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I will be skipping the new Black Panther wave. The new Vintage figures are a maybe. Deadpool on his rider is a pass. I am crossing my fingers for X-Men. I am really hoping we get a great one next year

I hope we get some good reveals later today because its looking like I maybe done for a long while til the next X-Men wave hits next year.  

Yeah, I have a hard time seeing the MCU figures selling really well. Especially if they are going to go up in price like the 10 year annv. stuff. The only 10 year annv. set I wanted was that Thor and

Posted Images

Man so many new things, from what I have seen I know for sure that there are already gonna be so many must grabs, Blink, Gambit, Magik, Red Goblin, Silver Sable, Archangel, Genis-Vell (i'd buy if i saw in stores) same with Black Cat (like the original more though), Skullbuster, Vintage Wasp, Would buy that Vintage BP, Ultron

Just hope at some point we get that rest of the black order and ghost




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I heard a rumor somewhere that the reason that they are doing a second wave of Black Panther this late is because Disney wanted Hasbro to do another one so that might also be why its all movie based. Hasbro had to do a rush job on getting this out. I think I heard this on Rektangular's podcast. I thought it was kinda odd that they waited this long to do a second wave.

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16 hours ago, Rukkdeez said:



You are really making me want that figure....................... So much better then the Toybiz one. It's either the second wave of Vintage figures or grabbing this guy for me.............

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17 minutes ago, Dodge76 said:

I heard a rumor somewhere that the reason that they are doing a second wave of Black Panther this late is because Disney wanted Hasbro to do another one so that might also be why its all movie based. Hasbro had to do a rush job on getting this out. I think I heard this on Rektangular's podcast. I thought it was kinda odd that they waited this long to do a second wave.

it not a rumour. Hasbro actually said it in the panel.

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18 minutes ago, tarot said:

it not a rumour. Hasbro actually said it in the panel.

Oh ok, it makes alot of sense then.

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Top Picks from SDCC 2018

  • Gambit
    • I've been waiting (and I'm sure a lot of others have too) for this one.  He looks awesome, and Hasbro even said there were a few more things to finish up on him.  Please let there be an alternate long haired head sculpt on the way.
  • Wasp
    • The last Wasp was really good, but I kept thinking there was something that could be better, and then this new Wasp's head sculpt happened.  Plus it's a nice throwback to the old Toy Biz figure.  
  • Red Goblin
    • Green Goblin + Carnage, sold! But in all seriousness, I liked ASM "Go Down Swinging" and a large part of that was the design of this character.
  • Klaue
    • Andy Serkis' Ulysses Klaue was undoubtedly my favorite part of the Black Panter movie so I'm so pumped to get this one!
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There is a few things I realized this year with Hasbro:

  1. Am I the only one who is thinking that this Spider-man wave will be a tribute wave to the epic run that Dan Slott had with Spider-man? I mean we have the final 2 costume/characters from his final arc with Black Spidey and Red Goblin, we have Black Cat in her crimelord gear, Silver Sable who Slott both killed off and brought back (with one arc leading to the Red Goblin arc) and Kingpin who played a part in many of Slott's stories.
  2. Hasbro actually fulfilled a tease they make years ago. Back when Hasbro has relaunch the Spidey legends with the Green Goblin wave they tease that Silver Sable would be the swap with Black Cat. Instead with got Spider-girl. Now we have Black Cat again and who is in the same wave? Silver Sable. Hasbro you tease.
  3. Dwight Stahl has finally realized one of his greatest dream and made a Reaver. This has been the team that Jesse has said he wanted to get into ML for a long time even during the TB days.
  4. Hasbro will be doing figures that they did in the MU line. It just takes a while. We now have Blink and Cap Hydra is coming. Maybe that classic Magneto is actually AOA Mags?
  5. When it comes to Hasbro they have to listen to Disney but that is a fact of life as they pay the bills.
  6. Whenever Hasbro re-releases an older figure they will at least try and make the figure better. I mean we get 3 head for Archangel and a whole bunch of effects for Magik. 
  7. That Shocktrooper figure coming with the AIM soldier is NOT something that Hasbro made up like the Hydra Set. They actually exist in the comics. 
  8. Finally..........................................................what the f* is that object on the right of the teasers? no seriously what is it? It's driving me nut and the only thing I can think of is that it is a head light to a bike.
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Whats left to get made of the Jim Lee 90's X-Men now is pretty much is:

Beast: I am surprised they did not make him for the 2019 line but they still have some more Reveals to do.

Jubilee: I am cool with the Toys R Us one but if they made her then I would grab.

Colossus: I am good with the Warlock BAF one but again would grab.

I count Storm as on her way since they were asking what color to paint her. I feel like we will get both colors to be honest like Psylocke with the hair and Mysterio with the head. Just make her the double pack and call it the day with each variant in a case.

I am kinda still hopeful with a Gambit wave because that would give us a 2nd X-Men wave for 2019. I am probably wrong with that with them sticking Gambit and Storm in it. Then they could reveal a Beast at NYCC with some more on my want list:



Rachel Summers

I don't even care to watch the Gambit movie. I know it will suck but I am hopeful they will slap it together and just throw it out there so we can get this this year. I know I am evil.............................

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  • tarot unpinned this topic

I myself was a bit underwhelmed by the entire showing. True I did not expect an actual Beast or Strong Guy sighting, but like JC, I did expect the ML panel to be the highlight of the event, which if was far from being. Gambit looks amazing, but I expected at least a Nightcrawler or Mystique or Emma Frost to be somewhere in the mix. Reissues of Majik & Archangle, tho probably appreciated by some, are far from blockbuster announcements. I do have many complements for what was shown though.

1. Kingpin - finally, been waiting for Hasbro's take on him and tho I woulda preferred it more resembled JR,jr's version, this one is not bad at all. But, as he seems to be just about the same size as the Thing figure, I don't believe it was necessary to do this as a BAF.

2. Gambit - loved this reveal and so happy they finally pulled the trigger on it now instead of waiting for some unverifiable movie that's supposed to come out sometime before Channing Tatum's pushing up dasies. They'll probably have to do some stupid "Old Man Gambit" storyline just to finish out the trilogy. In case anyone hasn't noticed, I'm a big observer on some of the smaller details and it looks like they stuck with the Maddrox trench coat formula and ditched the skinny Fury arms for the thicker Netflix Punisher arms. Nice attention to detail Hasbro. Also, I'm not so much against the coat itself which a lot of people are claiming to be outdated, but maybe a small modification could be made to have different collars to distinguish some figures from others. It's like everyone shops at the same Hero Uniform Store.

3. Blink - I loved this character from the jump and unlike many characters her look has been distinct & consistent. Again, noticing details, this is the same body mold used for Psylocke, which many are mistakenly identifying as the Scarlet Witch mold. This is a new buck or actually a modification of several bucks made up mainly of the Kate Bishop upper torso and Scarlet Witch lowe torso with higher hip joints. It was first used on the Dark Phoenix TRU exclusive & it's amazing for those athletic characters with thicker thighs. It shoulda actually been used for Elektra instead of the straight Kate Bishop mold. Hopefully Emma Frost gets this Buck.

4. Black Panther Wave 2 - Again, not my cup of tea, but I'm actually not against the idea of an entire movie wave. Mattel has been doing this for quite some time. To me that just means it's easier for me to pick and choose rather than get the entire wave to complete a BAF, and I'm sure there's plenty of MCU figure fans that are happy to have more movie figs. Win, win.

5. Vintage Wave - Still, excessively repetitive but they look better than I though. Ant-Man & Wasp (love that blue costume) are definite gets. I'll play the others by ear.

6. Prof. X - Not much to say here. Spot on and long overdue. I still can't believe the put it in a set called Riders though. Lol. Whatever, it doesn't so much bother me other than I'm sure some overly sensitive PC Rangers are gonna have some things to say about it.

7. Deadpool/Vespa - It is what it is. Not totally necessary but DP is the hot property right now & at least there's a thousand different uniforms to choose from. Now, just make us a Massacre. Of course, they'll have to alter his name as to not offend the softies.

8. Genis-Vell - Not the version I would chose but it's somthing new. I'll get one.

9. Hercules - Finally and very well done. Head & shoulders above the last one. Hopefully the final product turns out this good. Super excited for this one. Let's get busy one a new Tigra now, Hasbro.

10. Silver Sable - I was hoping this one would come out through the Riders line but I'll take it. Love that face sculpt.

I look forward to future reveals during the upcoming conventions. Come on Strong Guy! I'm feeling good about this.

BTW, I think that third unidentified accessory beside the Magneto helmet and Cap shield may be the tank Pyro carries on his back with nozzles on either side for the tubes that run down his arms.

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Right off the bat, the only figs I'm getting from what was shown at SDCC are:

BAF Kingpin -don't need a single fig from that wave which IMO, is gonna peg warm hard.

Prof X





Hercules-reluctantly as I'm not a fan of the modern "man bun" wearing version. Truly upset that Hasbro didn't upsize the awesome 4' MU 80s version they did of Herc.  Herc sports 2 iconic versions & they decided to do the modern version 1st?  Really hoping they plan on making his 2 more iconic versions in the near future & this is not the only version they ever plan on making. 

Can Hasbro just pack 2 of the same army building character please. The term "army builder" means uniformity amongst the characters, that they look the same. They did this crap with the Hydra set & gave us Hydra guys on roids when all I wanted was 2 regular sized Hydra grunts. Had to customize the 2 Hydra roid heads into larger sized Hydra grunts:





Hail Hydra.JPG

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