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Near Complete Set V3


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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. As some of you may have notice I have removed some pages from the site. It’s nothing sinister like a DMC. I just wanted to condense some pages and remove stuff that really shouldn’t be up. Most of these are alternate versions of ones I have yet to do later, like all the Green/Hobgoblins, Red Guardians etc. (IE I have done Green Goblin but will not be doing Harry Osborn or Hamilton for a while) These will be added at some point in the future when I get around to doing alternate universes/versions.

However, that not the more important thing. For the past few years I have been making Comic book page of characters that have had MCU figures that look very similar to their comic book counters. This will no longer be the case. If a MCU figure does not look exactly like a comic book or marketed as such, it will not get a comic book page. If they do get a comic book figure, they will be added back onto the site.

As such the following comic page (that I have done a NCS for) have been temporarily removed:

  • Chewie (House of M)
  • Everett Ross
  • Yellowjacket (Cross)
  • Executioner
  • Nebula
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Hey my fellow Plastics. While we wait for Hasbro to reveal something new, today we have 2 new NearCompleteSet pages to talk about today. Both of these were or are going to be Walgreen exclusives. Up now we have a look at Moon Knight. With the TV series coming, I predict we are going to see alot more of Mr. Spector soon. (Mr. Knight please Hasbro).

Also up today is the upcoming The Fallen One from the 'Thanos Wins' story line. Also I had this argument with someone on social media (no surprise there) and have seen people say it,  but this has NOTHING to do with the Silver Surfer: Black comics. That was based in the 616 universe, involves symbiote, Knull and the Necrosword. Nothing to do with Thanos at all. Also as far as I can see, it was only his arm that was turned black and was mostly based in when he was still the Herald of Galactus. The Fallen One became black after absorbing Black Matter after he witnessed Thanos kill Galactus, who he was still in service of.

Anyhow, next time we will look at the lastest Walgreens' reveal with a look at the Richard Rider's Nova, with (If I have time) a look at the 2 Marvel Unlimited Subscription Services exclusives Terror Inc (the pink Deadpool) and Punisher Venom.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. Today we finished off all the Walgreens exclusives with a look at Nova (Rider). This has been a long time coming and with the rumors that he is coming in the MCU, I'm glad to have gotten the character done before then. My first encounter with him was when he teamed up with the Avengers to battle the Exemplars and it wasn't until Annihilation that I saw him against. Since then he has become a mainstay of the Marvel Universe for me. 

We also have to Marvel Unlimited Subscription Service incentives to look at today. (Just a reminder that this year's figure is a Spider-man cosplaying Ms. Marvel). We look at The Punisher (What If?), the Vemonized Punisher from the What If comic. Not really something I would recommend getting unless you want another Venom or Punisher but here is a very short history of the character.

Finally we look at Terror Inc. (Shadowline). Yes. Yes. I know we haven't gotten an "official" figure for this character but that Purple Deadpool? Yeah that is Terror Inc. With the fact that he had a prototype years before makes me think that Hasbro want to make a figure of it. So if you want you should just wait for the official version.

And with that I have finally caught up with all the announcements that Hasbro has made since I started this site. Wait. Really? Well look at that. I have been doing NCS for new announced figures since May of 2017. That's nearly 5 years! Not to mention that Hasbro will probably be announcing more figures in the coming week like next week's Marvel Monday (yes I have confirmation that is still happening but will only be a Fan Channel Exclusive). But don't worry. I won't be stopping doing NCS. After all I still have over 213 characters left to do. Plus alternate versions that are not on the list. Plus Army Builders. Plus Objects (like the Destroyer Armor). Plus Races. Plus Teams. Um............................................. Yeah I'll be at this for a while.

The "TLDR" version, next time with will hope back into looking at characters that Toybiz did starting with 2 movie figures, Blade and Daredevil, with comic's Doop.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. After finally catching up with all the new figure announcements that Hasbro made since I created this site (at least until Monday 1st), we go way back to 2002 (god that make me feel old) and begin our look at some of the older figures from the creators of Marvel Legends. That's right folk. We are talking about Toybiz figures. I will be doing these in order of when they were released. Many of these have had an update from Hasbro but they were released before I started doing this, so they will go in order Toybiz releases but will more then likely just be doing the Hasbro version for any figure that has had a figure before. 

However the 3 characters we are talking about today have yet to have a new figure. Up first we have pack-in figure that was hard to come by because of the weird store policies of the late 1990/early 2000s. He was a pack-in with Deadpool, whose name was the reason it wasn't able to get into stores. Ironic nowadays don't you think. Anyhow, up today we have the weird blob creature known as Doop.

Also up today we have 2 movie figure that were made before MCU. One was a major flop and another really launched the comic book movie industry. Up now we have the Ben Affleck starring Daredevil (D/ECU) as well as Wesley Snipes' starring Blade (Blade Trilogy Universe). Neither of these are going to get a remake figure so only get them if you really want to have every figure.

Depending on what is revealed on Monday 1st February, the next NCS will cover Series 6 Thomas Janes' Punisher as well as the Legendary Riders series Vengeance. (Yes I know. I'm going by the Wiki page.) 

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we have a look at 2 characters with revenge on the mind. (This is just a pure coincidences). We start off today with the last movie figure in the Toybiz line with a look at Punisher (Thomas Jane Version). I actually enjoyed this film but even I can tell how bad the movie actually is.

Also up today, we have Vengeance. Honestly, I think he had a very good reason to seek revenge against Dan Ketch's Ghost Rider. Ketch may have been tricked by Mephisto but if it wasn't for him, Badilino's wouldn't have gone crazy. It's surprising he forgave Ketch. If anything they should have just blame both Ketch and Mephisto. Hoepfully if the Riders line continues we will see a remake of this guy. If not, then maybe the Kowalski version. 

Next time we will look at the last of the Toybiz's Legendary riders series with a look at Wonder Man and will also begin looking at the Galactus series with a look at Collins' version of Deathlok.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. We continue our look at some Toybiz figure with a look at the last of the Riders series to get a NCS and the first of the first ever BAF series.
We start off with a long time Avenger and former Hollywood actor - Wonder Man. Just a fun fact, he was not created to steal the name from DC. They thought the name was too generic but DC didn't see it like that so they told Marvel to kill him off, which they did in his first issue. However, when DC introduced Power Girl right after Marvel introduced Power Man (Luke Cage), Marvel said "F* You DC" and brought him back. He has since been a mainstay of the Avengers.
We also have a look at Deathlok (Collins). Since I had this argument with some one of social media,(who asked, of all questions, "When has there ever been more the one Deathlok?") , It should be noted that Hasbro's version (Deathlok Prime (Roxxon's Future)) is not the same character as this. This is the version that was introduced into the 616 universe. In fact, there had been at least 9 unique characters that have used the Deathlok moniker existing in the 616 universe, including the first Luther Manning (he would travel to the past before return to his own timeline), Henry Hayes (created because of TV's Agent of Shield version), John Kelly (a prototype to Collin's version), Jack Truman (Built using Machine Man's tech), Death Locket (a young girl transformed into a Deathlok) and many more, including a whole army sent to attack Wakanda. (In case anyone one is wondering, I answered the question, "Since...................always" LOL.)
Next time, we will look at the first ever character to receive a Build-A-Figure (though, spoilers, I will be recommending the Marvel Universe version), Galactus. If I have time I will also be explaining what the red costume of Iron Fist was about. 
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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We continue our look at some older Marvel Legends from the Toybiz days that I have yet to do a NCS for with a look at the character who was the very first BAF and a character that was just brought into life to explain things away.

We start off with the World Devourer, Galactus. It's ironically that on the day we can eat as many pancakes as we want, we have a guy who is known for his appetite. (I honestly don't plan these coincidences. They just happen.) There's a ongoing debate on whether he should be the next Haslab project. I'm all for it of course, even though I have the previous 2 versions. Galactus is usually the size of a skyscraper so the bigger the better.

We also have a look at the Red Iron Fist, Iron Fist (H'ylthri). I know some people will go onto say that Daniel Rand wore this costume, but most people generally think of this guy when they think of the Red Iron Fist. Plus if Hasbro ever does the Classic Iron Fist figure we have been asking for, then they also have an option of making this version as a Fan Channel repaint.

And that's it for today and this week. With the Fan First Friday this week, I will be taking a small break for the week while we wait. If nothing new is announced, which is extremely unlikely, the next NCS will be Blackheart.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. Today we have a look at 2 Cosmic character and a programmed copy of Tony Stark.

We start off with Quasar.This has been a long time coming. He has been in my Top Ten for years (no. 8). I also would like for them to make the Annihilation version but this is perfect. Hasbro are destroying my list for the past couple of years. Need to redo it.

Next up we have a look at Nova (Qubit), the floating helmet that is coming with Nova. I love how Hasbro includes these smaller characters but it does add the question of where Redwing was.

Finally we have a look at the Iron Man (AI). This is actually considered a separate character from the regular Tony Stark. In fact, it was not only Riri's AI but also Tony Stark's.

Next time we will look at the Civil Warrior and the Hood.


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