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Near Complete Set V3


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. After finishing off all the 6inch figures that are unique characters, today we look at 3 figures from the Marvel Select line that many people use in their Marvel Legends line. We start with someone most people are still angry who was included in the Haslab Engine of Vengeance project, Mephisto. Yes, Hasbro shouldn't have made one of the most important villains part of that project. However, they said THAT VERSION of Mephisto wouldn't be released in retail so they may just repaint it and release it on Pulse at some point.

Next, we look at a character that could be watching you now, Uatu The Watcher. It's actually surprising we haven't gotten this in ML form at some point. Easy BAF for a F4 wave. Then again if you don't have the Select form the What If...? version makes a great stand-in.

Lastly, it is not really a figure, more of a statue that come with the Mad Titan, the embodiment of Death and Destruction, Mistress Death. Honestly, I would skip getting this. I don't see what would prevent Hasbro from making this eventually. The standard female body with skeleton hands and head. Maybe a pack-in with her brother?

That it for all the figures released by Diamond, Toybiz and Hasbro so far but next time we will begin looking at characters that just happen to wear the same costume as previous NCS. For example, all the Captain America, Red Guardians, Beetles, or Iron Men. You actually be surprised how many figures can be used for other characters.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we start a new part of NCS, where we look at characters that just happen to wear the costume that Toybiz and Hasbro have made into a figure. For example, let's start off with Tony Stark's former love and frequent head of security, Bethany Cabe. She wore the Neo-Classic armor when Rhodey recruited former people that have donned the Iron Man armor in order to defeat Ultimo. Given that Iron Man has a big part of ML, we may get an official version of her later. Maybe for an Iron man Retro wave?

Next, you know how Beetle had three armors before he decided to become a good guy as Mach-I. Well, three students later stole these three armors, and they became the Beetle. We are still missing the MK I version, but you can have Beetle (Gary Quinn) and Beetle (Elizabeth Vaughn) in your display by using the Buzzing Beetle and Homecoming wave Beetle respectively.

Lastly, long before Sam, Bucky and even John took up the mantle of Captain America, there was a time when Steve gave up the mantle when he learnt that a high-ranking official in the US government was behind the terrorist group The Secret Empire. During that time, he became the Nomad and a number of people tried to fill the role. One was a comedically short run by Captain America (Bob Russo) and the other with a rather iconic scene was Captain America (Simons). Not saying you should ever use the Classic Cap for this, but it is nice to known about these.

Before you go, I just want to say I will only be doing these alternate characters for the Prime universe. If I were to do Alternate universe versions of the characters, I would never be done. Unless Hasbro markets the figure as some alternate universe, like they did with the RYV Spider-man, I will not do them.

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. First, I would like to thank all the people who sent their well wishes last week. But before we move onto the NCS, I just have a quick rumor update. With less than a month before the movie release we still haven't gotten the reveal of the wave for the Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania. This is most likely due to the movie being brought forward nearly half a year, making the preparation time for this wave a lot shorter. Don't forget, it was supposed to be the Marvels next. However, thanks to JayC (see here) we now MAY known when it will be revealed, probably the first week of February. As it says in the link above, this may not be the actual date for these, but I just thought I give you the heads up.

Now onto the NCS, starting with the brainiac daughter of Sue Storm and Reed Richards, Valeria Richards, aka Brainstorm. (Yes, that's her actual codename). I love that Hasbro is completing the family. All we really need is Alicia Masters Grimm and we will have the full family.

We also have an Iron Man replacement with Eddie March, who is actually the first black person to wear the Iron Man armor, years before Rhodey was even introduced. Like Happy, Eddie also became the Freak so that allowed me to make a Freaks alternate page. I also made a NCS for Captain Marvel (Khn’Nr). Yes, I usually don't make a page for the forms that Skrulls take but given that he had a rather long tenure as Mar-Vell and never really changed back into his Skrull form, I am adding him.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. As you may know, Hasbro has announced that they will be releasing a comic book version of the original Guardians of the Galaxy member, the archer Yondu (31st Century), so I did a NCS for him. Now Hasbro has to make Martinex as a single figure (as either part of a GOTG wave or Avengers wave) as well as a Charlie-27 as a BAF. Starhawk, Nikki and Aleta can wait but we need the founding members of the 31st century's Avengers. This allowed me to create a Yondu (Multiverse) page for the alternates. Maybe we can get his ancestor the 616 version as well.

I also did another Iron Man pilot who I think should get a proper figure soon, Force. If you are wondering why I made a NCS of him, he has worn the Iron man armor a number of times, particularly when he was part of Rhodey's Iron Legion. But yes Classic Force is needed for our collections.

Unless something else is revealed by next Monday, next time we will look at the white supremist Captain America, the Grand Director as well as the only villainous Green Goblin not to be part of the Osborn family, Bart Hamilton.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we start our look at the Squadron Supreme 2-pack. You may think that this would be easy but it's not. Not Superman rip-off, which is primarily on the more recent Squadron Supreme of America version, which being the Hyperion (Mephisto’s Simulacrum) version. The previous one we got was based on Earth-S version. Thanks to that, we also have a new Hyperion (Multiverse) on the alternate's page.

No, the problem lies with the other figure, the Green Lantern rip-off, Dr. Spectrum. In the prime universe alone, there have been six characters that have used the Power Prism, including the Avenger's Wasp. Thankfully including Wasp, three have been woman so you obviously can't use the figure for that. That make at least three characters from Prime universe that have used the Prism AND this exact suit. BUT!! I'm not going to talk about those versions today. Instead, we are going to jump over to Earth-S and talk about the Dr. Spectrum (Earth-S) version of the character, to join with his Squadron teammate. Yes, I normally don't do Alternate version when they have a Prime version but given that we got the Hyperion Earth-S version of the character, I decided to include him here. This also allowed me to add Dr. Spectrum (Multiverse) to the alternate page. (This will be updated as I add the other three.)

Next time we will look at the Obatu, Roberts and the SS of America version of the character.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Last week I asked people on my social media account if they would like me to start looking at characters that have yet to be made into a Marvel Legends. My readers were overwhelmingly in favor of this idea with only one guy against. (Yeah, you know who you are.) So, coming this Wednesday (fingers crossed), we will begin a new feature on this site that I like to call "Missing Legends".

To explain what this will be like. For the most part it will be nearly the same as a normal NCS, Profile on top with a brief history of the character underneath. However, once you get to the area that usually has the figures, I will instead go into how they could be made, like suggesting which body they should use, as well as displaying all the costumes they can use for the figure. You will be able to find all the characters we have done in the menu under the NCS -> Characters -> Missing Legends.

I will be starting with Jim Hammond's Human Torch BUT if you have a character, you want me to look at, please head over to this page -Missing Legends Requests. Please follow the rules on that page and have fun.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Like promised today we start our new feature of this site, I like to call "MISSING LEGENDS", where we look at characters that have yet to have a single Marvel Legends (or companion line) and see which version of the character could be made into a legend and how they can be made. This can be something as simple as reusing the Vulcan build or where it can be released, like on a retro card or box set. Since this is the first one, you may not know but you can request any character on this page - Missing Legends Requests. (I also added a couple of extra rules since some people are mistaken about what you should enter.)

For our first Missing Legends, we look at my number one most wanted character, Marvel's first superhero, Human Torch (Hammond).


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Before we get onto the NCS, would the person who ask for me to do a Missing Legends of Swordsman please get onto about which version you are asking for? I'm presuming the Jacques Duquesne but if you are talking about the Strucker or Javart version, please let me know by re-entering it into the request page with his civilian name (even just the surname will do). If others would like to suggest a character for Missing Legends please head over to this page (Missing Legends Requests).

Anyhow, last week I made a whole paragraph about how there was at least 3 men that have been Dr. Spectrum in the 616 universe (plus 3 women) so talking we talk about the first and second wielders of the Power Prism with Dr. Spectrum (Obatu) and Dr. Spectrum (Roberts). Just the more recent one left. Do I think the ladies will get a chance? Not likely but it's not impossible. Hasbro seems to want to build the newest version of the team.

There will be some sort of reveal tomorrow which looking more and more like Ant-man and the Wasp wave, but on Wednesday I will be doing an Ideal Haslab project so be sure to check that out. And no, it's not for the Ants. That's next week.

Kinji Obatu
Billy Roberts

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. First of all, to my reader in the US, tomorrow you will be able to pre-order the Target Exclusive Yondu. No word on whether this will be available in other countries but given that Hasbro only told some stores to put today Indiana Jones on pre-orders this morning, I would expect it to be on your usual Etailer tomorrow (Fingers cross). Dan has also told us that there will be more reveals tomorrow, that will also be Target exclusive as part of their Target-Con.

Onto the NCS, starting with finishing the Squadron Supreme 2-pack with Dr. Spectrum (Mephisto’s Simulacrum). That now ends all the male Dr. Spectrum figure from the Prime (and Earth-S). Now Hasbro has to make Power Princes and maybe a new Blurr figure and we complete that team.

Next, we talk about the only character that was an older character from the Quantumania wave that I can update Ultron. I searched online for where this version comes from and the conclusion, I could come up with is that Hasbro are trying to give us a more blue tint version of the classic version that was usually seen in older comics. You know, because grey/silver was hard to get right in comic with the printers of those days and they had to change the colors to blue, green and other colors.

Next, we move onto the new character , starting with Pym's arch-nemesis, Egghead. Like alot of you, I think of Elihas Starr as a puggy character but since he was brought back to life, he has been seen bulkier. Most have been working out since he faked his death.

Next up we look at one of Hawkeye's nemesis, Crossfire. As for why he is included in an Ant-man wave, it's because he is the cousin of Darren Cross, the first person Scott Lang battled when he stole the Ant-man suit. While he would become a villain for Hawkeye mainly, when Marvel launched Astonishing Ant-man (which is a really great read), they brought Crossfire in to help Darren Cross's son revive his father.

Lastly we talk about the new character created to celebtrate Ant-man's 60th anniversary, Ant-Man (2549 A.D). This character is really new, making his push for a figure really quick. (Not the quickest). I think it was Marvel themselves that made Hasbro make this figure as they have been placing this character in video games, like Contest of Champions, and other merch, like Funko. It's kind of like how Marvel was pushing Rintrah in other media, like again COC, but the character had like 30 seconds of screen time in the movie.

And that's it for this wave for now. Ant-man and the Wasp will be updated, as well as Kang and Cassie getting a NCS 2-weeks after the movie launches (March 6th). Like mention, Hasbro is supposed to be revealing something tomorrow, which I will post about, but tomorrow I will be posted my Quantumania Ideal wave.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. First off, I know I have only done one version of Missing Legends but there has been soon many things going on, either in toy news, movie releases or personal stuff, I haven't had a chance to do a second one just yet, but rest are coming. I still have a few to get through but it's not enough. If you have a suggestion of a Missing Legends head over to the request forms here (Missing Legends Requests). Get used to this as I will be doing it for a while.

With that out of the way, today we start with an update to both Giant-Man and Ant-man. Yes, I know that the description calls it Scott but Hank wore the exact same costume first so you can use it for either Hank or Scott (Grady wore a similar costume as part of the Secret Avengers but there are too many design differences to be included).

We also look at the other Target exclusive reveal with two of the three heads that are coming with the Tracksuit Mafia figure, Kazi Kazimierczak (MCU) and Tomas Delgado (MCU). I have seen some people giving out that "no one asked for this" (which is my most hated saying in the collecting community), but I have seen that it is both sold out on Target and is getting sold out in international stores, with many buying more than one. Plus, we have been asking for random thugs for years and this is the best we are going to get.

Next, we look at the white supremist version of Captain America, the Commie Smasher of the 50's, Grand Director. Okay, let's face it. The chances of us getting his other costume are next to zero for some obvious reasons. We also look at the third person to take up the mantle of Green Goblin, Green Goblin (Bart Hamilton). Even with his revival, he hasn't done much but it is nice an option of using the classic GG for Hamilton. Now they just need to make two more verisons and we will have the set. Finally, we look at Tony Stark's chauffeur, Happy Hogan. While we have the MCU version, the chances of us getting Comic book version of the sour puss are also next to zero but he has worn Iron Man's suit.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Wednesday is the big day for Hasbro's livestream, so I decided to take a break from NCS and do a requested Missing Legends. If you want to suggest a Missing Legends for me to do, head over to the Missing Legends Requests page to enter your character. (Also, the guy who asked for Swordsman, you still need to get back to me and tell me which guy you mean.)

For today's missing legends we have the Majestrix of the Shi'Ar Empire, Lilandra. Before anyone says it,yes I know I said cancelled figure aren't allowed but Lilandra never had a figure cancelled per say. She lost the ToyFare Fan Poll in 2007 so that was never to be released and the head that came with Mystique doesn't have a body for her, so she counts as a Missing Legends. With the Fang, Corsair and Ch'Od getting released, I think Hasbro will finally give us Lilandra soon.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. It seems like while since I last did a mass of character updates but with Hasbro had their livestream today and out of the over 20 figures, we had 4 brand new character + 2 animated figures (which I consider new characters so that is 6), one Object and one random Skrull. As such, that means a majority of figures were either remakes or new costumes.

Starting with the remakes we have:

  • Luke Cage - not part of the stream but I haven't gotten around to changing the Power Man / First Appearance figure yet.
  • Tarantula (Rodriquez) and Tarantula (Alvarez) - switched out their classic version with the new much better figure
  • Iron Man - switched out the Toybiz First Appearance figure with the new Hasbro one
  • Hulk - switch out the Bruce Banner/ Civilian version AND the First Appearance version
  • Hawkeye - switched out the Classic version with the Skycycle version
  • Black Widow - replaced the Neo-Classic version from the 2-pack with the super-posable one
  • Winter Soldier - replace the old Bucky Cap build with the new one.

As for the new costumes we have:


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we start our look at all the brand new character (or at least characters I haven't done a NCS for) that were revealed last Wednesday. But before that, since it has been 2 week since the release of the Ant-man and the Wasp: Quantumania movie, I have updated both the Ant-man (MCU) and The Wasp (MCU) pages with their new figure as well as doing an NCS for both Kang (MCU) and the BAF of the wave Cassie Lang (MCU) (which also allowed me to add Cassandra Lang (Multiverse) to the Alternate page).

Now onto the new stuff, we start with the one brand new character from the new Spider-man wave. I already did a NCS for Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly), Spider-man (Morales, Ultimate), Spider-woman (Jessica Drew), Elektra, Tarantula (Rodriquez) and Tarantula (Alvarez), so the only new character is Kingpin's baby boy, The Rose. Hopefully the BAF (which I'm hearing will be up for Pre-order this or next week) will also be someone new and NOT in red and black LOL. I also want to say that I won't be adding the Jacob Conover, Phillip Hayes and Sergeant Blume versions of the Rose as they all had something different from the figure's design.

Next Wednesday I will be doing another Missing Legends of a certain Shi'Ar princess. As always, if you have a request please enter her - Missing Legends Requests. Next Monday, we will look at our first Object NCS by looking at the Destroyer (Armor) (yes, the Destroyer is not a character), as well as looking at Sersi.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we begin our look at the new characters from the Avengers 60th anniversary line by looking at an enchanted armor and two ladies who have a thing for green and red. I have already done a NCS for the Hulk (the Bruce Banner and Hulk 2-pack), Iron Man (the First Appearance Iron Man), Hawkeye (the sky cycle), Spectrum + Dr. Doom (their respective 2-pack), Black Widow (her superposable Figure), Winter Soldier (the Bucky Cap), Thor and Black Knight, with the last 2 coming with new characters that I have yet to do an NCS for.

Starting with the Thor 2-pack with have our first Object/Item NCS with Destroyer (Armor). For those that don't know, the Destroyer in this 2-pack is NOT a character. It doesn't have a personality or mind. Alot of the time it's just a rampaging suit of armor or is being controlled by some, usually Loki. This is usually done by a part of the person's soul being placed in the armor in order to make it move. Thus, you can think of this somewhat like a machine.

Next, we have the character that is coming with the 90's Black Knight and our first comic book version of one of the Eternals, Sersi. I'm glad we are getting this version of the character as it is what you think of when you think of her as a member of the Avengers. Hopefully we will get her classic green version at some point but given her risqué outfits, it might be a while. As for what other Eternal I want next, I think it should be Ikaris. It's such an easy character to make.

Next up we have the woman who would begin the Secret Invasion arc and was a member of the New Avengers, Veranke. We still don't know if she will come with a classic head yet if you wanted to use her as a classic Jessica Drew. I have mentioned this on social media but the figure that she is coming with is not the classic Super-Skrull that Hasbro made as a BAF. Nor is it the one that Marvel Select are making, that is the Black Bolt infiltrator so if you pre-ordered that, don't worry it's a separate character. This one is just a random Super-Skrull from the battle in New York.

Tomorrow, instead of a Missing Legends (Missing Legends Requests by the way), I will be doing a special list. Or rather an Update to a list I did years ago. Next Monday, we will look at the last of the new character from the Livestream by looking at Super-Adaptoid as well as a quick look at the Animated Series Aunt May and Doc Ock.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we have a look at another Missing Legends that Hasbro has yet to make. As always if you have a character that hasn't been made into a Legend, you want me to talk about, enter your request here -Missing Legends Requests. Before that though, the results of last times poll shows that a majority of you want Deathbird to be in the Empress form with the original design being a close second place. Hasbro, you heard them.

Onto this week's Missing Legends, we have the first character that has gotten multiple request.........or at least one guy has voted to this a number of times. I have a feeling I know who it was (Hulkwummy) but for others, please note I will not be doing characters from the cartoons, video games or MCU (though characters from those that haven't been made into comic figures are allowed). Comic figures only.

Anyhow, this week we look at one of Hulk's enemies with a look at the collection consciousness electric creature known only as Zzzax. I think we can all agree that this would more than likely be a BAF for a wave. He is too big for a regular figure and too unique to reuse much for other characters.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off all the reveals from the Livestream, but before that I have updated the Hawkeye (MCU) with the new Ronin figure. Yes, I know that this figure is basically the same as the Endgame version but Hasbro are advertising it as the Disney + Hawkeye Series so I made a section for it. Unless you missed the Endgame version, skip this.

As for the new stuff, we finish off the Avengers Beyond Earth Mightiest line (that we know of) with a look at the tallest figure of the line, the Super-Adaptoid. I think it was a clever idea to use the 12 Cap figure for this. Granted he needed the wings, but you can just make the argument that Wasp wasn’t a member of the team on your display. LOL.

We finish off by having a quick look at the “Aunt May (The Animated Series) and Dr. Octopus (The Animated Series)” 2-pack. Not much to say about this set. This may be the only Aunt May we get for a long while but if you think that you should get this set for the tentacles, just know that Hasbro are bound to re-release a classic version with these eventually.

We are supposed to be getting a new Pre-order this week and according to Dan, it’s something that hasn’t been officially revealed yet. Unless it’s not the ones I’m thinking it is, next time we will look at Harry Osborn. Next Wednesday, I will be making a new “Missing Legends”.

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Monday (don't worry I'll have another one tomorrow) but I have been busy the past week and this has been my only day off work. Anyhow, we start off with a few updates as we now have new improved images for the following.

As for the rest of the reveals like the Spider-verse figures and the Gamerverse Miles, these will be updated 2 weeks after the release of either.

As for the new stuff, today we look at the trouble son of Norman Osborn, aka The Green goblin, and the guy that essentially made the Comic Code Authority rethink their stances on drugs, the second Green Goblin, Harry Osborn. Yes, you can essentially use any classic GG as Harry as well. I didn't include the cloned version of Harry as they are retconned to be two different characters so I didn't include American Son in the needs section.

Next time we will look at 2 people who have worn the classic Hobgoblin costumes.

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we have a quick look at two more characters that have worn the classic Hobgoblin costume, ironically both being used by Roderick Kingsley in his schemes. First is the character that is actually the first person to become the Hobgoblin, Hobgoblin (Donovan). He was the first person that Spidey fought but was killed in his first appearance.

Next, we have a character that would fill in for Roderick, his brother Hobgoblin (Daniel Kingsley). Fun Fact: Roger Stern always intended to pull the identical twin ruse for the original Hobgoblin's identity mystery, but he left Amazing before he could resolve the storyline. The only mention of Roderick Kingsley having a brother in the original run was a thought bubble in Amazing Spider-Man #250 (the Roderick who appeared in that issue was retconned into being Daniel impersonating him). When Stern returned to Spider-Man to resolve the Hobgoblin plot as he originally intended, he officially introduced Daniel Kingsley in Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #1.

As for other news, thanks to Dan, we know that there will be 2 pre-orders coming up this Thursday, which looks to be the Hulk/Bruce Banner 2-pack and the Secret Wars Dr. Doom/Monica Rambaeu 2-pack. He also confirmed there will be a reveal later in the week as well. Depending on the reveal, the next NCS will be the first AI program for Iron man and Clarence Ward.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Before we move another the new NCS we have a few updates to do. First, Scarlet Witch (MCU) was updated with the MOM figure so she got an update. Hulk, Dr. Doom and Photon (previously Spectrum but now changed to Photon to reflect her name change) all had new images for their Avenger anniversary set.

Now onto the new stuff starting with the first AI copy of Tony Stark, Iron man (AI 1). Technically it's the second AI introduced in the comic but in the storyline, it was created BEFORE the Hypervelocity AI, and both were WAY before the Iron Man (AI 3). Hopefully we will get the Hypervelocity armor at some point to complete the trifecta.

Also done is the last (so far) person to wear the Iron man armor that I have yet to do, Iron Man (Ward). Yes, I know he was only in 4/5 issues, but I had to include him because he wore the "Modern" Iron Man armor that Toy Biz did, which I really do think Hasbro should remake. Plus, now you have a new character you can use on your shelf.

Next time we will look at a character that was used as a background for Wolverine, Ogun.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. We have a couple of quick NCS today but before that, I have updated the Super-AdaptoidVeranke and Spider-woman (Jessica Drew) page with new clearer images. Like I said before the Super-Skrull that is coming with the Spider-woman/Skrull Queen is not really a unique character so he will be put into the Army Builder page………..whenever I get around to it.

As for the new stuff, I have done a quick NCs for the new Animated series 2-pack with Green Goblin (The Animated Series) and Mary-Jane Watson (The Animated Series). I have to admit, even though I’m not collecting this line, Hasbro are putting a lot more effort into this line then they did with the X-men line. My wish is that Alister Smythe in his Spider-Slayer form will be one of the figures coming. Maybe they will use this line and give us a Spider-man: Unlimited figure as well.

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Today we talk about a character that didn't REALLY get a figure. Instead, he was part of a figure stand/display piece that came with Toybiz Series 6 Wolverine. Wolverine's sensei and later villain, his Samurai master, Ogun. Yes, I know he doesn't have an actual figure but if I make a page for Baby Hulk and Baby Nightcrawler, I'll make a page for him Ogun. Besides looking at some of the images below, if they remake Ronin, then that or the MCU version and instantly be used for this with a new head. I'm actually surprised Hasbro didn't think of this yet.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. We continue our look at character you can use with other figure and ironically two patriotic heroes starting with Michael Pointer, aka the Collective, the Guardian, Weapon Omega or as he is known on this site Omega. Honestly, I think they could easily make his Omega costume in a future X-men wave but for now if you want to make the Omega Flight team, this is the Guardian that was on it.

Next, we have the third person to take up the mantle of Captain America and a character that was featured in the AOS TV series, Jeffrey Mace, the first Patriot (Mace). I honestly can see them making a Patriot (the third and most costume costume) in a future Captain America wave. I mean it would be extremely easy to do. The Vintage wave Cap with a new head.

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. It's been a while since I did a "Missing Legends". As always if you have a request for a character, you want me to look at, whether it's a new character or from an alternate universe, please enter it here- Missing Legends Requests. Today we look at a character I was first introduced to during the original Avengers: Infinity comic, Jack of Hearts. Out of the four costumes I could find for him, I think his Avengers suit would probably have the best chance of being made, most likely in an Avengers wave. But that's just my belief so if you think another suit has a higher chance, vote in the poll at the bottom of the page.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. A few quick character updates before we get onto the new guys. Sersi, Black Knight, Thor and Destroyer (Armor) have been updated with better images for their anniversary sets. Hulk's Joe Fixit's image has been replaced with the latest version. Thunderstrike has had a new section done with the new Masterson's Thor being added to the page.

As for the new stuff, today we look at the orderly that stole Hobie Brown's costume and used it to commit crimes, Prowler (Lawson) as well as the LMD that was placed in the Winter Guard to become the 7th Red Guardian, Red Guardian (Anton). Both of these are just quick run through about the character but if I didn't include them, I wouldn't be doing my job.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we have a number of character updates as well as some new MCU characters to talk about. Since the GOTG Vol. 3 released 2 weeks ago, let's start by looking at:

All of them had their new Vol. 3 added to their pages. As for new characters we have:

For comic book readers, I have updated the Drax the Destroyer page to add the new Pulse exclusive 2-pack figure. I was going to do Moondragon today but it's taking a bit more to research to to get around to her. She will be the next one next week, possibly Monday. Tomorrow I will finish the lists for Minimates by looking at all the Alternate Universes.


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