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Near Complete Set V3


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Today we continue and finish our look at the first GOTG Vol. 2 wave as well as start and finish the second X-men wave. Starting with the GOTG wave, we look at so far, the only one of the original GOTG, Major Victory (31st Century). The only reason I can think of why Hasbro has done another member of the team is the amount of time between the second movie and the third one. I do believe 100% that we will get more later, maybe next year for the Vol 3 movie.

We also look at the baf of the wave, Titus. I still remember watching the video of this being revealed and everyone saying "who?". Thankfully, I was watching the GOTG cartoon at the time so I kind of knew who he was. But hey, a white tiger alien with a cannon arm.

Next, we move onto the second X-men wave. I have already done a NCS for Colossus, Polaris, Sunfire, Dazzler, Old Man Logan (The Wastelands) and of course Cyclops, so late talk about last regular figure of the wave, Shatterstar (Mojoverse). This is a character that has one of the most mind-bending origins I have read in comics for a while.

Lastly, we talk about the BAF of the wave, Warlock. No. Not that one, the New Mutants mechanic alien. To this day I still think this is one of the best BAFs that Hasbro has ever released. Hopefully, we will get the male side of the team in their costumes at some point. Cyber has to come with a Douglock head though.

We are only two regular retail waves to do before we catch up, one being the Spider-man Homecoming wave and the other being second GOTG Vol. 2 waves. There also are still a few 2-packs that were released to general retail left. Hopefully, I will catch up this or next week and then onto the exclusives.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Just a bit of an update for the Haslab Project, as of writing this it's at 2,556 Backers. For those wondering if those in the EU or other countries that can't back it VIA Hasbro Pulse, Dan Yun has confirmed that Zavvi will not be used this time. However, he has confirmed that they are looking into how they will allow us to back it, but it will take some time.

Anyway, today we start and finish our look back at the Homecoming wave. I have already done Vulture (MCU), Spider-man (MCU), Mach (Beetle), Spider-man and Moon Knight so let talk about Tombstone. Like alot of people I'm waiting for them to create a large/tall, suited body so we can get him in his more traditional look.

I did the Cosmic Spider-man. However, it also came with an alternate head that can be used for a version of Captain Universe. Since the Uni-power is like symbiote, in that it bonds with several people, that is more of a general look at the Uni-power. As such I have also did Captain Universe (Ray Coffin), Captain Universe (Steve Coffin), Captain Universe (Evan Swann), Captain Universe (Ted Simmons), Captain Universe (Gilbert Wiles) and Arcturus Rann, with the last one being a character from Hasbro's owned Micronaut. The rights to that character is a mystery at the moment as I'm not sure if it's owned outright by Hasbro or Marvel.

Next time we will look at the Mantis baf wave, with a look at Death Head's II, Ex Nihilo and maybe Adam Warlock and Magus.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. If you haven't already, have a look at the Haslab Engine of Vengeance Updates post where I have posted all the sites you can back this project on. It will also update it daily with the numbers as we go along. We are currently nearly at 3,964 Backers with it growing it by the minute. Hasbro has said they will be adding more sites to the backing so I will post them there.

Back to today and we look back at the second GOTG Vol. 2 wave with a look at 3 characters. I have already done the NCS for Star-Lord (MCU), Gamora (MCU), Nebula (MCU) and Rocket Raccoon (MCU) so let's look at the 3/4 comic figures today starting with the Marvel UK created character, Death’s Head II (2020 Universe). I don't think anyone was expecting this figure to ever be made and we all kind of hope that his more famous brother will get made at some point, but most likely as a baf because he is huge.

We also talk about one of Hickman's original characters, Ex Nihilo. I know a few years back I ragged on this character but that was only because he was voted the worst figure of the year by people. It was this reason that I now refuse to allow the Worst of the year in the annual Best of voting. (Yes, that will be coming back this year.)

Finally, we talk about one of the more prominent cosmic heroes that has fallen greatly in recent years, Adam Warlock. Adam has had one horrible figure and one good figure. Hopefully with him making the jump to the MCU, we will see some more comic figures. I personally one his orange red and gold look.

Next time we will finish the wave by looking at Magus and MCU Mantis.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today is a special day for this site. Not because it's our anniversary or anything like that. No. It is the fact that after about five years of doing NCS we have now caught up with all the waves that have been released into general retail (as in all stores). While I did start at the Toybiz series, I decided to prioritize all the new reveals that was coming from Hasbro at the time, with the first being the SDCC Battle for Asgard set and the Man-Thing wave. I did this to allow people to learn all about the new characters before they bought the figures. Whenever I caught-up with those, I started doing older waves and now I have caught up with them. There is still a few 2-packs that were released to general retail (couple of which we look at today) and the dreaded Exclusives but for now all general retail BAF/Retro waves are done.......................................Until next week when Hasbro reveals some more during Hascon.

Speaking of which, we finish off the GOTG Vol. 2 wave with a look at a swappable head that made us buy two the same figures and the dark side of Adam Warlock, Magus (Universal Church of Truth). I generally liked Hasbro idea of giving us a swappable head that gives us a completely new character.

We also talk about Mantis (MCU). I would say to people unless you must have every member of the MCU GOTG, then you can skip this. I see this being released as part of the Vol. 3 line. Granted if may be a different costume, but it's better than buying the aftermarket price for this BAF.

Next, we go back even further near the end of the Dark Days of ML when Hasbro tried to keep the line alive by replacing waves with only 2-packs. These included Elektra + Hawkeye (Ronin), Mr. Fantastic + The Thing, Captain America (Ultimate) + Nick Fury (Ultimate, will be done next week) and Wolverine + Forge. Speaking of Elektra and Ronin, I have done the NCS of Elektra (Pagon) and Echo, as she was the one who wore the Ronin suit first.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off our look at every figure that has been released to general retail with the last of the 2-pack, starting with a character I mentioned last week as part of the first wave, Nick Fury (Ultimate). That was just the first wave of 2-pack, which Hasbro was trying to turn the whole line into, as they would later release a second wave with Invisible Woman + Human Torch, Kree Soldier and Skrull Soldier, Maria Hill/Female Shield agent + classic Iron Man and Nick Fury/Male SHIELD Agent + Hand Ninja. The last two set mention had a variant each with Agent 13 (and another female shield head) + Stealth Suit Iron Man and a Chaste Ninja and Dum Dum Dugan. But that wasn't the last 2-pack released to general retail I haven't gotten around to as we also have another from GOTG Vol. 2 movie with Star-Lord (MCU) and Ego (MCU).

That is now the last of all the general released figures I have done an NCS for so now let's look at all the Exclusive that have been released over the years, starting with the SDCC exclusives. We start with the Savage Land box set with Ka-Zar, Shanna The She-Devil and Zabu. On a personal note, this set is the first and so far, only SDCC box set that actually I bought in person, way back in 2008. It has so far been the only time that I have ever gone to SDCC and met with people. I do hope to go again at some point.

Next time we will look at the Thunderbolts box set with a look at Moonstone and Satana.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we begin our look back at all the characters that have been released as an exclusive of some sort over the past two decades starting with the SDCC exclusives. SDCC, in my opinion, have been the highlight of many years with characters that you could get into a general store, for religious or violent reason, into the hands of collector. Take one of the box set we talk about today, the Thunderbolts box set of 2013. I already did Luke Cage, Ghost and Crossbones so let talk about Moonstone, who, side note, was supposed to be released in retail but her wave, the original Jubilee mini-BAF wave, got cancelled.

We also talked about Satana, who is one of the characters I talked about not being able to be released into general retail due to her name and demonic nature. It would be the same for her brother. Thus, the reason she is Judith Chambers in this set.

Moving onto the next year, we look at the Thanos Imperative box set. I already did Black Bolt, Medusa, Star-Lord and Gladiator so let's look at the only remaining character in the set, the Negative Zone leader that can shoot blasts from his fingers, Blastaar. Unlike Satana, there is nothing that prevents this character from being released in retail. In fact, I predict we may see him as a BAF in the future, hopefully in his classic suit.

With PulseCon on this weekend with the Marvel Team on Friday, we will have some new characters to talk about as well as a few updates. I will say though that Hasbro WILL NOT reveal many of the lists that were leaked on Sunday, as that is a list for the full year and some of them haven't had trailer made for them released yet. But when that is done we will do the last SDCC box set I have yet to do and look at the Raft's Purple Man and Dreadknight.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. With the Pulse-Con, behind us we have a total of twelve old characters that have gotten a new figure, some updates to old figures and some brand-new costumes. As such the following pages have been updated:

  • Characters will updates to old costumes
    • Iron Man - added the retro version. I left the Ursa Major wave version so you can decided which version you want more, the gold or yellow versions.
    • Daredevil - Classic Red has been updated and replaced
    • Elektra - Resurrected White has been updated and replaced
    • Moonstone - her Osborn's Thunderbolts version got a new figure but if you have the Box set version or may want to skip.
    • Longshot (Mojoverse) - Added the retro version. However, I kept the Mojoverse box set for people to decide for themselves
    • Phoenix - added the Retro Dark Phoenix but left the older one because it's not that much different except for the colors.
    • Wolverine - replaced the 2-pack training suit with the retro wave version
  • Characters that got a whole new costume
    • Bullseye - got a new figure based on his solo series.
    • Multiple Man - receive a new costume in his original version.
    • Banshee - added the new training suit figure.
    • Storm - added the new training suit figure
    • Star-Lord - Added the classic homage version. Yes I will eventually do the Classic version as his own page.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Today we look at all the new characters that were revealed during last week's Pulse-con (that I have yet to do an NCS for). I will be doing these in how they were revealed so like look at the Retro Iron Man set. This can be used as a comic version but Hasbro decided to not only included the Photon Cannon for the Iron Man (Marvel Vs. Capcom) but also the animated head for the Iron Man (Iron Man: The Animated Series) (the one with the mouth piece), so you can choose which one you want this set to be.

Moving onto one of the few brand-new characters, we have one of Ghost Rider's villains Orb. Before anyone says it, as far as I can see Drake Shannon, the original Orb, who wore an Eyeball helmet, never wore this costume. Shannon wore an older school biker outfit, not a stunt costume. This is the second Orb.

Finally, we look at the classic F4 villain, Molecule Man. This has been a long time coming. Glad they sculpted the scars on his face for this. Hopefully, we will get Volcana at some point.

Next time (depending on if Hasbro reveals stuff for NYCC) we will look at Avalanche and What If...? Gamora.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we continue our look at all the characters revealed at the Pulse-Con panel but first I have updated the Moon Knight page with the new Fan Channel exclusive. I see people giving out that Hasbro is just re-releasing this, but the thing is this is going for 55$ on Ebay at the minimum and many people weren't collecting at the time. Not only that but this follows the pattern of Hasbro re-releasing older figure to coincide with their Disney + series. We saw this with the Retro Falcon, Loki, Lady Loki, Scarlet Witch and White Vision as well as the Captain America MCU 2-pack and the MCU Winter Soldier set. So, expect them to do another She-Hulk, Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, and Ms. Marvel at some point in the future.

On to the new stuff starting with What If...? Gamora. I was reluctant to do this one as we haven't had her proper episode in the series (which is set for the second series of what if next year). But given that she was in the last episode of the first series, I have enough info to make a page for her.

Next, we look at one of the mainstays of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants with Avalanche. I have the older version which I had to buy twice as the first one broke on me. However, I never liked that version as it was not a proper version of the comic character, with the toy being an original design for the toy, which is something Toybix did a lot during their days.

Finally, since we are getting a new Dark Phoenix, I skipped ahead to one of the ideas I had for a while and made a page for the Phoenix Force itself. I think I have gotten all the hosts for the Phoenix but there have ironically been more than just the X-men.

Next time we will finish the X-men Retro wave by looking at Spiral, start the 5-pack by looking at Stryfe, do the last (for now) Animated X-men line with Cartoon Cyclops and (hopefully) do the original version of Star-Lord.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we not only finish off the second X-men Retro wave, but all the remaining characters that were revealed at Pulse-con. We start with the six-armed, magic, and teleporting mutant, Spiral (Mojoverse). I have the original and as far as I can see nothing is used from that version. The old one still holds up though, but this looks to be a vast improvement.

Next, we look at Cable's evil clone, Stryfe (Earth-Askani). Unlike Spiral this looks to be an exact re-release of the Jubilee wave version but considering that was near impossible to get without selling a kidney, it is nice to get it again. If you haven't been keeping up with the rumors, this is supposed to be part of the X-men 60th anniversary line as part of a five pack. If you want to see what is in the other check out the Rumor List – 10/10/22.

We also look at the Star-Lord (Earth-791). Yep that Walmart exclusive is not the 616 version but his original version from back in 1975. After his story was finished, he fell into obscurity for decades before he was brought back in Annihilation but when the character became popular, they changed most of his backstory making the 616 version a new version.

Finally, we look at the last of the X-men: Animated Series figure with Cyclops (X-men: the Animated Series). Not much to say about this character but if you missed the comic version of this suit you may want to get this one.

Unless we get another reveal during the weekend, we will return to our look back at the SDCC sets with a look at Purple man and Dreadknight.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we have both new and old characters to talk about today. Starting with the new figure revealed today, we look at War Machine (Marvel Vs. Capcom). Fun fact about this character and the reason he is a straight repaint of the Iron Man figure is that Iron Man was supposed to be in the game that War Machine debuted. However, because IM was in a video game with X-O Manowar (the Valiant comic character) by Acclaim and they weren't allowed to use IM, Capcom had to make a re-palette of Iron Man to fit into their game.

Since her series has just ended, we also look at She-Hulk (MCU). I loved the series. It was a great adaptation of what She-Hulk comics are usually like. I particularly like the scenes with K.E.V.I.N. and her breaking down the MCU formula made me laugh so much. I also added a Jennifer Walters (Multiverse).

Next, we go back in time and finish off all the characters that were part of a SDCC exclusive box set with the Raft Box set. I already did Abomination, Enchantress, Sandman and of course Spider-man (cause all have been released in the main line), so let's start with Purple Man. Yeah, given that this character is a serial rapist that forces his victims to have his children, we may never see him in another figure in the main line.

We also look at one of the more obscure Iron Man villains with Dreadknight. If you are like me, you mostly remember this character from his regular appearance in the 90's Iron Man cartoon. However, unlike his box set mate above, I can see this being re-release on the Retro card.

Next time (most likely Wednesday) we will start looking at the remaining Target exclusive figure that I haven't done an NCS for with Radioactive Man and MCU Minn-Erva. (Everything else has had either a re-release or a new figure).


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. This is it. This is our 700th NCS character. (Okay, it's over 700). To celebrate I have 7 character I want to talk about, starting with the Target Exclusive, Minn-Erva (MCU). I'm actually surprised that I haven't done this character yet as when she was announced and released, I was doing the Captain Marvel wave.

We also look at one of the Target Box set with a look at the Radioactive Man. I did Cap and Danvers already and this Avengers villain has yet to be re-released in some form, but I do see him being redone on a retro card at some point.

Let's move onto the now defunct Toys-R-Us exclusives with two box sets. First is the Agent of SHIELD box set with Phil Coulson (MCU), a MCU original character that now is a comic character, and Maria Hill (MCU). These two are the last MCU character I have left to do beyond the Wakanda Forever characters which will be done in Novembers.

Next, we look at the A-Force box set. I have already done She-Hulk, Lady Loki and Lady Sif so let's talk about the box set exclusive Singularity (Multiverse). I call this the box set exclusive as unlike all I mention as well as the next 2, there isn't a big call for this character to be re-released despite her being seen in Love and Thunder.

Next, we look at the second Captain Marvel, Spectrum. Unlike Singularity, Monica will get another figure eventually especially since she will be a main character in "The Marvel" movie. I see Hasbro making a classic Captain Marvel version like many people have been requesting.

Finally, we look at the monster hunter Elsa Bloodstone. Elsa has been getting alot of attention as of late, long before she was in the Werewolf by Night Special. She was a playable character in many games, including Contest of Champions, Ultimate Alliance 3 and the now defunct mobile game Avengers Alliance. With her MCU debut I can see this getting a repaint re-release.

With that I now only complete the Target Exclusives but also the TRU ones. Most of the exclusives I have yet to talk about either have a new figure released or had a MCU figure made so I have to talk about the comic version. I would like to thank all those who have stuck with me as long as you have. I am nearly finished catching up with all the Marvel Legends that have been released with only Walgreen (that only has 2 left) and Walmart (only 7 left). After that I will move onto the Classics lines, which has alot to do.

While I do expect something tomorrow to be revealed, next time we will jump into the Walgreens' exclusive with a look at Black Ant and Anti-Venom II symbiote.


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Hey, my fellow Addicts. After 2 days of reveals, we have a ton of new characters as well as many updates. Starting with the updates:

  • Character with new costume figures:
  • Character that have gotten an update of an old figure
    • Baron von Strucker – replace the Toybiz figure with the brand new and much more accurate Hasbro one
    • Iron Man – replace the old Hasbro one with the much superior new version
    • Captain America (Ultimate) – replace the Ultimates version with the new one.

That’s it for the updates. Note I will be holding off on Blob and Ronan until we get official reveals. As for the new characters, I have added the Carnage (The Animated Series) and Killmonger (What if…? Cartoon) and also created a Eric Killmonger (Mutliverse). I said I would get these out of the way so I can spend tomorrow talking about the four brand new characters from the X-men 60th line.

As such next time we will start the 5-pack with a look at Pretty Boy, Random, Zero and Vertigo.

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. During last week, Hasbro started revealing more of the X-men 60th Anniversary line with four brand new characters, all of which are rumored to be part of a box set with Stryfe. Starting on the 20th of the month, Hasbro revealed the latest member of the Reavers with Pretty Boy. With this character we are now closer to the full team with Macon, Reese and a Reavers version of Donald Pierce all that is left.

Next, we talk about the young mutant that appears to be an adult, Random. I see people saying this looks too small but it’s on the Hercules buck (with Thunderstrikes’ legs) so he is plenty tall and bulky. Also don’t forget he was created in the 90’s and a lot of characters then were created with exaggerated bulk

Now onto the only female in the set, Vertigo. Now that Hasbro are nearly done with the Reavers, is the Marauders next? Or the Savage Land Mutates? Possibly but I like to think it was just a random character they wanted to slot into this set.

Finally we look at probably the least known figure in this set, Zero. I say that but looking at how he was a servant of Stryfe, it actually makes kind of sense they included his mode of transport. I’m thinking this set is going to be called the Marauders or the MLF.

And that’s all the characters that Hasbro revealed so next time we will jump into the missing Walgreen characters I have yet to do, Black Ant and Anti-Venom II (Klyntar) next time.

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Today we jump back to look at characters I have yet to do from Fan Channels, Walgreen and Walmart exclusives. We start with the only Walgreens exclusive left, that being Black Ant. I went back and forth on whether I consider this Eric O'Grady and his LMD a different character but given that Marvel are treating them like they are the same character so will I.

Next, we look at another symbiote that being Anti-Venom II (Klyntar). Originally, I should have done this when the figure was announced but I don't think I was doing the symbiotes and the human as they are separate characters yet. Yes I know this symbiote doesn't have a personality like his siblings but I still doing it anyway.

Next, we head over to Walmart with two exclusive waves. The first is the original Ares wave, which contained Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly), Guardian, Human Torch, The Vision and Crossbones, all of which have had new and / or updated figures made. Ironically, the only ones left are 2 Iron men character from 2 separate universe, which being War Machine (Ultimate) and the Iron Man (Heroes Reborn).

Lastly, we look at the Nemesis wave, where all the regular figures (Black Bolt, Nova (Rider), The Punisher, Tigra, Daredevil and Beast) have all had updates since with the BAF, Holocaust (Age Of Apocalypse), being the only character not to have an update. Funny story about this wave, it was originally going to be a mass release, but the low sales of the previous wave caused it to be held back and eventually placed into Walmart.

I won't be doing a NCS next week due to me going to see Wakanda Forever, but I will have an Ideal Wave up for it. Unless something happens during that wave (like a new reveal), then the next ones will be Mr. Fantastic and Invisible woman from the Heroes Reborn universe, Spider-man from the Ultimate cartoon and Ultimate Vulture.

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today I finally caught up with every character that has been made into a Marvel Legends figure since Toybiz launched the line. With the exception of Turg, which I'm waiting for an official reveal (yes, we got a tease but not a proper reveal), I have done over 720 characters since I started this project over five years ago. That makes today the last Marvel Legends NCS, for a while anyway until Hasbro reveals more. HOWEVER!! I'm not done doing NCS, just Marvel Legends. I still have Toybiz (and some Hasbro) figures to do from the Spider-man/Fantastic Four/X-men/Hulk/Iron Man Classic line as well as some giant-sized Marvel Universe characters and a few Marvel Select figures. There are also a few characters that I also want to do that just happened to wear certain costumes that the main crowd did.

But anyway, onto todays NCS, starting with the BAF of the recent Avengers wave, the Serpent Society mainstay, Puff Adder. I really love this figure as I love completing team and this is a character that is needed to the Society, more than the Eel anyway.

We also look back at the last Walmart exclusive starting with the Fantastic Four box set from Toybiz that included Mr. Fantastic (Heroes Reborn) and Invisible Woman (Heroes Reborn). Yeah, Yeah, I know that some don't consider these separate characters but since House of M and AOA are considered Alternate Universe version when they are clearly just the Prime Universe in another universe, so should these.

Next we look at a Walmart exclusive 2-pack from Hasbro, with Spider-man (Ultimate Cartoon) and Vulture (Ultimate). The Spider-man is definitely from the cartoon as it doesn't have the red web pattern along the side which is a signature for the Cartoon version. Also while the Vulture also includes the cartoon head, there is alot more that doesn't match the cartoon so I didn't make the cartoon page.

I have also updated Okoye (MCU), Nakia (MCU) and Shuri (MCU) and added the NCS for Namor (MCU), Attuma (MCU) and Ironheart (MCU) (as well as added Namor (Multiverse) and Riri Williams (Multiverse). The only one of these I would watch out for is Shuri as this reveals a changing point in the character but it was expected from the start.

While we will have a Pre-order tomorrow, I don't think there will be a reveal so next time we begin our look at the Spider-man Classic line with a look at the Mangaverse version of the Webhead and the Ultimate versions of RHINO and Lizard.



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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. I told you I wasn't done with NCS, just Marvel Legends. Today we start our look at some figures from the Spider-man Classics that haven't been made into a Marvel Legends yet. Just a bit of background for this line though. As some may know, before there was ML, there was a 2-series line of Spider-man character that were package in the plastic clamshell that Toybiz eventually used with the Marvel Legends. Toybiz would eventually evolve this formula into the Marvel Legends line while the Spider-man line would become separate line with the standard card back. HOWEVER, this line would become a more kid focus line with most figures featuring action features like launching missiles, lights, and sounds. Each series many had 3 Spider-men, which were either just the comic suit (mainly the classic) or wholly original design, and at least one villain. It wasn't the greatest toy line, but it did feature some characters that have never been released in ML and work perfectly in a ML display.

With that all said, we start with the two Spider-men that are unique to this line, starting with Marvel's attempt at competing with the Manga industry, Spider-man (Mangaverse). I'm actually really surprised that this hasn't ever been remade as they have the perfect body with the Mile Morales mold with some added part. We also look at the Spider-man (Unlimited). While the chances of this getting remade is extremely low, with the launch of the Spider-man VHS collection we may see this done in that. I was also going to include the Cyborg Spider-man as the one who appeared in the Spider-verse but they are too different to be the same character.

As for the villains we have 2 from the Ultimate universe, with RHINO (Ultimate) (which can easily be a BAF for a Spider-man wave) and The Lizard (Ultimate) (doubt it would get a remake since he was only seen in it for one issue). We also look at the first female Beetle with Beetle (Leila Davis), which might work as a BAF BUT I rather they do her Hardshell form instead.

Next time, depending on if or not they reveal a new figure on Sunday (the 20th), we will finish our look at the classic line with a look at Ultimate Doc Ock, Man-Wolf, Levin's Jack O'Lantern and Hasbro's Tarantula.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we start off with a Character update with Gambit with the new figure that was revealed on Sunday. I see people saying he should come with a jacket but for the initial appearances he didn't wear it. Please they have been saying they wanted to do a Gambit without a jacket.

As for some new character, today continue our look at the unique characters from the Spider-man classics line with a look at one of the Ultimate Universe villains, Dr. Octopus (Ultimate). Honestly unless you have to have every Doc Ock or Ultimate Universe character, this can be skipped.

As for Prime universe character, we have the son of J. Jonah Jameson, John Jameson III, A.K.A. Man-Wolf. It's actually really surprising that we haven't gotten an update to this character as they could easily make this with either the Jackal, the Puma or Beast body (depending on what size they want to make it as he varies depending on the artists).

Next week we will be the start our annual Best of Marvel Legends for this year. I'm still deciding if I will be taking my annual Holiday break but that's all depending on my working hours. I'll let you know next week.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. We are heading to the Shi'Ar empire today but before then, if you haven't already, we are currently holding the finals of the Best of 2022 so head over here to vote. I have also updated Powerhouse (Franklin Richard) with the newly revealed figure so if you want to find out why he is now a teenager and now has black hair, head over there. If you aren't up to date with the rumors, he is supposed to be coming in a 2-pack with his little sister, Valeria (who is using the Brainstorm codename).

Since we are talking about Franklin, I also did the NCS for the pack-in head in a jar, Turg. Not that they have the head hopefully we will get a few Moloids in the coming years and a new Mole Man.

Next up, we look at the Space Pirate and Summers' patriarch, Christopher Summers, aka Corsair. It's great that Hasbro are finally at least starting Starjammers and with Cr'Reee also confirmed, it's looking like Ch'Od is coming this year as well. Whether he is the BAF for the wave or not is unknown. He could even be part of a 2-pack or box set with Hepzibah and Raza.

Next up we have probably the second most famous member of the Imperial Guard, Fang. However, he is not alone as his successors. Fang II and Fang III, are here, which allowed me to also to create the Fang (Multiverse) page. Yes. Yes. I know that the figure is on the wrong body (should have been the Wolverine body) but I love this figure and the fact that they are finally getting more of the Guard into the line.

And that's the last NCS of 2022. Next week we will begin the New Year with a look at pink haired punk Kid Omega and self-absorbed Monet.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we continue our looks at the upcoming X-men wave with a look at the youngest member of the wave, Kid Omega. I'm honestly not surprised they went with the Krakoa's X-force version at it's probably the only "toyetic" costume he has. I wonder if they will make the rest of the team. I really want that version of Domino.

I'm going to skip Monet until next week as I need to research her more as well as her twin sisters as well as they appeared as this as well. Instead let's look at the last of Toybiz Spider-man Classics figure with a look at a character that was not only given the wrong head but also the wrong name, Jack O’Lantern (Levins). Yes, I know everyone is waiting for a classic Jack O'Lantern but if Hasbro were to remake this, I wouldn't be mad. Like I said, that is the last of the Spider-man Classic from Toybiz but there is still one character from Hasbro's attempt at the line I have to do who I think Hasbro are thinking of remaking. However, that is for next week.

Next time we will go back to do Monet, the M-Twins and (if I have time) Tarantula.


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(forgot to add this yesterday) 

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. With the reveal of Ch’od (he and his pet will be done tomorrow), we finish off the wave by looking at the remaining regular figure of the wave, who can be used as one of three people. The first and most famous is of course Monet. I think most people think of this character when they think of Generation X. However, she wasn’t the only one who had this form as her sisters, M-Twins, were actually the first to wear this. I know I usually do separate NCS for each character but given that they usually spend their time merged, it seemed more appropriate to have them as one entry. I can see their Penance form being done eventually which is why I also created the Penances alternate page.

Like I said, tomorrow we will look at the BAF of the wave Ch’Od as well as his pet Cr’reee, maybe Tarantula as well.

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off our look at the X-men wave by looking at both the BAF and his pet, Ch’Od and Cr’reee. You guys have no idea how many times today I had to rewrite those names. Now that we have those two and Corsair, hopefully Hepzibah and Raza at some point. Hepz could use the Tigra body with a new torso and a new tail. Raza is harder to make as it would need mostly a new sculpt. Maybe throw in Sikorsky into one of them.

But that not all we are talking about today as we are also going to look back at Hasbro's second attempt at the Spider-man Classics line. Hasbro original launched the kid friendly Spider-man line with Spider-man Origins, which was a line that gave us the original Iron Spider and Demogoblin, but it used outdated mold and contained, ugh, action feature. The line lasted for 2 "waves" before being canceled. They would relaunch the line again as Spider-man heroes and villains. It was a slight improvement over the previous one but since the 6inch line was about to be cancelled so was this line. When Hasbro eventually brought back the Marvel Legends line and transformed it into the theme-based line of the Infinity Series, it was decided to make Spider-man a major subline of Marvel Legends instead of it's one separate line, which continues to this day. There wasn't many new characters in either of Hasbro Spider-man classics line (that I haven't already talked about) but there was one figure that is unique to this line, which being Tarantula (Rodriquez) or if you want Tarantula (Alvarez). This was a bad figure but thankfully it looks like Hasbro are remaking it as it is rumored for the next Spider-man comic wave.

That's it for today and is the last of the Spider-man Classics lines but next time we will start looking at one of Toybiz's other classics line starting with the Fantastic Four Classics line, with Ultimate Universe versions of the Mr. Fantastic (or the Maker as he is known as now) and Thing.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Yesterday we finished our look back at both Hasbro's and Toybiz's Spider-man Classics so today we move onto one of the other Classics lines starting with the Fantastic Four Classics line. As people may or may not know, during the final days of Toybiz and knowing they were losing the license to Hasbro, TB began creating classics line to get as much product out as they could in order to get as much money as they could before the transfer to Hasbro. One of these and the hardest to find was the F4 line. The Dragon Man figure is still considered one of the rarest figures to date.

Though the line was called Classics and had classic Prime Universe characters (including one packed in with Human Torch), all for members of the F4 (6 figures) were from the Ultimate universe. This was because the Ultimate Universe was the thing at the time, with many toys and video games using their designs. However, unlike the X-men, Spider-man and Hulk line, none of these were original designs. In the first series we got Thing (Ultimate), Human Torch (Ultimate) and Mr. Fantastic (Ultimate) along with Super-Skrull and Impossible Man who was packed-in with Johnny (his NCS will be tomorrow). The second series saw another Thing, depowered Johnny (who I can't find a clean image of) Invisible Woman (Ultimate) as well as Kang and Dragon Man (again tomorrow).

Next time we will look at the only 2 characters I have yet to do an NCS of, Dragon Man and Impossible Man as well as moving onto the X-men Classics line by looking at Ultimate Universe Iceman and maybe Sabretooth.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Yesterday we started our look at Toybiz's Fantastic Four Classics line by looking at the Ultimate Fantastic Four characters. Today let's finish it with a look at the only 2 characters I have yet to do a NCS for. Starting with a figure that came with Human Torch, we have Impossible Man. This is not a character that is absolutely in need of an update as he is not an essential character. However, Hasbro has been hinted of a possible update for years, similar to how they kept on hinting on an Amazing Bag-man figure.

However, the only other figure of this wave is in desperate need of an update, Dragon Man. It's not that this figure is bad. It's actually pretty awesome if way too small. (He says when he has it on his shelf). It's just that it's damn expensive these days with it being nearly $200 minimum to get and that's a loose figure. Hasbro needs to remake this so that others can get this, either as a baf for a F4 wave or a mega-deluxe figure (IE Mojo and MODOK).

Now that the F4 line is done we will look at everyone's favourite mutants, the X-men line. History time! When Toybiz launched the Marvel Legends line and the Spider-man line, they also launched a X-men Classics line. Either this line didn't sell well or there wasn't enough money for another line, but the line would only have a single series. All these figures had action features but were all comic based. It included an Archangel, Jim Lee Cyclops, X-treme X-men Gambit, New X-men Wolverine (with a monster Sentinel) and Tiger Stripe Wolverine. It wouldn't be for many years and near the end of the Marvel lisence that they relaunched the line. However, unlike most of the F4 and Hulk classics lines, this line had alot of original designs. It did have some comic figures, but it wasn't until the third and final wave that it had some new comic accurate figures with the first two waves just repainted of older figures.

Series 1 had a released of the previously mentioned Archangel, and a repainted ML Storm (series 6) and a repainted Gambit alongside original designs for Beast, Cyclops, Magneto and 2 Wolverines. Series 2 had a release of Series 6 Phoenix as well as a House of M Wolverine that was taller than others as well as original designs for Angel, Cyclops Juggernaut and Beast. Series 3 had only one original design with Avalanche, but it would have a new Astonishing X-men Colossus, a release of series 6 Iceman with a Bobby Drake and another variant (more on that in a bit) and an X-treme X-men Rogue with long and short hair variants. Since this wave the 2000s and the Ultimate universe, the series also had Iceman (Ultimate) (a variant of the Iceman), Nightcrawler (Ultimate) and Sabretooth (Ultimate).

And that's it for the X-men Classics line. Next time we will look at the only Hulk Classics character I have yet to do, Gremlin. That will finish off the entire Toybiz lines, so we will also look at Hasbro attempt at an Iron Man where we look at Crimson Dynamo as well as look at a character from their 3 3/4 line that can be used for ML with Bill Foster.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today is special as we finally catch up to every 6inch figure that are unique characters that have ever been released by both Hasbro and Toybiz. I have been doing this for nearly six years so this is quite an achievement. I still have a figure character (mostly those that wore the same costume as previous NCSs) and a couple of figures from some other lines that I want to talk about so sorry, Team NCS won't be for another while.

Anyhow, today we look at the single character from the Hulk Classics line that I have yet to talk about but first a bit of background on the line. Like the X-men and Fantastic Four, near the end of the Toybiz run of the lisence, they started pumping out various line in order to make as much money as they could. Hulk was one of three lines launched at the time and had two series. Mostly made up of variants of the Hulk but were all comic based. The first series would see Rampaging, Smart and Joe Fixit Hulk alongside an Abomination. The second series would have another Rampaging Hulk (with a Bruce Banner figure), War Hulk, Absorbing Man and the original design Mecha Hulk. It's the last one we are talking about as it would come with a pack-in Gremlin figure.

And was the last of the Toybiz era (thank God) but there was one Hasbro line that saw a couple of Comic figure released. Following the success of the Iron Man 2 line, Hasbro tried to release a new line around the shellhead called Iron Man: Armored Avengers. The line was mostly made up of original designed Iron Man armor but would see a release of the Initiative War Machine, Titanium Man and the character we are talking about Crimson Dynamo (Valentin Shatalov). There was to be a second/third wave that had a Rescue, Neo-Classic Iron Man, Extremsis Iron Man, MCU Pepper and Trevor but all of them were cancelled and placed in other sets.

And that's it for the 6-inch line but Hasbro's 3 3/4-inch line had a couple of figures that would work with their bigger counterparts. I won't include the smaller figures unless they are size changers like Scott Lang, Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne but Hasbro would release giant size figure in the line, including Galactus, Sentinel, Giant Man, couple of Pym's Goliath and Goliath (Bill Foster). Since his nephew wears the same costume and is not that different in appearance from his uncle, I also did Goliath (Tom Foster).

Next time I will move onto some Marvel Selects figures that can be used in a Marvel Legends display. Note I will only be doing characters that are unique to the Select line and no alternate universe character. That mean I will only be doing Mephisto, Watcher and Lady Death.


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