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What are some Marvel characters you would like Hasbro to release?

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Here's a more expansive list from me, limited (as before) to characters Hasbro hasn't already released (at least in the Infinite line), and with no costume specified.

Amelia Voght, Anne-Marie Cortez, Arclight, Armor, Aurora, Avalanche, Banshee, Blob, Bonebreaker, Box, Callisto, Cameron Hodge, Chamber, Chrome, Cypher, Daken, Dani Moonstar, Deathbird, Delgado, Destiny, Dr. Nemesis, Dust, Elixir, Emplate, Exodus, Fabian Cortez, Fantomex, Feral, Firefist, Frenzy, Gateway, Hellion, Hope Summers, Husk, Javitz, Karma, Katu, Kleinstock brothers, Lady Mastermind, Legion, Longshot, M, Madeline Pryor, Magma, Marrow, Mastermind, Maverick, Milan, Mojo, Mondo, Nimrod, Northstar, Penance, Phantazia, Pixie, Pyro, Random, Revanche, Rictor, Riptide, Rockslide, Sage, Scalphunter, Scanner, Seamus Mellencamp, Senyaka, Siryn, Skids, Skin, Spiral, Spoor, Stepford Cuckoos, Strong Guy, Sugar Man, Sunspot, Synch, Tempo, Tempus, Toad, Unuscione, Vertigo, Warbird, Warpath, Winters, Wolfsbane, and Zero.

 I'm probably forgetting some.

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Bullet-Proof Spider-Man


Classic Iron Spider



Spider Armor

Eletric suit Spidey.

India Spider-Man

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Nice lists all of you, myself, I feel we are long overdue for more bad guys! Lets see some classic characters who have battled/antagonized most all of the Marvel heroes and NEVER had comic-based figure released:


Count Nefaria

Skurge The Excutioner

The Collector

The Grandmaster

High Evolutionary

Molecule Man

The Wizard




Mr. Hyde

Dr. Spectrum (to complete the Squadron Sinister)




Crimson Dynamo

Titanium Man




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I could name at least twenty characters I'd love to see made into figures, but the only one that comes to mind right now is . . . HOWARD THE DUCK. Fully articulated, and in proper scale with 1/12th Marvel Legends.

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Maverick who else? 🙂

Also Sage, Avalanche, Banshee, the Inhumans, Marrow, Sunspot, Husk, Skin, Bedlam and Jocasta

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I would LOVE to see the Maurauders get the Legends treatment.... 











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Loving a LOT of the characters in everyone's lists, but I have just one addition:


I don't think I saw her in anyone's posts on this thread. Classic/Cartoon version of her please. Hasn't been done in 6-inch scale yet. Either that, or the one she wore during Maximum Carnage.

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My number 1, by a wide margin...


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On 7/28/2019 at 9:22 PM, MadMav said:

Maverick who else? 🙂

Also Sage, Avalanche, Banshee, the Inhumans, Marrow, Sunspot, Husk, Skin, Bedlam and Jocasta

Maverick would be really cool. Not a favorite of mine as a character, but so very "toyetic." Shiny gold all over the place...mmmm mmm mmmm!

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34 minutes ago, UsurperSmurf said:

Harolds of Galactus and Elders of the Universe.



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"Giant Size" Storm, teenage Kitty Pride, Pyro, classic White Queen, a Foggy Nelson/Matt Murdock /Karen Page 3 pack, Owl (I think he NEVER got a Legend), Gwen Stacy, X-Men TAS Morph, Melvin Potter Gladiator, and I'm probably the only one but Stilt Man...

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Classic Wrecking crew re-done on the newer Hercules buck & 80th anniv wave Thor bucks.

In proper scale classic Perez or Byrne Thing

classic White Tiger aka Hector Ayala

2 pack of classic Ironfist/Powerman

classic Swordsman

classic Starfox

US Agent-John Byrne version

More Imperial Guard core members

More Squadron Supreme core members

Rest of Alpha Flight core members including re-dos of Sasquatch & Puck!

classic 80s Trapster & Fixer

Mr Hyde

80s Titanium man, "armor wars"  9-10 inch scale

classic 80s Crimson Dynamo  "armor wars"

Guardsmen army builders- "armor wars"

Classic SHIELD Mandroids in 8' scale

classic Spymaster 70s/80s version

classic 70s/80s  Living Laser

classic Stilt man with extendable 12' legs

classic 80s Blacklash

"Perez" Ultron

classic Count Nefaria- powered version

classic Falcon

classic 1st app Wonderman & 2nd app as well

classic Yellowjacket

classic Warmachine


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Only interested in Avengers and MCU so....

MCU Quicksilver

Dr. Druid

80’s Hercules 

classic Monica Captain Marvel


WCA #1 Or VisionQuest era Mockingbird 


Safari Wonder Man

Thunderstrike (90’s loved them some leather )


Firestar or/ and Justice

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I’ld love to see a Netflix Daredevil in his black suit which I can’t see happening any longer.  

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There are nearly one hundred characters I would like to see Hasbro produce as Marvel Legends. For now, though, I want to mention that I really dig the Night Thrasher figure that was included in the Kingpin BAF Spider-Man wave. I hope future Spidey waves flesh out the '90s New Warriors roster, including Speedball, Namorita, Firestar, Marvel Boy/Justice, and Nova.

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    • yesterday i did a bit of hunting and it was a pretty good success. i was looking for the demogoblin and skrull wave but i only found a couple. walmart has nothing yet. bare shelves. but i did stop by a couple walgeens and they did have the cuckoos. i found 5 of them, 3 at one and 2 at the other. i picked up a set of 3. i also found invisible woman human torch and superior doc ock at target and gamestop. i found it interesting that both target and gamestop had the same exact figs without variation. I did not pick them up because i plan on buying the whole wave together if i cant find them in the next couple days. I am happy with the cuckoos for now.   Here's what my local Walmart looks like all the time now. shameful. They had an abundance of marvel legends before i started collecting again. There were all ways a ton sitting in the clearance isle as well but now I'm lucky to find regular priced ones on the shelf. I have to go all the way in to another town to find any.
    • Marvel made the definitive Dracula with their Tomb of Dracula series, and I would love to see a figure with that in mind. I understand there's an "updated" version, but he's so removed from the iconic Colan/Wolfman character, he may as well be another vampire altogether. So yes please Hasbro make a Count Dracula from TOD, and make an "updated" one for the folks who like that too. Man, don't get me started on how fantastic a live action Dracula, based on TOD, would be...too extreme for Disney+ but another company could pick it up....
    • Yes, but don't you agree its about accuracy? Scarlett might not see the problem, but then she didn't see the problem of casting her as the lead for Ghost in the Shell either, so I'm not sure I can go with her judgement here. This isn't objectification; many of us have ranted on this same forum about Hasbro not giving Captain America his wings or making the Torch's head yellow. Cant speak for anyone else but I'm not saying I refuse to buy this figure or that its trash, just because its not totally accurate, but I am saying , If you're making a figure that's supposed to look like a particular thing/person, the figure should look that way.

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