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MARVEL STUD10S First Ten Years Civil War Movie 6" Captain America & Crossbones Figure Legends 2-Pack Video Review & Images

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Today I take a look at the new MARVEL STUD10S First Ten Years Captain America: Civil War Movie Captain America & Crossbones Marvel Legends 6" figure 2-pack from Hasbro. You can pre-order this now at Megalopolis Toys.

Check out hi-res images for this set below.

































































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I have decided to stop collecting MCU figures but this set looks so nice I might make an exception. Plus, I'm a Cap fan so that makes my decision easier. 

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Hasbro put a lot of detail into Crossbone. Removable armor, alternate head, etc...kudos to them. MCU is finally getting the line it deserves.

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It's impressive how much of a leap the movie figures have made in such a short time.

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CrossBones has a lot of details and look amazing 

This pack is great it could be a problem the reuse of the capitan america but the head sculpt majes it worth it 

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Great review Jay. These new sets seem to be very nice. I collect the Marvel Select MCU figures and one that was kinda disappointing to me was Cap.  Giving the fact that this comes with the unmasked heads and I never picked up the legends one, I'll surely try to get this one. I'm sure you can mod it and glue some magnets of something to attach the shield on his back. That would be a nice feature. Only the Meco figures have that feature and the rest rely on peg system. The Select one also has these straps and is very loose on the figure. 

Also a little better paint on the unmasked ehad could do wonders since the sculpt is definitely there. 

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There's always something off about that figuarts unmaksed one. Glad hasbro improved theirs but they also could've easily utilized the body from that infinity war cap at least that one is not skinny.

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I am loving this 2 Pack. I am getting it for sure. Finally we get Crossbones and we get a great Steve rogers MCU unmasked head as well. Double Plus. Also the boxing is something I will be keeping as well. I always get rid of all the other boxes but the First Ten Years boxes are something that is an anniversary item for the entire MCU. So, that is perfect to keep something like that.

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I wasn’t going to buy this two pack, but after seeing the alternate head sculpts for cap and the Crossbones figure, I think I’ve changed my mind.

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Great review! Also concur with the review and other comments that highlight the value of the set when evaluating the new Chris Evans likenesses. They really make the rehashed Cap figure worthwhile. This, Ronan, Red Skull (multiples) and the Yellow Jacket Ant Man two pack are probably what I am guaranteed in for.

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I wish they took the time to make some changes so Captain America's shield can go on his back. I also wish he had a pair of gripping hands. I always hated how all the movie Caps except the WWII version couldn't hold anything.


Crossbones is nice but the non functional holster is disappointing. Just minor bit picks though. I do love both of Cap's new heads though. It seems like on yours the mask isn't fitting right as there is a gap between the bottom of the mask and the hair on the right side. Hope they aren't all like that.

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Just got this in the mail from my HTS pre-order, though I have yet to open it.  A little less excited after seeing these pics, as the new Evans headsculpt was a major factor, but it doesn't look so hot in the final product.  Still probably Hasbro's best effort, so far, but not so great next to the other one (is it Figuarts, maybe?).  Either way, Crossbones is at least another of the previously neglected MCU villains, seemingly finally getting their due, so there's that, at least.




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7 hours ago, newcollector24680 said:

Oh and if you have an Infinity War Captain America you can use the gripping hands. 

I have that one, but the most infuriating thing about that figure is I don't get why Hasbro had to only give him gloves on his left hand.  Otherwise, I would do what you are suggesting.

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Can't wait to get this set!  Both figures look great!  Sure the scale of Cap to Iron Man is off, but with the details and that awesome unmasked head, I can get past an error like that.  

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Love this set .That Crossbones Figure looks amazing and that chris evans captain america head sculpt in my opinion is the best one Hasbro have ever done, it is so on the money and looks just like chris Evans. I Don't even mind that the caprain America body is A re pack. I have this set on Pre order and i am looking forward on having it in person.

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I have this on preorder and can't wait for it to get here. Love the Crossbones figure and surprised to see a new masked Cap head sculpt. Hasbro has been nailing the headsculpts for the MCU characters lately. 

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    • Black Panther wave 2, They look great but I am passing. I can understand what Tarot said about using them as place holders and thats cool. I am on a budget so I can't buy everything and I already stated what I am doing with MCU figures. I stick to the main heroes. Everything else is a pass thats movie based. Vintage Line wave 2, These look great. My budget says to pass but my heart says I want these. I already have these characters but they are in the form I want so I probably will grab them except for Scarlet Spider. I am happy that people are getting a second try at him that missed out the first time. I have to play it by ear to see if I will get these. See what else is hitting at NYCC. Spiderman wave 1 of 2019, I am going to pass. I love the Kingpin BAF. I may just grab him off of Ebay if the price is right. I already broke down in last August and bought the Toybiz version. Again the budget plays a roll. I am pretty much wrapped up with Spiderman so what else I am seeing are easy passes. I love the first Black Cat we got and this new one comes no where near to that one. When I was collecting the 3.75 line I remember how jealous I was that the 6 inch line got a more superior one then what the 3.75 line got. I am happy that people are getting Silver Sable finally. I might get her myself but not a must have for me. Again budget. X-Men 2019, Oh yeah, I will be grabbing the whole case this coming year. I am thrilled that we are getting Gambit FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! Blink looks awesome. I hope we get a new Forge. If we got a new Jim Lee Beast then I would be lying on the floor seriously hurt because my out of shape butt would have been trying to do cartwheels. I feel Hasbro would out do the Toybiz one with a killer sculpt. I really hate the Storm we are getting this year. I want one with longer hair. DITCH THE FREAKING MOHAWK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for NYCC to see what else we are getting. Avengers wave 1 of 2019, I imagine this will be movie based pretty heavily so I will be cherry picking. I am wrapped up on the MCU main heroes so I will be grabbing that Hercules. Man, he looks GREAT!!!!!!!!! A major want is crossed off my list so now I hope we get a Tigra or comic based Falcon or War Machine down the line. Riders of 2019, Deadpool is a pass. The budget says no. Prof. X is a must. The main article up front says that he will be coming in the Riders and not in the X wave so that makes me happy that a slot is opened up in the main wave. Plus I don't see how you can make that chair into a BAF. Exclusives of 2019, These are looking to be passes. I already have the Rocket ArchAngel and I don't see much of a difference so budget says no. Would like to have the Apocalypse BAF ass (That came out wrong. Screw it you know what I am talking about :p). Magik is a pass as well. I already have the SDCC version. Happy that people are having another try at her. The army builder AIM soldiers look nice but yeah a pass, budget. We'll see................. Luke Cage 2 pack yeah I will be grabbing and happy its a Walmart exclusive but wished we were getting an Iron Fist instead of whats her name. I may get the SDCC one at some point. Previews, I hope we are getting a Quicksilver. We need a new one. I'll take an Avenger one first though then X Factor. Get one in one line then the other in a Vintage line? That would work. It would just need a repaint.
    • Going by the current model, we have one remaining Rider to be revealed for 2019...
    • The only figure I feel kinda "Meh" about is Black Cat...  It seems like they cut a corner and just gave us the old one's forearms/shins. I just want a classic Dodson Felicia, is that too much to ask?
    • Nothing for 2018 or 2019 it seems. Big miss on not doing something with Avengers 4 for this scale in my opinion. But that lack of Toys R Us probably doesn't help us either. I'm just going to hope by 2020 we see a return and some of these legends sculpts get shrunk down- Kingpin, Jim Lee Gambit, Jim Lee Storm that is apparently in the works and some of the other characters we never got.
    • I really like that Rogue, I still like my Legends version better, but this is a definite buy for me. I didnt think we were going to get her from Marvel Select.

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