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Official Toyfair 2018


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It's that time of the year again guys. for the new guys we have strict rules

As alway:

    • I know we all get excited when we read something on another site but please know that this site will post news and images on the main page. You are allow to write what other sites have reported, that fine as we know we can't stop you all from doing that but don't post any pics or link. That plus our boss get really mad at us lol :P
  • Don't not make multiple thread discussing the same thing.
    • Keep all Toyfair/SDCC/Hascon/NYCC news to this thread. If you have an opinion or even anger rant (come one we know some one will), please post it here. If we MODs see a thread like this one, it will be merged together with this one.
  • Try and keep wishlist til after the Toyfair/SDCC/Hascon/NYCC (Sunday or Monday).
    • We are not going to ban wishlist thread, in fact we like them, but there is really no point in make a list until we know all that is coming out. Also their will usually be the annual "Post SDCC/Hascon/NYCC Wishlist" Thread going up on Monday.
    • Over the past couple of month there has been an increase in threads going from talking about one particular topic into a thread filled with MCU VS Comic or Peg Cloggin. Keep this thread talking about the reveals and figures. Nothing else. BUT if you don't like the MCU figures revealed then you can say that.


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I can't imagine this is the only & final version of Thanos they're gonna do. I mean he literally looks like he's wearing the thermal underwear that belongs under his real costume. Obviously in the 2nd part he's going to have some kind of armor or gear upgrade. I'm just wondering if they plan on doing an entirely new BAF or if they're gonna pull some BS like they did with the Vulture's flight gear. Cuz, if thats the case, people are gonna be pissed. My suggestion, and who the hell am I really, would be to have a smaller BAF (which we know Hasbro loves to do) and include a piece of the armor with each carded figure. An even better idea would be to just have one figure in the wave, maybe one of the smaller or female figures, not include any BAF part, but instead the parts for Thanos's armor.

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Ruuuuuuk, congrats you lucky bastard! Sux we didn't get any kind of visual sighting but given the 9 level on the awesome scale that Lizard pinned out at (I hadda deduct 1 point for the tail, y'know) I expect it to be top notch. After the major bad taste left in my mouth from the height of the Sasquatch BAF I need something to wipe it out. Sp//dr looks awesome too. I called the Logan Rider. Sadly, I also called the no go on my man Guido as the BAF. DAMN, I hate being right all the time!

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Wow, I figured with all the leaks that there couldn't be much more they'd show us but wow! First that updated Kaine/Scarlet Spider has me super hyped. And that Sauron!!! I want to pre-order that wave immediately, he looks incredible. The MCU 10 years stuff looks great, the Thor and Sif pack is definitely a pick up, probably the Red Skull for the army building possibilities too, already pre-ordered the Crossbones set, but the rest are a pass for now. I want to know what the BAF will be for the second Avengers wave, if it's Black Dwarf that will make that wave a necessity too. And I guess I'm in on those Carange and Venom re-dos, the unmasked heads look great.


My wallet will hate Hasbro this year.

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wow there is alot to talk about.


*Breaths In*

  • MCU 10 years - Im really tempted to get these and all the ones I missed.
    • Inferno Iron Man - Meh
    • Pepper Pott - nice to have her but meh.
    • Mandarin - Really great that they finally got Trevor.
    • Yellowjacket - will definetly be getting this version because that's how he looks in the comics now.
    • Ant-man - Accurrate head sculpt but meh. will be getting the avengers one anyway.
    • Tony Stark - Meh.
    • MK I Iron Man - I already have this so MEH.
    • Cap - Looks great but have it already
    • Crossbone - Looks great might be worth getting the set for it.
    • Thor - it looks okay#
    • Sif - Great Now we have another character from Thor movie. Please hasbro Heimdal and the Warriors Three
    • Red Skull / Hydra - Looks great and could work perfectly for a comic version and clever use of head swaps.
    • Iron Man MK VII - Meh
    • Ronan - Looks great.
  • Venom Wave - I really like the new box art.
    • Venom - Called it! I knew there was going to have a unmasked head. Looks exactly like is originally appearance
    • Carnage - was not expecting a unmasked head. Interchangable hand yes but not the head.
    • Scream - Look great.
    • Spider-ham - Finally buuuuut very under articulated. I supposed with it being such a small I would have expected. and unless you are a costumiser Pork Grind head is useless. Unless they give us his full body as a pack-in.
    • Poison - Kinda wanted the Peter Parker version (that design was awesome) but this looks nice and can be used as a army builder (I think haven't read Vemonverse)
  • Deadpool wave
    • Lady Deadpool - Like I said before she looks nice and nice of Hasbro to include Headpool
    • Bishop - Toybiz version? What Toybiz version? this is a must have. Never doubt Hasbro when they redo figures!!!
    • PantlessPool - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Hasbro really make collecting fun. This is hilarious and a great toy.
    • X-menPool - Like I said fun toy.
    • Omega Red - Looks like those Tentacle are changeable which is nice. Hope they are bendable too.
    • Sauron - Sauron!!! Frigging Sauron!!! Hasbro you gods. Thank You. Thanks You. Now get onto Nimrod and Strong Guy please!!!
  • X-men wave
    • Magneto- wow it really took me by surprise that they choose the Uncanny X-men instead of the Classic or Renegade version. Looks great though.
    • Sabretooth - Looks great. Definately mile better then the TB version.
  • Avengers wave
    • Malekith - mostly a repaint in different colors. I have the SDCC one.
    • Black Knight - Will be getting 2 of these One for Dane and one for Percy.
    • Ant-man - Looks okay. Paul Rudd head looks great.
    • Wasp - Looks nice.
  • Spider-man wave
    • Scarlet Spider- Huge improvement over the older one. Hope they include other hands though.
    • Doc Ock - Looks Fantastic can't wait to see other chubby characters on that build.
    • Elektra - This looks beautiful.
    • Dagger - Looks great but that effect is weird. Accurate but weird.
    • Cloak - Looks great. I wished he didn't have the beard but it is comic accurate for a while.
    • Daredevil - This is not the Shadowland version it's the ANAD version. Looks great.
    • House Of M Spidey - Nice figure will replace the TB one.
    • SP//DR - She looks great. Now I really want to get a Mikoto figure for her to fight.
  • Logan - Looks great and really love that they are including a Patch head in it. 2 version in one.
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Lol, pics of Sauron finally loaded. Website is totally bogged down. He looks freaking awesome. Only makes my disappointment in the Sasquatch figure that much more bitter. Something I'm definitely looking forward to.

AAAAAAhhhhhhh who cares about Sauron?!? LOLOLOLOLOL


I'm sorry but it has to be said; though it looks good, the Eddie Brock head is straight up suffering from VBHS! Somebody say it ain't just me!

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Ya, I noticed it too but if you look back at most reveals the heads are really big on the Protos, I guess to better show the facial details, but they get scaled down during mass production. But sometimes not enough. Like I said, you would think at this point they have some standardized formula on how much to shrink each head sculpt to be propionate to the respective body mold used. I'm thinking they'll be a lot more proportionate in the final release. Both Brock & Cassidy sculpts look totally psychotic tho.

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What's the point of a Gwyneth Paltrow figure in that outfit if there's no Aldrige Killian? Wouldn't it have been better served if she were wearing her business gear since that's primarily how she's shown? I'm not trying to imply a Killian figure should've been made (horrible character in my estimation, and the absolute worst MCU villain to date), but he's the only reason she's wearing that in the 1st place. I do understand this set is based on Iron Man 3, but still....


And I see we're getting a Martin Freeman figure. Is that necessary? Well at least peeps will get their Michael B Jordan head sculpt with this set.

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Great Reveals!!!!!!!!! I was thinking I would be done with Spiderman Marvel Legends with the Mysterio wave but man, they manage to put together a great wave this new set. I am wanting to get Cloak, Dagger, Elektra, and Doc Ock. Scarlet Spider looks great and love the switchable head. I might grab him as well. I was hoping to only grab the new X-Men wave and feel satisfied but now conflicted with this new Spidey wave.


I know I am passing on the two Avengers waves this year. There is really no one I want in either of them except for maybe Black Knight. I may grab him if I see him on a toy shelf somewhere. Venom is going to be a pass as well. I already have Venom and Carnage and the Eddie Brock head is not enough to convince me to get him or the Carnage figure. Scream looks cool. I might grab her if she is on a shelf but not going to too much trouble for her. I am happy that those of you that wanted Spider Ham are finally getting him.


In Deadpool wave two, I think I am only going to grab Bishop. Really happy that we are getting him and a major cross off on my want list. Might grab Omega Red also but really don't know. Happy to see Sauron get made for those that wanted him. I might get him at a later date though. Pantless Deadpool looks cool and fun.


The X-Men wave is looking better and so is the new Storm. When I first saw her I thought she did not look that good but seeing new photos of her makes me like her more. Apocalypse looks sick. I am so buying this wave. I am glad I had held off buying the Toybiz Sabertooth. Hasbro has done a great job on this one.


The movie figures look great and I even find myself wanting the Iron Man 3 three pack and the Thor/Silf 2 pack. Hearing about the price increases on Jay C's youtube channel makes me back off though. I like the movie figures but not enough to pay 25 bucks a piece for them. They can keep them. I am just going to stick to comic figures and wrap up what I can incase they choose to raise prices on them as well. Which I should be wrapped up on my Spidey collection with the new Doc Ock and my Marvel Knights with the Cloak and Dagger figures. This year I should be wrapping up pretty nicely except for X-Men which I may just start only buying cases for them after this year. Everything else is cherry picking beyond this year.


Also wanting that new Antman and Stinger two pack.

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Very happy with the reveals!!

Doc Ock looks amazing!

Elektra finally looks great!

Venom and Carnage with alt unmasked heads!!

Logan with his bike is cool!

Sabretooth!!! Magneto!!! The Apocalypse!!!!

Sauron BAF!!

But the one that impressed was Bishop!!! Bishop, straight out of the comics and 90s cartoon!!!

Ben Grimm and Silver Surfer promotional images look amazing!!!

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What a freaking awesome Toyfair. The weird thing is that nothing was particularly surprising, but everything was pretty cool. As an avid non-MCUer I'm even excited about a few of the 10th anniversary figures. Ronan, Yellowjacket & Crossbones are a definite get for me but the rest I can wait for clearance. They all look good, tho. MCU collectors will be happy. X-Men wave is a must. Shame I gotta buy the exact same Gladiator I already have to complete the awesome Apocalypse BAF, but oh well, one for the pyre isn't too bad. Deadpool 2nd wave is better than the first. SAURON! nuff said. So did Wolvelaura get the axe or is it still TBD? Spider-Man wave, still by far the best line in the ML brand. That Scarlet Spider is sick and the only bummer I can point out is HOM Spidey. Seriously, unnecessary. Venom wave is nothing new but the civilian head sculpts are very well done. I'm gonna hafta wait it out to see how my financial situation stands. And there better be a hella lot more to that skimpy non-articulated Spider-Ham than they showed. Even the lame-ass Rocket "figure" had leg joints. An amazing BAF could tip the scale for me, but Riot is not the answer. I just really dont care to start down a road to collecting all those weird and random symbiote spawn. The comics are getting bad as it is. There could litterally be no end to how many Venomized inbreds they could create. I can officialy proclaim that the fist Infinity War wave will be the first EVER wave I will have absolutely no interest in completing. Keep your Cap and Iron Man, I've honestly had enough & the Thanos BAF gives me no incentive whatsoever, tho it's not Hasbro's fault as much as bad design. I'll wait & see on the 2nd wave. Little hint Hasbro, a Hulk update BAF on the Ragnarok Hulk buck would make me absolutely have to get the full wave & I suspect I'm not the only one. I love the Ant-Man/Stinger pack. So happy for a comic Ant-Man though I would preferred a Stature figure. Maybe if the Days of Future Past set does good they'll do something similar with a Stature or Giant Man set. You might be on to something Hasbro. Got my money reserved. Loved the Logan/Bike set & was pleasantly surprised by the Patch head sculpt. Expected the comic Cap update with bike too, but sit tight, it is coming. Time to start picking up as much OT as posdible. It's gonna be an expensive year.

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I buy every single ML figure made and have most 6 inch Marvel figures starting with the Legends from Toybiz but there are many that I buy and never display and just put in a storage bin. There ain't a single figure that will be put straight in storage that was shown this weekend with maybe the exception of the Cap and Thor in the MCU series .Even compared to 2 years ago Hasboro has really stepped up its game. I bet the next X-men or Deadpool wave do have a Strong Guy BAF as it does seem Hasboro hears the streets .

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