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Near Complete Set V3


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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We have a number of new and updated stuff to talk about today. We start off with an update to Dr. Doom. Why didn't anyone tell me I forgot to add the God Doom figure to this page?! Good thing he is a fictional character, other wise Doom would not be pleased.

Next update is to the Red Guardian (MCU). I replace the Crimson Dynamo wave version with the new 2-pack version. I do maintain that the CD wave version might be his WWII version but until I can confirm it, I am going to leave it like that.

If anyone is wondering, I would be adding that Vision figure to the MCU page until after tomorrow's episode in order to see if it is the same Vision or a new character.

Now onto the new stuff. First up we have a look at the Civil Warrior (Gamerverse). Not much to say about this figure. It is a Steve Rogers from the Contest of Champions game from an universe that saw Tony Stark die during the Civil War and Steve wore this armor in repent. 

Lastly we have The Hood. While alot of people may not know of him, he is an important character for modern comic collectors. He actually manage to gather the super-villains into a well working gang. Yes I know that the figure is not the best but it is all we have for the time being.

The next character we will look at will be ironically one of the Toybiz characters that was next on the list to have a NCS done for it, before they officially announced the update, Lady Deathstrike. If I have time I might do Xemnu and Melina (MCU) as well, bring us up to date with all the new reveals.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Forewarning, if you haven't seen the last episode of WandaVision, click away now cause there will be some spoilers. Although the general opinion is that spoilers are safe from the Monday after the show aired.
Anyhow, I have updated Vision (MCU) and Scarlet Witch (MCU). If you watched the last episode and saw the news from yesterday (News - WandaVision Spoiler Figure) then you know what the Scarlet Witch update is. However, I believe I have to clarify the Vision update. As people know there was 2 Visions in the show, the one with Wanda and White Vision. However, the one with Wanda was created by her. That would technically make him a different version. However, the White Vision is the Vision that was destroyed in Infinity War, rebuilt by SWORD. While at first he didn't have the memory of Vision, he regained them in the last episode. So technically, he is the same version as the previous Vision. Debate it with me if you want but know that I spent most of the weekend thinking about this. My head still hurts.
Moving that aside, we have a brand new NCS with a look at the last of the regular figures of the Super-Villains wave with a look at the only returning character from Toybiz's version, Lady Deathstrike. I have heard people say that they will keep the Toybiz version of most figures but I dare you to say that about this figure. The TB version was one of the worst female figures from TB made and they even covered her up. This is the best version of her yet. 
Next time we will look at Marvel's first Hulk, Xemnu and MCU's Melina. 
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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we catch up with all the recent Hasbro announcements as well as finishing off the Super-Villains wave. With that we start off with Marvel's first Hulk, Xemnu. I know some people are disappointed that this is the BAF but honestly I think this is a fantastic selection. Not only is he a classic Hulk villain (some might say the original Hulk Villain), but the furry alien went up against the Defenders and nearly won. I'm not talking about the street level version of today. I'm talking Hulk, Namor, Dr. Strange and Valkyrie. If you can go up against that sort of team and nearly come out on top, then you deserve a figure. Sure he is reusing the Sasquatch/Wendigo build but so what? If reuse makes a new character at minimum cost, I'm all for it. Plus this is a Jack Kirby original character that predates most of the Marvel Universe and was the first Marvel Monster to return after the F4 were introduced.

That long rant out of the way, next up we have Red Guardian's partner, Melina Vostokoff (MCU). Hasbro could have easily given us Natasha or Yelena again, so it is nice that they at least gave us a new character. Unfortunately for comic collectors, this can be skipped. She looks nothing like this in the comics. Hopefully a future BW wave will give us a Iron Maiden figure.

With that we return to going through some TB figures going back to their villains wave with the last of their villains wave with a look at Blackheart. Expect that NCS hopefully Monday. 

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Hasbro may have announced that there will be a new all-day livestream for all their collectors lines (on my birthday by the way) but that doesn't mean I can stop doing the NCS. Since I finished of the last of Hasbro previous announcements, we jump back into doing NCS from the Toybiz era on (again that I haven't done a NCS for).

We start today off with the only figure from Toybiz's version of Bring on the Bad Guy with that has yet to be remade, Mephisto's "son" Blackheart. While this figure still stands up today, I really hate the tail on this. I can't really get it to stand and it would push the figure too far from the wall. I think they should remake this figure on the Sony Venom figure.

Also up today we have a character that was a baf for both Toybiz and Hasbro but either were very different. Either version of Onslaught are a pain to build. One is so old that finding it is hard these days and the other needed another figure from another wave to complete (looks awesome though). Of the two the Hasbro one is my preferred version. I said it on the page but just know that Red Onslaught is NOT the same character as these so it wasn't included on the page.

Next time we will look at Falcon's pet...........falcon, Redwing as well as one of the few non-mutant, non-human member of the X-men, Longshot.


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Hey my fellow Plastic Addict and Happy Paddy's day to my fellow Irishmen. Truth be told, I wanted to do a 'top 10 Irish men that need to be made in Marvel Legends' list but there are actually very few Irish heroes and villains in Marvel, most being stereotypes. Marvel, indeed all comic publishers, we do not have that ridiculous accent (only those from the north do), we are not all redhead (in fact we are more brown or black haired) and we do not all own a frigging Pub. The only 3 that need to be made (IMO) are Siryn, Shamrock (classic not the #$## version she is like now) and a redone Banshee.

That rant out of the way, today we look at we start a look at the final wave of Toybiz that have yet to be remade into Hasbro figures. We start off with a look at Falcon's pet falcon, Redwing. Hasbro really blow it when they released Falcon in the Joe Fixit wave and not have Redwing in with him. That is like having Cap without his shield or Thor without his hammer/axe. Redwing should always come with Falcon.

Next up we have the first non-mutant and non-human member of the X-men, Longshot (Mojoverse). It's actually surprising that we haven't gotten an update to this one as Hasbro has the perfect mold for it in the Starlord / AIM soldier mold. Hell they have all the straps for it. All they really need to do is swap out the head and hands. Are they waiting for themselves to do Mojo? If so then I can wait.

Finally as you may have notice in the title Redwing make the 400th Near Complete set I have done. A few of the have been removed as they were all talking about comic character, even though the only figures we have MCU figure. But that is 400 characters. Yes I may have gone a bit overboard with the likes of all the Wendigos and Union Jack but that was something I wanted to do to broaden people's knowledge as many people think they are the same characters. I really enjoy doing this as it's lots of fin finding out about characters history and costumes so thanks for sticking with me for all these years and many more years to come. 

Also an announcement for next week. I happen to be off all of next week (and the Monday after) so expect a few week of new NCS coming (hopefully) everyday next week starting Monday to the Monday after. When we start, we will finish off Toybiz regular line with a look at the man who "killed" Bucky, Baron Heinrich Zemo and Longshot's arch-nemesis, Mojo. 

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. I'm off work for the week (it was supposed to be my sisters wedding) so you know what that means. That's right a week long worth of NCS (hopefully). We start off the week by finishing off the main line of Toybiz's Marvel Legends. That's right. Out of the main line (as in no Box sets, 2-packs, or exclusives) Hasbro has yet to do a version (be it a remake or new costume) of 12 characters (give or take). Those include ToadHoward The Duck (Duckworld)DoopBlack Widow (Belova)VengeanceDeathlok (Collins)Iron Fist (H'ylthri)BlackheartRedwing, Longshot (Mojoverse) and the 2 we will talk about today. (For those that will say it, this does not include movie characters, the Destroyer (not a character with a personality but an armor) or Ogun (that was a base not an action figure).) 

For today we will finish the Mojo series with a look that Baron Zemo (Heinrich). I think many people were disappointed when TB announced this years ago because it wasn't his son. However, this Zemo was one of the Avengers and Cap's original villain and was the person that set up the Masters of Evils. He is an extremely important character for your collection.

Also up today we have Longshot's arch-enemy and the TV mogul, Mojo (Mojoverse). While Toybiz did a great version of this, looking at it next to the modern Hasbro version, he really needs an update. In fact on of the first character I thought about when I saw they were doing BAF size Deluxe figures like MODOK was Mojo, though I don't mind if it was a BAF for a wave.

Tomorrow we will start over to the Toybiz box sets. Since I have done an NCS for all the characters in the Urban Legends, X-men Legends and the Spider-man VS. the Sinister Six box set, we will jump into the Fantastic Four box set with the one figure that is exclusive to the set as of now, Franklin Richards, aka Powerhouse as well as the robot replacement HERBIE.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We are on day 2 of our full week of new NCS. Today we will remain with Toybiz with 2 different box sets, the Spider-man and his Fearsome Foes and the Young Avengers. On of these has been updated by Hasbro and another one needs a new figure of one of his more recent costumes.

We start off the only figure from the Fearsome Foes that I haven't done an NCS for, Rhino. I have the BAF figure and while I do love it, I would like to see this one re-released as a Deluxe figure with a more neutral (or at least a small snarl) head sculpt.  That way I can stop seeing people asking for it on everything.

Next we have a look at the first of 4 new characters in the Young Avengers set, starting with the reincarnated son of Wanda and Vision, Wiccan, known in this box set as Asgardian. Something I can't figure out about this guy. I know that he is the reincarnation of Billy Maximoff, but were they also sent back in time say well to be reborn? I mean when they were originally born, they were younger then Franklin Richards and he is now 12/13. So they would be should be younger then Franklin and not able to get married yet.

Anyhow, tomorrow we will hopefully continue our look at this box set with a look at Wiccan's husband, Hulkling and the young version of Kang, Iron Lad.



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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Yesterday I made a bit of an oppsie. I accidently skipped 2 characters. Not to worry as I will talk about them here. Starting off today we have the son of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible woman, who was the most powerful mutant until Marvel recently retconned it, Franklin Richards, AKA Powerhouse.

Rant incoming. How is it that a character who has been in the comics for over 50 years and with the teams near dozens of cartoons, including appearances in other series, multiple games and 4 bloody movies, Franklin has yet to make the jump from the comics?! I mean outside a few people, many people don't even know that Reed and Sue have a son, let alone a daughter. 50 years and they don't know they have a son. I really hope that when they make the son into the MCU, the one of first thing they do is insure that Franklin is introduced. Maybe have Sue pregnant in a guest appearance and then have the son born when they get their own movie. (For more ideas of what they need to do in the MCU F4 - 8 Things Marvel Studios need to do for their Fantastic Four movie).

Also up today, we have the character that was created to replace the Human Torch in the 70's cartoon, Highly Engineered Robot Built for Interdimensional Exploration, also known as H.E.R.B.I.E.. For people who don't know, Herbie was not created because the developers of the cartoon thought that people would set themselves on fire. (Kid aren't that stupid). Instead it was the case that Marvel had license several character out to Universal in order to make some live action movies or TV series. Johnny was one of them and because of this Marvel couldn't use him for the series. Instead Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created Herbie as a replacement. He would make the jump to comic soon after and become a fan favourite since.

Now that those 2 are out of the way, tomorrow I will do Hulkling and Iron Lad. 


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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. I nearly had a heart attack when I was posting the news today (News- Disney+ wave F+WS Spoilers) and found that Wordpress had updated their systems. I couldn't use the new system but a quick support call and they fixed it for me so I was able to do some NCS for you. Today we finish off the Young Avengers box set with 3 characters. (I did Wiccan 2 days ago).

We start off with Wiccan's news husband, the eldest child of Mar-Vell, Hulkling. "Wait? He is the eldest?" I hear you say and yes he is the eldest. Both of his siblings were not born naturally and were aged rapidly into adulthood. So despite being the youngest looking one, Teddy is actually the bigger brother. Alongside his husband, this guy has the second greatest chance of getting a new figure

Next up we have the young version of Kang, Iron Lad (31st Century). In case anyone is wondering why I made a second page for him and not put his info into the Kang page, when I was doing the Kang page I asked my readers if they should be considered separate characters. Most said yes, as Iron Lad has been shown to follow a different path to his older selves. Plus Marvel and the Marvel wiki considered them separate beings. Out of the four this has the least likely chance of being remade.

Lastly we have the grandchild of the Black Captain America from the Truth (who also needs a figure alongside Josiah X), Patriot (Bradley). While I do want a new figure for this guy, I think the next Patriot figure we will get would be of Shaun Lucas. Not because Hasbro doesn't like the character but it's because Lucas has become quite a popular character since his intro and because of his exposer in the Marvel Rising franchise. That being said Bradley still has a better chance then Iron Lad.

For the next session of NCS we will get a little spooky as we begin looking at the Toybiz Marvel Monsters box set with Dracula and Frankenstein's monster.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We head into the weekend of our week long new NCS marathon with a look at some character that are based on monsters from famous horror novels. Fun Fact. Knowing that they were about to lose the license to Hasbro, Toybiz went all out with releases, even making figures that could have gotten the sued by Universal Studios if they weren't careful. That is why they were able to release some figures based on Marvel version of classic horror comics that looked too similar to the movie counterparts. It's also why we might not see classic versions of these in Hasbro's line.

We start off with a look at the Lord of all Vampire, Dracula. Like Cap said in the Avengers Assemble cartoon, not Count, because he is a king. Out of all the figures in this box set and with the Blade movie coming, I can almost guarantee that we will get a new Dracula figure at some point. However, I can also say it will not be the Gene Colan's very stereotyped version but rather the more modern armoured version.

Next up we have the another undead character, Frankenstein's Monster. Not much to say about this guy. While he does have a better chance of getting made then another figure in this set (possibly has a BAF for a Blade or Dr. Strange wave) but I just don't see it being done any time soon.

For tomorrow, we will finish off the Monster box set with the 2 that weren't directly connected to classic novels, Werewolf By Night and Zombie (No. Not those Zombies)

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Hey my fellow plastic addicts. We are on day 6 of our week long new NCS session.  We are almost finished with the Toybiz box sets. Today we finish off the Monster box set. Yesterday, we had 2 character based on works of novels. Today we look at 2 (almost) original characters.

We start off with the only character that wasn't created before the Fantastic Four appeared in this box set, Werewolf By Night. Those who are excited for the Moon Knight series may want to pick this up, as if it wasn't for this guy, Moon Knight might not have appeared. However, out of the 4, this is the second one I think is almost guaranteed to be getting a new figure. Hell, they have the body with the Jackal (or Beast if they want). All they need is a new head.

Lastly for this box set, we have a character that is neither a hero nor villain but could be considered a victim because he keeps being used, Zombie. This has nothing to do with the Marvel Zombie universe. Out of the four, I don't see Hasbro ever making a version of this guy.

We will finish the week with looking at the final box set Toybiz made for the Marvel Legends line, the House of M box set. Since these don't have a lot to talk about, I will (hopefully) get through all four of them.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off the week by finishing off Toybiz's box sets. Looking at the box sets and adding them to the 14 characters that Hasbro has yet to do in the regulars line (I added Dan Ketch and Galactus since they were made by Hasbro but done before the Infinity Line),  we have 13 characters that Hasbro has to remake with 9 characters from the 616 and 4 from the House of M universe. These are Powerhouse (Franklin Richards), Wiccan, HulklingIron Lad (31st Century, Patriot (Bradley), DraculaFrankenstein's Monster, Werewolf By Night and Zombie plus the four we will talk about today. (Yes they are alternate universe versions of 616 versions but I and many people considered them different characters.) That's a total of 27 characters so far. 

Moving on today, joining the NCS of Spider-man (House of M), we have a look at 4 House of M characters from on Box set. These are Hulk (House of M)The It (House of M)Iron Man (House Of M) and Inhuman Torch (House Of M), who by the way is the only brand new character since he is Kristoff Vernard and not Johnny Storm. Only Wolverine (the Air Strike figure from the X-men classics line) left from this universe left to do but that won't until I finish the Marvel Legends line. That being said, I highly doubt that any of his figure will get a remake.

Next time we will jump over to Toybiz's Face-Off line with a look at Baron Von Strucker and Jigsaw.

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Hey my fellow Plastic addicts. Today it was announced that Walmart would be getting the MCU John Walker Captain America so you know I had to do an NCS of him as soon as I could.

First we have the comic version U.S.Agent. Hopefully with the character appearing in the MCU we will get a much needed update to the previous version. The body they used for it was much too small for a character that was fairly bulky in the comics. I'm think a redone 80th version. If not the classic version then maybe the 2020 Force Works or his recent solo series.

Also up today we have the U.S.Agent (MCU). I see many people saying they hate the character. Well I hate to tell you people but that is what you're supposed to do. Even in the comics he was created to be hated but would redeem himself as years went on.

And with that I am announcing that I will be taking a pre-Hasbro Fan Fest break. As people know I generally take a break before the major events in order to give myself a rest and wait and see what they will announcement. I mean there is no point in doing an NCS if they announce a new version. Plus it's Easter week and I have alot of work to do.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Hasbro Fan Fest had  four new characters (Iron Heart, Guardsman, Darkstar and Ursa Major) but most of what was revealed were figure from characters we already have and I have done an NCS for. But of those many of them were new costumes and a much needed update. This is actually great for me as I don't have to research alot. So like I always do post an event the following have been updated. (In case anyone is wondering, I am waiting for official images of the Shang-Chi wave and the Eternals wave before I add them to the site.)


  • Civil Warrior (Gamerverse) - Not really much of an update. Just editing what wave it will be coming in.
  • Iron Man (AI) - Same as above. I, like many people, thought that this would be in the Ursa Major wave but was proven wrong.
  • Spider-man - Added the Web-man to this prime page as it can also be used for a Mr. Negative Corrupted Spider-man.
  • Domino - Added the new Six Pack/X-force version. In case anyone says it, She wore this costume before she was kidnapped and replaced with Copycat and wore it after she was rescued. Also I won't be adding a Copycat page until we get a unique figure for her. It'll be like adding all the forms Mystique took.
  • Cannonball - Added the new Figure to the X-Force I part. I didn't remove the older image as we currently don't know if the new one comes with the Blast effects anymore.
  • Quasar - replaced the figure image with the new standard image with all the accessories.
  • Iron Man - replace the older Toybiz Modular armor with the new Hasbro version and the older Hasbro Stealth armor with the new Hasbro version.
  • Iron Man (MCU) - Added the Hologram Iron Man. I couldn't find any reference to this armor in the comics so I'm assuming it is based on the Hologram interface RDJ used to design and build his armor in the second movie.
  • Ultron - replaced the 3d render with the official Images
  • Thor (MCU) - Added the Endgame Final Battle Thor

Next time we will start the new NCS with a look at the April Fools reveal Webman and the MCU Baron Zemo. Maybe Ironheart as well if I had the time.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We jump back into new NCS following the Hasbro Fan Fest with a look at three new character. One is the Fan Channel exclusive character that was created as part of a Tie-In comic with the Electric Company TV show, Web-Man (Mirror-World). I know this is a easy repaint and a fun figures but for the life of me I can't figure out why Hasbro decided to make this version. Is it because Poundz did a custom of him?

Next we have a quick look at a character we don't officially know where is coming but we know it's coming in the Disney+ wave, Baron Zemo (MCU). I think so far this and the Scarlet Witch figure are the 2 better looking figures of this wave and honestly this is the only you can use in a comic collection.

Lastly we start of look of the Ursa Major wave with a look at the only female figure that is 100% new sculpt, Ironheart. I know many people don't like Riri, but I just can't hate her. Especially after Marvel took her away from Bendis and allowed her to be written better. Also I know that it's not the suit everyone want (the MKIII is the one most wanted) but with her Disney+ show coming, I'm sure we will see it eventually.

Next time we will look at the Russian siblings, Darkstar and Vanguard. 

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We continue our look at the Ursa Major wave with a look at the Russian bombshell, Darkstar. I have been asking for this figure for years, usually as part of a Black Widow wave, since not only are they both Russian but also because they were on the same team in the Champions of LA.

For the next figure, we look at her brother, Vanguard. You may be thinking but we haven't gotten a Vanguard figure. Well, we have. You see Vanguard has been sporting the Red Guardian costume for years now. In fact he has had more appearances as the shield bearer then he has as Vanguard. Also He is currently wearing the Red Guardian costume in the most recent Winter Guard team. I was going to wait to do him when I was did alternate Red Guardians (there is alot) but with his sister and teammate both coming in the same wave, I said I get him out of the way.

Next time we will look at the person who first wore the Guardsman suit that would be taken by the Vault guards as well as finishing the Ursa Major wave with a look at the vodka drinking bear himself.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. Hasbro may be preparing for another flood of reveals on Monday but that doesn't mean I'll stop doing NCSs. Especially since I haven't caught up with the Fan Fest reveals yet! Speaking of which, today we finish off the Ursa Major wave with a look at 2 brand new characters.

First off we look at the second one to wear the armor and the brother of the first, Guardsman (Michael O'Brien). Before anyone says it, Kevin wore a different costume version compared to his brother. Also while it is advertise as the Vault Guardsmen (which I will get onto when I do the Army Builders), Michael wore this costume first and actually gave his armor to the Vault for them to replicate. Also I would recommend waiting for this to go up in the Pulse as a cheaper figure to army build guys. No point in wasting the money and then having Hasbro release it cheaper.

We finished the wave with a look at the big, vodka drinking, foul mouth bear, Ursa Major. I have been wanting this guy for year but not for what you may think. I have been wanting for my Winter Guard yes but also so that it can be reused for Spider-man/Ant-man ally Grizzly. I think we will see a deluxe release of Grizz in the near future, as Hasbro has indicate they will get around to him.

Next time, we will start a look at the second AOA wave with a look at Sabretooth. I did add the Shang-Chi wave to the schedule but I'm currently hearing that they may be up for Pre-order on Sunday so I'll wait to get better images of that before we do that wave. 

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we have a look at a good few NCSs to talk today. Well kind of. First up, we start the second Age of Apocalypse wave with, well, the only figure that has been announced for that wave, Sabretooth (Age of Apocalypse). Fun fact, beyond the costumes (yes we still need a classic Havok, Cap Brit and Giant Man Remake), we have now officially gotten a new figure for all the characters of the old Giant-man series. Also for people that don't read rumors, the listing of the AOA wave consists of Magneto, Rogue, Cyclops, Iceman, Shadowcat and Legion.

Now onto the "Kind of part", I have done a NCS for all the MCU figure from the Shang-Chi wave. However, since we know next to nothing about the characters in the movie and we don't even have official images for some of them, just thing of these as semi-NCSs. Heck it's mostly a copy and paste for all with the actor, and image changing. So have a look at Shang-Chi (MCU)Death Dealer (MCU)Xialing (MCU) (who seems to be based on Shang-Chi's half sister, Sister Dagger), Mandarin (MCU) and the Target Exclusive, Katy (MCU) and Morris (MCU).

Next time we will finish the Shang-Chi wave with the BAF and (depending on if we get a Marvel Monday next week) we will jump back into the Toybiz era with a look at the Face-Off Baron Strucker.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We have quite a few NCS today, with a few of them finishing a wave or something similar. Since it was revealed today we start off with the long awaited Quicksilver (MCU). I have seen a few people saying it's a weak reveal but, even though I don't collect MCU, I know tons of people have been asking for a MCU Quicksilver for years. There's the old saying among collectors. "Just because you didn't ask for it, doesn't mean nobody did".  Anyhow, this figure joins the Final Battle Thor figure as part of the Infinity Saga line. (To find out what else could be coming in that line, head over to here - https://marvelousnews.com/252-28580)

With that out of the way, we also finish off the Shang-Chi wave wave with a look at the BAF, Mr. Hyde.  I know many are disappointing with this Thunderbolt version and are expecting a redone in his classic version at some point but if I'm being honest, don't see them redoing this guy. He is not as famous as the rest that have been done. So this may be his only figure. Just my opinion guys, but this could be a one and done character. (I hope I'm wrong though as I want to have it for my Masters). 

Next we start and finish off the remaining characters from Toybiz's Face-off series. First up we have the true person behind Hydra, Baron von Strucker. Yes, I know that Red Skull set up the original organization, but it was Strucker that took it and turned it into the terrorist group it is today. Heck it wasn't until the MCU that Red Skull even led Hydra and that was just disgruntled Neo-Nazi and people who were sick of superheroes. 

Lastly we have a look at probably the only villain that Punisher hasn't sent to the grave, Jigsaw. Well, I say that but Punisher seemed to have killed him a number of times but he keeps coming back. There has been a few other but none are so persistent then Jigsaw.

And with that I have finally caught up with all the Toybiz Marvel Legends. There is the Giant-man series but most of those have been redone by Hasbro so I will get onto them later or they have been done before. There is also all the Classics toy-lines (Spider-man, X-men, Fantastic Four etc), but I want to get through the main line of Marvel Legends before going into them. For those keeping track, then following are character that Hasbro has yet to remake or do another version of - ToadHoward The Duck (Duckworld)DoopBlack Widow (Belova)VengeanceDeathlok (Collins)Iron Fist (H’ylthri)BlackheartRedwingLongshot (Mojoverse), Baron Zemo (Heinrich), Mojo (Mojoverse), Powerhouse (Franklin Richards)WiccanHulkling, Iron Lad (31st CenturyPatriot (Bradley)Dracula,  Frankenstein’s MonsterWerewolf By Night, Zombie Hulk (House of M)The It (House of M)Iron Man (House Of M), Inhuman Torch (House Of M) and today's Baron von Strucker and Jigsaw. (I think outside some Classics figure that is all of them).

Next time we will begin going into what many consider the Dark Days of Marvel Legends as we begin our look into Hasbro first foray into Marvel Legends and look at Annihilus's wave Banshee and Ultimate Iron Man.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Whelp. I caught up with all the new figures revealed by Hasbro and have done all the characters from Toybiz line so I guess it's time to start going back to the early days of Hasbro making ML. We jump all the way back to the Annihilus wave (which should be noted was designed by Toybiz) with a look at 3 characters who need a remake. 
We start off with a look at fellow Irish Man, Banshee. With all the X-men character Hasbro has done since they relaunched the X subline and the fact that they have tried to complete the Giant-Size X-men, I can see Hasbro making another Banshee really soon. (Don't believe the rumor that Dwight hates Banshee). 
Also up today we have a look at the Ultimate universe version of Tony Stark with Iron Man (Ultimate). While I do like the design, with Marvel moving away from the Ultimate universe, I doubt we will see another Ultimate Iron Man figure. Maybe they will make a anniversary line for it?
Lastly we have a movie figure in the form of Beast (XCU). While we can all agree that the third X-men movie was garbage, Kelsey Grammer's portray of Hank McCoy was a highlight of the movie. Wish his figure was better though.
Next time we will look at Hasbro's first ever BAF, Annihilus alongside the some more X-men movie figures and maybe Ultimate Wolverine and Xorn.
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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we had the MCU Odin reveal so you know what that means. It means I had to do NCS for him. Starting of course with the Odin from the comic. I couldn't find any images of Odin in that costume but I do know he wore similar clothes before the King Thor was introduced. Speaking of Odin's clothes, will they please decide on a default armor for him. I went through dozens of images of him and almost all of them had him in a different costume. I mean he is up there with Wasp with the amount of costume. I basically gave up saving on looking.

As for his Odin (MCU) counterpart, this has been a long time coming. Many people have been asking for this version for years. I know some are saying this is boring but it's not for you. It's for the MCU collectors. (Though if you missed or hated the BAF this is a great stand in). 

Finally I have added the Final snap 2-pack to the Iron Man (MCU) and Thanos (MCU) pages under the Endgame section. Honestly unless you have to have the snapping fingers or missed the previous figures, I think this repaint (with new molding granted) set can be skipped. 

There will be more reveals this Friday (hopefully barring leaks) so I won't do another NCS until then (or Monday when I am off work). By the way things are going the month of May maybe full of reveals so the NCS might take a break for a while.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We have a couple of updates as well as new characters to talk about today, all MCU based. We starting off with the hero who started off the MCU, Iron Man (MCU). I have replaced the older Iron Man MKIII figure (from when Hasbro had a separate line for the movie) with the new Infinity Saga Version as well as putting the MK XXI armor otherwise known as the Midas armor (or as some have dubbed it, the Werthers Original armor) onto the page.

Next up I have replaced the original Smart Hulk version with the New Amazon exclusive 2-pack version for Rescue (MCU), as I found that this is the better more accurate version. As for her pack-mate, I have added her Avengers: Endgame version to the Captain Marvel (MCU) page.

Now onto the new characters. Starting with Happy Hogan (MCU), I honestly think that's it great that we got this figure. Not only does it add to the MCU shelf (for both Iron Man and Spider-man collectors), but it also give us the director that launched the MCU, as well as the epic Mandalorian series. I can see why some people who collect comic only wouldn't like it but honestly guys, the chances of use getting Happy in comic form is extremely low, especially now that he is dead. (Okay, yeah, technically you could use a classic Iron man for him since he wore it but not Happy himself.)

The other new character with will talk about today is Surtur (MCU). I absolutely love this figure and it's not even out yet. Yes it may be a bit smaller then expected but the chance of use getting it any bigger would result in it being a Haslab version. For comic collectors, I recommend getting this for now. If Hasbro ever does a comic Surtur, like I said it will be a Haslab project. (Though will still be too small).

I should let people know that there will also be another reveal on Friday, which we are assuming is going to be the rumoured Iron Monger set (which given the price I'm guessing will be a 3-pack) as well as the Walmart exclusive Cap. As such no more NCS until Monday.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. While we may not have had a reveal today (more on Thursday though), that doesn't mean I have nothing to talk about today. Heck, we got a character reveal last Friday that I have yet to do an NCS of. Of course I am talking about Iron Monger. I find it ironic that a character with only 3 years in comic is considered a iconic villain to Iron Man. It should also be noted that the Iron Monger baf was essentially the first of Hasbro's push to make each wave have a theme, usually based on a movie. Sure, they tried and failed to do it before the "rest period" but it was this line that really made it so that every wave now follows a theme. Just wished they didn't spilt it into 2 shipping.

We also look at the Iron Monger (MCU) 2-pack. This version actually had a figure in the movies own line but that was way under scaled and didn't fit properly in a Marvel Legends line. This set is much more in scale. Plus having a Jeff Bridges action figure is great as well.

Finally I have updated the Captain America (MCU) by replacing the older Infinity war Cap with the much better Infinity Saga figure. Honestly if you don't think this is an improvement, get glasses.


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  • 2 weeks later...
Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. There was no reveal today (which makes the previous 5 reveals an even bigger mystery) but we do have some characters to talk about to from last Thursday. (Has it only been a week?). We start off, or rather continue since I did Sabretooth already, our look at the second wave of Age of Apocalypse figure with a look at Cyclops (Age of Apocalypse) and Iceman (Age of Apocalypse). Both are great looking figures but honestly unless you are building a AOA shelf or are a major fan of both, I don't see a great need to any of these in your collection IMO.
Next time we will look at the only 100% brand new character as well as a 616 character, Legion. If I have time I might include Magneto as well.
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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we continue our look at the Age of Apocalypse Colossus wave with probably the main character of the story as well as a character that is actually from the Prime universe.

We start off with a look at Professor X's insane son, Legion. Legion is the only character from this wave that is not part of the AOA universe but it was because of his actions that the universe existed in the first place. Because of him, the X-men have been dealing with this universe for years, both in the Prime Universe (with characters like X-men, Sugar Man or Nemesis ending up there), or in the AOA itself (like when Uncanny X-force travelled to that universe.)

Also up today we have arguably the main character of the AOA saga, Magneto (Age Of Apocalypse). After looking it up, this version of Magneto is actually the character with probably the most figures from this universe, after of course Weapon X/Wolverine. Counting this, he also had the vintage version from Toybiz, the 4inch version from Hasbro and of course the Mafex version. I pretty sure there are more out their like the Minimates. 

Next time, we will look at the ladies of the waves, the wife of Magneto, Rogue and the wife of the BAF, Shadowcat. (The AOA line seems to like completing couple huh?)


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