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Enter For A Chance To Win A Set Of Marvel Legends 6" X-Men & Avengers Infinity War Wave Figures


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"Long-term listener, 1st-time writer"  -  hello, Jay C, and thank you very much for all these terrific MLs competitions. 


As, 'Boy, oh, BOY!!!',

(as you 'dudes' and 'Yanks', 'frats', 'jocks', 'gangstas', 'soccer moms' and the many other U.S.A. tribes and scenes and clans apparently say, at least acc' to endless U.S.A. TV and Hollywood - is it really all true?  ….say in U.S.A.  -  whereas in fact we 'gentlemen and ladies' in England would say...…..  "Cor, BLIMEY, guv'nor!!!  Luvaduck!!  Gawd strike me DOWN!!  I'm HALF-way up the stairs!!!  It's black over Bill's father's!!  Shut your GOB!!" -  ahem, excuse me  -  or "Well!" or "Do shut up!" or ''You could've knocked me down with a FEATHER!'', or indeed perhaps simply " -  My!!", dep. of course, as does everything in Britain, but esp. here in England, on one's lower, middle or upper class), 

it is getting VERY costly and tricky to buy MLs in shops here in the U.K.,

and I do like to try to buy as many as poss'  -  even characters I don't esp'y like, to complete comic and movie teams and scenes,

(do keep up, those of you reading from abroad who get SO confused by our VERY easily understood constituent countries  -  some of which actually are REAL countries, others only notionally / traditionally established / socially regarded as, but not legally so, some of which are effectively still truly belonging to a REAL PRINCE - others have their own rather pointlessly HIGHLY costly and laws-duplication 'national parliaments' - despite the WHOLE U.K. having a wholly competent and rep' parliament  =  just like if in your states counties or regions had their OWN under-state-level parliaments, and our U.K. constitution - which actually does NOT exist  -  it is merely a centuries-long re-assessed, well edited and gathered 'Best Of' collection of laws written down elsewhere and elsewhen  -  plus a lot of VERY bad, stupid, unwanted, ill-advised, social engineering and hugely restricting of freedom of conscience and expression and opinion 'hate speech' laws by the Looney Lefty govt's since 1997...…  there you go, we're ALL up-to-date with UK history and current life, then!)


As we have all over the U.K.  - 

yes, yes, I know, it's fine, we are tiny wee country compared to even some of your mighty U.S.A. states, but so are most countries worldwide far smaller than U.S.A.  -  it's fine, we can't mostly compete with y'all, so we're all happy pals  - 

almost NO comics or action figure shops, esp' since Toys-R-Us sadly died in March here  -  and Forbidden Planet's shops stock most of the 'relaunched Hasbro series of MLs' since  -  but most of us live nowhere near a F.P. shop, as there are c.30 in the biggest towns. 

So our only other option in Britain  - 

(more or less the same thing as U.K. as most of us here happily think about it, but legally and technically not actually fully the same places.....  Don't get me started on Jersey and Guernsey, which although RIGHT next to France, have been British-ish and ruled by our monarchs for centuries  -  but are also their OWN indie' states  -  except smaller Guernsey is ALSO sort of below / dep. on / run by Jersey  -  all very fascinating it is!)  -  

is to buy them online and we have a very few good British online shops selling MLs.

Anyway, T-r-U in U.K. had not stocked any new MLs series since c.2015  -  not in the 5 branches I regularly went into. 

But I would MUCH rather buy them from a shop and keep them in business and the staff in their jobs, and of course that wonderful 'lucky dip!' THRILL of walking in each time to see which MLs - individually and which latest set/s - appear on the pegs as one gets closer!


Esp' as high streets' shops here  - 

what y'all call 'downtown'  -  the main town centre road/s where most shops and dining out 'joints' - ('restaurants', please! )  - 

are rapidly closing down and suffering badly, and so ever more scruffy charity shops, poncey over-priced coffee shops and cafes and hairdressers are moving in, + all y'all bloody American coffee shops infesting and infecting and rapidly swarming out from the U.S.A. ALL over the world!  

(Can any of us truly believe Peking's Forbidden City was SULLIED by having a ****** Starbucks DUMPED into its heard?!  As culturally and historically sacrilegious as if INVADING and squatting in your Washington Memorial or Yosemite Park, our Windsor Castle or Runnymede or Edinburgh Castle!)  

Thus here we are, countless avid fans of MLs in Britain and indeed Europe, who want to buy SO many gloriously vivid, colourful, pose-able, fun and exciting MLs in 2018  -  in Hasbro's ever terrific series of so many desirable, good-looking and great fun characters.

But we are since 2017 finding it much harder to buy them in shops  -  and of course thereby to inspect each indie' box for paint problems or dents and so the rich satisfaction of buying PRECISELY the most boodiful, best-looking and flawless version of each character. 




My opinions on 2018 X-Men series in Hasbro's MLs:-


Whilst I understand so many Marvel movies characters released as MLs, as the movies are crazily successful and very good and fun  -  and so probably FUND Hasbro being able to make so many ML series each year since c.2013...….  boy, oh, BOY!!!! are those 'Avengers 3 movie figures' nearly ALL grey / black / dull and bloody BORING!!

Well, no - sorry, hang on a minute - a bit carried away - they reflect the 'harsher, more serious / military' feel of Avengers 3 characters and costumes, and do look excellent - esp' fun to have a blonde Black Widow at least....  as we can have fun wondering.....  IS she 'Belanova' Black Widow or IS she still truly 'Romanov' Widow?!!  Whooooooooo…….  exciting!!


No, really - I just want FAR more classic comic versions of them from '60s - '90s. 

I mean, come ON, Hasbro!  


ANOTHER boring modern dull dim and dark Magneto?!

No, no, not really  -  his red + black flashes look quite exciting and moody, and reflects Maggy's new-ish costume brilliantly, and I cannot wait to get him!  


But, still  -  WHY hasn't this 2018 X-Men series of MLs got:-

(1) a classic red Magneto, since it was impossible to buy the last one in c.2014, and Marvel Select version of 'classic red Magneto' is over-sized for MLs scale and hard to find, 

(…..although excellent - I love how mean'n'moody mine looks) 


(2) Magento's late 1980s pink/red costume  -  as this looks colourfully fun and is highly important in X-Men history, as in this era he took over as Xavier School head-master and took on the duty to train New Mutants  -  all a complete and very interesting opposite from his 20 years as X-Men's most dangerous foe. 


3) Why is this Multiple Man a bloody DOG'S DINNER of a costume?! 

A stupid, tawdry, seedy, unwanted brown rain-coat and so we cannot see his famous, funky, 'atomic green/yellow' classic costume under it clearly. 

I'm not being mean to Hasbro  -  the quality of this Madrox and ALL the X-Men 2018 set look brilliant  -  very well done to you all. 

But just too many less popular designs for us to buy.

Yes, 3 different heads for Madrox here - although 2 are stupidly, weirdly similar  -  WHY spend lots of £s making them?

I'm thrilled to get a Multiple Man at last and cannot wait to buy him.

But...……………  reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY, Hasbro  -  please make a classic comic Madrox in 2019 for us, as we can then start to 'build armies' of him - ideal! 


4) Psylocke looks fun and I'm delighted to buy her, as my ToyBiz Psy' is now old + rather floppy  -  so this replacement is WARMLY welcome! 

But, WHY, Hasbro, are you making an almost identical, pointless, supposedly 'alternative' version with barely different purple hair and clothes in 2018 X-Men series?

WHY has Hasbro NOT made a true, thrilling alternative as Psylocke's 1st or 2nd 'flowing pink costumes' from the later 1980s? 

As SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many of us MLs collectors and buyers AVIDLY want to buy BOTH of these  -  esp' as we're (painfully) slowly getting to buy X-Men MLs in their later / 1980s comic looks. 


5) Sabretooth  -  AGAIN he is ANOTHER bloody modern-ish comic version  -  AND very similar to a S-T recently sold by Hasbro! 

Again this S-T looks excellent, but he is pointless. 

I will gladly buy him, as I need any S-T ML figure - sadly I can never find or afford that wildly lusted after '2-pack of 1980s S-T and Wolvie'.

Now, Hasbro - please, switch on your HEADS! 

FAR more customers will buy a classic comic '80s costume version of S-T, inc' me. 

Also as Psy's costume is 'billowy pink medieval loose design' in that hugely popular and famous X-Men issue - c.1987  -  where 'flowing pink damsel' Psylocke famously beat S-T (almost)  -  AND amazingly Wolvy was NOT needed.

So, all 3 should be made by Hasbro in this 2018 X-Men series  -  as THESE 3 desired versions of Wolvie, Psy' and S-T would be very satisfying to buy in this 2018 set  -  AND make an interesting, pleasing theme in 3 of the figures in this series  -  and Hasbro seems to prefer each set's characters to be linked by 1 or 2 themes. 

Ho hum!!!!! 



Hmmmmmmm………  now for the all-round very terrific figures:- 


1) Storm in punk 1980s Mohican + sexy, naughty, rebellious punk black rocker leathers - AT LAST! 


Even the design choice is BRILLIANTLY welcome, Hasbro - thanks and hugely well done! 

ESP'y as she looks fantastic, and is superb quality + paint + posing options + artic'. 

(Just not all are sadly my 'cup of tea'...…..  hahaha!!  There's a superbly English quaint-ism, hugely polite, huge understatement of one's anger or disappointment or unhappiness for you to savour.)


ESP'y ESP'Y as I have been PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINFUUUUUUUUUUULLYYYYYYY slowly been waiting to collect my 1985 'Secret Wars' comic versions of all baddies, goodies + Beyonder made into ML's...…. 

…………...and now finally with 'Kick-ASS!!!  Street-punk Storm!!!'

+ Dr. Oc', (aaaaaaaaaalmooooooost),

+ recent Absorbing Man B.A.F. 

+ recent-ish Enchantress 

+ ages ago, but soon re-released Klaw

+ FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINALLY, (yes, years ago, but, HEY!!! We GOT 'em ALL at last!!!!), we got the Wrecking Crew completed, 

+ a sort of Captain Marvel stand-in - 'Photon' will do for now.....

we are sort of getting close to completing them ALL!


Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut…..  do any of you truly reckon Hasbro will make MLs of Volcana, Titania, Molecule Man, Beyonder, Rogue '80s green tunic or a B.A.F. of 'giant, armoured Dr. Doom'? 

Sadly I doubt so...….


2) Gladiator  -  all-round fantastic, marvellous, gorgeous, lustrous, vibrant, perfect character choice + highly welcome! 

"Top one!!!  Sorted!!", Hasbro.

Also as this probably means....  soon we will get Lilandra, Deathbird and more Shi'ar characters done into MLs.  YES!!!


3) Wolverine in classic 1970s - 1980s 'yellow + blue'  -  just PERFECT in all aspects! 

Esp'y as I really badly need a ML of this Wolvie classic costume.

THANK you, Hasbro 'dudes'!

Also as...……  maybe Hasbro will now re-use these 2 colours to turn MANY more classic 'blue + yellow' comic versions of X-Men into MLs by 2022? 

Oh, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan……  I hope so. 

Go on, Hasbro chaps - please!


4) Apocalpyse B.A.F.  -  nowhere near tall enough, and I'd rather have a cartoon-y, comic style 1980s look, as ToyBiz's much taller B.A.F. of Apoca' looks stupendous and is more modern face and design.  

But this B.A.F. looks magnificently evil, powerful and mean-ass  -  and will be top quality, too.


+ many MLs lovers do not yet have the versions of Psy, Sabre, Wolvie or B.A.F. Apoca' in this set, and cannot afford or find to buy ToyBiz's years-old versions of these.

So, I understand Hasbro's pleasingly very varied designs of MLs in this 2018 X-Men set - from all kinds of comic artists and eras, so lots to appeal to many varied MLs buyers. 

Simply it doesn't please me as much as the previous 2 X-Men series from Hasbro MLs  -  with many long-wanted and some 'they'll NEVER make it as MLs' characters:-

Warlock, updated Iceman, Shatterstar, Rogue 1990s, gorgeously vivid Phoenix


Conclusion - 

Having said all this, on balance and reflection, I would of course be thrilled and delighted and highly grateful to the 'Comic - Hasbro - Marvel - X-Men - Avengers deities' above, if I were lucky enough to win either. 




Now - Avengers 3 series of 'Infinity War' characters in this other MLs set we're considering here:- 


1) Black Knight - wonderful choice of 3 different, much wanted heads + great sword, + looks fabulous all-round.....  except FAR too dull reds and yellows.

HOW can such clever, thorough, detailed designers and Hasbro managers make SUCH a huge error, after SO long designing each ML?

Who else can explain this common problem since 2014 for me, please? 


YES!!!  AT LAST!!!  Perfect choice of character - '80s B.K.

Thank you SO much, Hasbro  -  I've always loved 1980s B.K.  -  and I'm also hoping and desperately waiting for Hasbro to make MLs in vibrant, accurate, 1980s colours of all the Avengers.

With recent She-Hulk in box-set, we're soooooooooooooooort of...……………. slowwwwwwwwwwwwly getting there....


2) Malekith - he too is a superb choice and looks gorgeously intensely painted, esp'y like Gladiator.  

I cannot wait to get both of these chaps, esp'y as NIETHER has yet been made into MLs. 


3) + 4) Ant-Man and Wasp - as seen in the 2018 film - also look fantastic, and I even reckon Ant-Man ML here is better than the c.2016 Ant-Man movie ML in the Ultron movie B.A.F. ML series. 

(How much claptrap jargon slang is all THAT?!  Hurhur!)


5) The Black Dwarf B.A.F. is amazingly grim, furious, dangerous and impressive, and captures his ultra-nasty, 'bad-ass!!!!' movie character so well, I reckon. 


6) Thor and Black Widow from Avengers 3 movie...…..    hhmmm…….  they're too dull for my tastes, whether movie or comic MLs.

But, they DO look excellent faces and accurate costumes, + no doubt top quality again, as with ALL MLs since c.2014.

So they will be fantastically fun to recreate Avengers 3 scenes with Dwarf B.A.F., + that wonderfully ghostly grey + mean'n'moody 'Marvel movies' Crossbones (in current 2-pack),

+ so many more accurate, fun and terrific Marvel films' versions of characters produced as MLs now! 



So, final conclusion of all my thoughts:- 

All around bloody excellent fun and superb figures in all these 3 series, Hasbro  -  AND, Jay C, after all those considerations, thanks very much to you, too, for watching your many informative, fun, accurate reviews. 

You and S-Prime have helped me a lot to decide whether to buy MLs whose characters did not excite me much, esp'y when I first collected them and found your websites around the same time - very helpfully and entertainingly indeed! 


Cheers and 'peace OUT!!!!!, dudes!!!!!', 



(P.S.  I really wanted to choose my user-name as the above, to correctly reflect Nightcrawler's exploding teleporting sounds....  but the damn - sorry, 'darn!!!' - system wouldn't allow me.....  <sad face>  …..)




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This is so awesome to me to see y'all giving fans the opportunity to win such awesome waves amidst all of the waves releasing this year, it'll really help someone out to know that they only have to scrape up money for some of the waves if they've been having trouble deciding which wave to buy due to short funds. Thanks for the opportunity!

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Been reading posts for a long time now but too introverted to comment☺️ This gives me some incentive to begin. I’ve been waiting what seems like aaaaaaages for the X-Men wave. I’m so stoked for a quality Psylocke and there’s not one in the wave I’m not happy about. Least excited for Gladiator if I had to pick. You know you have to army build those Multiple Man’s though!  I can’t wait to physically hold all these figures!

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I have become more and more enamored with Marvel Legends recently as Hasbro hits it out of the park, Marvel Studios kills it w/ Infinity War, and now the chance to win these two sets is also a reflection on how Marvelousnews.com has been hitting it out of the park with coverage. Great time, and very thankful for this opportunity, even IF it yiekds nothing! : )

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