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Ideal X-Men Vintage wave 2


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With the X-men vintage wave up for preorder and with only some slight complaints about the wave (minor pickers of colors and effects), it got me thinking what would be my Ideal wave for the next X-men vintages like.

I only pick 6 since that's all that Hasbro seems to want to do with this line:

  1. Excalibur Rachel - With Hasbro using this to redo older character with classic design and with them wanting to do that whole Jim Lee period of X-men, I thought it would be great to do one character who wasn't even in the X-men proper at the time. Just like how Silver Samurai was the only one with a whole new sculpt, this one will have a whole new sculpt as well as a swappable head. They could also package that little Phoenix that came in the Dark Phoenix set except in pink.
  2. X-Factor Jean - I had a hard time deciding between this one and X-Factor beast but went with this one as to fill the female quota and to get her out of the way to complete that team. This of course will use the body that jean has been using but with a new head.
  3. Banshee - Another remake that is screaming to be made is Banshee. Since he is a flyer this will is the Sunfire mold (with a new sculpted collar and a screaming and calm head. As for which version, Giant Size x-men for sure.
  4. Longshot - With Dazzler getting 2 figures, it seem appropriate that we get her husband as well. This one would be easy using the AIM body mold with swappable effect hands.
  5. Toad - Taking the Villains slot we have probably the number one remake in many people list, Toad. This will primarily use the Doc Ock body mold with maybe lanky arms and legs.
  6. Grey Beast - Finally we have the straight repaint of Beast in his original fury self, his grey fur. But we just got Beast I hear you say. But here's the thing. This figure will come with an evil grinning Swappable head. That way we will get Dark Beast. Yes the color for Dark Beast are slightly different for the grey Beast but it works.
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My one's is inspired by the Toy Biz line.

  1. Morph: Generic Jim Lee training costume with interchangeable heads including good and bad versions and some X-Men heads
  2. Pyro: Need some more Bad Guys and why not also get the DOFP brotherhood going. Something like the New Spidey 2099 mold so he can shoot straight.
  3. Phoenix: One with a better head and maybe a Phoenix effect or energy blast
  4. Albert: Fill the wolverine quota with his Cyborg version. Could use the Weapon X as a starting point
  5. Banshee: Really needs an update, with standard and screaming head
  6. Black Tom: Why not give Banshee is evil brother and the Juggernaut's partner in crime. Just needs a stick.
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5 hours ago, tarot said:

Excalibur Rachel - ...this one will have a whole new sculpt as well as a swappable head.

Yes!   One regular and one where she's doing her hound thing and has the black stripes on her face, I assume?

5 hours ago, tarot said:

Banshee - Another remake that is screaming to be made is Banshee.

Nyuk nyuk.

5 hours ago, tarot said:

Toad - This will primarily use the Doc Ock body mold with maybe lanky arms and legs.

I think he'd end up being a little tall for me if they went this route.  I'd rather have them do what it takes to an all new sculpt.

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If we're keeping to 90s or earlier classics for this line, I'd want:

1. Magik: New Mutants classic look.

2. Psylocke: Outback armoured look.

3. Senyaka: Classic Acolyte look.

4. Spiral: Classic look.

5. Sunspot: I'd be okay with X-Force or New Mutants here.

6. Wolverine: We're running out of good 70s, 80s, or 90s looks for the obligatory Wolverine, but maybe bone claws feral Logan?

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Great question.  I think I'd end up going with:

  1. Psylocke: Her armored uniform or her original pink uniform would be fine.  I'd take either.  Though, if they went with the original pink, I'd want a curvier and prettier version of her telepathy "butterfly" effect.  The one they have is awesome for the figure it came with, but not for non-ninja British Betsy.  I'd also take a Lady Mandarin armor version as well!
  2. Iceman:  Iced-down and wearing his Gold-Team uniform.  I never did get my hands on the old Toybiz version and I'm sure there'd be a frenzy for it among collectors who, like me, would buy it up just to try and heal that old hurt.
  3. Banshee:  I'd be thrilled with either his blue and yellow uniform or his green and yellow.  Interchangeable screaming and non-screaming heads are an absolute must!  Also, if they did him in green and yellow, I'd like a third head with his Factor Three helmet, please.
  4. White Queen:  Emma Frost in her Hellfire Club getup.  Hasbro would be able to get plenty additional mileage out of a newly sculpted torso what with Selene, Tessa, Black Queen/Phoenix, etc.
  5. Jean Grey:  Red and yellow X-Factor duds, please!
  6. Toad:  New sculpt.  I can't decide which color scheme I would most want them to go with: yellow & purple, green & orange, or his original grey & orange.  I think I'd most probably prefer the latter.
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Oooh great question, i'd go with:

1) Morph (on the X-Men Suit Deadpool Mold, with Old Man Logan's Jacket and Arms) with both good and evil moprh heads, and a couple new heads that could fit him or update previous figures like a Gambit head with a new better hair sculpt, a good unmasked Logan for once, Unmasked Cyclops

2) Banshee: Classic Giant Size X-Men #1 suit, with 2 headsculpts (regular head and screaming head)

3) Pyro (on the Bullseye Mold) with a flame effect like Boom Boom

4) Toad (new mold smaller than dock ock)

5&6) Either two of these: Maverick, Longshot, Rachel Summers (I can go with either the classic X-Calibur costume or the more modern Trenchcoat suit), Shadowcat (Classic X-Calibur costume) 

If a wolverine is absolutely needed in this wave, just replace one (not morph) with a Wolverine in his Black and Gold Spy outfit.

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I realize a lot has changed in terms of licensing since the early 90s, but Toy Biz did a Morph figure in their original X-Men line, so there was at least previously some sort of mechanism by which Marvel could license merchandising rights for the character. And come to think of it, the show was a Fox property, and they're now owned by Disney, so maybe Marvel does effectively own the rights now? I don't have a horse in the race either way, I guess. I watched the hell out of the animated series as a kid, but I liked it because I liked the comics rather than the other way around, and man has that show not held up. I've got my blue team, with gold on the way, and--whereas I begrudge nobody their wish to see the show represented--it's not something I want or need.

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Morph: Naturally I'm talking Animated Series version.

Toad: Maybe something in a Doc Ock tool with a new head?

Kitty Pryde: Dealer's choice: Sprite, Shadowcat, whatever; so long as she's in an appropriate scale. As awesome as that last version was, it was WAY oversized.

Classic Rachel Summers Phoenix: Red bodysuit, big yellow bird on chest, facial lines.

Lee Cyclops: w/ soft goods jacket

Angel: One of his classic looks and the feathered wings from the boxed set version

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7 hours ago, tarot said:

I hate to say it guys but the chances of us getting a Morph from the animated show is slim to nil. That is because the design for him was exclusive to the show thus Marvel doesn't own the full rights to him.

He' isn't exclusive, Morph is just Changeling in a Jim Lee training outfit. Therefore Marvel own the rights, given his look is based on Neal Adams design

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That Psylocke armored uniform sounds mighty good but I also wouldn't mind her Alan Davis pink threads with the off-shoulder see-thru sleeves.

TAS Jean Grey. Orange and Blue please.

Corsair. 'Nuff said.

Human Hank McCoy. Big feet.

Magneto from Uncanny X-men 200 cover.

Rogue with green off-shoulder tee over black spandex, belt and green booties (the Rogue on the right on the pic). If they include an extra head it should be a different hairstyle. Time for Hasbro to stop releasing multiple heads with just subtle differences (I'm looking at you Jubilee and Boom Boom...what was up with that Ego head?)


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Which Sunfire look did you have in mind? Just curious, since we already have his classic look. I'm a big fan of his Age of Apocalypse/horseman look, but if you promise not to tell anyone, I'll admit that I'm also kind of a sucker for his super 90s ponytail costume with solar panels and random electronic seams all over the place.

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There's so many possibilities and now that the vintage waves aren't restricted to simple repainted it opens up a ton of posibilities, but as usual I'm gonna mix in a heavy bit of reality and suggest there's a likelyhood of maybe 2 new sculpts at best.

1. Banshee - it's almost unanimous at this point. This needs to be done. Bullseye mold and easy vinyl wings. It's a slam dunk.

2. Longshot - I gonna say this could be done using the Shatterstar buck with AIM soldier arms and a glue on collar. This would be another chance for Hasbro to do their beloved "throwing hand" gimmick.

3. Outback Rogue - the version with the green bustier and black bodysuit. With Dazzler and Longshot this would be mandatory to complete the classic love triangle.

4. Maverick - this would be one of the new sculpts. The look is a little too unique to Cobble together with other molds. Though im pretty sure the base of the Moon Knight mold was specifically created to be easily modified with glue on parts.

5. Pyro - the classic hothead with mixed loyalties. Don't screw it up Hasbro. THIS IS NOT FOR THE BUCKY CAP MOLD! Pizza Spidey mold and some glue on hoses and tank. Call it a day.

6. Wolverine (Fang) - only because there has to be a Wolverine in the wave, and it was done by Toybiz originally. This is that dose of reality I was talking about.  Of course, an AOA Wolverine would fit the bill as well. Either/or would be fine.

Of course there's a plethora of honorable mentions. Spiral could easily take any one of the above spots. I think Jim Lee Jean Grey is destined to pop up somewhere, not necessarily in a Vintage wave. Strong Guy would have me screaming from the rooftops but I think his size puts him in the BAF likely zone. He's gotta be somewhere between Colossus and Hulk scale. I don't think Morph is such a pipe dream but I think he'd be more of an alternate head in a Cyclops training suit army builder figure. Siryn, Sunspot, Avalanche, everything is on the table and there are very few X-Vesrse characters I would be very unhappy about. Like I've said many times. We need to be happy getting as many new characters as we can before the X-Men lines become predominantly movie based when they take to the MCU.

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I have the Frank Quietly Wolverine Toy Biz did from years back that wasn't really part of the Marvel Legends but is the same style (even though he didn't have the dog tags), and I really want a full X-Men team from the Grant Morrison run.  Yes, the leather costumes, a super skinny Cyclops,  and a buxom Emma Frost.  

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On ‎6‎/‎14‎/‎2019 at 1:28 PM, Benn said:

"... but if you promise not to tell anyone, I'll admit that I'm also kind of a sucker for his super 90s ponytail costume with solar panels and random electronic seams all over the place".

You actually like that outfit? As Kingpin said to Bullseye when he thought he'd found out Daredevil's real identity....sir, You are not Well.:huh: (just kidding, dude).

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On ‎6‎/‎14‎/‎2019 at 8:28 PM, Emnems80 said:

So hard to choose!!!! Off the top of my head:

1. Jean Grey (updated Jim Lee)

2. Banshee update

3. Syrin (90's X-Force)

4. Sunspot (90's X-Force)

5. Sunfire (AoA, one of my favorite designs)

6. Havok (90's X-Factor)

My pick 6 would be:

1. Storm (first appearance)

2. Banshee

3. Angel, either Neal Adams drk blue/white or Byrne Red/white

4. Thunderbird

5. Destiny

6. Prof X (regular chair or "combat shirt" , sleeves rolled up and gloves, hover chair)


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