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Near Complete Set V3


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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we have a couple of new NCS and well as 2 updates to two characters to talk about. We start off today with the main female lead of the AOA universe, Magneto's wife, Rogue (Age of Apocalypse). I know some people are a bit weirded out about the age different but do you really think age matters in a world where they are fighting against a mutant tyrant that can kill them in an instant? Not to mention, since when does age (within reason) matters in love? There is also the fact that in this universe they are actually closer in age then before.

Also up today we have the wife of the BAF of this wave, Shadowcat (Age of Apocalypse). This is actually the first time I have talked about Kitty at all. I will eventually get to her Prime counterpart (waiting to see if the Excalibur box set includes her) but for the moment, lets talk about her AOA counterpart, with her Siscon husband. Don't give me that look. You know it's true. LOL

As for the updates, after todays reveal, I have updated both Hulk and Thunderbolt Ross with the Compound Hulk reveal. Basically you can read either of them as they give you the exact same info about how the 2 merged. As for the figure itself, yeah it's cheap and weird, but that is what makes it a great Exclusive. It's not a new character, barely a new costume, is non-essential and was only in one issue. Only Hulk diehards will want it so making it an Exclusive is great.

Next time (hopefully Monday), we will talk about the BAF of the wave, AOA Colossus as well as a founding West Coast Avengers member Tigra. 

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off the Age Of Apocalypse wave with the Build-A-Figure of the wave, Shadowcat's husband, Colossus (Age of Apocalypse). I think that this is one of the best looking Colossus to date. However, I doubt I will replace my Colossus and Juggernaut figure with this.

Interesting fact, if I was to count all the AOA figure, it would make it the third most figure from a comic based universe, with (of course) the 616 being number one and Ultimate being second (this includes ML and Classics. If I exclude classics, then AOA takes second). We now have 18 (with more possibly coming) including:

  1. Apocalypse (Age of Apocalypse)
  2. Blink (Age of Apocalypse)
  3. Colossus (Age of Apocalypse)
  4. Cyclops (Age of Apocalypse)
  5. Dark Beast (Age of Apocalypse)
  6. Holocaust (Age Of Apocalypse) (will do a NCS of him eventually, if not sooner)
  7. Iceman (Age of Apocalypse)
  8. Jean Grey (Age of Apocalypse)
  9. Magneto (Age Of Apocalypse)
  10. Morph (Age Of Apocalypse)
  11. Rogue (Age of Apocalypse)
  12. Sabretooth (Age of Apocalypse)
  13. Shadowcat (Age of Apocalypse)
  14. Sugar Man (Age of Apocalypse)
  15. Sunfire (Age of Apocalypse)
  16. Weapon X (Age of Apocalypse)
  17. Wild Child (Age Of Apocalypse)
  18. X-man (Age of Apocalypse)

Also I know I said I would do Tigra today but life got in the way. So next time we will look at her and maybe Callisto. I do know we may be getting another reveal this week, thanks to a post from Dan Yun. Don't know how or where but I am thinking it will be another exclusive.


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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. With Hasbro finally giving us a break with the reveals for at least the rest of June, we can now catch up with all the character that have been revealed since. We have 2 characters to do today, one is a remake and another is a brand new character.

We start off with the long requested remake of the Avengers' Tigra. My first interaction with her was with the horrible 90's Avengers cartoon, where they basically made her the shows version of Rogue. As for the comics, I first saw her in the Avengers: Infinity story where a bunch of random Avengers went into space when they were summoned by Quasar. Also before anyone says it, you cannot use the Hellcat figure for Greer's Cat costume as they are colored differently with different hair color.

Next up we have a look at the leader of the Morlocks, Callisto. Callisto has been a character that most people probably know from the cartoon, having her first encounter with the X-men recreated from the comic just swapping Angel with Cyclops. As for whether we will get another Morlock, besides Marrow (who I can see coming soon), I doubt we will see many of the Morlocks anytime soon. They haven't really been important since the Massacre with them only appearing sparingly.

Next time (hopefully Thursday if not Monday again) we will look at the other 2 new characters from the Wolverine box set, the manipulating Mastermind and the sadistic Cyber.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off the Wolverine Box set with the last 2 new characters of the set. I know this set cause some people to become upset but if it means I get 3 brand new characters, I'll take it.

We start off today with the person that basically caused the Dark Phoenix saga, Mastermind. Honestly if you think about it, his obsession with Scarlet Witch and Jean Grey is a bit uncomfortable, considering he is much older then either them. Also, am I the only one who didn't realise that Pixie is supposed to be his daughter as well? Though it does make sense since her pixie dust causes illusions. 

Finishing off the set we have the one person Wolverine is afraid of (though this may have been Romulus manipulation), Cyber. I have been wishing for this for my Wolverine villains shelf for a while. I actually had a heated discussion with another collector about how this should be made. It was before it was announced but He said it should be done on the AOA Colossus BAF. I told him its too big and should be done on the modern Colossus build, which I believe was done with Cyber in mind for the future. I'm being pet, but who is right now sucker?! lol

Next time, probably Monday, with will look at the classic Spider-man villain Sandman, with a brief NCS for Owen Wilson's character, Mobius and Gameverse Miles.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we caught up with all the new figure reveals with a few new character NCS today. We start off with the only comic figure of today, Sandman. Not only is he the only comic figure but he is the last member of the original Sinister Six that I have yet to do a NCS for, joining Dr. OctopusElectroVultureKraven the Hunter and Mysterio

We also have a Gamerverse figure today with a very brief look at Spider-man (Morales, Gamerverse). I know many people don't like this stealth version, but I can almost guarantee that regular colored version will be part of the No Way Home wave. Using the listing from theFwoosh, there is a Gamerverse figure in that wave with the name starting with M.

We finish off with a brief look (as in nothing to say about them other then why you would want them) at Agent Mobius (MCU) and Sylvie (MCU). We know that Mobius is a Target exclusive but at the moment we believe that Sylvie will be part of the second D+ wave as there is a Loki based figure in that wave, which mostly consists of figure for the What If? series. 

And with that I have caught up with all the reveals. There should be another figure revealed on Monday for the first Monday of the month and maybe something on Friday for the Loki merchandise round up. I will be taking a break for the rest of the week but if there is nothing new revealed, I will be going back to look at some early Hasbro stuff with a look at the first Hasbro BAF, Annihilus.


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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Last week we had 7 figures reveal over the course of 2 days and 3 events. Not many new characters but I have done a few NCS for the following. We start off with the updates as there isn't really much to say about them as we know nothing about the new versions of Spider-man (MCU) and Dr. Strange (MCU). I haven't even put the usual info under the image as except for the toys, we don't know anything about them. Hell we haven't even gotten a trailer. (PSA. that's on Sony not Disney/Marvel.) But have a look at the images of the figures for now. I will update later.

I have also done a quick NCS for the Venom (Cartoon) figure. Yes this is a cartoon figure as while they had highlights in the comics, they were usually one color. This dual color highlights is 100% the 90's cartoon especially with that head. Fun Fact: the reason that Fox made alot of character that should have worn black costume different in the cartoon is the belief that black was evil. Thus the reason Venom had these highlight and Punisher was in a blue color instead of black.

I also did a quick NCS for J. Jonah Jameson (MCU). I know someone will tell me that this is the No Way Home version but looking at the figure and looking at the end of Far From Home, Simmons hasn't changed his suit since. Also I highly doubt they will give us a Raimi's version head at least not in a MCU based wave.

Finally the only comic figure announced last weekend, we look at the Nextwave original hero, Captain. I never read Nextwave but for me, a new character is a most for me. I will be getting this set just for this character. As for MELVIS, it turns out that it was really just a drone type minion, with at least 4 of them fighting Nextwave. Thus that make it an Army Builder. Does Hasbro expect you to get 4? Hell no. They just wanted a easy figure to make for their exclusive that people who like the series would like. Plus they needed to use that mold for something right?

Knock on wood there won't be another reveal between here and Thursday as I hope I can finally start talking about Annihilus then.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. With no new reveals this week and with me having caught up with all that has been revealed, we jump back into look at some early Hasbro stuff with a look at Hasbro very first wave's Build-a-Figure, Annihilus. Looking at this wave in retrospect, damn there was some ugly figure in this wave. Banshee without a collar, Herc looking like the Burger King, a short Kelsey Grammer, a butt ugly Emma Frost and an inaccurate Ultimate Iron Man. The only decent ones were the Hulks, and the Gladiator Hulk was just a Classic line version with added parts.

As for the BAF itself, it's a good figure but I know Hasbro could do alot better. This is short and those wings are too big, heavy and constantly get in the wave. I hope when Hasbro plans to remake him, they make the wings foldable.

Next week I'll take a break as there is a Fan First Friday on the 16th July, which I expect to be the F4 retro wave and the Haslab project. I'm also thinking that Marvel will reveal some of the What If Wave tomorrow.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we look back on some of the original Hasbro Marvel Legends by looking at the regular figures of the Blob wave. I have already done a NCS for Yellowjacket (under Giant-Man), She-Hulk, Quicksilver and of course Thor so today we look at amish......I mean Wolverine (Ultimate). This figure actually had 2 versions of him, one part of this wave and another a blue repaint. Neither are worth getting. I'm actually extremely surprised Hasbro hasn't remade this. They must be running low on Wolverin variants by now.

Whiler we are talking about figures that are not worth it, I also did a quick NCS for Jean Grey (XCU) and Juggernaut (XCU). While I do hope we get a new version of Jean Grey, preferably in one of her X1 and X2 costumes, if Hasbro never makes a Vinnie Jones' Juggernaut figure again I think we will all be happy. No. Instead give us the Deadpool 2 version.

Next time we will look at the final regular figure of the wave Xorn. If I have time I will also talk about the BAF Blob.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. I'm off the week. I have my second jab on Wednesday. We have a livestream for Marvel Legends on Wednesday. Galactus is just over 40 unit from the 9000 backers. So that means I have a week of plastic goodness to look forward to. However I only have one character to talk about today.

Up today we that about Xorn. I am probably one of the few people who didn't like Grant Morrisons run on the X-men. None of the dialogue made sense to me. But I did like Xorn when he was first introduced. And then they did that reveal. Yes it was retconned but it made me hate the character. Also don't get him confused with his brother, Shen Xorn, who has been in the comics since Xorn's death.

Tomorrow we will look at the baf of the wave, Blob.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We are on our second day of our (hopefully) week long new NCS contents. Since we haven't had any leaks for tomorrow's livestream (yet), let's finish off the second ever Hasbro Marvel Legends wave with a look at the BAF of the wave, Blob. Being one of the X-men's most recurring villains and a near constant member of the Brotherhood, both in comic and other media, it's surprised me that we haven't gotten another (and better) version of him made yet. The only thing I can think of is Hasbro is afraid of those people complaining that Hasbro is body shaming, even though he is one of the toughest villain Marvel has.

Since that wave is done we head over to the next wave, the Brood Queen wave. I have already done a NCS for Black Knight, Winter Soldier (Bucky), Captain America (obviously) and Cyclops. I also should note that the Hydra Soldiers will have an improved army builder NCS at some point but since they are not individual character, I won't be doing them for a while. As for the Brood Queen, since I can't find anything that make her a unique character, she will instead be added to the Race NCS at some point. That leave 3 characters of this wave to do (but only 2 today).

We start off with what I believe is the last of the current Fox's X-men characters in the form Colossus (XCU). I think all of us can agree that we don't want this version to be remade. Instead we want the Deadpool version to be done.

Finally we will have one of the break out characters of the Whedon run of the X-men comics, the Danger room brought to life, Danger. I like how later writers have made her a more heroic character and let her join the X-men. In all fairness, she didn't deserve to be locked away for all those year just because Xavier wanted to train the X-men. I swear Xavier is the greatest threat to Human and Mutants relations. Forget Magneto and Apocalypse.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. I hope you enjoyed today's livestream. They revealed quite a few new figures. However with the exception of the What If....? wave, we didn't get many new characters. Most of them were characters we already had released or a brand new costume or a newer image for a figure revealed before. Before I get onto the updates and one new MCU NCS, I just want to say, like I did in the Schedule, I will wait until the What if....? series airs from the 11th of August before I start doing NCS for all the What If figure. This is to allow me to get much better images and info on the characters.

Anyway, we start today off with the MCU version of Adrian Toomes, Vulture (MCU). I actually never realised that I never did a NCS for that wave (though it's only Beetle and Tombstone left), let alone the BAF. Honestly I could care less for this figure but I am delight that people can get this figure as one set instead of having to buy all the figures of the wave. Of course now have to deal with, *sigh* Missed Target.

I also updated Tigra. I actually laugh when I saw the package of the figure. If you look at the figure and compare it to the image of the box, you'll notice they covered up the image on the box. I guess the image was too risqué for the selves but the figure isn't.

I also added the Binary figure to the Captain Marvel (Danvers). I think we were all surprised to get this. It's one of the most important versions Danvers. However, it does make the call for Hasbro to start making the Starjammer all the more loader. Hell Hasbro, just give us Corsair to start off with.

And that's it for now. Tomorrow we go back to the old Hasbro Marvel Legends when we look at the last figure of the Brood Queen wave, Prestige.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Before we get onto the next part I just want to let you know that I have updated the figure images of Tigra, Binary and Sylvie (MCU) with the new product images that were released today. In case you missed it, both the What If? wave and deluxe set, as well as the Tigra figure, are up for preorde. UK/EU collectors also have Binary up for pre-order now as well. US and Canada have to wait for Walgreen (yes I know) and EBgames respectovely.

Anyway, we go back to looking at Hasbro early attempt at the license with the last of the Brood Queen. This was the last time Hasbro had mixed waves for general retails until the relaunched of the line with the Return of Marvel Legends years later. They had planned to release the Nemesis wave in all stores but that kept on getting pushed back until they had no choice but to give it to Walmart (thankfully all but Astonishing Beast and Nemesis have been remade). It’s possible that the original Red Hulk and Ares wave were also suppose to be released everywhere but it is currently unknown. I will talk about what happened to general releases next time.

Back to this wave, today we look at Cyclops and Phoenix’s possible daughter, Prestige (Days of Future’s Past). For any who will get onto me about calling her Prestige instead of Phoenix or Marvel Girl, I actually like her new codename. Not only does it give a nod to her parentage, but it’s also the first time she is not using one of her mother’s codename. As for the figure itself, yeah…………………….I really hope that Hasbro either remakes this or give that long rumoured Excalibur set some kind of reveal.

Next time we will look at the first supervillain of Marvel when they relaunched their superheroes comics with the Fantastic Four #1, Mole Man.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Yesterday I told you about how the Brood Queen wave was the last mixed wave for Hasbro first attempt at the licence for general retail, with the Nemesis planned for general release until it had to be given to Walmart in order to get it out. However, Hasbro wasn't going to give up on general retail. Instead they tried something that would eventually save the line from another collapse. What they tried was Movie-linked themed waves. Long before the MCU was even thought about, Fox, Sony and Paramount had the licence for making Marvel Movies. As such, Hasbro tried to use these movies in order to make waves of comic book figure based around these movies. However, this wasn't enough to save the line which I will talk about later.

The first of these themed wave was brought out around the time of the second Fantastic Four movie, the Rise of the Silver Surfer. I have already done most of this wave, which included Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, Silver Surfer, Dr. Doom, Namor The Sub-Mariner and the BAF Ronan The Accuser. Thankfully with the exception of Ronan and who we are talking about today, all of these have gotten much superior figures. The only other figure that needs a remake was Mole Man. If I'm being honest, I wouldn't mind if they just re-release this one but I hope they remake him. He is the Marvel ages first ever villain (as in not from Timely and Atlas period) and has battled most of the Marvel Universe. So people need a figure of him soon.

The next themed wave made was brought out in time for the third Sam Raimi's Spider-man. However, unlike the other 2 themed waves, this was based entirely on the Raimi trilogy. And before anyone says it. Yes this is a Marvel Legends wave. Not I don't care that they had different packaging and it didn't have Marvel Legends written one it (even though it shared the basic design). No I don't care that it uses figure from both Toybiz or Hasbro 5' line. That was just how Hasbro did things. It is still a Marvel Legends wave.

That being said, my god was this a horrible wave. And that's being nice. If you ever see anyone complaining about how a wave has a bad selection or calls a BAF the worst ever BAF then point them to this wave. IT. IS. THE. WORST. WAVE. AND. BAF. EVER. That's a fact. Hopefully with the first Spider-man movie 20th anniversary happening soon, we will get some updates top these but for now, forget these figures exist. If you want to torture yourself the following have been added:

Next time we begin our look at not only the last themed wave of Hasbro first attempt at the license but the last wave Hasbro released before they stopped making the figures for a while (Exclusives aside). We start with Absorbing Man.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we start off the last themed wave of Hasbro's first attempt of Marvel Legends before the cancelled the line. Released in time for Paramount's Ang Lee directed Hulk movie, not only was this release in general retail (distribution issues aside), it was almost the first (and so far only) wave to be released as an SDCC exclusive with the BAF fully assembled. It will also probably the only Hulk wave for Marvel Legends from Hasbro we will ever get. It's not that Hasbro has an objection to the Hulk and his supporting cast. I'm mean how many Hulks have we gotten over the years. It's just most of the Hulk's line up are BAF sized so Hasbro may not want to make a BAF wave for him as it would cost them (and us) too much to make. Not saying it's impossible, just improbable.

Anyway back to this wave. I have already done Hulk (the King Hulk, Grey/Green Hulk), She-Hulk and whatever version Wendigo you want (Wendigo (Georges Bapiste), Wendigo (Francois Lartigue), Wendigo (Andre Monet) or Wendigo (Race, Marvel Prime)) so let go onto talk about the first new character for the NCS treatment, Absorbing Man. Thankfully Hasbro has remade this character as a much superior BAF, so I don't have to recommend the crappy FFF version. Though saying that if you can't afford the BAF, try getting the Toybiz version. FUN FACT. The FFF wave Absorbing man was Shartimus's first ML review.

We also have the psychologist for many superheroes, Doc Samson. I think this figure still stands up today but I have to agree that it needs a new figure, preferably on the Hercules buck. The problem Hasbro has is they have no place to put him as he is mostly a Hulk character.

Lastly, we find out how Hulk will meet his End with Hulk (The End). I actually really like this figure but yeah I can't see this ever getting a remake. Also will people please stop mixing him up with Maestro. Beyond the fact that they are old Hulk, they have little to nothing in common with each other.

Tomorrow we will (hopefully) finish off all of Hasbro first attempt of general retail release as we look at Hulk's son, Skaar as well as the last true giant size BAF Fin Fang Foom.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off our look at the last of Hasbro early attempt at the line by finishing the only Hulk wave so far. After this and with poor distribution, Hasbro shifted the line to short-lived 2-pack line and then a mostly exclusive line, with store getting full waves of figures. Poor sales cause Hasbro to essentially cancel the line while they put their focus on the 3 3/4 inch line. Sure they was a few figures released during this and the relaunch of the line but they were few in number and generally were store exclusives. For all intents and purposes, the line was dead. I'll go over what happened the next time but let get onto what you really are here for.

We finish off the regular figures of the wave with a look at probably the character that holds the record as being the fastest character to get a figure after his debut, Skaar, Son of Hulk. This figure (along with most of the wave) was actually leaked months before the wave was announce when prototypes were found by someone. When it was leaked, Skaar had only one panel from the end of World War Hulk event. Speaking of those leaks, the wave was also supposed to include a Red King, Bi-Beast and Valkyrie figure. While Valkyrie eventually found her way into one of the 2-packs I mentioned before, Bi-Beast and Red King have yet to get a release.

We also have the probably last gigantic BAF made by Hasbro so far, Fin Fang Foom. (No. I don't count MCU Giant man as gigantic). I actually love this figure but I wouldn't mind if Hasbro remade it for other people to be able to get him. Yes in the purple trunks. The only problem I can see is that they will make him a Haslab exclusive.

While I could go onto talk about the 2-packs as well as the exclusives Hasbro released during this time, I want to focus on the general released waves (as in released in most stores).(also I'm following the wikipedia page for this to make it easier). As such next time we begin our look at the characters release when Hasbro relaunched the line in the Return of Marvel Legends when we start looking at the Terrex wave, starting with Constrictor.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. Unfortunately, there was no Marvel Monday reveal today, quite possibly because of the Livestream last Wednesday. The Tigra figure also probably was supposed to be for this month's Marvel Monday reveal but instead they choose to put it up for Preorder on Thursday. So let's get back to a bit of history as we look at the relaunch of the line with the Return of Marvel Legends.

While Hasbro tried keeping the line going with 2-packs and a ton of exclusives with a couple of movie tie-ins figures here and there, for all intent a purposes, the Marvel Legends line was done. Hasbro set their focus in their 3 3/4 line. During this time, Hasbro were under immense financial pressure, leading to them having to lay off many of their staff, including people from the Marvel team. Thing were looking dire for the MU line as well. In an effort to gain more of collector community, Hasbro announced the return of Marvel Legends, 2/3 years after the last Marvel Legends was released, with the first figure being released being Thor as a SDCC exclusive.

However, while the line saw early success, Hasbro began experimenting with the line. Each wave did something different that were either a success or a failure. For the first wave, they tried using Toybiz build alongside brand new sculpts. They also tried implementing variants back into the line with the variant coming in later with later shipments. Cap, Iron Man and Ghost Rider saw repainted variants in this wave. However, stores wouldn't or couldn't order another shipment, leading these variants to become hard to find. It became even harder in the next wave but I'll talk about why that happened another time.

But for all intent an purposes the line was back and it wouldn't be until later that it became the line we love today. For this wave, Captain America, Iron Man, Ghost Rider (Ketch), Thor and Klaw have already had their NCS done by me, so let go onto the first snake based villain Constrictor. I've seen a few people say that this should get a remake but honestly IMO this is the only figure in the wave that still stands up today.

We will also talk about the mutant messiah, Hope Summers. Honestly when this was announced, I think people were very surprised. Alot of people didn't like her and they felt she took up a needed spot. But as we learnt later, Hasbro loves their obscure characters and fans began to love them for that. But this figure needs to be redone. That female body was bad even when it was released. Not to mention she can't even stand. This could be the case that the Kate Bishop mold would work perfectly for her.

Tomorrow we finish off our nearly nine days streak of new NCS content with a look at the first BAF of the Return of Marvel Legends, Terrax.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Yesterday we had our first look at another Herald of Galactus with a look at Frankie Reyes Nova. If she is made, we will be the third (or fifth if you count Human Torch (as Invisible Boy) and the Destroyer armor) member of the Heralds to be made in Marvel Legends. I say if as it's looking like we might only barely make the initial goal for Galactus, never mind the 16000 backers they need for her. This is the reason I haven't added the Haslab Galactus to his page or will I not add the Nova character page to the site until I'm sure they will get released. All those waiting for the project to be back before backing it, I would tell you to back it now. If it doesn't get back you won't have to pay for it so it's better to back it now and get those numbers up.

Speaking of Heralds, for years Silver Surfer was the only Herald we had for years in Marvel Legends. However we was eventually joined by probably the second most famous member with the former despot, Terrax. The first BAF of the relaunched line had to be something special and it was. People have been asking for Terrax for years and Hasbro delivered. This was a great figure and still stands up today. I do say that if the Galactus project gets backed, then this should be released as a deluxe figure or a multipack with other heralds. (If anyone is wondering we are also waiting on a figure for Air-Walker, Firelord, Morg, Red Shift,  Stardust and Fallen One.)

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Yesterday, Disney + began streaming the What if...? cartoon on their streaming service, with the first episode being about What if Peggy Carter become a super-soldier instead of Steve Rogers? (That's not a spoiler. It's litterally what the episode and many promotional material had). Like I promised, I will be doing the NCS for the Disney+ The Watchers wave for every episode these character appears. None of these have any spoilers so don't worry.

We start off with probably the main star of the series since he is narrating every episode, The Watcher (MCU). Please note that this version of Uatu is the MCU equivalent, not just the What If Series. You see, in the What If comics, Uatu has the ability to look into and exists in various different timelines. He is the one who tells us the stories of these timelines. As such you can think of it has Uatu existing in all these universe at the same time. Sure in the comics, there are different universes where it is a different Uatu, who could even be dead, but his mind and memories is shared among them.

Also up today we have a look at the first hero of the series, Captain Carter (What If….? Cartoon). This is not the first time that Peggy has become a super-soldier. The concept actually originated in the game Marvel's Puzzle Quest. She was one of many Captain America characters (yes she was called Captain America) that was created for version games as part Captain America's 75th anniversary. It was the same for Civil Warrior (Gamerverse) and Contest of Champions. She would also make the jump into the comics and become a part of one of the most recent Exiles team.

Finally we have the big hunky walking tank with the name of Hydra Stomper (What If….? Cartoon). Not much to say about this except to say it you are getting Peggy, you may want to get this behemoth. We currently don't know if it will appear again though but the showrunners have said that Peggy will be appearing in most series of What If...?

That's it for this week's post What If...?. It should be noted that the only reason I'm doing it today is because I happen to be off work. From now one these will more then likely be up on Mondays, unless there is no character from the wave that was in episode like will be the case next week so on the coming Monday it will be Psycho-man.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. I managed to get a few extra days off (yes for THAT reason. I’m fine. I had my jabs.) As such, I thought I get a head start on the new NCS that were revealed during the Fan First Monday.

We begin with a look at one of the 2 brand new characters from the Fantastic Four retro wave and the one to get a action figure in the 90’s cartoon, Psycho-Man. I know many people weren’t asking for this but I for one am delighted for this figure. Now the only question is will they ever Malice. Unlikely given her appearance.

Next time we will look at the character who is getting his first ever action figure, High Evolutionary.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off the Fantastic Four retro wave with a look at a character that has never gotten an action figure before. Sure he has gotten a few statues, bust and small figurines but never an articulated action figure. Hell even, Minimates has never down him and they have done most characters.

I am of course talking about High Evolutionary. As for why this is in a F4 wave, I think it has something to do with the fact that he teamed up with the team to defend his planet, Counter-Earth from Galactus. Galactus. You know the guys who is the current Haslab project. Coincident? I think not! Okay but in all honestly, he could have been placed in any way and he would have worked, be it the X-men, Avengers, Thor, Spider-man, GOTG etc.

With that, I have finished the F4 wave (which wasn’t hard since there was only 2 new characters). Next time I will look at the only new character from the new X-Force 3-pack, Rictor.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. We are nearing Near Complete Set’s 500th character I have done on this site. 500th characters! That’s insane. That is 500 different character to research, find images of and insure I didn’t imagine that figure was revealed. I will admit that alot of those characters are me basically using the same figure to multiple characters, like was the case with the Union Jacks, Red Guardians, Wendigo etc. And I’m not even close to being done as I currently have over 160 characters to do in the Schedule. Not to mention all the Alternates who wore the same costumes.

For the 500th character, I decided to do something different. I decided to let you decide what should be the character that will be the focus of the 500th NCS. Below you will find the candidates I have chosen to be winner. Most of these have had either at least 2 figures but if you want me to do something else, please enter in the others option. Just make sure it’s not character I have done before OR a character without a figure.

You have until Monday 24th August to vote. If the poll doesn’t appear below- https://poll.fm/10900396

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Before we get into the NCS, please ahead over to this post -Poll – Who should be the 500th NCS? - where you can vote what will be the 500th NCS. Also, I just want to say that this is NOT about making or remaking figure. It's about talking about characters that have already been made. So for those that enter a character that hasn't been made in the "others", yeah your vote has been deleted. But in all honesty if you don't what this site by now after 4 years I don't know what to says. LOL. Thank to those that have voted properly though.

Any back to the NCS. Today we finish off all the figures reveals from the last Fan First livestream. Joining his box set partners and his boyfriend, we have the earthshattering mutant, Rictor. This is Rictor's first and probably only figure. Fun Fact, Shatterstar and Rictor first kiss was actually the first male on male kiss in mainstream comic from Marvel.

Next time (Monday) we will have our next look at the What If...? wave with a look at the star of the tomorrow's episode, T'Challa Starlord. Not sure if any other figure will be in the series but we will see.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today is our first Monday after the What If...? episode aired and like I said last time, I will be doing NCSs for characters that appeared in that episode that are part of the Dinsay Plus Watcher wave. This week's episode is based on "What if T'Challa became Star-Lord?". (That's not a spoiler. It is the title of the episode.) I really enjoyed this episode. The first episode was basically a retelling of Cap but this is a whole new adventurer. Because of it, I now want at least 5 figure made from the episode.

Anyhow, we start off with looking at the star of the episode, Starlord (T’Challa, What If……? Cartoon). I actually got choked up at the end of the episode when Marvel dedicated this episode to Chadwick Boseman, being his last ever role before his death.

We also look at Nebula (What If….? Cartoon). I enjoyed how they portrayed her in this episode going against type from her MCU version. Her sister is supposed to get another episode with her as the star so I'm hoping we get a figure to go with Nebula. Yes, it a different timeline but you guys know what I mean.

Last thing I want to talk about is the poll I since last week, where you voted for the character you wanted to be the 500th NCS. It started out very close with 4 characters fighting for the top spot. However by the end, one character zoomed past the rest. So who won? Well you're going to have to come back tomorrow to find out.

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Hey my fellow Plastic Addict. Well, this is it. This is the 500th Near Complete Set character that I have done since I started this site (give or take a few that I had to delete.) That's nearly 5 years of me looking at various characters and looking to see what costume has been made for the character and wasn't still needs to be made into a figure. I would like to thank all those that supported this site and hope you continue to support it. I will eventually catch up with all the characters that have been made. One day. Maybe. Okay Hasbro keeps making new characters so it's hard work keeping up.

But enough of that. Today you are here to see the results of the poll I posted last week, asking you who should be the 500th character I will ramble on about today. Today you can find out the history of not one but 3 Hobgoblins.

We start off with a look at the first and most famous, Hobgoblin. While he would wear the costume the least, he would be the person that set up most of the Hobgoblin and has since taken a more active role as Hobgoblin. Fun fact, the reason Hobgoblin was created was because Roger Stern wanted to create brand new villains for Spider-man but fans wanted the old villains. So he created Hobgoblin as a compromise.

Next we look at the person who thought he was the second Hobgoblin but was actually the fifth, Hobgoblin (Macendale). This version of Hobgoblin is more famous due to him being the face behind the Hobgoblin in the 90's cartoon. He would also be the first Hobgoblin to receive a ML scale figure in the Spider-man classics line.

Next we look at the only heroic Green Goblin before he went batshit crazy over a girl, Hobgoblin (Urich). This version was the first to get a Hasbro Marvel Legends figure before the previously mentioned Hobgoblins. He is also the first BAF for the first all comic Spider-man wave.

Well that is all the Hobgoblins, that have been made into a Marvel Legends. Kinda. You see there is a few other characters that wore the classic version of the costume, like Ned Leeds, Lefty Donovan and Daniel Kingsley but for this I just wanted to focus on the characters we know Hasbro/Toybiz based these figures on. Thy will get a NCS eventually. With the Livestream this Thursday and the What If...? on Wednesday, I don't know what will be next NCS will be so we will find out in 2 days.


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Hey my fellow Plastic Addicts. This weekend had been full of ML events, mostly involving the Haslab Galactus. As of writing this the backer are 25117 (and growing) with just over 8 hours left. Because of this we have alot all of the tier Hasbro has provided us. That mean we have unlock Frankie Rayes’ Nova, Silver Surfer, Morg and the Dr. Doom head (which is an alternate universe character that I will do an NCS for tomorrow). If you haven’t backed it yet and want to, do so tonight as afterward you will have to pay the after market price boast, the lowest so far being 850. If you just can’t afford it or don’t have the space, that’s alright and extremely understandable. People have other more important things to pay for.

Speaking of the Haslab tiers, today for our NCS we will talk about the first unlockable tier of this project. Since there wasn’t any new characters from last Wednesday What If…? episode (though I expect that character might get a figure eventually), let’s talk about the first human to Galactus’ Herald, Nova (Rayes). I think this was the perfect character to include as the first tier of the project as she is one of the most famous herald Galactus.

I have also updated Dr. Strange (MCU), J. Jonah Jameson (MCU), Spider-man (MCU) and Spider-man (Morales, Gamerverse). The first three have just had their previous No Way Home figures images swapped for the official solicitation image (the ones that show the extra parts and baf pieces) and the Miles Morales one has a new section for the classic coloured costume. I also added the Haslab Galactus and Silver Surfer to their respective pages but I left the older images as like I said, not everyone could afford the Haslab one.

Next time we will look at Galactus other tiers by looking at Morg and (if I have time) Dr. Doom’s head.

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