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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we look at probably the one character with the big God complex in Marvel, Moondragon. I really like this figure and it's nice that she is coming with Papa Drax. I think it would work nicely for a GOTG display as well as a Avengers one.

Also, a few updated to older pages. Hawkeye, Thor, Destroyer (Armor) and Thunderstrike all had newer clearer images with their Avengers 60th Anniversary.

Next Wednesday, we will look at another Missing Legends, in Power Princess. No, I didn't move it up because of today. It was really next on the list. No. Seriously. Stop it.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Before we begin, if you have a request for a Missing Legends, please enter your request in the Missing Legends Requests. I'm pretty sure that after the last couple of reveals, you lot have plenty of characters for me to look at.

Anyway, on Monday, Hasbro reveal that they are releasing a second Squadron Supreme set and with it we only have one member of the CORE team. By pure coincidence and I mean pure coincidence, the Missing Legends that was requested just happened to Power Princess. However, to outdo myself, I decided to do two versions of the character, the first being the one that is almost guaranteed because of what the new 2-packs are based on, the Power Princess (Mephisto’s Simulacrum). The other one is what most people think of when they think of Marvel's answer to Wonder Woman, Power Princess (Earth-S).

Not only that but I also added a Zarda Shelton (Multiverse) to the alternate pages as well as moved the Earth-S (Earth-712) universe from the Misc Universe page to its own page (since we now have three characters from that universe).


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we look at the newest members of the Squadron Supreme of America with a look at the new Nighthawk (Mephisto’s Simulacrum) (as well as a Kyle Richmond (Multiverse) alternates) and Blur (Mephisto’s Simulacrum). Yes, these two exist in the Prime Universe BUT they are different characters to the Nighthawk and Speed Demon we got before. I like this as it is closely completing a team and now, I can put the original Nighthawk into my Defenders Shelf and Speed Demon onto my Spider-man villains' shelf.

I also updated all the West Coast Avengers characters. Iron Man and Tigra had the new one added to the section as you can choose which version you like better. Spider-woman (Julia Carpenter) replace the Molten Man wave version with the updated version. Yes, that one is good but this one is far superior. Mockingbird got a new section for this costume and Giant-Man also got a new section.

Tomorrow we have a new Ideal Wave to do to celebrate the Across the Spider-verse release (finally).


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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. It's been two weeks since the release of the incredible Spider-man: Across the Spider-verse movie. As such, we will now look at all the figures that have been released based on that movie. Starting with the ones that we have before with Spider-man (Morales, Spider-verse Series), Spider-Gwen (Spider-verse series) and Spider-man (Parker, Spider-verse Series), all which got a new and updated figure for this movie, although B. Parker looks nothing like he does in the movie. Where was the baby carrier Hasbro?

As for the new characters Spider-man 2099 (Spider-verse Series) (Plus a Miguel O’Hara (Multiverse) alternate), Spider-Woman (Drew, Spider-verse Series), Spider-Punk (Spider-verse Series) and Spot (Spider-verse Series) were all great in the movie and all got figures from movie. As for the Cyborg Spider-woman (Spider-verse), while I can understand why they made her (probably saw the concept art and thought she looked cool, which she does), given her extremely brief appearance, I honestly can say you can skip this. Still an awesome figure though.

I also did a few updates from the past couple of weeks:

  • The Hulk (MCU) - added the Amazon deluxe set to the Gladiator Hulk. If you have the BAF, you could skip this.
  • Spider-man (MCU) - New clearer images of the NWH 3-pack
  • Spider-man (Raimi’s Trilogy) - New clearer images of the NWH 3-pack
  • Spider-man (Amazing Spider-man) - New clearer images of the NWH 3-pack
  • Captain America - switched out the Terrex wave Commander Rogers with the new TAH wave version
  • Iron Man - Added a new Heroes Returns/Renaissance
  • Marvel Boy (Earth-2000800) - Added a new Young Avengers section
  • Agent Venom - added the new 2-pack to the Space Venom section. Again, if you have the BAF and not interested in the Mania figure you can skip this version
  • Venom (Klyntar) - added the new 2-pack to the Space Venom section. Again, if you have the BAF and not interested in the Mania figure you can skip this version

Next time we will start looking at some new character with the Inhuman with no superpowers, Karnak.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Today we look at the long awaited third member of the Inhumans (fourth if you count Kamala as she is an Inhuman in the comics) with the one Inhuman who doesn't have powers, Karnak. Before anyone gets onto me about it, no, his ability to see the weakness in anything is not a power. That is something he gained through years of training. He has never gone through the Terrigen Mist mutation.

Next time we will look at the living Iron man armor.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we look at Iron Man's latest revealed figure, the Heroes Return Iron Man from the Totally Awesome Hulk wave. However, I'm not talking about Iron Man himself, but another character was the suit itself, the Iron Man (Sentient Armor). This was during a storyline that like the name suggests, Tony's armor gained a mind of its own. Didn't end well for Tony. So, if you aren't using it for your Iron Man Armory display you can put it on your Iron man Villains shelf. (And before anyone says it, I know the eyes are wrong but it is close enough for it to be used as this character).


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today, we continue our look at "The Marvels" wave. I will be waiting to do the MCU Captain Marvel, Photon and Ms. Marvel at...........NOVEMBER?! God that is a long time away. Yes, I know they had this wave done way back for Febraury. They initially were planning to release The Marvels in February, but they switched it with Quantumania and even after that was pushed back to November. Something tells me, this is going to be the case for a lot of MCU movies/TV going forward as you may have heard there has been many shuffles in the schedule due to the writer's strike.

Anyway, back to the figure. Today we look at what Dan Yun said was his favorite BAF of the year, Totally Awesome Hulk, otherwise known as Brawn. You know since he is Amadeus Cho, the 7th Smartest man and he is in the body of a Hulk. I.e. Brains and Brawn. Anyway, besides the obvious Hulk collection, this a figure you will need to stand next to your teenage heroes, like Ms. Marvel, Alexander's Nova, Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen and Ironheart as the Champions. In fact, all we need is Viv Vision and teenage Cyclops and we have the founding members of the team.

Next time we will begin looking at Agent Venom's unofficial side-kick, Mania, or as she is known as now, Silence.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we have another Missing Legends as requested by a reader of the site. If you have a request, please enter them in the Missing Legends Requests page. Today we look at the first known member of the Scourge of the Underworld organization, well.....Scourge of the Underworld I. I'm only going to do this one for now but if it does get a figure that means I can do several characters as there have been several people who wore this costume, even several women.

Scourge of the Underworld I

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. Today we look at one of four characters that are in the new Venom Space Knight 2-pack. I have already done Agent Venom and Venom (Klyntar). Yes, I, and many people, consider the host and symbiotes separate characters. So today we look at the host that has had three different, Andi Benton, AKA Mania, Scream and now Silence (Benton). I would be incredibly surprised if we don't get a Silence figure at some point. I have also added a Mania Hosts to the alternates.

Silence (Benton)

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. We're just over 2 weeks aways from SDCC and that means we need to start asking for which figure we want to be revealed. For Avengers fans, there is one character that has been asked by pretty all Avengers collectors and that is the original Swordsman, who if made would complete the original 60's Avengers teams. Not only that but if you are a Hawkeye fan, this would be needed for that collection. Given how easy he is to make it's surprising we don't have him yet. If you have a character (NOT a team) you want me to talk about, please fill the form in the Missing Legends Requests.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. We are just over a week away from SDCC, so I wanted to get some of the new NCS done before we get some new reveals next week. I'm even expecting that they will reveal the SDCC set at some point during this week (if they have one). But before that let talk about Venom's latest family member, one of his clones to get a figure in Mania (Klyntar). I honestly don't see us getting another version of this Symbiote. Most people don't realize that it is a separate symbiote to Venom.

Mania (Klyntar)

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey, my fellow Plastic Addict. While we might (MIGHT) get another reveal later today or tomorrow, today we look at all the characters that have gotten new figures, both updates to old costumes and new costumes. We also have our first ever Missing Legends making its way to the line. Maybe we helped push Hasbro towards making this character so if you have another character you want to see made please enter them in the Missing Legends Requests page (single character only and NO TEAMS!).

Any the follow have add images replaced with new updated figures

New costumes

Missing Line to main line

Target 2pack

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. We begin our look at all the new characters that were revealed at SDCC over the weekend. We start with the first major reveal of the weekend with Detroit Steel. I know many people may not know the character but to me this is a great reveal and something a few people have been asking for. Using the MCU Iron Monger was a great choice.

I also decided to do the 2 MCU figure from the next Disney+ wave that are new character with Kingpin (MCU) and Agatha Harkness (MCU). I also added Wilson Fisk (Mulitverse) to the alternates. I also did a quick look at the Spider-Slayer (The Animated Series), which could easily be slotted into a comic display.

While I'm at it I also updated Black Widow (MCU), The Hulk (MCU), Gamora (What if…? Cartoon), Yelena Belova (Mutliverse) and Power Princess (Mephisto’s Simulacrum) with better promo pictures.

Next time we will look at Dr. Strange's apprentice, later wife and current Sorcerer Supreme, Clea.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Over the weekend, we had a ton of new characters revealed with one of them being Power Princes, who I already did a Missing Legends for and now has moved to the main line. They also had Justice who someone requested as well for a Missing Legends. However, there is still a ton of characters left to do, including one of the most requested Avengers and Namor allies’, Walter Newell, AKA Stingray.

As always, if you have a request for a character, don’t hesitate to enter them here – Missing Legends Requests.

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we have a few things to look at so let's start with 2 updates from the recently ended Secret Invasion. I did enjoy the series..............up until that finale. The series started out well but was extremely rushed at the end. If they had given it at least one more episode to build it up I think it would have been better. Anyway, I have updated Nick Fury (MCU) and Talos (MCU).

I have also done the Iron Man (Midnight Suns Game). I haven't gotten around to playing the game yet, but I heard it has a good story. Do I see them making more of these? Yes, but only the likes of Spider-man, Wolverine and Cap.

Now onto some Comic figures starting with Dr. Strange's wife, Clea. I have been wanting this character for years and with her just starting to appear in the MCU, it comes as no surprise that she is being made now.

Finally, we have a character that could have been released over a decade ago, Lady Bullseye. I think we all have been waiting for this one ever since she was shown in 2009 as a prototype. Glad to finally have her made.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we finish off all that was revealed at SDCC with a look at 2 of 4 characters we don't know what wave or otherwise they will be in place. (The other two being Vision and Zarda). We start with a character none of us ever thought would get a Marvel Legends, that being Marvel's own foray into the action figure domain with Crystar. Will we see more of this part of the Marvel universe? Probably not. It really all depends on whether this sells well.

Next, we have my number 2 most wanted Marvel Legends figure ever since the TB days, Justice. When I started reading comics, Firestar and Justice were part of the Avengers and thus stuck with me for many years as the most wanted figures. We got Firestar (twice!), but this is the first time we got Justice. I know some are disappointed it's his more modern look but honestly, it looks great. This also allowed me to add a Vance Astrovik (Multiverse) to the alternate pages.

Finally, after doing a bit of research, I recently learnt that they have finally brought Ms. Lion into the Prime universe so I created a new page for her. Not much info for her yet but she's there for anyone who wants to add her to your collections.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. I have caught up with all the new characters and updates to characters from the SDCC so let's look at some more figures you can use for multiple characters. Today we are looking at two more characters that have become the patriotic hero of Russia. First is the fifth person to hold the mantle with Red Guardian (Granitsky) as well as the WWII version of the hero Red Guardian (Lebedev). I was going to finish off the Red Guardians line, but WordPress is acting up again.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we continue our look at figures that can be used as other characters you may not know about. I'm trying to get through these as fast as I can as I'm nearly finished with the character side of this site. Let start with the current Psylocke, the Hand Ninja who's body was used by Betsy Braddock for decades. Revanche. If that rumor of another Psylocke is true for the Wolverine anniversary 2-pack, you can always use the classic version as this character.

Next, we have the big furry beast of the Exiles, Sasquatch (Exiles). I don't usually do alternate versions like this, but Toybiz once confirmed that they made this version based on this character. I think Hasbro could easily remake this using their BAF version and slot her into Exile box set.

Next we have the three cloned brothers that wore the Iron Spider as part of the Initiative, Scarlet Spider (Michael), Scarlet Spider (Van) and Scarlet Spider (Patrick). Yes, I know they had four waldo but when they weren't using them, they looked exactly like the standard Iron Spider suit. This also allowed me to creat a Michael Van Patrick (Multiverse) page.

Finally we look at the silver Scarlet Spider, Scarlet Spider (Wade). Yes, he never got a silver version but he was pretending to be Reilly's Scarlet Spider for a while, so I had to include it. I actually think his silver version has a great chance of being made as it's an easy repaint.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we have four more figures that can easily be used as multiple characters. We start with Scream (Robertson). You can easily use the Scream figure for this character as well as Andi Benton and the original Donna Diego. As for her Venom form, we could easily get it as an easy repaint of the Monster Venom with a new head.

Next we have the second person to take on the mantle of Captain America, William Nasland, A.k.a. Spirit of 76. For those that don't know the story, when Marvel brought back Cap in Avengers #4, it was revealed that he had gone missing at the end of WWII. However, this left a continuity error as it was shown that he was seen operating after the war ended. To combat this, they decided that a number of other heroes had taken up the mantle, with Nasland being the first, followed by Jeffrey Mace and William Burnside. As of such this finishes all the people that have taken up the mantle of Captain America and wore the costume.

Next, we have the most recent person to take the mantle of Spymaster, Spymaster (Abbott). As for why I didn't include it when the figure was reveal the last time is because he has only recently started wearing the classic version recently. But hey, I finished all the Spymasters.

Lastly we have the last character that has taken up the mantle of Red Guardian that I need to do, Steel Guardian (Petkus). Like the rest of the people who wore the costume, if you are using this as part of your Russian hero/villains, you are using the figure for most of the Red Guardian. All we need now is a Tania Belinskaya and we will essentially have all the Prime version of Red Guardians.



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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we dip into the ever-shrinking list of characters that have yet to have a figure, the Missing Legends. As always if you have a character that you would like to see made into a ML and would like me to talk about it, please enter it into Missing Legends Requests.

Today we look at the Force Works member that is more famous for being a supporting member of Iron Man’s 90’s cartoon, Century. Like I said in the page, I don’t see this one being done except for a part of an Iron man Retro wave because let’s face it, does anyone really remember him beyond the cartoon?

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. This is it. This is the last Character NCS of this site..............until the end of August or September when Hasbro will be revealing some new figures. I still have a few characters left to do but they are MCU or part of the X-men: The Animated series which I won't be doing until they are released. I have done 861 characters on this site since I started nearly six years ago! 861! That is insane. However, I'm not done yet. Starting next week, we will begin our looks at several Army Builders. After that... I don't know what it's called. Something about a bunch of heroes and villains grouping up together. What's that called?

With all that out of the way, today we look up Dr. Toni Ho, AKA Iron Patriot, who you can use a MCU figure for as they are exactly alike. As for her other forms, I can see her US Avengers Iron Patriot being a BAF in some Avengers wave with her Rescue suit being part of an Iron man wave. Maybe the same wave.

Next we look at the youngest member of the symbiote clan with a look at Bren Waters, AKA Toxin (Waters). Yes, I know people will say the deluxe Toxin looks different to Bren's Toxin but it's close enough to work. They may do a Bren version at some point though.

Finally (in the true sense of the word) with looking at 2 ladies that were manipulated into becoming Valkyrie with Barbara Denton (Valkyrie (Denton)) and Samantha Parrington (Valkyrie (Parrington)). Seriously Hasbro, time for a classic remake so we can have multiple Valkyries.


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. We have another Astonishing Missing Legends to look at today. As always if you want to request a character that you would like me to talk about, please enter it in Missing Legends Requests. (PS for the reader who requested Madcap, I already did an NCS for it here - Madcap. Thanks for the request though).

Today we look at a character that in her base form would be extremely easy to make (just a plain teenage mold with a new head, maybe Astonishing X-men Kitty Pryde with a swappable head) but her powered up form would be impossible to implement. I am of course talking about the junior X-men member, Armor.

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we start a new segment of the site known as NCS Grunts. Hasbro has been releasing many, many characters over the years but from time to time, have released figures that aren't based on just one person but instead a random soldier in a group or army. Dubbed Army Builders by fans, these figures are intended for people to buy multiples of to build an "army" of the figure. (Yes, I know most people know this, but this is for new collectors).

I would like to thank the people who answer my post of Facebook about what can be considered an army builder. For those wondering, I will not be including Spider-men, Iron Man or the like (for obvious reasons) and I will not be including Multiple Man because he is an individual who just happens to have the power of duplication, not a nameless grunt.

Today we look at the first batch of Grunts starting with:

  1. A.I.M. Drones
  2. Brood Soldiers
  3. Chaste Ninjas
  4. Chitauri (MCU)
  5. Cultists of Knull


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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. Today we look at a "Missing Legends" that I think almost every person who saw the Ursa Major BAF knew is coming. Before that as always, if you have a character that you want me to talk about that doesn't have a Marvel Legends, please enter it in - Missing Legends Requests. Today we look at the sometimes criminal sometimes hero, Grizzly. I think we all know that this guy is coming at some point in time. Not only because it would be an extremely easy reuse of Ursa Major BAF, but when Dwight and the team revealed it, they indicated that they thought they could make Grizzly using it. Not to mention when I and several other people were campaigning for Ursa Major (like when I did my Ideal Wave: Black Widow Wave), we were doing so because we knew they could make Grizzly with some different parts.

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Hey, my fellow Plastic Addicts. With the Hasbro Livestream happening this Friday (give a guess where I'll be at the time 🥹), I decided to take a short break with the NCS Grunts. I say this knowing that it will more than likely just be the Haslab reveal. The Star Wars one will be finishing this week by the time this is going up, so Hasbro usually post the next project nearly straight away.

To tied you over, I have updated the following characters with all that has been reveal the best week:

Images switched out for new ones:

  • Vision - meant to do this for a while but kept forgetting it.
  • Iron Man (MCU) - Both MKII and MK46 have been replace
  • War Machine (MCU) - Replace the MKii and Civil War versions
  • Captain America (MCU) - switching the Civil War stealth version
  • Black Widow (MCU) - switched out the Winter Soldier version
  • Thor (MCU) - switched out the Dark World version
  • Hulk (MCU) - switched out the Infinity War version
  • Moon Knight - switched out the Walgreen's version with Target one
  • Spider-man - added the Retro version of the First Appearance. it's up to yourself if the Blue Spider logo is essential or not.

New sections:

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