverine.

To understand where Wolverine came from you first have to have a little lesson on the X-men. The X-men had been cancelled for a few years with their books being reprints of previous stories. Marvel decided to relaunch the series as a new team with character from around the world. Knowing this was happening, Roy Thomas asked the writer, Len Wein to create Canadian superhero. Thus in Incredible Hulk #180, the team introduced Wolverine in the very last panel of the issue with the next issue having him fighting both the Hulk and the Wendigo. A few months later in Giant-Size X-men #1, Wolverine was asked by Professor X to join his new team of X-men to save the original team. The rest as the say is history. Wolverine’s gruff exterior proved popular with the readers and he became the most popular character at the time. He eventually was given his own mini-series (which “The Wolverine” movie is loosely based one) and then an ongoing series.

As to the toy part, while he has had quite a few figures, many being remakes of existing costume, he is nowhere near the amount of figure that Spider-man or Iron Man has. The first ML was in TB series 3 which was actually supposed to be part of a 2 pack with his movie version, along with Toad and Movie Toad. Throughout their time, TB nearly introduced him into most of their wave, but not all. For Hasbro, they seem to have a thing for Wolverine being part of a X-men based wave, with the latest X-men wave rumoured to have another Wolverine.

But enough about that. Let see what we have:




1.Weapon X

· Story – As part of Team X, Logan was abducted by the Weapon Plus program. They experimented on him and bonded his skeleton with Adamantium. They used a helmet to try and brainwashed Logan into being their puppet for special operations, making him into a wild animal like man. However, Logan eventually broke free and attacked his capturers before escaping into the woods.

· For your Collection – While iconic and the story has been repeated several times, it is not absolutely essential. The figure is good but not really worth the effort. Only for those that need to have every Wolverine.

· Needs a Remake? – If Hasbro makes a proper height figure for Wolverine, then maybe they could do this version again with swappable heads. But other than that no. The one we have is brilliant.

2.First Appearance

· Story – After leaving the Weapon Plus facility, he happened upon and attacked James and Heather Hudson. After they subdued him, they took him in and took care of him until he was back to being more human. James Hudson was a member of the Canadians governments self-defence Department K. He believed that Wolverine could be Canada’s patriotic hero just like Captain America. One of his first mission was to fight the Hulk. He appeared in this costume in the last panel.

· For your Collection – Like all of the FA version, I think this should be got. If by any chance you get it mint, then you also get the best figure of Sabretooth.

· Needs a Remake? – Maybe. While it wouldn’t be essential, having a new version that is the same height and build as the other Wolverines might be nice.

3.Tiger Stripe

· Story – It didn’t take Wolverine long to get a new costume as in his second appearance he had changes his costume to this. Made famous during the 90’s cartoon, it is the costume that Logan has worn for most of his career. Many of his other costumes are essentially based on this one.

· For your Collection – Yes. This is Wolverine most iconic costume and is absolutely need for your collection.

· Needs a Remake? – Yes. None of the version of this costume as done it justice. The first version had him in a weird pose and the second was hard to find and used an older TB sculpt. Really need an update, even if it’s Hasbro’s Wolverine sculpt repainted.

4.Brown and Tan - 31/05/16

· Story – The second Iconic costume which Wolverine wore for quite a while was inspired by the time he wore the Shi’Ar guard member Fang’s costume. He wore this all the way up to Jim Lee’s run of the books where he went back to his Tiger Stripe design.

· For your Collection – I would said try and get this costume. It is one of his most iconic costume and has made the transition to other mediums, particularly the X-men: Evolution series.

· Needs a Remake? – It is getting an official update in the Juggernaut wave, so it doesn't need another update.

5.Training Uniform

· Story – After the X-Tinction Agenda, the X-Men all came to dress in a single kind of team uniform. The team used them to help Lilandra.

· For your Collection – The only reason to get this figure is if you get it mint and want the Forge figure it comes with. It too tall and skinny and really not worth any effort.

· Needs a Remake? – No. it is not an important costume unless they want to do a box set with other characters like Gambit, Storm and Jubilee.

6.New X-men

· Story – During Grant Morrison hated run of the X-men, the team started wearing leather costumes similar to the first X-men movie.

· For your Collection – I personally hated Grant Morrison run of the X-men book as I didn’t understand what was going on half. Only get this figure is you have to have all Wolverine figures.

· Needs a Remake? – No. it is not an important costume.

7.Astonishing X-men

· Story – After Xorn destroyed a part of New York, Cyclops decided they needed to make the X-men more friendly by making them wear costumes again. This is essentially an updated version of his classic costume. The design has been drawn differently by different artists.

· For your Collection – If you get this version or the Apocalypse wave one, then I would recommend picking one up.

· Needs a Remake? – No. We have gotten 4 versions of this figure (2 masked and 2 unmasked) so it’s time to move onto another version.


· Story – During and after the Messiah Complex Cyclops got Wolverine to create a new black op X-force who wore black and grey/white/silver version of their costumes. Their job as to get at people who would hurt mutants before they did, usually killing them.

· For your Collection – I honestly think you should try and get this version to complete the team, either the SDCC box set that came with Psylocke and Archangel, or the general release version. The only difference between the 2 is the use of grey and silver.

· Needs a Remake? – No. Just got made and is in need of no remake as of yet.

Wow that was short. Now you may be thinking that like the other 2 (Spidey and Iron Man) we have a lot to get and you know something, you be wrong. (Ha Fooled you!) All we need are 8 figures. (maybe more but can’t find them.)


1. Team X

· Story- Before Logan was kidnapped by Weapon Plus, he worked in a team with Sabretooth and Maverick. They were sent on a mission to rescue and female researcher but difficultly lead to Sabretooth killing the researcher. This mission failure is what prompted Weapon Plus to kidnap Logan.

· Chances of being made? – While not impossible, this has a very low chance of being made. But they did do it in MU so maybe they want to do it in ML as well.

2. Fang

· Story- During a fight with the Shi’Ar guard, Wolverine costume was ripped to shredded so after beating Fang, he stole his costume and wore it for the duration of this story.

· Chances of being made? – Low chance of being made as a Wolverine figure but if Hasbro want to do a Shi’Ar guard box set with Fang, then maybe they could give us a Swappable head and Claws for Wolverine.

3. Patch

· Story- During the time that the X-men were believed dead, Wolverine was adventuring in Madripoor under the identity Patch. He wore this to hide his activities and the first time he fought the Silver Samurai.

· Chances of being made? – Low chance of being made but a quick repaint of the standard Wolverine body and new head could make it possible. Maybe they might make it part of a 2 pack with Silver Samurai.

4. Feral

· Story- After Magneto ripped the adamantium out of Wolverine, he became feral and beast like. He also discovered that he had bone claws. He began wearing this. After a while he returned to his classic costume with bone claws.

· Chances of being made? – This one has been asked for a while and would make an easy head/hand swap with the classic version so I think it might get made. Just make the shoulder pad removable.

5. Horseman of Death

· Story- On the way from returning from a fight Galactus, the team was attacked and knock unconscious. The Skrulls kidnapped and replaced Wolverine and handed him over to Apocalypse who gave Logan back his adamantium and brainwashed him into being his Horseman of Death. After fighting the X-men for a while, he was saved thanks to a few of his friends.

· Chances of being made? – While it has a low chance of being made, it might make for part of a Horseman of Apocalypse box along with other X-men who were Horsemen.

6. Solo Missions

· Story- While the X-men were wearing leather uniforms, Logan wore this costume a few times to complete some solo missions.

· Chances of being made? – You probably note how similar this is to the Ultimate costume, so if they want to do a remake of that (which they need to) then you could use that as this version. Other than that, no chance of being made.

7. Secret War

· Story- When Logan and other heroes were tapped by Nick Fury to take on a vital covert operation, they all adopted stealthier versions of their classic costumes.

· Chances of being made? – I would say it has no chance of being made but with the recent Secret War Captain America been announce, I would think that they want to make the full team, still a low chance of being made.

8. Armoured

· Story- When Logan lost his healing powers, he began wearing this costume designed by Beast. It is an armoured version of his classic costume. It is unknown if the claws are part of the suit of his own. He wore this up to his death.

· Chances of being made? – High chance of being made as people it is the most recent and is a fan favourite version.


What that’s it? Well you know what that means we have to look at Alternate Universes. Here is what we have:


1.Days of Future Past

· Story – The Wolverine of this timelines is being hunted by Sentinels who had taken over the world. One of the only mutants left free, he worked to try and free the rest of the X-men from captivity while they had sent Kitty Pryde back in time to prevent the assassination of Senator Robert Kenny. Having free the team, he was attacked and seemly killed by the Sentinel.

· For your Collection – Not essential to any collection but it make first a nice figure anyway.

· Needs a Remake? – No. the one we got works just fine and comes with an epic bike.

2.Age of Apocalypse

· Story – When Xavier’s son, Legion, went back in time to kill Magneto and accidentally killed Xavier, it created a new timeline, the Age of Apocalypse, where Apocalypse had taken over the world and Magneto created the X-men. In this universe, Logan was referred as Weapon X and was one of the originally X-men. He lost his hand in a battle with Cyclops, who was working for Apocalypse and was in a relationship with Jean Grey.

· For your Collection – I would say get this figure just to recreate the X-force storyline If Hasbro ever decided to release the AOA Jean Grey, then this would be nice with her and AOA Sabretooth. But since that doesn’t look to be happening, it can be skipped.

· Needs a Remake? – If Hasbro decided to redo it, they might make it the version where he was controlled by Apocalypse, but other than that it doesn’t need to be done.


· Story – In the Ultimate retelling of the X-men, Wolverine was sent by Magneto to kill Xavier, but was captured and rescues by the X-men. While staying with the team and falling in love with Jean Grey, he turned against Magneto and became a long standing member until his death. He has a son named James Hudson.

· For your Collection – I’m not even going to justify you getting this figure. It is a horrible figure (despite being designed by TB and released by Hasbro). Only get it if you absolutely have to get every Wolverine.

· Needs a Remake? – Oh God yes. I know the Ultimate Universe is gone but Hasbro please redo this figure.

4.House of M

· Story – During the House of M universe, where mutants ruled and human were oppressed, Wolverine was the head of SHIELD and was dating Mystique. As this universe gave everyone their greatest wish, Wolverine regain all his memories from the main universe and was the first to notice that something was wrong. He left the Helicarrier (quite literately jumping off while still in the air) and went searching for the truth.

· For your Collection – While it is nice to have next to the other HOM figures, this figure was too tall to really be considered a Wolverine figure, so it can be skipped.

· Needs a Remake? – Not really it is an outdated costume and doesn’t really need a new version.


That it for the one we have let’s look at the ones we need. (noted that characters like Wild Thing will be in the next NSC)


1. Old Man Logan

· Story- After the villain united, took over America and had Wolverine kill many of his friends, he left to wonder the lands. Settling down and marrying, he worked as a farmer in a California ruled by a crazed Hulk. He failed to pay his rent once. He tried to make up the rent but it eventually led to himself and Hulk fighting to the death. He adopted Hulk’s son.

· Chances of being made? – I can see this being made very soon. It is highly requested and he now exists in the main universe.

2. The End

· Story- One of many story that tells the story of the end of many characters, a hundred year from now, Wolverine is living a lonely life in the mountains when he received a letter telling him that Sabretooth had died. He eventually learned that he had an older brother (from before the Origins storyline) and had to fight him to stop his terrorist plot.

· Chances of being made? – Might make for a nice head swap with Old Man Logan and Hasbro has made a Hulk: The End figure so it’s not impossible.

3. Wolvie

· Story- Mojo used the X-men DNA to create miniature or children like version of the X-men to create the X-Kids for his TV show but they eventually turned against him with the help of Longshot and Dazzler, who took to raising them.

· Chances of being made? – Hasbro has made a Cyke figure (granted for the MY line but it works better in the ML line) so this could make for a nice pack-in figure.

4. Age of X

· Story- In a world where the X-men never form, mutants are scattered all over the world, Logan helped Kavita Rao stop the mutant cure from being spread by injecting all the cure into Logan. He eventually became a bar tender and lost his power only to help turn the reality back to normal.

· Chances of being made? – Low chance of being made but there was talk of Captain America being made in his Age of X so it could be possible.

5. X-men The End

· Story- In this universe, retired Wolverine was taken care of Storm, as she suffered from neurological decay which left her paralysed. However, they both were dragged back in when they had to fight the Phoenix and the army of Warskrulls.

· Chances of being made? – Like I said with the End, Hasbro has done Hulk the End so they might do this as well. Hell they could even make this a variant of the other.

6. Here Comes Tomorrow

· Story- In a universe where Beast was taken over by the living virus Sublime, civilization has fallen. Wolverine leads an interspecies team to try and stop Sublime getting a revived Jean Grey. This eventually led to Jean Grey joining other host in the White Hot Room.

· Chances of being made? – Since this is very similar to a civilian Logan, he might be released as a 616 Logan.

7. Days of Future Now

· Story- In a fallout the Neverland camp, Malcolm Colcord hatred of Wolverine led to him to mass produce Sentinels. He then attacked the Xavier mansion with his Sentinels and Weapon X team. With most of the X-men dead, Wolverine assembled a new deadly team. After several attempts to stop Colcord, they eventually succeeded.

· Chances of being made? – Low chance of being made but it might make for a nice swap with a classic or DOFP figure.

8. Brother Mutant

· Story- In one of the broken realities monitored by the Timebreakers, Wolverine became the subject of a plot by the Brotherhood of Mutants. The Scarlet Warlock attempted to make his mother Magneto more powerful by hexing Wolverine’s Adamantium skeleton into Magneto’s body. The effect grew out of control, however, and Magneto and Wolverine ended up completely merging with one another, along with Mesmero, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Warlock. The result was an extremely powerful human-hating mass murderer renamed Brother Mutant.

· Chances of being made? – Low chance of being made but it could work for a villain in a wave.

9. Fantastic Force

· Story- In the year 2506, the planet was in danger of overcrowding when they decided to try and take over the 21st century. Logan, known then as the Hooded Man, lead a small team of heroes, including Banner Jr. and an elderly Susan Storm to accomplice this but Alyssa Moy instead offer them Nu-Earth in an alternate universe.

· Chances of being made? – Low chance of being made however given that it’s similar to the next guy it could be used for both.

10. Age of Ultron

· Story- In order to try and prevent Ultron taken over the world, Wolverine went back in time with Sue Storm to kill Hank Pym before he created Ultron. However, this led to another reality where science and hero was destroyed by Morgan Le Fay. The Wolverine of this reality went back to try and prevent himself from killing Pym. It was this event that eventually cause the Secret Wars

· Chances of being made? – Low chance of being made however given that it’s similar to the Fantastic Force guy it could be used for both.

11. Wolverina

· Story- In a more comedic universe, Loganna is the female version of the Main universe Logan.

· Chances of being made? – Low chance of being made but could make for a nice swap with the eventual X-23’s Wolverine.

12. Albert and Elsie Dee

· Story- Yes I know not an alternate universe but I probably never get to say why we need this version. Albert is a robot doppelganger of Logan and Elsie Dee is a robot. Both were used to and kill Wolverine for Donald Pierce, but both turned against him and side with Logan. Albert and Elsie Dee were also a member of the reality hopping team of Weapon X.

· Chances of being made? – A mid chance of being made, Albert deserve to get a figure due to his effect his story had on Wolverine. Elsie Dee could be a nonmovable pack figure.

Well that’s it with the pint size berserker. Did I get everything? Working on this character made me realise that we actually don’t have that many wolverine as some people think. Do you agree?

I’d like to thank the people at http://uncannyxmen.net/ for the info on this character and all X-men characters. I will be back in 2 weeks where we look at X-23, Daken, Jubilee and Shadowcat as we look at Wolverine’s Kids and Sidekicks.


Please like and share - https://www.facebook.com/MarvelLegendNearCompleteSet/


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Welcome back my fellow Plastic Addict. Wolverine has been around for nearly 200 years. Over the year he has fallen in love with many women. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that he has had a number of kids out there. While Daken maybe his most famous child he has had a number of other kids with different weapon. Not only that but he has taking it upon himself to become a father figure to many teens, like Jubilee and Shadowcat, who have become his unofficial sidekick. He even has adopted a few girls like Amiko and his clone X-23. So without further ado we look at Wolverine’s Kids and Sidekicks.


Before we begin, the chances of us getting another version of some of these character is very slim and the fact that they have a ton of costumes. So instead of giving you the story behind it, I will instead just give a rating of whether or not they will be made.

There are five categories:

· It’s coming” – almost totally guaranteed to be coming.

· “High Chance” – a high chance to be made.

· “Possible” – it might only might be made.

· “Low Chance” – Low chance of being made but not impossible.

· “Impossible” – No Chance of being made. Forget it.


Okay then. We start off with one of the most famous of Wolverine’s kid. His clone, given the name Laura Kinney, the person who has taken the Wolverine name after his death, X-23 or now Wolverine.


X-23 was originally created for the X-men: Evolution cartoon series. A popular character, she quickly made the jump to the comics, in NYX series. She is the one of successful clone of Wolverine but just like him, she quickly escaped. It wasn’t long until she ran into the X-men and eventually joined the younger X-men trainees. She later joined Wolverine’s X-force and then Avengers Academy. Logan even officially adopted her. (which begs the question, is a clone your brother/sister or your child?) After Wolverine’s death, she eventually took up the mantle.

· What we have:

· Story – There is actually now story behind these. There has been 2 version of X-23 both being released in the TB Apocalypse wave. However, none of them really represents a costume she has worn. The one pictured is closest to the one she is shown beside which was one of her earlier costumes.

· For your Collection – Either of the figure released are the only version of the character so far, but of the 2 the black one is the better looking one with a much better head sculpt, so if you have to have her, that’s one to get.

· Needs a Remake? – Hasbro are going to release a X-23 again. There is no doubt in my mind. The female teenage sculpt is perfect for her. As for which version well………

· What we need:

1.Second costume: Low Chance

2.Feral version: Low chance

3.1st Captain Universe: Possible

4.New X-Men: Possible

5.Messiah Complex: High Chance

6.X-Force: It’s coming (it mightn’t be for a while but this is coming at some point)

7.2nd Captain Universe: Impossible

8.Avengers Academy: Low Chance

9.Avengers Arena: Possible

10.All-new X-men: High Chance (All-New X-men updated Box set maybe)

11.Wolverine: It’s coming (very soon I hope)

(Let me know is this “chances of being made” system is a good system.)


Next up we look at Daken, Wolverine’s son from his Japanese wife Itsu. Revealed after Wolverine got his memories back after M-day, Logan realised that he had a fully grown son who he believed was dead after Itsu was killed by the Winter Soldier under the orders of Romulus. The child was found by Romulus and given to a Japanese Family, who gave him the name Akihiro. Because he was of mixed birth the people in his village nicknamed him “Daken”, which meant mongrel. He eventually destroyed the village and went to joined Romulus. He sought revenge against his father who he blamed for his mother’s death as well as the hardship in his live. After many battles, he was killed by Wolverine by drowning but was eventually brought back by the Apocalypse twins.


· What we have:

· Dark Avengers Wolverine:

§ Story – When Norman Osborn became the face of the Avengers, he assembled his own team of Avengers, all which were former villains. Using previous incarnation of the team and seeing what it took to be considered an Avengers team, he invited Daken to be the team’s Wolverine.

§ For your Collection – Being the only version of Daken out and is one of the Dark Avengers team, I would say pick this guy up. I recommend the unmasked version just so it would appear very different from Wolverine.

§ Needs a Remake? – It was only recently release, so no, it doesn’t need a remake.

· What we need:

1.No costume: Low Chance

2.Dark X-men: Possible

3.Dark Wolverine: Possible

4.Horseman: Low Chance

5.Wolverines: Possible (Death of Wolverine Anniversary box set?)


Over the year Wolverine has taken many young people under his wings. Almost all of them have been female and most look to them as their mentor, gaining experience and teachings from Logan.

Next up we look at the first of Wolverine’s unofficial sidekick. Kitty Pryde met Logan during the Dark Phoenix saga. She eventually joined the X-men. At first the teenage Kitty didn’t get along with Logan, as she found him gruff and mean. That all changed when Ogun, Wolverine’s old master, kidnap and brainwashed Kitty to try and kill Wolverine. However, Logan worked with Kitty and trained her, beating the brainwashing to defeat Ogun. This lead to a close relationship between the two that still continues to today.


· What we have:

· Astonishing X-men:

§ Story – Kitty had left the X-men to go to college. After Xorn destroyed most of New York, she returned to teach that the Xavier Academy. Since Cyclops decided they should go back to wearing costumes instead of black leather. (Stupid movies) Kitty went back to something similar to her old classic costume without the mask.

§ For your Collection – Unless you need to build the Giant man BAF or want to have the exact version of the Astonishing X-men team, then this expensive figure can be skipped.

§ Needs a Remake? – No. While the figure is not the best it still works.

· All-new X-men:

§ Story – When the younger team of the original X-men came from the past to the present, Kitty took it upon herself to teach the young team.

§ For your Collection – Being that it will be one of the few X-men based character out this year then you should definitely get it. Also is looks amazing.

§ Needs a Remake? – by the time I have written this, it hasn’t been released yet so no.


· What we need:

1.Training Costume: Possible (head swap?)

2.Disco: IMPOSSIBLE (I mean seriously?)

3.Sprite: Low Chance

4.Shadowcat: Possible (Excalibur anniversary box set?)

5.Excalibur: Possible

6.SHIELD: Low Chance (Head Swap)

7.Excalibur II: Low Chance

8.Li’s Design: Low Chance

9.Extreme: Impossible

10. Return from Space: Low chance

11. Starlord: High Chance (GOTG are popular after all, with a movie next year.)



Last of the character we already have is someone who actually calls herself Wolverine’s unofficial sidekick. Jubilation Lee was from a rich family. While living in Beverly Hills, she committed petty crimes for a trill. When mall cops tried to catch her, her powers manifested and she learnt she was a mutant. When her parents died and she was given to the Lee family, she eventually became a runaway and Mallrat. One day she witnessed Storm and other female X-men traveling through a portal and followed them. She soon discovered that the X-men were hiding out in Australia. Unsure how to approach them she hid in a cave nearby. Soon Dominic Pierce and his cyborg team captured Wolverine and Jubilee saved him. She then began following him on missions. She eventually lost her powers on M-day but soon became a Vampire, bitten by Dracula’s son.


· What we have:

· Vampire:

§ Story – Jubilee had lost her power during M-Day. When the X-men move to San Francisco, Jubilee move there as well and started living there. She eventually witnessed a Vampire terrorist attack that infected her with a Vampire disease, where she had an impulse to seek out other Vampire. Escaping the X-men med bay, she sought out Xarvus, Dracula’s son, who turned her into a full Vampire. After he was defeated, she struggled with the Vampire urges but eventually beat them and re-joined the X-men. She has since adopted a young orphan who she named, Shogo.

§ For your Collection – People have been asking for a Jubilee figure since the start of ML. and while this is not the one that has been asked for (the blue jean shorts and pink t-shirt), it is her most recent one. I would say try and pick this up if nothing else then just to have her.

§ Needs a Remake? – No. It might be nice to be released as a single but there is no rush.

· What we need:

1.Mallrat: Impossible

2.Jim Lee’s: High Chance (Hasbro has said they are interested in doing it)

3.Training Uniform: Possible (maybe as a standard female x-men with swappable heads)

4.Generation X I: Possible (Generation X box set?)

5.Generation X II: Possible

6.Generation X III: Low Chance

7.X-Corps: Impossible

8.Wondra: High Chance (New Warriors box set?)

9.Wondra II: Low Chance

10. Vampire: Impossible


As always if you think I missed something please let me know.

Now onto the other characters, sidekicks or children of Wolverines, that I think could be made.



· Story: During the one of the first Astonishing X-men storylines, Logan took to training the younger students in the Institute. One of this students was Hisiko ichiki, a young mutant with the powers to project a psionic armour around her. When Orm tried to destroy Earth, she went with the X-men to stop him and was made an official X-men by Wolverine.

· Possibility: High chance of being made. Could be a head swap with the upcoming Shadowcat figure. If Hasbro decides to do a ML deluxe set, then she would be perfect for it with Armor pieces. Given that she was part of the X-men anime; it seems unusual that she hasn’t been made yet.


· Story: A young girl that Wolverine fostered along with his fiancé Mariko, Amiko’s parents were killed by a dragon attack in Tokyo. When Mariko was killed, Amiko went into foster care of a pair of money stealing abusive parents until she was saved by Wolverine her left her with Yukio.

· Possibility: Very little chance of being made as she is barely in the comics. I don’t even think she was part of the aftermath of Wolverine’s Death.

3.The Mongrels

· Story: As I said at the start Wolverine has been around for nearly 200 years, so he has father a number of children. But for some reason they all hate him, understandable considering he was never around for them. They eventually teamed up to hunt down Logan. However not know that they were his children, Logan killed them which shocked him after he learnt the truth

· Possibility: Very low chance of being made but one or 2 of them might be made if they decided to make a Wolverine wave.

4. Sabreclaw

· Story: Wolverine’s son in the MC2 universe, who followed Sabretooth teaching rather than his father and battled the MC2 Avengers as a Revengers member before jumping ship and joining the Avengers.

· Possibility: This might make a nice 2-pack with his Sister Wild Thing but still very little chance of being made (Hyperion buck?)

5.Wild Thing

· Story: The daughter of Wolverine and Elektra, and younger half-sister of Sabreclaw, Wild Thing follows her father teachings.

· Possibility: High chance of being made as it has been asked for many years. It might make a nice swap figure with X-23 or a 2-pack with Sabreclaw.

6.Jimmy Hudson

· Story: In the Ultimate universe, Wolverine had died. Kitty Pryde discovered that he had a son who he left with that universe’s Hudson couple. Jimmy discovered that he had the same powers as his father and soon joined the X-men and began a relationship with Kitty.

· Possibility: very low chance of being made. I don’t think he has survived the Secret Wars anyway.


· Story: Kimiko is Wolverine and Mariko’s daughter of the Age of Apocalypse universe from before Apocalypse conquered the Earth. After Apocalypse defeat she journeyed to America and joined the X-men. She convinced her father to returned to the X-men. However, she was killed by Logan after he was made into Apocalypse.

· Possibility: I wouldn’t say it was impossible as Hasbro has shown interest in making more AOA character like the unreleased AOA Jean Grey.


· Story: Raze is the son of Wolverine and Mystique and the half-brother of the son of Mystique and Xavier. He and his brother teamed up to control a number of X-men for them to become the Brotherhood of Mutants. They went back in time to killed the time trapped Original X-men but failed to do that.

· Possibility: This actually has a good chance to be made as he has become a recurring villain of the X-men.

Well that’s it. What do you think? Do you think we will get any more of these guys or will they remain one figure only?

Next time we will be smashing the Marvel Universe as we start our 3-part Hulk NCSs. We start of course Bruce Banner, aka The Incredible Hulk.


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It’s time to SMASH!!! This week we look at the strongest there is. We look at Robert Bruce Banner, the Hulk.

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Hulk was Stan’s Marvel version of Jekyll and Hyde as well as Frankenstein. Dr. Banner was a gamma expert who believed that gamma radiation could be applied to many field including medicine. However, looking for funding, he had no choice but to build a Gamma Bomb for the Military, under his future wife’s Father, General Ross. On the day of the experiment, a young punk, Rick Jones, snuck into the base as the bomb was about to drop. Banner ran into the test site to rescue him only to be blasted with gamma energy after he got Jones into a trench. Come that night he transformed into a grey hulking beast that the Military dubbed the Hulk.

Despite being Marvel’s biggest named character, Hulk originally only last a few issues before being cancelled. However not one to let his characters die out, Hulk returned in the Fantastic 4 as a villain. He later was one of the founding members of the Avengers, before Stan realised that the Hulk wasn’t a team player and had him leave the very next issue. He started sharing a comic with Ant-man and the Wasp in Tales to Astonish before taking over the series which eventually was transformed into the Incredible Hulk. Despite what the movie and tv series tell you, Hulk was not a main member of the Avengers until only recently, more like a member that would only pop in when needed or when the team had to fight/help him. No. His main team was the Defenders, with Dr. Strange, Namor and Silver Surfer also being members.

Well I could go on but that is the basic story behind him and you’re not here for that. You’re here for the toys, who freaking plastic addicts. Time to look at the many forms of the Hulk.




1.Bruce Banner:

· Story – Dr Robert Bruce Banner is the world leading expert on Gamma radiation. However, he suffers watching his mother from being abused by his father. She died trying to protect Bruce from his father when he thought he was a monster. This lead to him developing Multiple-Personality Disorder, which manifest itself as various forms of the Hulk.

· For your Collection – One of the few secret identity figures out there, (yes I now realise I mistake the Spidey classic Peter Parker). It was made with the Eric Bana figure painted in comic colour. I would recommend you picking this up only if you want a Bruce Banner figure. Plus, if you manage to get is MOC, you will get one of the best Hulks out there.

· Needs a Remake? – Not really. The figure is bad but it is not an essential figure to be remade

2.First Appearance:

· Story – The first version of the Hulk from his first appearance was his grey version which he transformed into when the sun went down. He was more intelligent than his green counterpart. He was attacked by the military and then captured by the Gargoyle, a Communist Russian scientist. After helping him with a cure, Gargoyle let Hulk escape. This form was not seen for many years.

· For your Collection – like I said with FA Spidey, IM and Wolverine, this figure is a great addition to your collection to show together with other FA figure. Other than that only essential for Hulk collections and there are other better Hulks out there.

· Needs a Remake? – No. the one we got might not be perfect but it’s good for what it is.

3.Second Appearance:

· Story – Because printers were bad at the time and couldn’t get the same share of grey the whole time, Hulk colour was changed to the more familiar green in him second appearance. It was years later that it was explained that the reason It changed is that Bruce was still going through a mutation after the bomb, and it was set in.

· For your Collection – This figure is not essentially but it is nice to have with the first team of Avengers, with the second Appearance Iron Man, Giant Man wave’s Thor and the mini-figures that came with the Goliath figure.

· Needs a Remake? – No. Unless they want to release a First Appearance Avengers set like they did with the MU set, then it is not essential.

4.Savage Hulk:

· Story – The most famous version of the Hulk. While his intelligence varies from child like to savage, Savage Hulk has been around for most of Hulk life. While Banner has tried to rid himself of this version of the Hulk for year, he has come to realise that this Hulk is an important part of himself.

· For your Collection – There are tons of version of the Savage hulks out there, from the TB series 1 to the recent Fan Poll winning 2 packs with the first version of Valkyrie. Like classic Spidey, you really have not excuse not to have on in your collection. I recommend the Face-off 2 pack (MOC if you can as you get the Leader too).

· Needs a Remake? – No. No, it has been done to death but I would fault Hasbro for them to do their own version if there is a Hulk film down the line.

5.Joe Fixit:

· Story – After he was believed killed in a massive explosion, the Grey version of the Hulk was found wondering the Nevada Desert by a Los Vegas mobster, who took the now intelligent and crafty Hulk home. He was named Joe Fixit (after the ape Mighty Joe) and hired as a bouncer/bodyguard for the mobster and his casino. He eventually went be to being green but has returned on a number of occasions.

· For your Collection – One of the big turning points and iconic storyline of the Hulk saga, this figure is essentially for any Hulk fans. Unfortunately, as it was released at the end of the TB run, it is very rare and very expensive. Well worth it though.

· Needs a Remake? – Yes and no. the main reason is so more people could get it and no as it is an awesome figure.

6.Professor Hulk:

· Story – After a session with Doc Samson, Bruce learned that he had MPD. With Samson’s help he was able to merge his various personalities together into a Merged Hulk. Having Green savage strength, Grey’s cunning and Bruce’s intelligence, the Hulk began calling himself The Professor. He joined up with the group The Pantheon, until they were betrayed by this leader.

· For your Collection – Again part of another important storyline for the Hulk. However, while I do recommend getting him, he is not absolutely essential.

· Needs a Remake? – No. This one is good as it is.

7.Horsemen of War:

· Story – For 2 issues, Hulk was captured, tortured and brainwashed by Apocalypse into being his latest War. Hulk of course broke free but Apocalypse later sent Wolverine, the then Death, to kill him which he failed.

· For your Collection – A fun and obscure figure, this one can be skipped. It is not an important version of the character.

· Needs a Remake? – No. Unless they want to release a Horsemen of Apocalypse set with maybe a Death Wolverine, Death Gambit and Archangel, then it is not essential.

8.Planet Hulk:

· Story – After the Hulk has destroyed a big part of Los Vegas, The Illuminati took it upon themselves to send Hulk into space to a planet that he could live in peace. However, his ship crashed landed on Sakaar, he was force to fight as a Gladiator for the planets ruler, the Red King, before he led a revolt and became king himself.

· For your Collection – A story that has been made into a cartoon movie, This figure is a great figure and is needed to fight against the Silver Savage figure. If you include the MS Brood, then we have a few figures of that story like. Given that Korg was made into a MU, it seems likely that he will be made into a ML, so you would need this figure for stand next to that.

· Needs a Remake? – No. Unless they want to release a Warbound set or if the rumoured Planet Hulk movie turns out to be true, then it is not essential.

9.World War Hulk:

· Story – After his ship exploded killing most of the planet of Sakaar and his wife, the Hulk sort revenge against the Illuminati. He journeyed to Earth and capture each member and made them fight like Gladiators. After a fight with the Sentry, he learned the truth of the explosion and gave himself up to the Avengers.

· For your Collection – This figure is awesome and I would definitely recommend getting it.

· Needs a Remake? – No. One of the few figure from early Hasbro that is perfect.

10.Barbarian Hulk:

· Story – After a Hulk had spilt up with Banner, Hulk was living with a tribe of Moloids underground when he was found by Maria Hill to stop a deranged Banner.

· For your Collection – This can be skipped as it is not essential, but still looks nice.

· Needs a Remake? – No. Not essential

11.Doc Green:

· Story – After Bruce was shot in the head, Tony Stark tried to cure his friend by inserting Extremsis into Bruce. During the Original Sin saga, Hulk used the Extremsis to boast his intelligence to the extreme. After a run-in with Iron Man and beginning to call himself Doc Green, he began tracking down and curing all of the Hulks out there, leaving only himself and She-Hulk.

· For your Collection – I would only recommend getting this figure it you want to get the Vision and Ultron.

· Needs a Remake? – No. Just released so there is no need.

Well that it for what we have let’s look at what we need. Note that only after I made the images that I realised that I forgot many versions so I will include links to images for them.




1. Mechano

· Story- While hiding from the Military, Hulk began working as a strongman in a circus when he was discovered by Ant-man and Wasp before they joined up to be Loki and form the Avengers.

· Chances of being made? – no. no chance. Seriously?

2. Devil Hulk

· Story- This gigantic monster represents all of Banners Guilt, which he encountered during his travels through his own mind.

· Chances of being made? – This could make a great BAF, but other than that no chance of being made.

3. Cosmic

· Story- Hulk was one of many heroes to become a Captain Universe.

· Chances of being made? – Actually I can see this being could as a straight repaint. Maybe an Enigma force box set.

4. Wendihulk

· Story- As Hulk was hunting down the Red Hulk, he happened upon a tribe of Wendigo in Vegas. He was eventually turned into a Wendigo but manage to fight it off.

· Chances of being made? – No chance of being made. Would be fun tough.

5. Marvel Now

· Story- After Bruce re-joined with the Hulk, he offered his serviced to Shield. He wore this vest during many of his adventures.

· Chances of being made? – They did it in MU so it has a high chance of being done in ML.

6. Time Jumper

· Story- When a group of Time criminals were changing history, Shield sent the Hulk to try and stop them.

· Chances of being made? – small chance of being made.

7. Nul The Breaker of Worlds

· Story- Hulk was one of many people who was given an Asgardian Hammer and become one of the Worthy. During this time, he fought the entire Vampire nation and Dracula.

· Chances of being made? – This might make a nice figure for a Hulk wave or a Worthy box set.

8. Kluh

· Story- During the Axis storyline, Hulk was one of the hero that was reversed. However instead of becoming evil, the Hulk (not Banner) essentially became his own Hulk which was a dark Version of the Hulk.

· Chances of being made? – I can see this being made in a Hulk wave as a repaint with a new head.

9. Dark Hulk - http://halegrafx.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/dark-rage.jpg

· Story- Dark Hulk was the result of Shanzar, a Sorcerer Supreme from his dimension, possessing his body. In this form, Hulk has a black colour to him and is more vicious. Hulk was freed from this form when Shanzar was sent back to his dimension by Doctor Strange and Bruce Banner's psyche

· Chances of being made? –Very Little chance of being made.

10. Hulk Squared - http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/marveldatabase/images/a/ae/Hulk_Squared.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140222162925

· Story- While he was jumping through time, Hulk was blasted with the same gamma bomb that created him again. This result in a powered up version of the Hulk

· Chances of being made? – Very Little chance of being made

11. Compound Hulk - http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/marveldatabase/images/4/45/Hulk_Vol_2_30_Textless.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20101118012857

· Story- Impossible man decided to play a trick on Hulk and Rulk by fussing them together into the Compound Hulk. Neither want to speak of it again

· Chances of being made? – It was made into a MU NYCC exclusive so I say it has a really small chance.

Well that’s it for the Hulk for now. Next time we will look at other Gamma character that have been made like Rulk, Skaar and Doc Samson as well as looking at some alternate universe versions.


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Ever since the first gamma bomb dropped, there has been dozens of Gamma powered individuals, ranging from the super-strong to the hyper intelligences. While most of those people (and sometimes animals) have been mostly evil (which I will get onto eventually), there has been some that have decided to use their powers for good. This week us plastic addicts will look at the heroic Hulks that come in a variety of colors besides green. It’s time to look at the Red, Blue, Grey etc Hulks.


We start this week with General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. Ross has been a part of the Hulk mythos from the very start. Father of Betty Ross and the person in charge of the Gamma Bomb, Ross never like Dr. Banner since he met him, believing her was a pencil neck wimp. When the Hulk first appeared Ross took it upon himself to hunt down the monster, presumably believing it was his fault that it was created. Ross has hunted Hulk for most of his career eventually dying in a revenge match against the Hulk. He was revived by the Intelligencia and transformed into the Red Hulk in order for them to revive Betty. After he defeat at the White House, he worked for Steve Rogers and made his own Thunderbolt team before being depowered by the Omega Hulk.

What we Have:

· Red Hulk:

o Story – The Red Hulk first appear when he snuck into a Russian prison and killed the Abomination. He then went on a rampage fight everyone from the Avengers to the then new A-bomb. This was all a plan of the Intelligencia to keep the distracted. He eventually joined up with a depowered Banner and worked to bring down the villainous team. He has since had this power removed by the Omega Hulk.

o For your Collection – This figure was the BAF of an Exclusive wave. The wave in itself was not the greatest so trying to track down them might be a bit expensive. I would say try and get him only if you have the money for it.

o Needs a Remake? – The only reason I say this would get a remake is if they want to release him as an individual figure or using the New Juggernaut for it to get him out to everyone again (possible figure for a Hulk wave?). Other than no doesn’t need a remake just yet.

What need to be made:

(yes I realise I didn’t include the Redeemer Armor but I think we would more the likely get it as a Saunders version).

· Military

o Story- Ross is a General so it only natural he has worn a number of Military uniforms over the year.

o Chances of being made? – I can’t be the only one who want this, can I? It what he is known for and I would love to see him face off against the Hulk in his military uniform. I say this has a medium chance of being made. Maybe a retooled suited figure.

· Red Ghost Rider

o Story- During a mission with the Thunderbolts, Red Hulk was somehow transformed into the Spirit of Vengeance.

o Chances of being made? – Low chance of being made but it might make a nice BAF.



Dr. Leonard Samson was one of Marvel premier therapist when he first appeared before Ross with a machine to remove the Gamma Energy from the Hulk (because you know comics) and use it to cure Betty Ross who had been turned to crystal during a blood transfusion with the Sandman (don’t ask). The device worked and cure the Hulk but Samson then thought to use the device on himself which transformed him into a super strong green hair version of himself. After flirting with Betty and earning Banners jealousy, resulting in the Hulk returning, Doc Samson worked to try and help cure Banner. He was the one who discovered Banner had multi-personalities.

What we Have:

· Classic:

o Story – The costume he wore for most of his career. Little known fact. Just like the biblical version, the length of his hair makes him stronger or weaker.

o For your Collection – It was part of the Fin Fang Foom wave, the figure is the only version of him so far so it might be worth looking for.

o Needs a Remake? – Yes. This figure was a bad one and could do with a better figure. Maybe the Grim Reaper mild or Hyperion Mould?

What need to be made:

· Second Costume

o Story- Not long after he appeared, Samson got a second costume. This was replacing again by the Classic version.

o Chances of being made? – This one is very unlikely to be made.

· Solo Comic

o Story- This costume is from Doc Samson sort lived solo comic.

o Chances of being made? – I actually think that if they do a remake of Samson then this version might make it different for certain whiner to not to complain.

· Evil Persona

o Story- It was eventually discovered that Samson had a very dark side to him. It was in this form that he was killed.

o Chances of being made? – Low chance of being made but it might be marketed as a good Samson.


Skaar is one of the sons of the Hulk and his wife, Caiera, from the Sakaar planet. When the ship exploded and killed her and Hulk went to Earth for revenge, Skaar survived his mom dying in a cocoon. After rapidly growing, he eventually travelled to Earth to kill his father. However, when he arrived there, he discovered that Banner had been depowered. He worked with Banner to defeat the Intelligencia and revived the Hulk. He then went to the Savage Land and ruled over it before being depowered and sent to Paris to live a normal life.

What we Have:

· Classic:

o Story – Here a question for fans. How was Skaar introduced? Believe it or not, the first time we saw Skaar was when this figure was leaked from China (along with a still unreleased Bi-Beast and Red King), for the Hulk wave long before he was even introduced in the comics.

o For your Collection – It was part of the Fin Fang Foom wave, the figure is the only version of him so far so it might be worth looking for.

o Needs a Remake? – Yes. I find that this figure is much too short and stumpy for Skaar and really need a complete remake.

Now let see who is missing. I will be talking about these guy as individuals not by costumes.


· Rick Jones

o Story- When Rick Jones took a bet to sneak into a military base, he set in motion the creation of the Hulk. Feeling guilty to this, he journeys with the Hulk for many years. Rick was actually responsible for getting the Avengers together and even remained with the team until he left to follow the Hulk. He has since become a sidekick to Captain America, was the human form for Mar-Vell and Genis-Vell and has been mutated into a version of the Hulk and into a blue version of Abomination he dubbed A-bomb. He is currently working as a Hacktivist under the named Whisperer.

o Chances of being made? – We technically have 3 versions of Rick Jones, the Bucky figure and the 2 TB versions of Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell and Genis-Vell). However, many people, including myself, think of them as separate characters. As for a Rick Jones himself, I think we are more than likely going to see an A-bomb BAF sooner rather than later. Hasbro has mention they would like to do it with the new Abomination baf as the based. As for the other 2 versions, I say the chances are very slim if nothing else.

· Amadeus Cho

o Story- Amadeus Cho is a child genius, the seventh smartest person in the world. After his family was killed he fled to survive. He joined Hulk side during the WWH story arc before journeying with Hercules, who became a father figure to him. He eventually created a company before he eventually took the Gamma Radiation from Banner and transformed himself into the Totally Awesome Hulk.

o Chances of being made? – I believe that we will eventually get the TA Hulk eventually (I mean all they really need is a new head on the AOU Hulk). The civilian version actually has a better chance than most since he was a member of the Avengers in the form.

· Teen Abomination

o Story- Jimmy Carlson is the son of Happy Horgan and a Stark Employee, Katrina, who was working on a Gamma powered equipment when he was staying with his mom because she had no babysitter. As you can guess he was dosed with Gamma energy, but didn’t activate his power until he was 13. He went to Stark for help, who was evil at the time, but sided with Pepper Pott against him. He eventually joined the Howling Commandoes.

o Chances of being made? – I actually this that the Hyperion body could work for this character as he is not a massive Hulk size character or maybe the Terrax mild? I say he has a good chance of being made.

· Gamma Corps

o Story- The Gamma Corps is a team of Gamma Powered soldier who were designed after the Hulk and his various enemies and friends. This is just the male version, from left to right they had the powers of the Hulk, Harpy, Doc Samson and the Leader. They were all depowered by the Omega Hulk

o Chances of being made? – Very low chance of being made but might make for a good box set.

· Warbound

o Story- The Warbound are a group of slaves that helped the Hulk fight against the Red King on Sakaar. They followed him to Earth for revenge but eventually surrendered when they discovered that Miek was the one who cause the ship to explode. They then worked to fight gamma powered individuals.

o Chances of being made? – I can only see some of these being made, particularly Korg (being that he was done in MU and it would work for a Thing figure) and Hiriom. Miek might only get done if they want a villain for the wave while the other 2 have no chance of being made.


Well that’s it for the 616 universe, let look at some of the other Hulk from Alternate Universe.




1.House of M:

· Story – In the House of M universe, the Hulk ruled over Australia…. No. Seriously. The tattoos on his body are from aborigine tribes.

· For your Collection – This figure was part of the Hard to find House of M box set. However, unless you want to get more HOM figure or another Hulk, then this one can be skipped.

· Needs a Remake? – No. there is no need to redo this as it is no longer an important arc.


· Story – In the Future Imperfect arc, Hulk was sent into the future to defeat his evil counterpart. This Hulk, naming himself Maestro, had killed most of the Superheroes and rule the world with an iron fist. Hulk manage to defeat him by sending him back to the first time the Gamma bomb exploded. He has since battle many other heroes, including Spider-man 2099.

· For your Collection – Of all alternate universe Hulk, I have to say that this is a most. It is a signature villain who has battle most if not all of the 616 universe.

· Needs a Remake? – I would love to see Hasbro version of this but other than that no the TB version is perfect.

3.The End:

· Story – As part of the End sub series, Hulk got his own ending. In a nuclear holocaust, Hulk and Banner were the only survivors and had to battle giant insect to survive. Eventually Banner died of old age, leaving Hulk alone.

· For your Collection – It was part of the Fin Fang Foom wave, beside have a good sculpt, it is a niche version, so it can be skipped.

· Needs a Remake? – No. It is not needed.


· Story – In the Ultimate Universe, Bruce Banner became the Hulk when he was testing his version of the Super-Soldier formula. This turned him into the rage grey monster known as the Hulk, who eventually fought the Ultimates.

· For your Collection – Unless you want to complete the Ultimates or have another Ultimate universe character, then this can be skip.

· Needs a Remake? – Yes. I would like to see Hasbro do their version of this for a ML scale.


· Story – Hulk was one of many heroes to become in the Marvel Zombies storyline and one of the few that survived it.

· For your Collection – This can be skipped as it is not a true ML.

· Needs a Remake? – No. Marvel has said that they don’t want Hasbro to make Zombies, as they feel they don’t represent the company well.


Well that it. As for any alternate universe version that could be done, there is not really anyone different except for the 2099. All the other are basically the same just with either clothes or a different skin colour.

The next NCS will be the She-Hulks, plural.

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