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Official ToyFair 2017 Marvel Legends Discusion


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That A-Force boxset looks freakin awesome. That Spectrum and Sif are most welcome. I'm not familiar with the story line, but I'll have to start reading. I would swear that that Lady Thor is a photoshopped version of the 3.75 inch version of Lady Thor. I custom made a 6-inch version of Lady Thor and used two 3.75 inch Lady Thor's and I'm pretty sure this is just a shopped version. Or not. whatever. Hopefully, they'll do it justice. Nicely done, Hasbro!

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It's weird that the only core A-Force team members from that box set are She-Hulk and Singularity. In the first run during Secret Wars, I believe they all had an appearance though (for sure Lady Loki did). Elsa Bloodstone was in the last few issues of Volume 2. I actually enjoyed both runs.

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It's weird that the only core A-Force team members from that box set are She-Hulk and Singularity. In the first run during Secret Wars, I believe they all had an appearance though (for sure Lady Loki did). Elsa Bloodstone was in the last few issues of Volume 2. I actually enjoyed both runs.

All female boxset. This is absolutely AWESOME!!! It looks like we're finally getting a decent She-Hulk. Getting Sif takes some pressure off the approaching Thor Wave(s). Monica freakin Rambeau AKA Spectrum! I know I'm being greedy but it would've been great if America Chavez was in there, but I wouldn't know whom to replace! Maybe Lady Loki since she's a He again? Anyway, now all we'll need is America and Dr Adam Brashear to complete our Ultimates team. With all these two packs coming out, how about a Hyperion (Squadron Supreme or King Hype) and Blue Marvel?


FINALLY! The Vulture comes to marvel legends! Those wings are awesome (as happy as I am about these announcements Hasbro, it perplexes me why we didn't get wings with Sam-Cap)!

The only disappointing news is this over saturation of Star-Lords we're getting. I'd suggest not getting the current one, but for me, it's already too late (got my GOTG cases in two weeks ago). It's a good thing I'm not fond of movie characters. Still in all, a great day for ML collectors I think.

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well it's time for my annual post TF character by character reaction and considering how much there was...............................God Help me.#


  • Homecoming wave (extreme lack of the opposite gender here):
    • Cosmic Spider-Man - one of 2 figure I will be double buying. I;m delighted we are getting this. I has been one of my Spidey wants for a long time (just after Man-Spider BAF and Paper-Bag Spidey). I'm also delighted that Hasbro seem to have taken my suggestion (https://youtu.be/Ak-sRegiNSw?t=2m32s) and included not only the Beard Spidey head but also the generic Captain Universe head, which will force people to double buy him. Nice move Hasbro.
    • Classic Beetle - This is proof that Hasbro listens to fan after they were disappointed by getting Ult and Female Beetle. the figure looks nice and seems to be very blocky. Now all we need his is first appearance version and we have complete not only the Beetle waredrobe but also the short live Beetle team.
    • Tombstone - the figure looks great. The only thing I wish was that he had short sleeves but I think this is done from his earlier appearances so I'll take him.
    • Moonknight - Hasbro is slowly but surely replacing my TB collections, This looks great, and comes with a load of accessories
    • as for the MCU- they look nice. I will probably display them only cause of my Spider-verse display. as for Vulture and the wings, while I am disappointed not to get another figure, I generally love the idea of the Wing being the baf just for the idea.
  • GOTG wave 2
    • Starlord - start with the shittiest idea ever. This is basically the same figure as wave 1 with a longer coat, new head and a Scarf. Seriously Hasbro!!? another Malibu Stacy treatment!! You should have just slotted that into the Ego set but no, you waste a slot for this #$##. anything would have been better then this.
    • Ex Nihilo - an odd choice to be made but I'll take him. so people know he is a Cosmic character as his storyline took place on Mars and involve terraformer. Hopefully we will get Abyss and Nightbrand at some point.
    • Adam Warlock / Magus - Hasbro you've done it again. you are making me double buy. I was already excited to buy Adam Warlock, which is a vast improvement over you previous attempt, but then you up the anti by making Magus a swappable head. Bravo!
    • Death's Head II- I said before I was excited for more obscure character and this is extremely obscure. hopefully Hasbro will make DH I a baf at some point. Oh and to those who said he should be in a X-men wave, he was created in the 90's and everything was associated with the X-men then. he is a space bounty hunter so he goes there.
    • Nebula- very nice. I usually don't talk about MCU individual but given that this character is extremely like her comic counterpart this is a most buy for me for my comic display.
    • Gamora - don't display my MCU anymore but god is this a vast improvement.
    • Rocket and Groot - is this Rocket fully articulated? Well done hasbro, Maybe this will replace my comic version for a while.
    • BAF- Mantis - weird that she is the BAF. I was kinda hoping she was have a gimmick (like extra parts to make a comic version). None the less she look nice and will work for My comic display until we get a comic version (with a moondragon figure as well)
  • Marvel Knights wave (I actually hope the rumours of Blade and Bullseye are true so we can get a second wave next year)
    • DD - this looks amazing. fully detailed and articulated.
    • Elektra - This looks great but seriously hasbro. new mold but still no Double jointed for a highly athletic character.
    • Jessica and Punisher- they still look great.
    • BAF want- They have said that the BAF isn't Kingpin, so I'm hoping Gladiator, Stiltman or Mr. Hyde.
  • Thor wave (that list is looking pretty reliable now but I heard that there is alot of changes in it).
    • Lady Thor - She looks fantastic. Could easily be the figure of the wave for me. can't wait for SDCC to see the rest of the wave.

Now onto the exclusive

  • A-force (feck it this is awesome!! it may be expensive has F#*$ but I will get this set so love me god!
    • She-Hulk - I was actually fine with the for one but I love this new one even more.
    • Singularity - the absolute adorable Cosmic entity get a figure this is a most. I just don't know where to display her.
    • Lady Loki - this figure is one I thought was not going get made but I'll take her, him, I don't know! what was she in Secret Wars!!?
    • Lady Sif - nice addition and we finally get a Asgardian who doesn't weild a hammer or isn't related to Thor (before you ask Valkyrie is Norse Mythology is Odin's Daughter)
    • Spectrum - she turned out real nice.
    • Elsa Bloodstone - I swear hasbro is looking at my videos (check the Dr. Strange wave I did). love this more Magic character please. Hasbro next wave of X-men needs to include Boom Boom
  • Ego and Starlord ---- meh.
  • Mary Jane and Spidey - she has freckles !! that is totally awesome!. So people know that Spidey is a new costume in the Parker Industry version. will get.
  • Ultimate Vulture and Ult Spidey - Disappointed that it's the Ultimate Version? Yes. is it a bad figure? oh Hell no. this figure looks awesome. Might even replace my classic version.


Phew well that it. Kinda disappointed we didn't get to see the Dark Phoenix and Cyclops set but I can imagine what they look like since Hasbro uses the same old for Cyke.

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"Phew well that it. Kinda disappointed we didn't get to see the Dark Phoenix and Cyclops set but I can imagine what they look like since Hasbro uses the same old for Cyke."


Just saw it! The new Dark Phoenix looks freakin badass. I love the old Toy Biz one and it's been displayed for years, but this one is definitely taking over. That phoenix flame effect is perfect.


Cyclops is meh. I hate that costume, always have. Plus, I have nowhere to display the Jim Lee Cyclops (which I actually like) let alone the cockrum/bryne version. I hope they make a kid cyclops from his current run with the new costume.

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Homecoming wave is mostly a pass except for Moon Knight and maybe Tombstone. The same as well for GOTG wave 2 except for Adam Warlock. Netflix wave is a pass. Exclusives look good. All I want out of the A Force set is is She Hulk. Mary Jane and Dark Phoenix two packs are grabs for me. The same for the Ultimate Vulture two pack walmart exclusive. I would preferred a regular version but will take that one.

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"Phew well that it. Kinda disappointed we didn't get to see the Dark Phoenix and Cyclops set but I can imagine what they look like since Hasbro uses the same old for Cyke."


Just saw it! The new Dark Phoenix looks freakin badass. I love the old Toy Biz one and it's been displayed for years, but this one is definitely taking over. That phoenix flame effect is perfect.


Cyclops is meh. I hate that costume, always have. Plus, I have nowhere to display the Jim Lee Cyclops (which I actually like) let alone the cockrum/bryne version. I hope they make a kid cyclops from his current run with the new costume.


was at work when they come out. They look nice. Dark Phoenix's accessory is a nice addition. it's also reported that there will be mutliple heads. Also I rather like the Cyclops, maybe cause i'm old school. Hopefully they repaint it into X-factor as some point.


now lets look at some stats. (.5 refers to Lady Loki as I'm not sure whether you should consider her a new character or just Loki himself in Sif body)


No of figure reveals: 38 (41 if you count the Magus and Captain Universe as well as Baby Groot)

No of New Characters : 14.5 /38 (16.5 if you count Magus and Cap Uni)

No of Remakes: only 3 / 38 ( Cyke, Dark Phoenix and Human Torch)

No of Alternate Costumes (ie different costume from before but not Alternate Universe) :9 / 38

No of Alternate Universes (not including MCU) : 4 / 38

No of MCU figures: 17 / 38

No of Comic figures: 21 / 38

No of Females: 14.5 / 38 (the most ever reveal for ML in any con!!)


No of soggy wallets filled with tears: Me.

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Despite having to buy them because I'm a Completionist, I have been routinely unimpressed with "retail box sets" and by extension, I am very happy to see the new focus is 2packs. I personally would just like to see the outright return of the Face Offs but these will do (for the most part)


Having said that, the A-Force box set completely stole the show for me. Absolutely INCREDIBLE. A 6 figure set, completely out of left field, with 5 of them being brand new characters and one of them being a welcome redo/repaint? I almost can't believe it. Still...almost can't believe it.


Also, to be clear, I'm not an "A-Force" fan and have never read the comics past the first issue of the first volume so there is zero bias coming from me on this. Personally, I just think the idea of an all female box set is new and fresh and having almost all new characters, that ALL look great, is just wicked cool.


Plus, let's not forget that Hasbro has been killing it with the recent female face sculpts (pretty much the only thing TB couldn't achieve) and an opportunity to produce even more top tier quality female figs is just fantastic.


I only ever read one of the comics and barely even know much about some of these characters BUT as a Legends fan...this set is a 10/10 box set for me. Actually, I would say this is the best ML boxset of all time and man what a genuine surprise to boot. Bravo Hasbro, bravo.

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exactly the reason I'm not even going to bother doing a Most Anticapated poll as the A-force box set would steal the poll, Just too awesome!


But someone please tell!!! do we consider Lady Loki a new character or Loki himself/Herself?!!!! I know in the Secret War arc she was a alternate version but what but the 616 version?!

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I feel like this borders on a political topic, but what I'll say is I count Lady Loki as a completely new character because it is a different gender. One can argue it is "the same person" but it's as opposite a representation of Loki as it can be, so I will personally count it as a new character.


As for this Boxed Set I'm joining in on the love.


The She-Hulk is a WELCOME remake. Great simple, classic, iconic costume choice.

Monica looks AMAZING.

Singularity is a design I've been eager to see as an ML.

Sif isn't a character I've been eager for, but it's well-executed, and I'm glad to get her off the table through this set.

I had to look up Elsa Bloodstone but another well-executed character. Like the big ponytail.


My ONLY disappointment is that they are reusing the same MCU Scarlet Witch jacket (in black and gray) on both Monica and Elsa, and the same new fur cape (in gold and white) on Loki and Sif, BUT I'll split these characters up in my display so I'm not bothered at the repetition. But I'd love for ML to look at crafting two alternate versions of layering pieces like capes and jackets. Just for variety. Just like we have the "magic" effect (Scarlet Witch/Dr. Strange), the "power rings" effect (Polaris/Havok), the flame effect (Iron Fist/Sunfire)... they wouldn't use the same effect on everyone, so I think they need two alternate long jackets for females. Not that you need that many Fur-collared capes, though, so I'll let that pass.


Also am encouraged by the Singularity design that they could similarly execute a Magma figure for New Mutants. That type of design is what I'd picture for her.

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I think we can all agree the A-Force box set is not a true A-Force line up, I think it's another case of the creative team working the system as best they could to get an all female set out there & I'm totally stoked about it. I predict it will be one of the best selling exclusives of all time. Finally, a Spectrum figure. I've been lusting after one since her Captain Marvel days. So happy with that & it looks amazing. Also, we can all breath a collective sigh of relief that the Moonknight figure was not the suited version & it also looks awesome (except for the stick, c'mon guys). Agreed that Ms. America is the next "must" & I'm thinking since she's getting her own solo title she might be making it into a future Spidey wave or perhaps the next Knights wave (if that becomes a permanent thing). With the teen female mold still holding its own, you gotta believe Squirrel Girl & Gwenpool are in a similar situation.


As far as Vulture.....yes, yes, freakin yes. I'm going to credit that development 100% to the battle between Rukk & myself regarding the topic. Just kidding, but seriously Hasbro keeps surprising me more and more on how well they seem to be responding to the fans. Though, I don't agree with everything they do, especially regarding MCU products, I really can't argue about any part of their showing at Toy Fair from a standpoint of strength & longevity of the line while trying to maintain a specific pricepoint.


Now, if Hasbro is really paying attention like it seems I got one more for them and I think, even tho we all pretty much echo the same sentiment, we need to push this home a little more. Everyone, let's say it together....ENOUGH WITH THE MCU STAR LORDS, ALREADY. Really, four is enough. Actually one was enough, but I know there had to be at least one in this wave. Drop it guys. Adding a skirt to the wave 1 figure does not a new figure make. On the bright side, at least it didn't take the budget from the wave for an all new sculpt.


In other news. People will complain that Mantis is small, but who cares, it's freaking awesome & by far the best MCU figure of the bunch. Nebula (scuse me, just puked in my mouth a little) is every bit as hidious as I thought it would be, and no its not just the ridiculous pose they put her in. Gamora is an improvement but is still my frontrunner for the Annual Karl Mordo Snooze award. I was completely wrong about the Elektra figure being the comic version. Disappointed but it's actually my favorite MCU behind Mantis. Two packs look great, accept for Star Lord & Ego. FF exclusives look great, though Johnny Storm should be on the Pizza Spidey buck. Lady Thor or, to be politically correct, Thor was a lock. Netflix figures were all on point. Please, Hasbro I hope there is some plan to scales Mary Jane's head down just a little. She looked like a sexy, freckled lollipop.


The biggest let down was that there was no showing or mention of a 6" scale comic Hulk or Thor, but hopefully we'll get scaled down versions of the 12" figures announced sometime in the near future. Of course, no mention of a second X-Wave, but theres still plenty of time to address that. It is only the first quarter, after all. Still no sign of Tigra, Blade, Kingpin, Doc Ock, Scorpion, comic Black Widow, or Cloak & Dagger but, as I said, its still early in the year. I know we're never gonna get the grand unveiling that we always hope for, but overall it was a good Toy Fair.

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FYI, in a Q&A video, the execs discussed how they prefer keeping the X-wave to 1 per year to make the waves really strong (I don't agree that there can't be TWO strong waves a year, but they didn't ask me!). But they said they planned 2018's wave, which they consider their strongest yet, and are looking at assembling their 2019 wave now. So that implies to me that the Warlock wave is all we get for 2017.


However, there have been multiple sources discussing a Deadpool Legends wave, which could get more X-characters to market. (I'd guess it would land near the end of the year, maybe between 2 Thor waves)


Also there's always the question mark of an SDCC which could get us X-characters also. I'm holding out hope for a Giant-Size X-Men boxed set to check off must-haves like Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Thunderbird, and Banshee. We already will have Cyclops and Sunfire this year and Wolverine could either be in the boxed set also, or an obvious stand-alone release.

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A lot of figures shown that I wouldn't mind getting. Last time I bought a comic was back when comics were included with Marvel Legend figures, so I don't know most of the people in the A-Force box set, but I would gladly get a bunch of characters I don't know to get a Sif figure. Heck, Sif alone would be enough to talk my wife into getting it for a bday or Christmas present.

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Ya, a Deadpool wave could probably be considered an X-Wave substituting Deadpool for wolverine as the headliner. There's a lot of crossover there with X-Men. I could see some of the wish list characters like Mystique or Cannonball or Domino making their way into that wave. I'd be happy with that too. It'd also be awesome to get some guys like Massacre or Slapstick. Oh the possibilities are endless.

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doing a bit of research and noticed that Ult Vulture is not Adrian but instead Blackie Draco. That means that this figure is not alternate version of Vulture but is actually a new character done using Ultimate design.



For those that don't know, Blackie Draco was actually the Second Vulture in the 616 universe taken over for Toomes when he was in prison before being killed by Toomes. If the part about him having an alternate head with a cap, then the figure can actually be used for a second character. so you could have the older Vulture and the younger Vulture on the same shelf.


It's kinda like the Ultimate Beetle (who will be replace by classic yes but just getting my point across).

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