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What are some Marvel characters you would like Hasbro to release?


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comic version of Mary Jane (single packed)

classic comic version of Doctor Strange

comic version of Falcon

Ms Marvel (Warbird/single packed)

Scarlet Witch (Classic comic design but without those pesky high heels + single packed)

Quicksilver (Single packed since i know there is the three set of Magneto, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch)

comic version of Ultron  (single packed)

pretty much these uwu.

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Chamber, Destiny, Dust, Karma, Senyaka, Spiral, and really any other characters from the Acolytes, the Brotherhood, the New Mutants, or the outback X-Men. It seems like they're finishing up the 90s blue and gold teams, Wolverine's X-Force, and Cyclops's Marvel Now renegades, and working pretty hard on the Uncanny Avengers, 90s X-Force, and 90s X-Factor. Once some of that's done, I'd love to see them shift gears toward some of the aforementioned.

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In no particular order after the first five:



-Phyla Vell (Quasar)

-Groot (GotG costume)


-Dr. Doom (classic)

-Quasar (Wendell Vaughn-Annihilators)

-Black Spectre







-Toxin (Pat Mulligan)


-Molten Man (Comic)


-Quicksilver (MCU)

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9 minutes ago, Darth_Primus said:

Top of my list would be a new version of Blob.  I missed out the Toy Biz BAF.   After that, I would like the rest of the Alpha Flight team of Snow Bird, Shaman, Aurora, Northstar and Marina.

Toybiz never made a Blob, it was in the second wave of Hasbro legends and mostly letdowns.

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I'd like to se an Armor BaF. I think if there ever was a character that they could pull off another "buy the figure-build the accessory" stunt like with the vulture, it's her.

I'm missing my MCU Warriors Three and Odin, Frigga would be cool. Heimdall is a must. I think they could give us a Legendary Riders Valkyrie with her Aragorn pegasus.

I'd like Quicksilver and Ultron drones (AOU).

Wong and the Ancient One.

I know it's a bit dumb, but I'd love a Justin Hammer figure... just because of Sam Rockwell.

I'd like a Multiple man  with the green undershirt and with and without trenchcoat (could be a 2 pack)

I'd also like a new more modern Havok, I may not be in the mayority, but I really liked how he looked with the helmet with a visor.

I'd also like a Netflix Misty and a new more "costume-ish" Dany Rand. At least with the green hoodie opened to reveal his dragon tattoo. A yellow bandana covering his mouth would be close enough for me.

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Man, there's so many.  The ones just sitting at the top of my list:

  • Doctor Doom in his classic armor.  Doom in his armor from the end of the original secret wars is pretty high up there as well.  That one needs interchangeable heads: masked & hooded, and unmasked with his face restored.
  • Havok, Polaris, and Strong Guy in their blue & yellow X-Factor uniforms.  I really hope there's some truth to the Havok & Polaris 2-pack rumor and that those are the designs that were chosen.
  • Skurge, the Executioner.  My Enchantress is just standing around seducing all of my other figures because she's got no muscle to boss around.
  • Fin Fang Foom as a standalone re-release.  I really don't want to collect the old BAF; the parts are so expensive and I don't want hardly any of those figures.  Fan channel exclusive that bad boy!
  • The Mandarin in either his green & gold robes or his blue & silver armor.  Well, both, tbh.  Robes first, I think.
  • Banshee in either the classic green & yellow or more modern blue & yellow uniforms.  I'm sure if they do one, they'll follow up with the other shortly thereafter.
  • Toad.  This guy is so overdue that I'm half expecting some news to come out of San Diego.
  • Spider-Man in his spider-armor.  I've got an old Toybiz one from the Spider-Man Classics line that is just laughably bad.  He's gotta be coming back up again sooner than later.
  • Ultron-11.  This guy has to hold the record for most near misses of any other character design.
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23 hours ago, Scarecrow1 said:

What are some Marvel characters you would like Hasbro to release? 
It could be an unreleased character, or a character you would like to see a new version of. 
If it's a character that was already released, explain how you would like the new release to be different.

These are some that come to mind:

• Cyclops ( Jim Lee re-release) 

• Jean Grey (Jim Lee)

• Meek 

• Galactus 

• Mephisto

• Cardiac ( Amazing Spider-Man # 344)

• Mar-Vel (Captain Marvel Jim Starlin)

• First Appearance Ant-Man with accurate helmet. 

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Dread Knight Re-release: It just kills me they limited this favourite obscurity of mine to a high priced exclusive set. The ebay prices are also absurd. An unmodified re-release would make me verrrry happy indeed!

Next, I've been reading and loving Jim Starlin's first work on Warlock and Captain Mar-Vell, therefore:

Adam Warlock: in his classic secondary look with the cape!

Captain Mar-Vell: in his classic red and blue outfit. This for me is a corner stone figure as I always loved the character.

Classic Ms Marvel: Gotta have that 70s hair!

Ronan the Accuser: in his classic armor, naturally!

And all my other cornerstone favs

Classic Storm: We're sooooo close, now that Nightcrawler has been upgraded and a new classic Colossus is on the way. I have to believe that Hasbro has this one on the make.

Silver Centurion Iron Man: This one sooo needs an upgrade from TBs fantastic figure.

Dragon Man: Definitely as a BAF

Classic Annihilus: I want the classic looking version of this seminal FF villain, and not any of the more recent bug-like incarnations.


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It's weird how they've done so many so far yet they've managed to not only just scratch the surface, but also overlook many, many characters that should have legitimately had a figure by now.

1. Strong Guy - of course he'd most likely be a BAF.

2. Falcon - WTF, where is he already?

3. Mister Hyde - again, most likely a BAF.

4. Mar-Vell - so ridiculous why he didn't make it into the Captain Marvel wave.

5. Quasar - another one that showed up in the MU line but not ML.

6. Jacosta - can also be used for the Lillandra head sculpt.

7. Wolfsbane/Feral - as many have pointed out, likely to share the same buck.

8. Squirrel Girl - the most non-annoying "Girl Power" character Marvel has

9. America Chavez - the exact opposite of everything said above.

10. Cardiac - the only good thing to come outta Erik Larsen's brain.

11. Ms. Marvel/Dark Ms. Marvel - before they completely erase her from Marvel cannon.

12. Northstar & Aurora - or basically anything Alpha Flight


Now for figures that have been done but are badly due for a redo. I'll refrain from listing any Toybiz figs cuz I think we can all agree that there are very few that still hold up with todays modern ML.

1. Doc Sampson - to say the last one was bad is being kind.

2. Skaar - this is 80% done with the Gladiator Hulk mold.

3. Banshee - I think we all just assume its coming, but.........Hasbro.

4. Tigra - just totally sidestep the PC Police and just release it as an exclusive.

5. Fantomex - the first one was actually cool but it's time to get him on an updated buck.

6. Daken - see above comments.

7. Maria Hill / Sharon Carter - do it the same way as before, just on updated bucks.

8. Kang - again, is it just a matter of time?

9. Marvel Girl - many think she still holds up, but I'll argue she is way to undersized.

10. Iron Patriot - we need a good ole comic version, possibly with an Osborn alt sculpt.

11. US Agent - never done right from the start, this one needs the Odinson buck.

12. Wrecking Crew - I think we all agree that the last ones were way too large.


I know there'll be about a thousand more that come to mind as I push the "submit" button, but that's a pretty good start.

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I know they've been done before, but I didn't get it and some of the figures are either way to big or under articulated, or frail.

I want a First Class X-Men pack. The teenage versions from the 2006 comic series, with those costumes. Angel with articulated wings, Cyclops appropriately slim, a better articulated furless Beast, a "new" Xavier with a wheelchair.

Even if it's not all in one package or exclusive, I really liked those suits.

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I feel like this thread has been done before but, I will toss out my list (which is old)

Captain America 2099
Crimson Dynamo
Throg (Pack In?)
Electro 2099
Green Goblin 2099
Killmonger (Comic Suit)
Madame Hydra
Eternal Brain
Man Ape (Comic)
Morgan Le Fay
Phantom Rider
Sara (Caretaker)
The Presence
Dirty Wolff (BAF)
Stegron (BAF?)
Ursa Major (BAF?)
Human Fly (Yellow Outfit)
M-11 (BAF?) or Rom ?
Old Lace or Devil Dinosaur (BAF)
Shroud (or is this too much like Cloak really?)
Living Tribunal (BAF)
Vera Gemini
Death Ninja
Belthauzer (BAF)
Mung The Inconceivable (BAF?)
Demon Bear (BAF) (New Mutants Wave!)
Any of The Luminals
Ghost Rider (Yoshio Kannabe)
Ghost Rider (Bai Gu Jing)
Ghost Rider (Molek)
Ghost Rider (Shoba)
Classic Nebula
Shuma-Gorath (BAF)
Iron Miaden (Vostokoff)
Eternity (BAF)
anything venomized
 Howard The Duck (Mech Suit) (BAF) (yeah not comics but, close enough , best way to do howard)
Dragon Man (BAF)
Hulk 2099 (BAF)
Werewolf By Night
Emplate (BAF)
Bloodscream (Monster Form) (BAF?)
Venom 2099
Venompool (BAF)
Dinah Soar (GLA)
Satana (non boxed set-new version)
Squirrel Girl
Riot (Symbiote)
Hybrid (Symbiote)
Agony (Symbiote)
Phage (Symbiote)
Brood (BAF)
Spinnerette (Mary Jane)
Surtur (BAF)
The Skinless Man
Doorman (Great Lakes Avengers)
Shadow King (Monster Form BAF)
Wraith (Yuri)
Some More Poisons from Venomverse

Senyaka !

there would be tons more, but this list I made quite a time ago, and these characters still stand, plus this list is looong

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4 hours ago, michiganjfrog said:

lol we really do need throg now that you mention it

yeah but he'd have to be a pack in , or in a multi-pack I'd say because he's just to small, or but wait I guess they could preform the Rocket or Spider-Ham technique with him , but what would be all too amazing is a Pet Avengers Multi-Pack with Throg, Redwing, Lockheed, Hairball & Ms. Lion , I'd buy it!

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