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Pre-SDCC 2018 Wishlist / Ideal Waves


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It's that time of the years guys. I decided to combine the 2 format we usually use so you guys can decided which format you want to do.

As always some rules.

  • Try and format Top 10 to new, redo, and BAF, each between 5 to 10 each. New is for new character (you can consider Alternate universes new character IE House of M Spider-man). redo is for any figure you think needs a redo (ie TB series 1 Toad) or a new costume (ie Falcon Cap).
  • Ideal waves should include:
    • Captain Marvel Wave
    • 1 X-men wave
    • 1 New Mutants wave
    • 1 Avengers Wave
  • BAF can include new or redoes.
  • The order does NOT need to be in anyway particular form. just list the 10 you want made in any order.
  • Keep it civil. don't bad mouth other peoples list. They have there own opinion. You can be a zany as you want.
  • Anything that has been "leaked" are rumored only. As until they are confirmed, please consider them not made.
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I prefer doing Ideal wave (as most people who go to my site Nearcompleteset.com know) so here are my ideal waves

Spider-man (a combination of the 2 Spider-man Ideal waves from my site

  1. Iron Spider
  2. Spider-man India
  3. Silver Sable
  4. Spider-woman (Julia Carpenter)
  5. Vulture (Classic)
  6. Overdrive
  7. Phage
  8. BAF: Man Spider

Captain Marvel (I'll get into why I pick these later on my Site)

  1. Ms. Marvel (Original Costume with Dark Avengers head)
  2. Mar-Vell (Captain Marvel with Genis Vell head
  3. Monica Rambeau (Captain Marvel version)
  4. Quasar
  5. Ronan The Accuser 
  6. Nitro
  7. BAF Kree Sentry

X-men Wave (with a bit of Dark Phoenix in it)

  1. Wolverine (X-force costume)
  2. Jean Grey (Jim Lee version redo)
  3. Storm (Giant Size x-men version)
  4. Gambit 
  5. Nightcrawler
  6. Toad 
  7. Avalanche
  8. BAF: Nimrod

New Mutants Wave

  1. Moonstar
  2. Wolfbanes 
  3. Cannonball
  4. Sunspot 
  5. Warpath
  6. Mystique
  7. BAF: Strong Guy

Avengers Wave

  1. Hydra Cap (blue version not the green one)
  2. Classic Iron Man
  3. Quicksilver
  4. Hercules
  5. Synapse
  6. Diamondback
  7. Excutioner
  8. BAF: The Hulk
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Firestar (Dwight said they can not release her in a Spidey wave because she is a mutant.)
Banshee  (Classic or Jim Lee. I would like a new one.)
Avalanche (I would like to complete my Brotherhood.)
Pyro (Same as Avalanche)
Dazzler (80's costume in brown jacket. The Dazzler I really wanted.)


Comic Falcon
Nighthawk (Complete my classics Defender team)
Loki (Comic Based)
Dr. Doom
Skurge (Comic Based)



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I'm gonna agree with most of your picks Tarot, they are really good. I just have some minor changes and some ideas on the figures and or costumes for them. *If there are any figure changes to your lists i'll just put the changes, the rest of the figures I agree with.

- Sider-man Wave.
2. Mangaverse Spider-Man (using the ultimate spiderman mold) instead of Spider-Man India
6. Hydro Man instead of Overdrive

- Spider-Man 2nd Wave  (I know they probably wont give any details on a second wave at this year's SDCC but I thought Id put it in my wishlist anyway).
1. Amazing Bagman (F4 Costume)
2. Asassin Spiderman
3. Classic Silver and Black Spider Armor
4. Negative Man or Tarantula
5. Riot
6. Kaine (Classic evil Kaine)
7. Kingpin BAF

- Captain Marvel Wave.
Though I like your picks this is a wave that'll likely include MCU figures so they'd probably replace Monica and Nitro and either the BAF or Ronan for MCU figures based on the Captain Marvel Movie (one can only wish though thats not the case though).

- X-Men Wave
I love your list (all must-have), but I think Hasbro wouldn't make another Storm figure so soon and they'd probably sacrifice nightcrawler for a future wave as well, If that's the case i'd go with these replacements:
3. Banshee
5. Longshot

- New Mutants Wave
2. Feral instead of Wolfsbane
Rest are all great choices, just have Cannonball, Feral, Warpath & Sunspot in their 90's X-force costumes Instead of more modern or classic teen new mutant costumes. Also just im betting this costume is the one you were thinking of but just to point out Mystique in the classic white costume.

Notable mentions I still want to see Hasbro make later or as replacements for either the x-men or new mutants waves (I really think hasbro should make at least 2 X-Men Waves per year):
1. Mr. Sinester
2. Pyro
3. Forge
4. Cyber on the new omega red mold
5. Classic Angel
6. White Queen Classic costume (though hasbro would likely just update the puck wave emma frost figure using the typhoid Mary mold with some changes)
7. Exodus
8. Black Tom Cassidy

- Avengers Wave. Again Im betting they'll mix MCU figures on this one. Either way, I dont really care as long as they include any if not all 3 of these: 
1. Comic ver. Quicksilver
2. Classic Costume Comic ver. Thor (with an interchangeable helmeted eric masterson head)
3. Comic ver. Falcon (The Second Red and White costume, similar to the Variant ToyBiz made, not the really classic costume)

**Im also adding**

ML Vintage Wave 2
1. Classic Hawkeye
2. US Agent (on the newer Wolfcap Mold)
3. Classic Vision
4. Classic Hank Pym Antman
5. Classic Wasp (either red o blue outfit with both helmet head and non helmet head) 
6. Classic Red Costume Magneto (using the apocalypse magneto mold, just add the jubilee wave gauntlets and boots and belt)
(you would substitute wasp for Spider-Woman julia carpenter, Updated Jim Lee style Jean Grey or Classic Costume Ms. Marvel if they didnt add any of them on the other waves) 

- Spiderman 2 Pack
Classic Spiderman (Steve Ditko style) With Classic Gwen Stacy

- Deluxe Riders
Professor X with Hoverchair
Crystal with Lockjaw
Deadpool with Scooter (I could do without this figure but It would be a big seller for hasbro)

- F4 Walgreens 2019 Exclusives
1. Dr. Doom (updated mold, classic costume)
2. Karnak (clasic costume)
3. Super Skrull
4. She Hulk (f4 costume)
5. Triton (clasic costume)

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Starting with the wishlist:


1. Quasar (Wendell Vaughn in Annihilators costume)

2. Quasar (Phyla Vell in GotG costume)

3. Jack Flag (GotG costume) with Cosmo pack in

4. Bug (GotG costume) 

5. Moondragon (GotG costume)

6. Morlun

7. Mr. Negative

8. Cardiac


1. Gambit (modern or classic, preferably modern with long hair)

2. Toxin (Pat Mulligan version with swappable open and closed mouth heads)

3. Jean Grey (Jim Lee style, better body choice and head sculpt)

4. Gamora (DnA GotG costume)

5. Moon Knight (classic)


1. Stegron

2. Mephisto

3. The Watcher

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Ideal Waves:

-Spider-Man Wave

1. Spider-Armor Spider-Man (classic black and silver)

2. Riot/Phage/Agony

3. Cardiac

4. Morlun

5. Vulture (Classic)

6. Silver Sable

7. Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter)

8. Scorpion (BAF)


-Captain Marvel Wave

1. Captain Marvel (MCU)

2. Ms. America/America (Comic)

3. Photon/Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau (Comic)

4. Mar-Vell

5. Phyla-Vell

6. Genis-Vell/Noh-Varr (Marvel Boy)

7. Movie Villain (BAF)


-Avengers 4 Wave (Tried to blend what I'm hoping for with what they'll probably give us)

1. Corvus Glaive

2. Ebony Maw

3. Captain America (Concept Art)

4. Black Widow (Concept Art)

5. War Machine (Concept Art)

6. Hawkeye (Concept Art)

7. Armored Thanos (BAF)


-X-Men Wave

1. Gambit (modern/solo series)

2. Jean Grey (Jim Lee re-do)

3. Nightcrawler (Utopia or Classic)

4. Mr. Sinister

5. Storm (Giant Size X-Men)

6. Mystique (Classic)

7. Sebastian Shaw

8. Strong Guy (BAF)


-New Mutants Wave

1. Moonstar

2. Cannonball

3. Sunspot

4. Wolfsbane

5. Magik (re release of the SDCC figure, *sigh*)

6. Cipher

7. Prof X in hover chair (BAF)


There will probably be some sort of mixed wave too, like Cull Obsidian's from this year.  There's no way they're not going to put out a new Spider-Man figure for the Homecoming sequel and at least one villain from that.  But I don't think I've got enough ideas for the entire wave.

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16 hours ago, tarot said:

I did my article on my Ideal Captain Marvel wave (slightly different from the one i have above)

here it is. http://nearcompleteset.com/2018/07/02/ideal-wave-captain-marvel/

I really like this wave idea, anything to get another member of the Abnett and Lanning GotG, although I'd personally prefer Phyla's Quasar costume, I'd be fine with Martyr.  

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Captain Marvel I sticking to thinking they're gonna do all-female

  • Captain Marvel (movie)
  • Ms. America
  • Phyla-Vell (Quasar)
  • Titania
  • Death Bird
  • Dr. Minerva
  • Quake
  • BAF - Stature


  • Captain America
  • Falcon (modern)
  • The Hood
  • Executioner
  • Sin
  • Corvus Glaive (MCU)
  • Squirrel Girl
  • BAF - Puff Adder


  • Storm (Giant Size)
  • Northstar
  • Mystique
  • Sebastian Shaw
  • M
  • Black Tom Cassidy
  • Vulcan
  • Goldballs - they can repurpose most of Doc Ock
  • BAF - Nimrod


New Mutants

  • Cannonball
  • Sunspot (with alternate powered-up head & fists)
  • Magik
  • Moonstar'
  • Longshot (modern)
  • Boom-Boom (90s)
  • Firestar
  • Banshee
  • BAF - Strong Guy


  • Bag-Man
  • Silver Sable
  • Vulture (classic)
  • Mr. Negative
  • Nighthawk
  • Morlun
  • BAF - Scorpion (classic)

Vintage Wave (X-Men)

  • Cyclops (X-Factor)
  • Jean Grey (Jim Lee)
  • Archangel (with alternate blue head with blond hair)
  • Jubilee (Jim Lee)
  • Magneto (classic)
  • Emma Frost


Legendary Riders

  • Captain America - hopefully this is the Cap to get..without BFH
  • Iceman - build-a-ice-slide It could work but the would really have to amp up the accessories to justify the price
  • Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur 
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I want to see an updated USAgent using the Cap Wolf Mold, Cap's costume from last year, not the Hyrda version but the blue one and I would love to see the original Thunderbolts and New Warriors done as teams. A new Thor with gold arm might be cool to.

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  • Spider-Man Wave
    -Silver Sable: BAF piece, rifle, handgun, knife
    -Doppleganger: BAF piece (Hands can switch between arms: Open hands, fisted hands, twipping hands)
    -Peter Parker: [A casual PP head on the Netflix Danny Rand body] BAF piece Camera, half-spidey/spider-sense head, bookbag
    -Shriek: BAF piece, vocal distortion effect piece
    -Carrion: BAF pieces (2 heads)
    BAF: Hydro-Man (Normal head  and alternate Hipster, beadered Hydro Man Head)
  • X-Men Wave
    -Gambit: BAF piece, Bo staff, card effect, cards to hold, alternate hands
    -Nightcrawler: BAF Piece, sword, Smoke effect (Similar to the effects with the Mysterio figure)
    -Beast: BAF piece [90's looking beast], Modern head. interchangeable hands
    -Storm: BAF piece [White costume storm], lightning effects
    -Forge: BAF piece, tools, gadgets
    BAF: Professor Xavier
  • Avengers Wave
    -Baron Zemo: BAF piece swords
    -Comic Maria Hill: BAF piece, Abigail Brand head, guns
    -Quicksilver: BAF piece
    -Tigra: BAF piece
    -Battle Ravaged Captain America (Ultimate costume): BAF piece, Shield, extra hands
    -BAF: Mr.Fix-It
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