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We Need More X-Men


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Okay, we get it Marvel. You & Fox are not seeing eye to eye when it comes to the X-Men franchise. It's alright, some of us even understand. My biggest wish right now is for you guys to come to some sort of agreement before the beginning of the Infinity Wars movies but only time will tell. Though, the suspension of the planned Inhumans movie looks like Marvel's starting to realize they can't replace the X-Men, Disney has enough clout to make another big push to try again. I have my doubts & honestly it was the one Marvel franchise I was not looking forward to being put in cinema form. I thought it was just my opinions at first, but that seemed to be the majority concensus among most marvel fans.


That being said, I seem to recall Hasbro paying a handsome fee to produce toys based on all Marvel properties, not just ones that Marvel/Disney deem appropriate. I just don't understand why Hasbro does not stand their ground & just falls in line with what Marvel "allows" them to do.


There are at least 2 X-themed movies out this year. There were supposed to be three but who knows what the Hell's going on with the whole Gambit foray, anyway. Either way, Deadpool was a smash & Apocalypse seems to be on route to do the same. Movie based figures or not, there seems to be plenty of X-Men exposure this year to support more than a single wave. I am very happy with the line up of the announced wave but the are still so many other characters that they could capitalize from their appearance in the movies to produce at least another wave without having to incorporate a single movie based figure. Most of these characters are easily recognizable and resemble their appearance in the movies enough that there is no mistaking who that character may be in either look or name.


Hasbro does seem to read these forums and others as they do quite often act and react to many of our opinions or suggestions. Though I'm sure they'd never outright admit that, it couldn't all be chalked up to just coincidence that many of the things we discuss here actually come to fruition.


That being said, let's see if we can actually convince them that producing more than one X-Wave this year, or any other year for that fact, is a good move. Here's a list of characters that could legitimately make up and justify another wave. I encourage others to chime in & maybe we can light a fire. Who knows.


1. Mystique - movie figure or not, no one would have any trouble making the connection as to who this character is. Easy make to. Reuse Misty Knight mold & retool/reuse the previous Mystique head sculp. Hasbro has all the parts to do it better.


2. Psylocke - why the hell did she not make the cut in the first wave? There's huge fan demand for this figure and the comic and movie looks are almost identical so there's no mistaking who it is. Once again, Hasbro has the parts to do it better than the exclusive. Simply repaint the Ms.Marvel Target figure sash and all, though a new head sculp might be in order.


3. Nightcrawler - Hasbro hasn't done one yet & the Pizza Spidey mold would be perfect. Of course new hands, feet & head are needed but he's a blue half demon with a tail & pointy ears. There's no mistaking who this figure would represent.


4. Emma Frost - most of us missed out on the Wolverine Legends version & even that one seems subpar to what Hasbro has done with the female body molds of late. Repaint the Scarlet Witch mold, reuse the previous head sculpt & call it good, even paint it black if you need to distinguish it from the previous production. But, for God's sake, at least include a cape this time.


5. Beast - a big blue furry guy with huge feet. No mystery who that figure is under any circumstance. Reuse the TrU exclusive All New X-Men Beast with new head, hands & feet. Paint the damn thing blue & walk away.


6. Quicksilver - this figure would most likely be the most unrecognizable from the movie but the same general look and theme are all in place & he would be super easy. Pizza Spidey mold, Speed Demon's hands & reuse the previous QS head as it was actually alright. Plus, Hasbro seems to be all about taking another swing at figs they didn't quite get right the first time. Do it Hasbro.


7. Polaris - how freaking long have we demanded this one? Not anywhere in the movie, but as a comic based wave, why wouldn't you include at least a few unrelateds in? Hasbro has been know to throw some random into both the Spider-man & Avengers waves. This one might take a little work to produce but she's has so many different looks I think Hasbro might find one body mold that would suffice.


8. Gambit - I'm iffy about this one as I'm pretty sure he would be made using the same skinny armed Nick Fury movie figure mold that seems to be the go to for all trench coated figures. That thing needed to be retired long ago. Need proof? Look how scrawny the trench coat punisher looks compared to the new Reaper mold. If they could cut off the stupid popped collar & incorporate the Ghost Rider/Comic Star-Lord manly arms with it, they could be on to something.


9. BAF Colossus Juggernaut - please just do it already. Enough said.


Those are my thoughts & opinions. They probably aren't worth much but I know there are at least a few more people with similar views. I encourage everyone to chime in. We'll never know unless we put our voices out there to be heard.

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there's only one x-movies coming out this year and that X-men Apocalypse. if you mean Gambit then I think you will have to wait til next year as they keep pushing it back.


also the Colosnaut is rumoured to be the Swap parts for the upcoming X-men wave as there are supposed to 8 figures in the wave and that is much more then we usually get.


as for my waves.


X-men wave 2 - IF and that a big IF the upcoming wave sells well

  1. Cyclops- Jim Lee's version so people who don't have the X classic one (I have it) can finally get it.
  2. Polaris - the only original member we desperately need before the Giant-Size team appeared
  3. Storm - First Appearance like the one from the fan poll
  4. Gambit - Modern
  5. Toad - he has been on my remake list for a long time
  6. Magneto - Marvel Now
  7. Bastion - to goes with the BAF
  8. BAF: Nimrod - the only X-men BAF I think we seriously need

Wolverine wave

  1. Wolverine - Marvel Now - one of the few need released
  2. X-23's Wolverine - she is coming
  3. Old Man Logan - what 3 Wolverines? kids aren't going to know they are 3 separate characters.
  4. Northstar - the following 3 are just ones a want from the first fan poll that need to be made.
  5. Aurora
  6. Silver Samurai
  7. Sabretooth - Uncanny Avengers - they did Havok for it why not Sabretooth. Hell they can even just repaint the last one with assessories and new head sculpt
  8. BAF: Windigo- new bigger sculpt.

Gambit's wave (never going to happen)

  1. Gambit -Jim Lees
  2. Sunfire - Classic - I know that he has gone back to a version of the AOA costume but I want a classic version
  3. Thunderbird I - use the Hyperion or Hulkling mold and give use the last frigging Giant Size X-man!!!
  4. Rogue - Modern - he needs his main squeeze
  5. Belladonna
  6. Sabastion Shaw
  7. Ms Sinister - not Mr Sinister, MS Sinister. It's Gambit. the womenizer. make sense he have more females in his wave.
  8. BAF: Sauron - probably the only way we can get him unless they do a Hulk wave with him.
  9. BAF
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Thanks for making this as you are correct about needing more xmen.


Wave 2


1)modern rogue

2)Psylocke (x-woman)

3) Polaris (x-woman) waaaay over due with the green


4) morph (creating doubles) with default xmen suit so you can army build and have costume changes along wits extra heads as accessories

5) multiple man (creating doubles) army build him, it also sets up being able to make the x factor team

6) classic wolverine brown and tan (fearless leaders) we all know a heavy hitter has to be present

7) cyclops Jim Lee (fearless leaders)


8) professor Xavier with hover chair baf!!

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Tarot, OP counted Deadpool as an X-Men movie.

There are too many figures for me to include, if I'm being honest.


My major wants, however?

Multiple Man


Nimrod (BAF or its own, don't care)

Sebastian Shaw

Sauron (BAF or its own)


Rachel Summers with the Phoenix looking trenchcoat.


New Mutants set- Moonstar, Karma, Rahne, Cannonball, Warlock, Sunspot

Alpha Flight set- Vindicator, Shaman, Northstar, Aurora, Snowbird, Marrina

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We definitely need more X-Men figures. One wave every 1-2 years is disappointing. But I have a positive feeling that we will be seeing more.


I always felt that the tension between Marvel and Fox was more about money than about movies. It is rumored that Fox gets a good cut of X-Men merchandise because of the deals made when Marvel was in bankruptcy. When Marvel re-energized their other properties with the MCU they focused on what would make them the most profit. Even Spider-Man didn't have his own dedicated toy line until Marvel got all the merchandise rights back from Sony, a little before Amazing Spider-Man 2 came out (this was before the whole shared Spider-Man deal).


What gives me hope now is that Fox wanted to make TV shows based on X-Men properties but they didn't have the rights. Several months ago they announced that they are making a show based around Legion with help from Marvel's TV branch. Shortly after that the X-Men wave was heavily rumored and then made official at Toy Fair. Also more X-Men stuff like statues etc. started coming out. So to me this means that some kind of deal was made, which could include a reworking of the merchandise rights. At least I really hope so.


But that is just my take on it. As for figures I would like to see...

-Psylocke (in the 80s purple armor)

-Bishop (with shaved head)

-Mr. Sinister (classic version)

-Angel (some version with good feather wings, original X-Factor maybe)

-Fabian Cortez (or some other Acolytes, could be a head swap figure)

-Lilandra (and others form Shi'ar Empire)

-Graydon Creed/Senator Kelly (maybe as a head swap figure too)

-more 90s blue and gold team X-Men (fingers crossed with the X-Men '92 comic being successful)

-at least some type of male and female in the Jim Lee yellow and blue training suit (Morph, Forge, Storm, Psylocke, anyone)


BAFs: Apocalypse (Age of Apocalypse version), Cameron Hodge/Phalanx, Shadow King


As a side note, does anyone else think that what was shown at Toy Fair could actually be a mix for 2 waves and not just one? There were 7 shown with Wolverine still rumored, which is odd because they have never done a case with 8 figures and no doubles. Also there are 3 female figures which has also never happened before. They could add a few more figures in and do 2 waves.

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My waves would be



Magneto (ANAD) - love this costume




Psylocke (ANAD)



BAF - Nimrod



Old Man Logan




Sebastian Shaw


Dark Beast

BAF - Rockslide



Gambit (modern)

Rogue (Uncanny)

Fabian Cortez

Shatterstar (X-Factor Investigations)

Polaris (X-Factor)

Multiple Man

Black Tom

BAF - Strong Guy


I think that for villains, Sebastian Shaw, Nimrod (BAF), Sauron, Fabian Cortez are a must...especially at this point. They still owe us a Moonstar and with that comes Sunspot & Cannonball. We need someone else from X-Factor. I'd love to see the kiddies Oya, Pixie, Roxy, Stepford Cuckoos, Goldballs, Primal, Triage, Dust, Rockslide, Ink, Velocidad. Starjammers - Lilandra, Corsair, Vulcan, Korvus. More Hellfire - Donald Pierce, Selene, Quentin Quire. And some Horsemen.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I wholeheartedly agree. Marvel is crushing the X-Men. Every time I watch AoS (which I love), I get annoyed that the Inhumans aren't mutants especially after they introduced that gambit-like character with gambit-like powers. Anywho, looking back we, the people, received one, yes only one, X-Men figure last year in 2015 which is criminal. The figure, Magik, was a great choice and well-done, but we need more. This upcoming wave is perfecting/upgrading a lot of characters, but not giving us anyone new. The core classic X-Men haven't even been completely covered, eg Polaris, Dazzler. Plus we need some updates on Nightcrawler, Rachel Grey, Beast, Quicksilver.



I agree.

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My wants would be to fulfill my Avengers collection and have some of my favorite X-characters made:

Sunspot (Avengers)
Cannonball (Avengers)
Beast (Illuminati)
Sunfire (Uncanny Avengers either version)
Sabretooth (Uncanny Avengers)
Validator (Avengers)

Smasher (Avengers)
Multiple Man
Angel (normal with metal wings)
Hope Summers
Wild Child
Strong Guy

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