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Near Complete Set V3


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we look back that Hasbro Absorbing man wave. This wave had many great things about it but the two best was the additional parts to make a whole different costume (Spider-Carnage) as well as giving us an additional mini character, something we hadn't had in ML for a while. I have already done the NCS for Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly), Spider-Gwen (Gwen-Verse), Morbius The Living Vampire, Venom (Brock), Venom (Klyntar) and the BAF Absorbing Man so let's look at the first of four unique characters to this wave, Agent Venom's archvillain, Jack O’Lantern (Jack). Speaking of this character, I hope we get the rest of the Savage Six. Would love at least Death Adder and Crime Master to go with this and Toxin.

I also added a full universe page for Earth-Askani (Earth-4935), the future that Cable was sent to. Forgot that Cable and Hope spent most of their lives there so essentially alongside Stryfe there are three characters that are residents there. I also added the Noh-Varr’s Universe and Spider-Uk Universe to the Misc page.

Next time, most likely Monday, we will look at the daughter of Tombstone, Janice Lincoln's Beetle.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Last Friday we had a new figure reveal and today we had another, all of which are from the X-men: The Animated Series. Since I don't usually go deep into these characters, I did a quick NCS for Mystique (X-men: The Animated Series), Apocalypse (X-men: The Animated Series) and Nightcrawler (X-men: The Animated Series). Yes I know that last one doesn't have a proper figure (and probably never will) but I add an NCS for Baby Hulk, Qubit, Phlish or Silvermane, I'll have to do one for Baby Kurt.

Speaking of Silvermane, I did a full NCS for the not-so fastest man alive, Speed Demon. Since I talked about the Superior Foes missing members last time with Beetle, let's talk about the missing Squadron members. Like Override, it's actually surprising we haven't gotten Dr. Spectrum, since he would be an easy repaint. Power Princess would be a bit harder but possible. If we got those 2, we would have the main members so no need to go too deep into this team.

I also added the Larvel Earth,  Loomworld, MC2 Universe and Other Earth Universe to the Misc universe page.

Next time we will look at the Pack-in for Speed Demon, the aging mob boss with a cyborg body, Silvermane.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today, we finish off our look at the Spider-man Absorbing Man wave by looking at the Pack-in remote control car with a Maggia's boss' head attached to it, Silvermane. The mobster really needs to learn that we all grow old and will eventually die. Yes, I know this is not a full figure, but it is still a character in a form he had in the comics. I, like a lot of people, have been using the 3-pack Ultron as their body.

I have also added Mangaverse, Mirror World and Nextwave Universe to the Misc Universe page.

The next time we will begin looking at the first Captain America: Civil War wave (the Red Onslaught wave) by looking at the character that really started off Hasbro trying to complete the Serpent Society, Cottonmouth.



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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we begin our look at the first of the Captain America: Civil War wave, the Red Onslaught wave. This wave, while loved by fans for its deep dive with the characters, caused a bit of controversy with its BAF. Not the character itself but the fact that Red Onslaught didn't come with a classic Onslaught head. You see at that time, X-men hadn't had a proper wave since the relaunch of the line due to Fox owning the movies rights for the X-men. Hasbro also explained that they aren't allowed to mix the franchise which is why you probably won't see a F4 member in a X-men line or a X-men character in the Avengers line. Marvel must have gotten the merchandising right back for the X-men because it wasn't long before we got a new X-men wave, with Onslaught classic head coming with it.

I have already done an NCS for Captain America, Agent 13 and the BAF, Red Skull (as well as the reason most people bought it Onslaught) so let's look at the first of four and a half new characters with Cottonmouth. While Hasbro had done a member of the Serpent Society before with Viper (though she was only marketed as Madame Hydra), but this was the first time that Hasbro really started to build the Society. Since then, we have gotten members like King Cobra, Rock Python and Eel as well as a remake of Viper, which most of them being wave fillers for various Avengers/MCU waves. Given that there are still over a dozen members left, so expect plenty more to come. I personally want Diamondback above anyone else. (NOTE: Before anyone says it, Constrictor has NEVER been a member of the Society except for the Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon).

I have also added a Thanos Wins Universe (Earth-TRN666) page to the universe sections (forget that it had three characters from that universe made) as well as added Noir-verse, Pet Avengers Universe, Poison-verse, Punk-verse, Renew Your Vows Universe, Roxxon Future Universe and Shadowline Universe to the Misc Universe page. Only a handful left of the Misc universe left and then we move onto the Gamer-verses sections.

Next time we will look at Hawkeye's ex-wife with one of the most controversial storylines, Mockingbird.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. We continue our look back at the Red Onslaught wave by looking at the second character to have the Agent of SHIELD packaging (the first being Sharon Carter), Hawkeye's ex-wife, Mockingbird. I know this is not everyone's preferred version, but the figure is a great one. I do think we will get a WCS version at some point. Hasbro seems to be working on completing the West Coast team with Tigra, Moon Knight, War Machine etc.

I have also added the House Of X 6th Universe, Hulk: The End, The End of Time Universe, What If… Venom Had Possessed the Punisher? and Zombie-verse (NOTE: This will not include the Zombie Cap as they aren't in the same universe). I have one final special comic universe (or multiverse) to talk about, but I want to wait until I finish the Gamerverses, Cartoons and MCU before doing it, next being the Gamerverses.

Next time we will look at the former wrestler turned superhero, D-man. (Yes, we do technically have a D-man figure.)




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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we continue our look back at the Red Onslaught by looking at 2 characters. First off, we have a look at the Ultimate Spider-man's cartoon's version of Taskmaster (Ultimate Cartoon). I honestly don't know why they decided to do this version of Taskie. Yes, I know the cartoon was running at the time, but I don't think anyone was asking for this.

But that is not what we want to talk about. Today we also look at the wrestling hero who was given Avengers status but never actually was one any of the team, Demolition Man. You may be asking "We have a D-man figure?" Well yes but not what you are thinking. You see in this wave there was a character called Scourge. Yes, that's Dennis. Hopefully, we will get his classic version at some point.

I also added a Universe page for the Gamerverse figures. I didn't go into detail about the story or anything like that because you may want to play the game yourselves. Next we will look at the animated universes.

Next that we will spin back round to the Wasp stalker, Whirlwind.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish our look back at the Red Onslaught wave by looking at Wasp's stalker, Whirlwind. I always liked the design of Whirlwind. I think it was the saws on his arms. For those that watched the Iron man cartoon of the 90's he was one of the Mandarin's minions so if you want to get it for that was well. I think we are only missing Whiplash and Hypnotica with the latter not being possible as she was an original character.

I have also done part one of the Animated Universes which has the 90's cartoons, the Unlimited cartoon and the first of Disney Animated universe.

Next time we start looking back at the Civil War Giant man wave with a look at the overly patriotic, cyborg, super-soldier, Nuke.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we start our look back at the MCU Giant-man wave by looking at the psychotic soldier, Nuke. I like this figure, but I always debate on where I should put him. In the end, I always put him on the Cap's rogue shelf because not only is he another victim of the Weapon Plus program that started with Cap, but he is also the dark reflection of everything Cap stands for.

Next time we will talk about the director of HATE Dirk Anger.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish our look back at the Civil War Giant Man wave by looking at the director of HATE with a sunflower patterned dress, Dirk Anger (Nextwave’s Universe). Now I know what some people will say. "You made a page for a head?" But considering that many use this on one of the SHIELD agents or (as ShartimusPrime suggested) on the Taskmaster figure I talked about the last day. And well, my site my rules.

I have also added the second half of the Animated Universe by adding Disney second attempt at an animate universe, The Spider-verse movies and the What If Series (Note: The Watcher is a multiversal being that can exist in all universes at once. The Watcher in this series is the same one as the one in the MCU).

Next time we will jump into the Space Venom wave, with it's only remaining, Ultimate Spider-man.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we begin and end our look back at the next wave the Spider-man's Space Knight Venom wave. I have done an NCS for pretty all but one of these characters (which include Hobgoblin, Spider-man (Morales, Ultimate), Spider-girl (The Wasteland), Silk, Electro and Agent Venom). That one character is the Peter Parker of Earth-1610 , Spider-man (Ultimate). I think alot of people like this figure and believe that this should be used more. So are the only character that has used it beyond the 2 Ultimate Spider-man (and their various repaints) is Nova. Totally under used build.

Next time, since it will be the week of a certain gods fourth movie, I will be doing an Ideal wave. But the time after that I will be starting and probably finishing the third Civil war wave with a look at the Slippery or electrifying villain the Eel.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we look back at the final Captain America Civil war wave by looking at the Abomination wave. Nothing really to say about this wave except I remember there was 2 listings, one with Tigra and King Cobra, another with Wonder Man and Captain Britain. It was confusing at the time as we didn't know what we would get. Anyway, I have already done an NCS for Captain America, Scarlet Witch (MCU), Captain Britain, Wonder Man and the BAF Abomination (which I'm surprise hasn't been release as a deluxe yet) so let talk about Red Skull (Cartoon) (No, seriously. why did we get this?) and Eel. Yes, this is the Lavell version and not the Stryke version. I checked five times to make sure they didn't wear the same colors.

Before we move on, we must talk about what was the next wave in the line as it is a signature wave for the line. For many years, X-men were limited to Exclusives. Many believe this was due to Disney fight with Fox over the movie rights. However, there was a huge demand for the X-men, so Hasbro created the first X-men wave that was fully comic base. The wave was really a testing wave as we had all the characters in that wave at some point in the past but that didn't matter as the wave sold out everywhere. To say it was a success was an understatement as at this point the line that was spilt into two line (Avengers and Spider-man) was now spilt into three main lines, Avengers, Spider-man, and X-men. This has continued to this day and while there have been some short-term sublines (ie the F4 line) these 3 lines continue to see success after success.

Next time we will begin our look at the first Dr. Strange wave with a look at the only Runaway we have so far, Nico Minoru, aka Sister Grimm.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we begin our look back at the first Dr. Strange wave, or as many people like to call it, the Malibu Stacy wave. You see this wave was full of repaints with Enchantress, Brother Voodoo and even the BAF Dormammu all having been release previously. But the worst offender was the comic Dr. Strange that was just a repaint of the previous Hulkbuster wave with a new cape. Though since three of them were previous SDCC exclusive, Hasbro were slightly forgiven.

Anyway, I have done a NCS for Dr. Strange, Dr. Strange (MCU), Iron Fist, Karl Mordo (MCU) and the baf Dormammu, so let's talk about the only Runaway member we have so far, Nico Minoru, aka Sister Grimm. Apart from Victor Mancha (because of his connection to Poppa Ultron and brother Vision), I don't see the rest of the Runaways being done anytime soon. Nico was mainly done as she was the most popular character and has appeared in more comics than any of the others. As such, she was placed in this wave because she was a magic user.

I have also finally added the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999) page to the universes. This will be the only live-action universe page I will be adding. The rest will be the only live action misc. page, which I will eventually get onto. This is because there are so many characters from the MCU that have been made it had to have its own page.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. While we wait for this weekend San Diego Comic Convention reveals, I have been working on the next and penultimate universe, or rather universes, the Live-Action Misc. Universes. I know what some people will say that some of these deserve a page for themselves but considering I will only be putting a list of the movies involved and the characters from those movies, I thought it might have been just easier just to put all of these in one page. There is also the fact that most of them mightn't be given a new figure for a while.

I still have one Universe or multiverse page to do but that probably won't be for a while as I have to do extensive research into it.

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Hey, my fellow Plastic addicts. We have a bunch of new MCU and Cartoon characters to talk about today that come from previous movies and TV shows that I couldn’t talk about due to spoilers as well as all those that were revealed during last week. We start off with the penultimate figure of Disney + wave 3 with Ms. Marvel (MCU) (which also added her to the Kamala Khan (Multiverse) and Ms. Marvels). I won’t do She-Hulk until 2 weeks after the series ended.

Next, we finished off the Thor: Love and Thunder wave with a look at Jane Foster (MCU) (which also allowed me to create a Jane Foster (Multiverse) as well as add her to the Gods of Thunder page) as well as the villain of the movie Gorr (MCU). Speaking of Thor, let look at his adopted brother’s own show by looking at one of Loki’s variant “Classic” Loki (MCU) (who was added to the Loki (Multiverse) page) as well as He Who Remains (MCU) (who has been added to the Kang (Multiverse) page). All the MCU characters have been added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999).

Now onto the cartoons. Starting with the What If… series with Howard Duckson (Multiverse) (which allowed us to create a Howard Duckson (Multiverse) page) and Ant-man (What If…? Series) (who has been added to Ants and Scott Lang (Multiverse)). Both have been added to the “What If…?” section of the Animated section. Onto some older cartoon from the 90’s with a look at the Spider-man (The Animated Series) (Venom WearersPeter Parkers and Spider-men) and Scorpion (The Animated Series) (New Mac Gargan (Multiverse) page). Finally we have the Amazing friends Spider-man (Amazing Friends) (Peter Parkers and Spider-men), Iceman (Amazing Friends) (Icemen), Firestar (Amazing Friends) (Angelica Jones (Multiverse)) and Ms. Lion (Amazing Friends) (Ms. Lion (Multiverse)) with all four being added to the new Spider-man and His Amazing Friends section of Animated universe.

Phew that is alot. Next week we will look at what you really want to see, the comic figures, starting with the first Herald of Galactus, the Fallen One.

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today Hasbro revealed the Amazon Exclusive Venom box set with Venom, Agony and Riot. As such I have updated the two Venom pages (Klyntar and Eddy Brock) with the Amazon Venom. I think most people agree that this looks to be the definitive Venom figure. I especially like that they covered up the holes in the shoulders. I have also skipped the schedule and done one of the two new characters in the box. Well, two of the four new characters because as people know I consider the symbiotes and host separate entities. Anyway, ladies first so I did the NCS for Agony (Klyntar) and Agony (Gesneria). For anyone wondering, this figure is based on more recent coloring for the characters based on comics that are set during the time this team was still around. I also added a new Alternate for Agony Wearers.

Next time, we will look at the last of the Life Foundation symbiote by looking at Riot and his original host.

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Saw meant to post this last week.

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. After yesterday’s reveal of the Amazon Venom Box set, I updated Venom and did Agony, so let go onto the last figure in the box set as well as the last member of the Life Foundation’s Guardian Symbiotes, Riot (Klyntar) and his host, Riot (Cole), along with Riot Wearers to alternates. About Riot and why he is blue instead of grey, it is because he never kept a proper color during his initial appearances. This is mostly due to the printers at the time which would give him multiple shades of grey, even brown. It was like how Hulk and Beast were grey in initial designs but changed to green and blue respectively afterward. Marvel must have decided just to make the symbiote blue with him getting a redesign in more recent comics.

Unless something else is revealed during the weekend, I will be doing an Ideal wave next week for the release of a certain animated shorts that is releasing next week.

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Today we look at the latest Herald of Galactus to be getting a release but the first Herald in the comics that we know of, Fallen One, as well as post a new Fallen Ones alternates. Personally, I really like this figure but would have preferred them to have made Air-Walker instead. With Air-Walker, Stardust and Red Shift being the only Herald left. Air-Walker has the best chance of being made next, with Red Shift possibly coming soon after. Stardust would require a whole new sculpt though so she might not come for a while. (And no. I won’t count the Golden Oldie and Dazzler among them.)

Hasbro has a livestream tomorrow, which looks to be a new Avengers wave or the Iron Man retro wave. Both fall under the Avengers subline. They will more than likely reveal some updates to old characters as well as some new characters. However, no matter what the next new NCS will be the Human Fly, who was revealed first. Just note I will be working tomorrow so I will be late to post the rundown tomorrow night.

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Today we begin our look at the Amazon Box set (which you can order now - shorturl.at/bhis4) with a couple of updates and a brand new, really obscure character. Starting with the updates, I have added the Silvermane figure to his page. Yes, I know the comic image is not like the figure but it's closest I could find. I also added the Black suit Spider-man (Ultimate) to the page. I won't be making a NCS for the symbiote for this time.

Now onto the new character, the Human Fly. I really love my obscure character, and this is as obscure as they get. Yes, even more so than the one with the warthog head.

Next time we will talk about that warthog, Razorback.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we not only do another character from the Amazon box set but also add a new feature to the site. More on that later, but first I have updated the Ghost Rider (Blaze) page with the new Retro figure. The figure is based on his more modern look based on his Hell Lord appearance.

Onto the new character where we look at Razorback. I think all of us loved it when Hasbro brought an extremely shy Robo up to reveal Razorback. Yes, this isn't a villain. I think Hasbro may have been thinking of Hobgoblin's version.

As for the new feature, I'm proud to announce that we will start doing Families. That sounded dirtier than it needed to be but think of them as a relationship page of character and how they relate to each other. Using the Summer family as an example (though I haven't done it yet) how Cyclops is Cable's father, Hope's adopted grandfather, Rachel's possible father, Jean Grey's husband etc. I will also be posting all that is missing from the family, i.e. Corsair for the Summer family. If it gets confusing, just move down to the Explanation secton of the page where I try my hardest to explain how the family works. Note how I said, tried my hardest. Some of these families are the most confusing pieces of fiction ever so there will be family members I will miss.

You can find the full list of familys under the Near Complete set and Teams in the menu but I have only done 3 so far but two of them are large families.

Next time we will look at the last figure in the Amazon Box set, Molten Man.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off our look at the Amazon Spider-man box set with a look at the most controversial figure in the set, Molten Man. I won't go into it too much as we all know that they picked the wrong body for him. I will say that I have also added a new Molten Men (Multiverse) to the alternate pages. This also allowed me to add the MCU Molten Man BAF to the Mysterio (MCU).

I have also continued my look at various families by adding Osborn Family and Lang Family.

Next time we will look at the various characters that were revealed for the Disney + Khonshu wave.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today Hasbro revealed Gorr the God-Butcher figure and here is the NCS for it. There have been conflicting stories behind this figure as on the Screenrant post, it says it will be available from other retailers in October. Until we see it in those stores, just consider it an Amazon "TIMED" exclusive. I also believe that this was made a while ago, but Hasbro were told to hold off on releasing it when Disney decided to use him as the main villain in the L+T movie. Not the first time this happened.

I have also added the following Families:

Unless something is revealed tomorrow, I will do the rest of the D+ wave 4 next time.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Since we are finished with catching up with all that was revealed in the past couple of weeks, we jump back to the Dr. Strange's Dormammu wave with a look at one of Thor's most famous villains, Enchantress. Why is major Thor villain in a Dr. Strange wave? It could be one of two reasons. One is because she has battle and teamed up with the Sorcerer Supreme a number of time or the other is that she is one of Marvel best sorcerers. The whole wave was filled with mystic characters, with of course Strange, Brother Voodoo and Nico being magic wielders and Iron Fist coming from the mystic city of Kun'Lun.

I have also added the following families:

Next time we will look at the last figure in the wave with a look at the Houngan Supreme, Brother Voodoo.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today, we finish off our look at the Dr. Strange Dormammu wave with a look at Dr. Strange's successor for Sorcerer Supreme, the Houngan Supreme, Brother Voodoo. If you are a fan of Dr. Strange, you really do need one of these in your collection. He has become one of the major magic users in the Marvel Universe.

I have also added the following Families to the site:

Unless something is revealed during the weekend, we will move onto the Sandman wave with a look at the villain that caused the Clone Saga, the Jackal.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. First of all, let's start with the news that Hasbro will at last be revealing their new Ghost Rider themed Haslab project this Friday, 16th September. Given the clue as well as the fact that there really can't be anything other than it, we can assume it's Robbie Reyes and his Hellcharger. As for what could be the tiers, beyond the other Ghost Riders, I think Mephisto or Blackheart could be one of them.

Anyway back onto the NCS. Today we start and finish our look back at the Sandman baf wave. I have already done the NCS for Green Goblin, Shocker, Spider-man 2099, Ms. Marvel, Spider-man and Venom (Klyntar) and the BAF Sandman. Today we will talk about the two remaining characters with the man behind the Clone Saga (even though he was manipulated by Osborn) Jackal as well as the Spider of the Captain Britain Corps, Spider-UK (Earth-833). I think the Jackal behind is a totally under used figure, with Jackal being the only one so far. After D23, I do see it being used for a Werewolf by Night soon. As for Spider-uk, I think this is a brilliant figure. As for why there is a Spider in the CBC, if you actually look it up, there is a British version of most heroes in the Corps.

We also start our look back at the GOTG Titus wave. Unlike the Sandman wave, I have only done two MCU characters, Star-Lord (MCU) and Drax (MCU). So, let's finish the MCU figures of the wave with a look at Yondu (MCU). That leaves four regular figures, one pack in and the BAF to do.

I have decided to leave all the Family and other stuff until after I finish off doing ALL the character I haven't done, thus the reason I did three characters today instead of my usual one. So next time we will continue our look at the Titus wave with a look at Sam Alexander, Phish and Darkhawk.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we continue our look back at a founding member of the teenage team, the Champion, his pack-in character, a Raptor and a very unusual character created for another company. Starting with Nova (Alexander) and Nova (Phlish), I think these are great figures. We have been building up quite an amount of Nova Corps members over the years so he will be a nice addition for many cosmic collections.

Next up we talk about Darkhawk. Toybiz had planned to make this character, but they couldn't figure out how to make the wings. Hasbro did a great job with the figure. He is needed for any cosmic shelf and New Warriors.

Next up we have a character that kind of makes Todd McFarlane a hypocrite, Angela. I went into a small bit of detail in the NCS but if you want a thorough and well put together explanation, I highly recommend looking at this video by Comic Drake - Click Here. The video also tells you how DC's Shazam lost his Captain Marvel name and how Miracle Man returned to Marvel.

Next time we will finish off the Titus wave with a look at Major Victory, Titus and maybe Shatterstar of the Warlock wave.


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