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SPOILER FILLED “Endgame” Figure Discussion


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Ok... now that “Endgame” has been released let’s talk about what Marvel Legends are “must-haves” from the film.






Without a doubt, I need a new Captain America with the updated suit, Mjolnir and an alternate hand to hold it, regular shield and the shattered shield.

It could be single carded.

It could be a 2-pack with Thor and Stormbreaker as “The Worthy”.

It could be a 3-pack with Thor and Iron Man Mk. 85.

It could be a 4-pack with Thor, Iron Man Mk. 85 and a repack of the armored Thanos BAF without the Infinity Gauntlet.

It could be a 6-pack with all 6 original Avengers - Cap, Iron Man Mk. 85, Thor, Hulk in his gray and purple suit, Hawkeye (only need new lower arms and a quiver), and Black Widow in her final black suit.


I could definitely see the Big 3 as an 80th Anniversary set since there are slots that have not been announced and nothing Endgame related in the 80th Anniversary series yet.

If Iron Man Mk. 85 and Rescue aren’t offered as single carded figures that’s an obvious choice for a 2-pack.  

I’m really hoping for a War Machine MK. IV, and would be totally OK if MK. V was the BAF with the Loki, Shuri, Union Jack wave.

An updated Rocket and Nebula would be nice to round things out, but they’d be a lower priority than getting the OG 6 as described above.


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If you by some chance have not yet seen Avengers: Endgame, then you may want to wait until you have before reading on because this story does contain movie SPOILERS.

There is no doubt Hasbro has more 6" Marvel Legends Avengers: Endgame movie figures in store for fans, but the question remains which ones? I've compiled this list of the Top 10 figures I hope to see released from Hasbro sometime this year or early next year.

10) Wong - Doctor Strange's right-hand man is past due for the Marvel Legends treatment as he played a significant roles in Doctor Strange, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, and I doubt we have seen the last of him either. I suppose Hasbro might want to wait and do this one with the release of the next Doctor Strange movie, but I hope to go on and get him now.

9) Valkyrie with Aragorn - While Hasbro has yet to do any movie based figures for their deluxe riders Marvel Legends sub-line, I think this would be a good one to start with. Hasbro previously gave us a Valkyrie in their Thor: Ragnarok line but not in her all white Valkyrie outfit and I think her winged steed Aragorn is needed even more so than Valkyrie herself who is now the leader of Asgard.

8) Avengers Movie Captain America - Hasbro has already given us a version of Cap from the first Avengers movie but I don't think it really faithfully captured the look of the outfit. A new updated version I think is definitely past due and you could include an unmasked Chris Evans head as well as Loki's staff. After all this suit does highlight America's Ass right?

7) War Machine - I believe this particular version of the War Machine armor is being dubbed the Mark VI as he wore multiple armors in Endgame. This one was definitely the biggest and the one he used in the final battle with Thanos, though how he found it in a completely obliterated Avengers HQ buried under a ton of rubble is beyond me. I also thought the armor featured traces of red and blue on it similar to his Iron Patriot armor, at least that is how it looked when I saw the move a second time, though it was dark and hard to tell for sure. Anyway while I don't think this armor is big enough to warrant the Build-A-Figure treatment, I do think we should see it released somewhere in the line.

6) Modern Captain America - I can never get enough Captain America and while this suit is very similar to the Civil War version he wore, it did seem to have some slight modifications in the chest area. If Hasbro does this one I hope they create an all-new sculpt and not just re-use the Civil War/Age Of Ultron mold. He also should come with a shattered shield and Mjolnir which was one of my favorite scenes in the movie when he picked that up to battle Thanos.

5) Rescue - Pepper Potts finally donned the Rescue Iron Ma...Woman armor for this movie and with that I think we should get a Marvel Legends figure for it. We know Hasbro is doing a 6" basic figure which you can check out above. With the figure I hope we get multiple headsculpts including an updated unmasked head and it has the working flaps on the back like we see in the movie. An actual removable helmet and maybe a Morgan pack-in figure to go along with it would be really cool as well if Hasbro wanted to go that extra mile.

4) Captain Marvel - Danvers actually sported two different suits and two different hairstyles in Endgame that differed from what we saw in the Captain Marvel movie, but I can't say I am really interested in getting two more Captain Marvel figures at this stage being we just got a bunch earlier this year. So if I had to pick one I think I would go with the really short hair look and suit she had at the end of the movie for the final battle.

3) Banner Hulk - This seems like a given and hopefully Hasbro will do it as a Build-A-Figure. We know Hasbro is doing a 6" Basic version and I love that one has a removable Gauntlet. The Marvel Legends version should have the same feature minus the burnt up arm like he ended up with in the movie. This figure should give Hasbro a chance to really shine with their face scan technology as this version of the Hulk looks very much like actor Mark Ruffalo. I also hope they give him the purple jumpsuit as opposed to a Quantum Suit.

2) Thor - Overwight Thor seems like a must for me since it is such a unique look for the character. I am torn if I would want him to feature the Lebowski look with tee-shirt, pajama pants and sunglasses or in his Thor outfit as seen for the final battle. If I had to choose I think I would go with the Thor outfit as that would look better in my display case, but perhaps a Lebowski Thor could end up being done as a SDCC exclusive or something.

1) Iron Man Mark 85 - This is another one that goes without saying and seems almost 100% will end up in the Marvel Legends line, but when Hasbro does it, I hope they do it right and include the Lightning power boost effect piece for the back like seen above with the Hot Toys version. An alternate hand featuring smaller sized snapping Iron Man Infinity Gauntlet also seems like a must for this one. I am glad Hasbro didn't rush out an Iron Man for their first wave of Avengers: Endgame figures so they can do it right the first time, unlike the original Iron Man figure they did for Infinity War. We are finally going to be getting a lot cooler Marvel Legends version of the Mark 50 along with an updated Iron Spider-Man in their MCU sub-line, but it would have been nice if we had gotten those the first time around.

Honorable Mentions

I did not include an Avengers: Endgame Black Widow in my list because the outfit she wears is very similar to the Infinity War outfit and Hasbro has already given us an Endgame Black Widow headsculpt with their Quantum Suit 2-Pack so I dont feel a strong need for another figure. The same can be said for Hawkeye and Nebula as well.

If Hasbro does end up making a new Endgame Black Widow, I hope it has the gun holsters with removable pistols and the added red markings on the outfit, and yes I would buy it.

Quantum Suit Hulk, War Machine and Thor - If Hasbro chooses to do more Quantum Suit figures I hope they actually go back and start from scratch doing the outfits correctly. I understand why the ones they've done weren't accurate to how they appeared in the movie since they likely based them off early concept art to have them ready for the movie's release, but I am really not interested in more silver suits. If they do them I hope they have the white suites with red lights on them and include both unmasked and quantum suit helmeted heads. I think if they released the entire team as a boxset either as a store exclusive or SDCC exclusive with the corrected outfits, that would be the way to go.

If you missed it also be sure to check out my video which was originally done as a live-stream video where I talk about many of these figures and my overall thoughts on the Endgame movie. Also share your thoughts on which MCU Endgame figures you want to see Hasbro do below in the COMMENTS SECTION.


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In terms of the most obvious, I really would like a new Thor with his long dreaded hair and beard, and a Lebowski Thor, A new War Machine would be great (which I bet will happen), Rescue, Outrider and it would be rad to get a real Professor Hulk, Sweater and Glasses version, other then that I'm not really needing so many of these to go down, although posing a Cap with Hammer would be rad with lightning effects, I think we will get a new Suit Hulk or Quantum suit Hulk as a BAF wave 2, and Rescue, really the most wanted for me is a damn Outrider or a Chituari, I also just wish we had got the Quantum suits in there actual proper colors and correct helmets (but I'm sure we won't get that now)

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I'd add a new Rocket figure in his similar-to-the-comics outfit.  Also I'd appreciate a re-release of Hawkeye in his Avengers costume, with the improved Renner likeness from the 2-pack.   Chitauri soldier and an Outrider figure would be nice, too.

I would definitely prefer Lebowksi Thor over final battle thor.  From the ones you've listed, i would want Professor Hulk, Final Battle Cap, and Valkyie (I doubt we're getting Aragorn, though).   I'd probably pass on your proposed Widow, Cap:FA , War Machine,  Rescue, Iron Man 85, and any more quantum suit characters.

Hard for me to care about another Cap Marvel figure when WM is still sitting on Binary. 

If you're going to add Wong, I'd probably throw in other supporting characters:  Heimdall, Frigga, and Ned all come to mind (altho i'm not holding my breath waiting for any of them to get figures).

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My top 10 for Endgame:

10.Short haired Cap Marvel
9.Ancient One
5.Iron Man MK 85
4.War Machine MKVI
3.Worthy Captain America
2.Valkyrie Legendary Rider
1.Viking Thor

Runner ups, or BAFs:
Giant GiantMan
Professor Hulk

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I'd love a Wong and Ancient One. Aragorn would be an awesome Legendary Rider or BAF. I still want the following Thor wave: Eric Masterson Thor/Thunderstrike, Kurse, Heimdall, Volstagg, Fandral, Hogun. Maybe the Collector could fit in there as well. I'm not interested in any more figures of the main characters like Cap, Iron Man, Hulk or Cap Marvel, they've been done to death.

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Please, please, pleeeeease, not another freaking Captain Marvel figure. Captain America, yes. War Machine, yes (and yes, he did have red, white and blue accentuations). Black Widow, yes. They all had UNIQUE looks for the film and they've all had enough films to warrant multiple figures, but for the love of God, not another Cap Marvel. My personal feelings of Larson aside, I really don't need a 5th Captiain Marvel figure (out of 1.3 movies, mind you), plus her "different suits" were barely little more than slight palette variations on her previous suits that would no doubt result in a simple repaint. I would be interested in the short hair head sculpt as it does resemble her most prominent comic looks, but a bonus pack in with another figure, ala Madcap, would be much more preferable over having to purchase another figure. Hell, I'd even entertain having her as an alternate head with a quantum suit female buck. And yes, I understand she never wore the quantum suit in the movie (props to Disney for averting that dumpster fire), but since when has Hasbro been all that concerned about all the proper details? Right, Cull Obsidian?

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My top priority figures are:

* Iron Man MK LXXXV. It would be awesome if it included a Tony Stark head and a Gauntlet-wielding alternate hand. While it would only be capturing a fleeting moment from the movie, I think the upcoming Hela with Mjolnir-catching hand is a good precedent.

* War Machine. First choice MK VI, second MK IV and lastly MK V.

* Rescue

* Captain America. Maybe with Mjolnir.

* Thor. If Cap doesn't come with Mjolnir, this guy should as well as with Stormbreaker, of course.

* Professor Hulk. With the Infinity Gauntlet, since the basic figure comes with it as well

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1 hour ago, watanabefan said:

It'd be great if we got Wong at some point, even if it's another anniversary thing. He's never been done in Legends in any form.

given his fan favourite status now, I wouldn't be surprise if he was one of the first considered for the Dr. Strange 2 wave (which is definately coming they just haven't announce it).

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My top 10:

10. Cap Marvel

9. Rocket

8. Wong

7. Valkyrie

6. Rescue

5. Professor Hulk (Gauntlet included)

4. War Machine MK Vl (Doesn't really matter, just want a new War Machine)

3. Iron Man MK 85

2. Thor from final battle

1. Capt. America (With shattered shield and hammer if Thor doesn't include it)


Honorable Mentions:

1. Ancient One

2. Red Skull (Infinity War and Endgame version)

3. Heimdall (Avengers: Infinity War) 

4. Capt. America (The Avengers)

5. Hulkbuster MK 2




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17 hours ago, TheMarvelMan said:

Fantastic list, JC (and others)!  Yup, I'll take them all, thank you very much!  Hey, JC, which Black Widow buck did you use for that photo?  You mention that "the outfit she wears is very similar to the Infinity War outfit," but I don't recall her in that outfit.  Please steer me in the right direction!

The Black Widow is actually the Infinity War Black Widow with the vest taken off (if I'm not mistaken)

16 hours ago, TheMarvelMan said:

One more thing!  You show an MCU Cap figure holding mjolnir. I have a couple of Marvel Legends Cap figs from Civil War, and his hands are always in a closed fist. Where did you get that open hand for Cap that can hold the hammer?

If you mean the fig from the Video, pretty sure he just swapped a hand out

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